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  1. Halsey campaign is so hard.

    Moderated by Volier_Zcit
  2. Halsey campaign is so hard.

    But the stars are so easy to get. All you have to do is earn 11 trillion credits, 107 billion commander experience, sink 19 battleships in a single battle, without sustaining any damage, and be the top xp earner in 5000 battles. Then repeat this process 46 more times, and from then on, you can have different colored shells that mark you out as a priority target.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    Ok, but since you are inviting destroyers to use their "Here I am, delete me now" signal, AKA their guns, how about we reduce the duration of that signal to say, five seconds, rather than the current twenty. Make it ten for cruisers, and don't change the battleships. That way, your detection bloom is in proportion to the size fireworks you are setting off, which would make a lot more sense than the current situation.
  4. Worst Ranked Ever?

    They need to rethink how they execute ranked. I played 33 battles to get to rank 11, where I stopped for two reasons; I got sick of looking at the same two maps (yes I know there was another, but it seemed like I never saw it), and frankly, the effort outweighs the rewards after 11. You have to win more and more battles for little gain. One last point; the tier 10 segment was a poorly thought out implementation. I know of two fellow clan members who hit rank 10 and were done because they had not ground out a tier 10 ship yet. It does not take skill to get to tier 10, but it does take time, and arbitrarily excluding players just because they haven't maxed out the tech tree seems to be a good way to alienate players for no reason.
  5. Thaaaaaaaaa

    I had an Asashio come around an island and launch torps at me...I was in a Lo Yang. I gave this my best Mr. Spock one eyebrow arch, then I chuckled, then I launched real torpedoes, then he exploded.
  6. Why the CV re-work is unnecessary

    I wouldn't be the only one with that button. If people want to be victimized by the strategy game haphazardly superimposed on top of WoWs, then they can elect to have sky cancer in their match.
  7. Molotov recommended?

    Nurn is much more nimble, and has twice the ROF of Molotov. The Kumas will descend upon you like a school of piranha. I've watched it happen.
  8. XP for containers

    I have thought along similar lines. Personally, I think a base of 2000 for the first and doubling for each consecutive container, without a set limit. There will of course be a practical limit in that one can only fight so many battles per day, but if someone gets ambitious, why not make rewards available. If WG wants more players in the queue, then let them add incentives. Clans would appreciate this, since that expansion to 50 members requires enough oil to grant membership in OPEC, ordinary players may well play more since they would be seeing more immediate and tangible results of their play, and the truly zealous could reap additional benefits, which they should. If you want people to give you money, incentive works better than punishment. Happy players spend money, unhappy players go play something else.
  9. Molotov recommended?

    The ship is fast, and the guns hit hard. Those are the good points. The bad points are it requires the state of Nebraska to turn around in, and if a cyclone comes up the rain will citadel you. It is okay in randoms, but the slow reload will get you eaten alive by swarms of bots in operations.
  10. Why the CV re-work is unnecessary

    WG obsesses over wait time, but nobody else seems to be too terribly worried about it, and people would be a lot more inclined to wait for a match they might enjoy, as opposed to one where they are perma-spotted or insta-deleted by sky cancer.
  11. No, but the Bismark, Richilieu, and Iowa have been taking turns at the cruiser buffet.
  12. Santa Claus, he sees you when you're sleeping. Santa's cousin Ralph Claus, he sees you when you're showering.
  13. So what do I do with this here...

    Play it once for the elite commander xp, then recycle it.
  14. Where'd my doubloons go?

    Bernie Sanders joined the dev team?
  15. Radar has ruined dd play

    Radar, WGs second biggest mistake, right behind CVs.