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  1. It is good and right to mark the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. Thanks for the overview provided us.
  2. I fit in with your profile of a Clan Member of a shrinking and highly uncommunicative and inactive Clan.  In two years I have never done one Clan battle.  We don't do them. I am level 15 but play mainly for fun.  I really need help developing as a player   I love Co-op battles but find I am only at a 39% win rate in Random Battles. I have a pretty standard 91/7% Co-op win rate. I want to figure out a lot about the game and things to do with a Clan that sounds like [RUST]. I may never be highly proficient but actual content and play with the same bunch should improve me some. Am I right?  I am in Clan [ENVY}.  We have nine members.  I have never met most of them and only had two very small chats with the XO.   Can you help?  I badly need a transfer.