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  1. They have abandoned you and are forming a new clan. Clan Liberace is currently getting fitted for their rhinestone bejeweled, purple battle speedos.
  2. It is your just and fitting punishment for bringing the anal wart of WoWs into a match in the first place. Complete 10 matches in Myogi, and 10 in Pensacola as penance.
  3. Moderated by Volier_Zcit
  4. No, DDs are not the joke, the joke is what has been done to them because BB drivers refuse to stop sailing in a straight line, refuse to stop hugging islands, refuse to alter course when a large smoke cloud appears on the horizon, and refuse to accept the fact that other people are not just in the game to serve as targets.
  5. That is why you have the privacy option for your account. And friends only settings for Facebook, and unlisted phone numbers.
  6. It would be easy to balance out the BBs/ Just remove the repair party consumable, or limit it to a single charge. It is easier to sink ships that you don't have to kill four times over.
  7. Barooo! Just found treats at the kennel. Thanks Niko and WG. Still waiting on the corgiflage though, maybe next time.
  8. Detonation: A way to cheat players, many of whom have paid for the time they spend playing the game, out of the opportunity to play said game. When someone rightly complains that this mechanic does nothing except annoy its victims, WG's response is to make detonations brighter and louder, thus causing the mouth breathing masses to cackle gleefully, while flinging their feces about in wild abandon.
  9. It's okay, just buy me a Sims or else my little Corgi spirit shall haunt you to the ends of the map.
  10. Okay, post corgi wrap up. I do hope Niko and/or whoever makes such decisions will post a final list of the corgis, their number of matches, and prizes given out. Now for next time, I really want my same account back, and if there is any way possible to get a canned corgi announcement, I will murder any three people for whoever makes that happen, free of charge, and throw in the souvenir limb or organ of their choice. Also, corgiflage must become a thing. I really want ears for the bridge of corgikaze. I agree with the previous poster that focus into one tier and class of ships can be excessive. It might be better to focus a tier for one time slot, and a ship class for the next. There ought to be some type of reward for players who go above and beyond to help corgis. I saw ships eat torps to protect corgis, and they deserve more than just a thank you.
  11. Just logged into my regular account. My port is so empty.
  12. Corgi 24: 121 matches, 91 prizes awarded. Hitting the couch now. Thanks to Niko Power and WG, this was fun.
  13. Okay, the Derpistani terrorists are out today. I just got TKed by a Danae at tier 4. After telling him more than once that a TK doesn't get you anything except a pink paintjob.
  14. This is a long-standing internet problem and could be remedied quite handily if all internet forums, chat rooms and chat channels required the user's real name, address, and home phone number be posted at all times. It would be interesting to see how much manners would improve.
  15. 100 matches, 81 prizes awarded, still an even kill/death ratio. Making them earn it.