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  1. Let me get this straight, you are claiming to have seen a battleship near something other than the edge of the map? I am going to need evidence before I can give credence to such an outrageous claim.
  2. What happens is they go AFK, and WG punishes them for it, because that will certainly increase their enjoyment and make them more likely to spend money on the game.
  3. new afk rules

    Yeah, well, unless he has enough money to buy a telecommunications company, there is most likely nothing he can do about the reliability of his ISP. Premium ships have nothing to do with this.
  4. No, you are just dealing with a sphincter based life form.
  5. They get those win rates by taking a video game far too seriously and by having absolutely no life. "How do you kill that which has no life?"
  7. Do you ever feel... Alone?

    Yamato can turn a profit in coop without much trouble if you snagged that High School Fleet camo that they gave out for some combat mission a while back.
  8. Do you ever feel... Alone?

    It is not uncommon. The green bots will be dead in about 30 seconds, leaving you to deal with the red team by yourself. It is excellent practice for randoms.
  9. It is the sleazy, used car dealer type things like this that sour people on the idea of spending money on the game; the fact that they keep trying to trick it out of you instead of earning it.
  10. thats why i hate this ranked

    My thought has always been that wins are worth a lot more xp than losses, so do what you can to win the game. I have seen people deliberately switch targets to farm more damage and let ships off the hook rather than finishing them. I get what your saying that the kill doesn't grant additional xp, I just wish people would learn that the dead don't shoot back. Remember the code of redneck Bushido: "I am already dead, but I'm taking some of you with me".
  11. TKing accident and manners

    No, not unless the check is really, really big. You seem interested though.
  12. thats why i hate this ranked

    A kill does mean something. It is one less ship shooting at your team. Tilt the number of ships in your favor and your chances of winning the battle increase greatly.
  13. My great shame

    I thought you said your shame was that your Amagi captain sails into battle in just a purple velvet thong and suspender socks.