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    Submarines don't work in WOWs

    Thank you for your feedback comrade! We will take your feedback and consider the options as we monitor the overall performances of submarines and shove them in the game anyway because its another revenue option. Thanks!

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Feel bad for shonai having to front this mess, he was probably given a generic apology letter that someone upstairs googled and changed some of the words. Saying 2 words doesnt make you apologetic. This will blow over in a weeks time and the same shady predatory scams/gamble boxes will continue, the ignorance for game health and player concerns will continue. This has happened before and it will happen again. Wargaming will never change, just as world of warplanes sunk the managing staff will die on their hill. All we can really do is stop giving wargaming money but even then wargaming know the oblivious whales will continue to spend money regardless of community outrage and how poor the game health currently is. Just remember that this is not the faults of those that you see on your screen like shonai, crysantos and conway. Please dont barrage them with harassment or insults they are merely the messenger boys. Same with CC still in the program, they are not the ones to blame.
  3. This might be one of the worst analogies i have ever seen. Not really sure what positives come out of an earthquake to post about but your levels of posting misinformation has relative levels of detrimental effect. you didnt even ask the person at the centre of the subject of the video you made...... you have literally based attention seeking videos off of rumours and chinese whispers though i understand your desperate grasp at relevancy. Any pr is good pr right.
  4. im not sure wows needs a CNN channel, perhaps you should stick with the beginner cv tutorials.

    Yuro calls CC's monkeys

    Someone doesnt agree with me i had better cancel everyone with differing opinions!
  6. You should have held this post for maybe a week because I don't think wargaming are recruiting just yet buddy. A for effort though.

    win or lose

    it is physically impossible for anyone to be better than anyone else in this game. its pure luck. fact.
  8. Wow thanks for this in depth guide! You must be the ahskance of bb!
  9. steel is essentially a dead resource now as we amass more steel than purchasable content is released. i know of people with over 100k steel and i have 59k steel myself and nothing to buy. Many of us have zero interest in random battles at all anymore to regrind for RP because of the state of them and we only log in to play clan battles. Can we get an option to purchase RP with steel? steel is a far more lucrative resource of which im sure wargaming would be eager to drain out of the economy so i see no harm in letting us spend steel for RP.

    Ranked is a joke....

    Can confirm anyone with purple clan tag or stats uses illegal mods or cheesing. It is not physically possible to be good in this game.

    CV fighters RUINED !!!

    Just adapt?
  12. If only bb salvos could change angle, change speed, turn, change targets mid flight, hit anywhere on the map regardless of range or island obstacles at any time of the game and spot for themselves. But apart from the minimal things I mentioned above yes planes and bb guns are pretty much the same thing! These people complaining have no idea right!

    Clan name color coding???

    Don't go assuming purple clan tag means good players though, this is a very common misconception.
  14. I think the hamsters powering this game would explode should wargaming try to expand each team.

    To the death of fun! - Rocket Planes

    A good nerf, no more guaranteed damage regardless of angle once a destroyer is spotted. Now they just need to remove plane detection warning so dd can actually play the game without being griefed.