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  1. Doombeagle

    Forum Game - Word Association

  2. Doombeagle

    Flaming [edited]Duo

    Would this help?
  3. Doombeagle

    Puerto Rico - So Confused, please explain

    Lighten up, the guy hasn't been here for over a month and anyone who says the event is clearly explained is lying through their teeth.
  4. Doombeagle

    This is getting out of hand and is childish

    "Let them eat cake," did not go over real well.
  5. After the lovely little train wreck WG made out of the holiday event, I found a better use for my money. The local animal shelter has more food and dog beds now.
  6. Yes, it is obviously satire, since it is far more clear, concise, and forthright than any actual communications from WG.
  7. Doombeagle

    Indomitable Review - Impotent

    Oh yeah, the game needs more flying colon polyps. That's right up there with a free visit from Jack Kevorkian.
  8. Doombeagle

    Another 50 dollar plus ships!!! Thanks WG

    Nope, not gonna happen. The die hard sky cancer fan bois get to assume the position for the WG 5:15. That is after all, why they reborked the things, to sell premium tumor factories.
  9. Doombeagle

    People intentionally losing 1v1 ranked sprint

    Well, if anyone was so dense as to think Ranked Sprint with no loss of a star was competitive, then I suggest they brush up on their critical thinking skills. It was a participation trophy event. As to that last part, tell that to 90% of the BB drivers in the game.
  10. Doombeagle

    People intentionally losing 1v1 ranked sprint

    But since it is 1 vs 1, and the only person affected is that individual player, what difference does it make. Do you really think his or her opponent is going to complain?
  11. Doombeagle

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Harry Potter and the flaming mullet.
  12. Doombeagle

    Gifted ships block account?

    So, basically, nobody should ever send or accept a gift in this game. Ok then. I'll pass that along.
  13. Doombeagle

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Angry looking albino kid.
  14. Doombeagle

    WG can you fix T7 MM

    But tier 8 premiums cost more than tier 7 premiums, so it is tier 7's turn in the barrel.
  15. Doombeagle


    This is faster because you get your ship back the second you die. You also don't have to mess with flags, camo, or consumables.