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  1. I'm in. I still think you need to do a Corgi Christmas event. Giving out prizes to good little sailors and lumps of corgi "coal" to bad sports.
  2. Are you sure you are ready to enter the dark realm this entails? If so, you should know that it involves the ritual sacrifice of a platypus on Friday the 13th, under a full moon, while Pat Boone, "In a Metal Mood," plays in the background. After that it gets a little...strange.
  3. Free XP
  4. Well, the combat mission where you need to do 50K in fire damage didn't help anything.
  5. For starters, don't try starting at tier 7. By that tier, everyone is hopelessly paranoid about destroyers, and the first ten minutes of the match are dedicated to hunting them down so the battleships can come out from behind their rocks. Start with the IJN line, as they typify the stealthy torp boat that everyone hates so much. The most important thing in the world is your surface detection rating. Memorize it, never forget it. Next, you truly want/need a ten point (or more) captain. Concealment expert is the Holy Grail of captain's skills. Paired with camo, this skill leads to the gnashing of BB teeth and the wearing of sack cloth and ashes by the teammates of your victims. Torpedo lead is an exercise in precognition. You need to anticipate what your target is going to do in the time it takes your torps to get there. You also have to accept that it will not always work. A good starting point is to fire slightly ahead of, and slightly behind the grey track indicator in case your target increases or decreases speed. Since you started with battleships, remember which ones were comparatively agile, and which ones handled like a log wagon. Use what you know about battleships to help kill them. As for your guns, the right time to use IJN guns is the final five seconds of the match to fire off a victory salute. Apart from that, use them when you have no choice. It most likely won't help, but shooting will make you feel better. Survival is a matter of religiously avoiding getting within surface detection range of anything red, and smoke management. Before you get to the tier 4 skill of concealment expert, you should have picked up superintendent at tier 3 for the extra charge of smoke and engine boost. Speaking of engine boost, try more speed and less wiggle, you want to get out of detection range, all your turning is slowing you down and leaving you in detection range longer. Show them your stern, hit the afterburners, and get out of detection range as fast as you can. All you need is a small rudder shift to make them miss you, but sharp turns slow you down and make you a bigger target for a longer time. Survival: It is no accident that the meanest little torp boat in the game is called Kamikaze. The life of a destroyer is, to quote Mr. Hobbes, "nasty, brutish, and short," but when all goes right the results are glorious. You will be killed often. An unfavorable spawn location can be the same as a death sentence. You will be inundated with requests, pleas, arrogant commands, and salty vitriol from battleship drivers trying to get you to spot for them because they refuse to leave the J line. Let them eat cake. Unless the captain is Ray Charles they can spot their own targets, they just have to get out from behind their rocks and get their camo messed up. Let them. You should be hunting battleships, and doing that ought to provide plenty of targets for your team to shoot at without you having to be a seeing eye dog. Finally, never, ever, pick a gunfight with a USN DD, or Russian DD, or a German DD, or, well, you get the point. (Unless you are driving an Akizuki, in which case, load the IFHE and hold down the left mouse button until the problem goes away)The secret to a long life as an IJN destroyer is that the other team never sees you, only your torps. Welcome to club DD, hours of frustration, moments of sublime joy. When that full health BB turns into a cloud of expanding vapor, it is all worth it.
  6. I have seen lots of ideas involving sending players to Youtube, or other exterior sites for prolonged viewing/ learning. I would suggest that this is not really a viable solution to the problem. The perceived problem is a lack of skill/ability/experience among new players. The real problem is that WoWs is a free to play, online game, with thousands of players, most of whom are casual players. They play this game because it is free and they can hop online any time and play for fun. The key word in all of this is casual. Most of the players are not dedicated, professional PC gamers, nor are they naval historians, and they are not inclined to become either of these things to play a game. They are playing for fun, and if you want to improve their gameplay, you have to make it convenient for them. Yes, there are gamers out there who will take their first look at WoWs and then obsessively watch every Youtube video on the subject and rapidly accumulate a naval history library that rivals that of Annapolis, but these are not the people you need to be concerned with. The casual gamers, who just want to sink some ships are the ones you need to reach, and for that you need a mechanism within the game itself. I realize this is more work for the game developers, but if you want people to learn and improve, you have to provide the tools and the environment to facilitate the process, in short, you have to teach them. The thing about teaching is the teacher works harder than any of the students. The payoff is seeing your students exceed your expectations. It was not my intent to criticize anyone's ideas, merely to help better define the nature and scope of the problem so that appropriate corrective measures can be taken.
  7. Yes, I fully agree, those torps should be limited. And while we are at it, let's do away with those repair parties, since any significant damage would not be repaired in the course of a naval battle. Oh, and those battleship rudder shift times need to be adjusted to something akin to reality. And then of course there is acceleration and the fact that a WWII destroyer with a top speed of 30 knots took 30 minutes to accelerate from 12 knots to its top speed, a figure cut to 15 minutes in combat at the risk of permanent, and possibly irreparable damage to the ship's turbine blades. In light of this, no ship should be allowed to slow down, much less travel backwards since that would have meant extended periods of sitting virtually motionless, making a perfect target for bullets, bombs and torpedoes. WG will also need new maps, since, with the exception of Ocean, none of the maps used in the game represent an area any captain would take a naval vessel, let alone a fleet of such vessels into for fear of running aground, or ripping their bottoms out on reefs. As to TK penalties, frankly, turning the boat pink is a waste of time because nobody cares. WG should instead adopt the policy of the Amish navy and shun offenders. There could be a special F key announcement to "Shun the selected target".
  8. Okay Pigeon, The idea I have is inspired by the random "How satisfied are you with this battle" question that pops up periodically. One thing WG could do is quiz new players at the end of each battle, or at some given increment of battles. Questions can start off as basic as what the player's ship's gun range is, or how large is its health pool. It sounds basic, and it is, but there are players out there who don't know basic facts about their own ship, much less their opponents'. You can make it optional, if players don't want to answer they don't have to, but offering xp for correct answers would provide motivation in the form of a tangible reward for those who do their homework. I realize that, ultimately, one gets better at a game by playing it, but it certainly does help if one knows the mechanics of the game. This system would reward players who learn those mechanics. If you wish to be a bit more draconian, the evaluation system could have the same limits as the ability of players to play without registering, i.e. they are limited to how high a tier they can advance to without demonstrating knowledge of the game. Those who do not wish to participate are limiting themselves to the lowest, introductory tier of the game, while those who apply themselves advance. Thank you for your time PS If I win can I get corgiflage for my kamikaze as opposed to the other camos. A skin that has the bow of the ship black, ears sticking up from the bridge and a little, white fluff tail on the stern. This needs to become a reality before Niko Power does the next Corgifleet event.
  9. Are you getting enough fiber?
  10. Science has proven there are no actual women on the internet. There are however, a statistically anomalous number of balding, overweight shoe salesmen calling themselves Rebecca. Remember this the next time you chat with her.
  11. Same problem, had three matches that should qualify and it keeps crediting me towards the Costume Party mission instead.
  12. Because it wants you to go back and finish the remaining tasks, you know, the shoot down 11,000 planes, spot 100,000 torpedoes and survive 8.2,000,000,000 points of potential damage in a single match in which you sink five cvs and have the top score. All this for colored tracers, somehow it seemed a bit anticlimactic to get him.
  13. Speak not the annoying one's name, lest he appear.
  14. There is such a thing as not being a rude A-hole, please give it a try.
  15. That is not what I said.