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  1. The answer to your question is two. If your first game is a loss, try once more, if that is another loss, bail out. Matchmaker has selected bend n spread'em mode for you. Come back later after it has found a new victim.
  2. I believe a daily, or better yet, a three day rotation period would be more appropriate. A three day rotation would allow players to indulge in a preferred op while lessening the chances of others missing out on an op as may happen with a one day rotation. Three days also lessens the fatigue factor that tends to set in toward the end of a weekly op cycle. A random op is not desirable given that some ships perform much better at certain ops than in others. The most desirable outcome is that, whatever the rotation period turns out to be, that ALL of the operations are in said rotation. We are currently missing Dynamo, Cherry Blossom, Hermes, and Ultimate Frontier, and their return would have a tremendous impact on the popularity and utility of operations. In the interest of variety and to make a three day cycle fit within a calendar more conveniently, I'd like to suggest a new operation be added using axis themed ships as there are already Allied themed operations. Operation Cerberus comes to mind as a viable choice. The many Pacific night actions in the Solomon Islands would also be good candidates, as would the Mediterranean convoy battles. If possible, the various Halloween scenarios should be made available . They need not be part of the regular rotation, but it would make for a welcome change of pace and after all, the work has already been put into them, it seems logical to let people play them.
  3. Precisely, if I wanted to play World of Warplanes, I'd go play it.
  4. So, you will be tunnelling your way out of Canada?
  5. American car companies operated under this policy, notice they are under new ownership now.
  6. Because we know once WG has an idea, however mind-numbingly bad the idea is, they will follow through with it. And in the hierarchy of bad ideas, this one is up there with the wolverine petting zoo and do it yourself lobotomy kits.
  7. And if you have kept up with this thread you will notice two kinds of responses, platitudes about mitigation, which are all but useless, and snide comments to get better. Honestly, there is nothing you are going to be able to do about it, as WG invested too much time and money into cvs and will never admit that their inclusion is completely antithetical to the mechanics the rest of the ships operate by, which are concealment, maneuverability, and positioning. Carriers negate all of these things, but good luck convincing the company of that.
  8. Doombeagle

    WG ignoring obvious issues.

    Gee, just imagine if they actually burned or flooded.
  9. Doombeagle

    Team kill/ Team damage metric

    At the very least it should be put into operations, I mean a little less competition in the competitive farming would be nice on occasion.
  10. Doombeagle

    Petro banned from clan battles..??

    Petro was banned because it was too popular.WG has gone on a diversity kick and any ship proving too popular will be banned so that players will pick a different ship. Never mind the fact that a consensus will be reached and another ship will become just as popular, WG will just ban that too. Eventually, in the interest of diversity, clan battles rosters will consist of whatever single ship WG sees fit to allow.
  11. Yes it is still with us, and no, it won't be fixed any time soon since it isn't a new premium ship WG can sell. There is no money in fixing problems.
  12. Doombeagle

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    You are correct in that a reputation is being trashed, but you are gravely mistaken as to whose. Frankly, this sort of cheerleading is best left to those whom WG has already stripped all vestiges of credibility, dignity, and self respect via employment.