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    Anti-CV Divisions encountered today.

    that account is dedicated to the cv hunting division hence the clan tag

    Kleber worth it?

    kleber is a monster boat, really pushing the boundary of strong-over powered. just please dont play it like a torp boat.

    Anti-CV Divisions encountered today.

    second highest win rate on the server i guess its going pretty well hunting.. i mean tactically/strategically but non griefing targeting cv. [edited to remove forum violation]

    WG's Kitakami mistake.

    let everyone have kitakami for free

    California - we can agree it's trash

    you paid for a product without doing any research or considering the hundreds of reviews saying its awful, now you complain. california is the go to wargaming quick buck, slap an american flag on a premium and watch the americans drool over it regardless of cost.

    Finally experienced the idiocy that is AP rockets

    just angle to the planes while giving broadside to every enemy ship! being able to set up crossfires via cv is just what we needed!

    Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

    as soon as you see cv in your game during loading screen its just an immediate drain on your fun, guess i cant play this game gotta sit at the back with my team so i dont get clicked on by cv.

    battleships are now 2020 wimps

    why push in when kiting cruisers spamming h.e melt you down and cv removes 1/4 hp per strike. current state of the game actively punishes aggressive play

    The Ranked Learning Curve

    might i recommend 155 mogami. has 38mm pen with IFHE so it absolutely shreds american bb, easy 10k+ h.e salvos. The 9.3km conceal is great for supporting DD close to caps and lays down alot of dpm against other cruisers. Akizuki is a hard carry ship if you only play DD great conceal for the damage output it has. both suffer at the hands of cv though but then again what ship doesnt suffer against that very well balanced class.

    Is CE wasted on brawling BBs?

    CE is pretty dead content now since cv exist, i only use conceal on a handful of dd that i barely play. this is my chad tank build for bb and battlecruisers, pretty standard tank build with expert loader to maximise dpm when enemy ships begin to angle. here is my highly recommended secondary build i use on German bb and massa/georgia. conceal just is not important anymore, cv can spot anything on the map within 15 seconds and for us damage farmers we want to be firing every chance we get so wasting 4 points on concealment is just a no brainer.

    Toxic player of the day

    everyone enjoys playing against cv :)
  12. the vermont seems like the perfect ship to have on the enemy team for us damage farmers :)
  13. im quick to reply because its saturday night and im home alone in my mums basement as all o7 members are. ( i am actually at home on saturday night i am very bored) 20200808_140536_PASB598-Black-Massachusetts_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay 20200808_134547_PASB598-Black-Massachusetts_51_Greece.wowsreplay heres a couple of replays from today, they arent special games but they show passivity at the beginning of the match until i have team support and can push in. (at the end of the first replay i disconnected) The top replay you will see me turn out to set up for reversing into the cap, by doing this it lets me remain angled to get all my secondaries firing and get all 3 turrets firing while being able to accelerate away when i begin to get h.e spammed or the high skill intensive cv clicks on me. in both replays you can see me free looking to my sides to make sure nobody has cross shots on me particularly the second replay as i had an akizuki and north carolina flanking. both games i am patient before pushing in and not pushing alone unless i feel i am safe to outplay the enemy ship with minimal damage in return such as i did against the chappy in the first replay. be more passive and smart about when to push.What will be the outcome of me pushing here and do i need to remain passive to flex to the other flank. never ever rely on your team to win games, you must win the game yourself and you cannot win games if you are dead.
  14. i only watched the last replay but you seem to have basic gameplay understood you just need to make some small changes. as far as your captain/ship build i would use main armament for slot 1 as losing your main guns is far more detrimental then losing your AA/secondaries and always take prop mod on every boat possible, prop mod will save you so much more hp then the damage control mod by being able to accelerate faster you can juke incoming shells and torps . As for your last captain skills take fire prevention and over time once you find yourself surviving more you can drop super intendant for bft to maximize damage. for your gameplay you definitely straight line too much, you need to alternate your course and speed even if you do not think anyone is targeting you. In the last replay i watched as soon as you saw that loyang you should have immediately dove for the island on your left to avoid torps but you really should not have been that far forward in the first place as there was no need to push in and you had no way to spot the dd. Turret management too was not great you need to hold right click to lock your guns on 1 side while you look around or maneuver to avoid shells as you had a lot of potential shots but you couldnt take because your guns were in opposite directions. Massa is a great damage sponge but it is not a tank so you need to be limited when putting yourself into direct fire, this can be easily mitigated by abusing islands and going dark to lose attention towards yourself. overall be more passive and smarter about when to push in as a healthy bb towards the end of a game can really dictate control over caps.