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  1. IDAMAN_04

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    why yall getting mad about the launcher its virtually no extra storage you arent even installing another game its just "in case" and its easier for everyone to recieve the updates more quickly. nobody cares if wows is the only game you play and you have no other interests in other games made by WG. The answer is simple. dont play them. Its the same launcher, just easier for everyone.
  2. IDAMAN_04

    German CV Tree

    Considering all but a few of the soviet ships actually existed im sure this could easily be implemented into the game Nice
  3. IDAMAN_04

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    imo it should be like this: The planes are spotted for however long their detection is, but after attacking, they stay in the aa bubble until outside of it. To compensate, nerf the flak and short-medium range aa. The rockets need buffs because i can land however many rockets but not get a single fire. The torpedo bombers for low tier cvs also need buffs because the rockets and bombs arent really good for that tier. atm before hotfix: IV-VI and regular tech tree t8's need a loooottt of buffs. Midway is ok, and hack-ur-room-u is broken.
  4. IDAMAN_04

    Mutsu: Unlocked Potential?

    boi i knew that im just saying now it starts more fires anymore boi she never had one
  5. would rather have a pan eu line than another jap ship tho good one lert!
  6. IDAMAN_04

    Mutsu: Unlocked Potential?

    Brawling is actually rewardable it the mutsu since all its secondaries are HE with a good fire %. As long as you are brawling with another ship that doesn't have torpedoes (preferably battleships), I seem to have the upper hand when I am manuvering good and not showing too much side until I can dump some torps off. The torps also reload extremely quick (faster that the main battery) so its actually funny melting the enemy down at close range with floods/fires. I've had some epic games in her, and some trash games. I would call he balanced for that matter, excpet her aa needs buffed before these new carriers are implemented.
  7. what if you gave her smoke and option for DFAA/Hydroacoustic and made her concealment up to 11km stock
  8. IDAMAN_04

    Why the Carrier Rework will fail no matter what.

    Actually seems underpowered to me I can't even hit bots oof.exe
  9. IDAMAN_04

    My plan to finish the last grinding of PEF directive

    Grindy much for a trashy bote
  10. IDAMAN_04

    Caption the profile image above you.

    When your parents think you are playing video games but actually you are doing homework reverse finesse
  11. IDAMAN_04


    post malone- congratulations
  12. a bit underwhelming imho, maybe give her all available upgrades and MBRB and that would be great for such a meager hp pool
  13. IDAMAN_04

    How long until Kitakami?

    Do i see an april fools gamemode in the making?
  14. IDAMAN_04

    What is the Steel ship SOON?

    Ok go into the game Go to Arsenal Go to "ships" See a bote that has "soon" over it. am I just seeing this or anyone else? g'day m8's speculation intesifies