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  1. Doombeagle

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    Yes, by all means have carriers fight each other, even better have their players duel each other. I suggest shotguns at ten paces.
  2. Doombeagle

    I shot a friendly

    Because then they couldn't punish you. Is Russian game comrade. There must always be punishment. Punishment is key to recreation, enjoyment, and customer satisfaction.
  3. Doombeagle

    What in the ever living hell, WG?

    Well, at least we know who the next unique commander will be:
  4. Doombeagle

    Reasonable solution to a problem

    No, I was just correcting your erroneous assumption that I am a PVP main with no knowledge of coop. On a related note, it has been suggested that you lack map awareness, and your response was incredulity. Honestly if you keep taking damage from unexpected sources then, yes you do need to pull your head out and look around a little more often. A good example being that I can recall being in three matches with you over the past two days, were you aware of this, or did that also escape your notice? You are getting less xp now because WG made coop 9vs9, which does nothing except dilute the already meager xp pool. If there is one more human in the match, then there is less xp to go around. If the extra green player is a bot, any damage that bot does is less xp available to the humans. That's why you're having more trouble recently.
  5. Doombeagle

    Reasonable solution to a problem

    I have more coop games than you have games, I have more randoms than you have games, I have more ops than you have games. Your original post is just another variation of the "OMG, I took team damage, somebody must be punished" whine. Just deal with it, it happens.
  6. Doombeagle

    Possible botting on the hall of fame?

    There is no possible about it. There most assuredly are bots running in the HoF.
  7. Doombeagle

    Reasonable solution to a problem

    Translation: I blew a Mosaic camo on Coop and RNGeezus broke it off in my stern.
  8. No, that's just a troll post from some trash that drifted in from Asia. Don't feed it and maybe it will go away.
  9. Doombeagle

    being penalized for internet connection

    It had nothing to do with players' internet reliability. The policy was emplaced to stifle complaints from egotistical armchair admirals who needed a scapegoat for their losses and the AFK player isn't there to argue the point so they are ideally suited to the role. When Admiral manboobs gets torped into oblivion because he sailed in a straight line at a constant speed, he tears up, his chins quiver, and his fantasy of being something other than a cubicle rodent comes crashing down around his ears. Someone has to pay for this outrage and the deflation of his invincible e-peen, and after all, if that bottom tier cruiser had been there, then surely that 11-1 blow out loss would have been an epic victory instead.
  10. It's good for a crate, so do you need more anti-det flags?
  11. Doombeagle

    What Stupid Things Did You do While Learning WOWs?

    In a wondrous display of blind aggression, I brute forced through any and all campaigns and missions by yoloing into battle to meet short term goals. Needed torp hits, grab the DD with the fastest torp reload and charge. Need fires, charge in raining HE . Oddly enough, I still do these things, only now I do them in coop instead of randoms, and it works surprisingly well there.
  12. Doombeagle

    A-D-F Now Recruiting

    It has come to our attention that the recently deceased have encountered difficulty in finding a clan. Rest assured, A-D-F is an inclusive, welcoming group, with several members of the undead community in our ranks. We offer refrigerated quarters to curtail decay, and have an ample supply of brains in the pantry for those late night cravings.
  13. Doombeagle

    From the storm that hit us over the weekend

    Oh quit whining you crybabies. Why when I was a kid we had to walk 38 miles to school through six feet of snow, uphill, both ways. And we had to do it in the dark because we were so poor we couldn't afford daylight. We had to eat my younger brother for Christmas one year, and the wolves got my baby sister.
  14. Doombeagle


    Be careful about bugging her dude. She's from Australia, so she is bound to be venomous.