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  1. Like they could snipe any more or take any fewer risks than they already do? The islands all look like golf balls now from all the BB noses that have been rammed into them.
  2. I run PM on DDs because PT says a ship is aiming at you, but if a ship can detect me, I already know he is planning to shoot at me. PT seems like the WG equivalent to counselor "Mistress of stating the blindingly obvious" Troi from the Next Degradation.
  3. Bretagne Build

  4. Bretagne Build

    So, I got the Bretagne quest, mission, whatever and got the ship. The AA looked mediocre at best, and the dispersion is of the typical tier 5, crap through a screen door and not touch the wires persuasion, which I didn't think lessening by 7% was really going to help. So, for giggles I went with a secondary build. If you get this ship you have to try it. The 100mm are nice, and the 139s are better, though slow in ROF, but visually it is great. WG cranked up the effects on this boat. The secondary batteries put out sheets of smoke and flame that puts Bismark to shame. The effect is hilarious to watch, and reasonably effective. I have brawled a Wyoming, a New York, and a Konig to death with the Bretagne, and had great fun doing so.
  5. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 20, 2018

    I think a three way battle would be interesting. A force of bots could be inserted into random battles, say defending the caps in domination mode, or one specific cap. In standard mode they could be an independent raiding force that spawns part way through the battle in a random location. A more partisan variation would be to have the bots come in as reinforcements for one side if they are losing by a pre-determined amount of points. The torpedo boats in Operation Dunkirk were fun little nuisances and should be incorporated into more scenarios. The "Unknown Corgi': the computer randomly selects a ship and whoever sinks it gets something, more xp, doubloons, etc. But you won't know which ship it is, so people won't be accused of YOLOing just to sink the prize ship. Time is of the Essence mode: any ship sunk comes back after a set amount of time, so long as there are still allied ships afloat, the amount of time required could vary according to how many allied ships are still alive.
  6. The omens of impending defeat are: 1) Multiple collisions leaving the spawn, if they can't pass Driver's Ed, don't expect them to fight the ship well either. 2) Horns, yes everyone had to see what they sounded like when they were new, but they aren't new any more and the people still playing with them typically have the brains of your average tuber. 3) F-key spam, see #2 above., but deserving special mention is the "Set a Smoke Screen" imbecile who somehow thinks it is a good idea to give everyone in your spawn digital emphysema. 4) The mad mini-map pinger/ armchair admiral, this buttmunch who feels an obsessive need to point out the perfectly obvious and offer such pearls of wisdom as "Focus DDs." will invariably be the first to die, and spend the rest of the match pinging away and bemoaning the team's lack of strategy, never realizing that if he or she was the genetic reincarnation of Lord Nelson, then he or she probably wouldn't have been killed three minutes into the match. 5) The idiot who fires his guns at everything, and the even more frightening idiot who fires his guns once, and when asked what he is shooting at replies that he had the wrong ammo loaded, and is shocked and amazed to learn that simply pressing the 1 or 2 key twice will change ammo types. 6) You cv driver chimes in with the news that this is his first time in a cv(which begs the question of how he got that Lexington he is floating around in), his boat is stock, has no fighters, and he has Multiple Sclerosis, and has to work the keyboard with his nose, like some sort of giant woodpecker. These are the pre-battle augurs of disaster, when you see them, remember the 1-2-3 remedy: 1glass, 2 ice cubes, 3 fingers of Wild Turkey, repeat while problem or consciousness persists.
  7. Methinks someone was mounted in a corgi dominance display.
  8. We have people blowing horns, obnoxious badges, and oh yeah, the weekend population of players who rode the little bus to the naval academy, and you are worried about corgis?
  9. No, but the Wisconsin with the Tomahawks and CIWS should be added. Conqueror, heal that.
  10. Quick Degradation of Player Base

    Well, Russian hackers have colluded with Proctor and Gamble to make America's youth eat Tide Pods since the OP, so the game probably isn't going to get any better.
  11. On the other hand, that block long kayak that tried that with me WOULD have eaten six torps, but the first one killed him so the others didn't record, which kind of sucks really, I mean they did hit after all.
  12. The Southern Dragon/Myoko does appreciably well in the tier 7 ops, and the Nagato is a monster when you turn it loose in Narai. Crowded harbor and secondaries; it's sort of like throwing babies in a wood chipper.
  13. Finally got the Nelson!

    Kentucky Fried Englishmen, Original, and Extra Crispy, compliments of that Atlanta that got behind you. Finger lickin good as the sharks would say, well, if they had fingers, or spoke.
  14. Where is the Southern Dragon

    I believe he means it is unfair because the two dragons were boats you earned. He is right in that regard, but it didn't stop them with Graf Spee, so why would this be any different.
  15. DPM cruisers are the order of the day for ops. Cleveland is a beast, of course, Nurnberg does well with that 6 sec. reload, Budyonny handles like a pregnant yak, but the guns are great, La however you spell the French boat does well, though DeGrasse is better(gee what a surprise). Aoba is a bit slow on the reload, but the guns are 8" and hit harder and you don't need IFHE, which is pretty much mandatory for the 6" gunned cruisers. Leander is nice for being able to heal in the ops without repair ships, but the lack of HE and the general lack of usefulness of smoke in ops limits her compared to other cruisers. As to battleships, Bayern has fast turrets, good rudder shift, and of course that wonderful KMS iron diarrhea, AKA German secondaries. Queen Elizabeth is a plane eating monster that I kept just for that reason, and despite what people say about British AP, trust me, the QE will cause hurt aplenty, not to mention the extra crispy setting British HE is set to. New Mexico, I am sure there is a use for a 21kt warship, I am just not sure what it is. Fuso, well, just load HE and you are the world's largest shotgun when quail, otherwise known as DD bots, appear. That being said, I somehow deeply offended IJN RNGeezus in a past life and was sentenced to never hit anything over 9Km away with Fuso, fortunately Nagato and subsequent IJN BBs were RNShintoists. A word of warning, ops are not DD friendly, as the AI has raging death wood for destroyers. Yes you can use them, but it is basically like smearing gravy on your genitals and shoving six weasels down your pants.