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  1. But if it's a Brazilian ship, SHE, may be sporting a torpedo...
  2. Doombeagle

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

    Sir, Here is my constructive feedback to WG: Do not do this. I have no desire to see my ships rendered obsolete unless I throw away all prior effort and re-grind ships lines I have already completed. I will choose the third option and leave.
  3. Doombeagle

    Naval Battles dumbed down? Really?

    I would say the logic behind the decision is that: 1) Base xp excludes coop players from all but the lowest thresholds, 2) Damage can be skewed in one BB salvo. Ribbons indicate the player was doing something, and this approach rewards player participation. Personally, I think a bit more nuanced system, whereby the various ribbons were weighted differently in the scoring would be an interesting method. I'm guessing that is more work than they want to go to though.
  4. Doombeagle

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    Ribbons huh...
  5. Doombeagle

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    Ummm, Akizuki, Kitakaze, and Harugumo would like a word with you. The word is daka.
  6. Yes, strictly speaking, trying to win is an inefficient use of your time. Yolo in, rinse and repeat ad infinitum. More fun than a barrel of snakes.
  7. Doombeagle

    Quitting because of Carriers

    That's the spirit, keep playing a game you don't enjoy. Then later, if you ask nicely, maybe the devs will stop by and slam a desk drawer shut on your genitals. But, you know, only if you pay them.
  8. Doombeagle

    Skynet is real a bot tried to kill Admiral Thunder

    It begins when you're always afraid...
  9. Well, if your team is full of flying colon polyps, expect the oncologists to show up to excise them.
  10. Ahhh Capitan Scuttlebutt, my very young apprentice...
  11. Doombeagle

    Come on WG t8 clans and no CV?

    No, he's just a lot better than you. Maybe listen to him.
  12. Seeing as how there is no leaderboard, or way to verify anything, the team WG wants to win will win.
  13. Nominated for best post in the history of the game. Make the flying colon polyps go away.
  14. Yep, all there is to it. Just dodge. While you are at it, don't forget to go oooh and ahh over all those arcade flak graphics that do absolutely nothing, but sure do look impressive. Now if the UI just worked...
  15. Narai used to have variable locations for the first spawn.