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  1. Its gonna be a premium tho
  2. IDAMAN_04

    Molotov - IFHE?

    nah my molotov is fine as it is imo. Dispersion good. Fire % good. Speed is amazing. its penetration already abuses dds at any range so its not really worthwhile, and your heavy he shells hurt bbs a lot. Only bad thing is you get deleted bow-on or broad to any bb but other than that get something more useful like Concealment or Advanced firing training. I have a cmndr that specializes in soviet cas and dds so i got RDF for my dds but its actually been somewhat useful on my Molotov. You do you bro.
  3. Tryna make this meme-worthy while still making a great tribute IDAMAN_04 (NA)
  4. Wait so if I don't want to post on social media I can post it here?
  5. IDAMAN_04

    My Toughts About Steel/Coal...

    unless you get speshul and get 900 coal in one container +they throw in coal all the time with event stuff, and with the current "royal navy" event going on. I would assume you could earn coal the same way during next updates prinz eitel friedrich event thingy. ive gotten maybe 50,000 coal over this past month which, imo is not too shabby. but why is Jean Bart waaaay more expensive than mushashi if they're both T9 bbs?
  6. IDAMAN_04

    ranked sprint poll

    he said bacon anyway mutsu could really be fire here, it has the largest guns even though WV41 has better gun pens and such. In my (deranged?) brain i decided to make me a secondary build mutsu, so now i shoot these new he secondarys with like 13% fire chance and torps so yeah.... and it has a big hp pool compared to *stares a WV41* that thing. they are both good ships tho, after watching multiple builds on these ships. fun fact got my mutsu in a 1 free small santa container ;)
  7. IDAMAN_04

    Cyclone or Storm Poll

    I like cyclone because i run around in my republique literally suprising everyone and destroying them. Until i get radared which shouldnt happen in a cyclone anyways and die. Personally, radar should be disabled when the cyclone is in full swing as in messes up with the game mechanics and isn't that balans imo
  8. hahaha boatnite or bubg
  9. IDAMAN_04

    DD tender/DL

    lol the guys driving the dds were probably slugging it out all day but the guys in the tenders with the fresh water/ food and stuff were probably like
  10. shhhh don't give them any ideas!!!
  11. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE HAVE A WINNER seriously though i came into this topic about to say these exact words lol
  12. IDAMAN_04

    Akizuki — Japanese Tier VIII destroyer.

    On my seperate account, concealment is a must have, as this ship is yuuugeeee. make sure to take concealment mod as well. After this go for ifhe.