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  1. unsubscribe and then resubscribe quick maths
  2. IDAMAN_04

    German CV Tree

    Considering all but a few of the soviet ships actually existed im sure this could easily be implemented into the game Nice
  3. IDAMAN_04

    August Combat Missions

    Wait Are clan battles t8 finally??!?
  4. Can we make it so that once you obtain a limited edition flag we never make it available again? Like the Kitty Purfurst flag i already have, and i like flaunting it on occasion. I dont really want a lot of people using it. I like it to be special, and to show what ive accomplished in the game. Not for it just to be re-used next year.
  5. IDAMAN_04

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    Uh So If Yueyang is in this and has DWT Explain If you just put reg torps on her shes a Gearing
  6. IDAMAN_04

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.5

    When they introduce new formats of the game but don't actually fix any of the issues or add an italian line -visible confusion-
  7. IDAMAN_04

    Armada: IJN Akatsuki

    Yall wondering why CVs always go for dds, well heres the hard truth. In high tiers, attacking a cruiser or a battleship is suicidal, because of the OP AA. Therefore, the only other target that makes sense to kill is the dd. You chose to play the dd. You pay the price in a dd. You dont like dying, dont play a dd.
  8. IDAMAN_04

    Armada: IJN Akatsuki

    Get started on playing cvs before you say stuff you don't know, thats also a start. (cv planes take forever to reload, making the "unlimited" planes kind of a joke)
  9. IDAMAN_04

    Armada: Lenin

  10. Only the most skilled players can do this. If you havent played cv's, then im sincerely sorry, but you cannot relate, nor feel our pain.
  11. It's funny how people dont complain when they get one shotted by a battleship from far away, but when a cv comes and does the same job (which rarely happens) they get smeared.