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  1. lady_oreza

    Petro requires nerf bat.

    if petro is so op then y don't the top clans run only petros
  2. lady_oreza

    Petro requires nerf bat.

    if you actually watched the video you would see that they are playing in typhoon not squall
  3. lady_oreza

    Petro requires nerf bat.

    they are in typhoon 1 and they were playing against other typhoon and hurricane clans... not sure where u got squall from
  4. lady_oreza

    Petro requires nerf bat.

    4 klebs beating petro teams https://www.twitch.tv/videos/773742543
  5. lady_oreza

    Petro requires nerf bat.

    the top clan on na uses 4 goliaths and no petros
  6. lady_oreza

    Petro requires nerf bat.

    petro is sooooo op which is why mald, the best clan on na, runs 4 goliaths and no petros.
  7. lady_oreza

    Anyone running this on Linux?

    if your account is on steam then you can run it through proton
  8. From today till the end of cb, the prime time reverts back to starting at 4:30. It only started at 3:30 yesterday.
  9. Sick and tired of the potato clan divisions that seem to be placed on my team most every game in the morning times.  These potato players have 40% win rates and matching making fills the enemy team with 65%+ players, its a guaranteed blowout. Its especially fun when these triple divs are playing Cheshires.  Lately I have had teammates go to port before games begin, I'm about to become one of them. Don't have an answer and I'm sure most on here love it, but it is draining the fun from the game for me.
  10. lady_oreza

    Secondary Alsace Builds?

    dont do it cuz the 100mm secondaries literally do 0 dmg unless you spec ifhe.
  11. video evidence as in cherry picked clips of them shooting broadsiding potatoes?
  12. keep in mind that harekaze only has 13k hp which is around 30% less than akizuki's hp.
  13. lady_oreza

    Co-Op Economy Nerfed?

    Credit income is based on percentage damage not raw damage. So if you dealt 20k dmg to a dd, you would get the same amount of credits from doing 100k to a bb assuming they have 20k and 100k hp respectively.
  14. lady_oreza

    Directive 1 tokens...

    oof 9 containers opened for a grant total of 45 tokens. rip