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    CV Emblem Changes. Really Dog?

    hakuryu and midway can do 20k+ per bomb drop, 5 bomb drops = 100k damage. This just looks like yet another case of this is too hard i dont want to get gooder please make it easier wargaming.

    F.D. Roosevelt

    roosevelt been in testing longer then the cv rework was.

    F.D. Roosevelt

    just dodge, its balansed.
  4. win rate is not a determining factor in how skilled a player is. i can easily look at the purple players on the enemy team and see they have high win rates but very low average damage which indicates they just play in a div alot which is alot easier to manipulate high win rates.

    Clan Brawl Battle 88 planes shoot down!

    my AA was down to 10% so i stopped shooting any planes down because my AA does not regen but his planes do. even though he had 2-3 plane squads he was still getting strikes off and eventually pulled out a half squad of rocket planes. seems fine to me

    Clan Brawl Battle 88 planes shoot down!

    i see your 88 planes and raise you 103 still wasnt deplaned


    these ships are perfect.. for damage farmers, they are slow fat and have high hp with bad guns, just a damage farmers wet dream. 300k games will be a breeze on release with so many of these on the enemy team.
  8. watch the next KOTS in a few months so you can get your free stuff but at the same time watch the best game play possible because no cv! although the last KOTS was kind of ruined by the amount of cavemen in twitch chat and the monotone "WhErEs MuH TwITcH DrOP"
  9. i suspect the ap bomb nerf was directed at haku and enterprise because of competitive play and the upcoming tier 8 ranked. Currently if you put an enterprise in a 7v7 format it is a monster and will just simply neuter all ships as the haku did last clan battles season. Enterprise is still strongest cv by far even with the nerf and puts clans at a huge disadvantage come tier 8 clan battles season for those that do not have one.

    Ships expected to dominate Tier 6 season?

    AA is non existent especially at tier 6 which is why the meta for last cv season was venice because you can use smoke to hide from cv but also use the smoke to cap dive which is why perth will just replace venice this season and with its ability to snipe.

    WHy WG, why make these BB's

    champagne is a ship i like, it rewards good players who know how to position to avoid damage and with the accurate guns rewards good aim. california is basically wargaming 101 money grab, doesnt matter if the ship doesnt have guns mounted to it just stick an american flag on it, sell it close to independence day boom easy money.

    DD, A pointless class

    The only thing clubbing DD are cv and sadly there is nothing i can do to counter cv, radar is easily mitigated by staying outside of radar range but its very easy to dodge shells when you are radared. Next time you get radared dont just do the predictable full speed run away slow down and change your speeds to dodge shells, you will never be worried about radar ships ever again. if you would like i can record myself playing DD to demonstrate how to easily avoid shells while radared or just generally spotted.

    Ships expected to dominate Tier 6 season?

    actually spot on.
  14. man i wonder where they got all those ideas from! perhaps all the testers that told them they were broken during testing?? WOW its like all the super testers complaints get ignored during testing then suddenly just get patched once the community has suffered through them in the live game just to see if the average players/new players like them. crazy right. wargaming literally breaking game balance to appeal to new players for money.

    Why is Ranked Sprint 12 so bad?

    i would disagree, i used matchmaking monitor a bit back in the day and the sea of red in your games now was never seen a few years back. I believe that the addition of new ships that are much easier and abusive than existing ships are the reason for lower skill levels.Example conqueror, asashio, smolensk and cv all ships that are incredibly easy to play and dominate with minimal efforts. making the game as easy as possible to appeal to new players, making ships easier to dominate and less skill intensive plus the amount of competent players leaving the game has created this gigantic skill gap between the competent players and your average player equating to unhealthy game quality. players need education not buffing ships because they are too hard to play.