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  1. He has been promoted. He is under a more important desk now.
  2. Because when the bots kill each other, human players get no xp. People who don't play the way WG wants them to MUST be punished.
  3. Doombeagle

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    The patient died, but the operation was a complete success.
  4. Doombeagle

    Population Severely Declining?

    In answer to your question, since you have been gone, the great and glorious rebirth(or afterbirth as the case may be) of carriers happened. After that the server population count that used to be displayed in port was hidden, operations were nerfed, or outright removed, bots were added to lower tier randoms, the list of forum users online became permanently broken, forum contests were created to increase traffic and abandoned for lack of success, and each patch sees more effort expended on recruitment rewards without any commensurate increase in said recruitment. So you be the judge.
  5. Doombeagle

    Question about moderation.

    Because when you build a house of lies, the truth is dangerous.
  6. Doombeagle

    NoZoupForYou crate perspective

    Yes, he did an entire series on how to completely eliminate your gag reflex and swallow anything.
  7. This game would not benefit from anything from world of obnoxious, morbidly obese 12 year olds. That includes the stupid dog tags nobody asked for that WG decided to put into the game instead of fixing real problems.
  8. I did once in tier 6 Cleveland. Our Farragut came running back under fire on Fault Line. He had 2 HP left, plowed into me and promptly exploded. I was too busy laughing to be bothered by it.
  9. Doombeagle

    Bekah is a vegetarian and it is making me angry

    Assuming she is young and tender enough to stand up to grilling. Past her early twenties and you'll probably have to braise or stew her, else she will be too tough.
  10. Doombeagle

    Bekah is a vegetarian and it is making me angry

    The solution is obvious: grill Bekah.
  11. Doombeagle

    My solution, get focused by CV, just quit!

    Another satisfied customer, compliments of the flying colon polyps.
  12. Doombeagle

    Skill rework - the unread FAQ

    In other words Haze, their answer was"F**k you, take what we give you and like it'. And apparently, a portion of the customer base is ok with being treated like trash, some even seem to enjoy it.
  13. Doombeagle

    Skill rework - the unread FAQ

    I have 54 19 point captains. I earned the xp for all of them, and I really do not appreciate being slapped in the face and told to just go do it again and be happy about it. It is insulting, and it is unfair to everyone who put in the effort. Before anyone says anything stupid about life not being fair, this isn't life, it's a game, and a game which is perceived as unfair finds itself with no players. A company which is perceived as unfair finds itself without customers.
  14. Doombeagle

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system

    In response to your feedback, we have doubled down on what we originally intended to do anyway, and we will soon release a snippy video telling you why it is all your fault.