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    CV rework Suggestions

    Wargaming, I like the CV re-work, but I have some suggestions. 1. The marker that flies in front to be use as the aiming marker be made easier to see. On certain maps I cannot see it to aim and by that time I try to disengage I have already lost my planes. 2. No matter how I fly side to side to avoid the AA, I lose all my planes in an attack run. So how about making it so we can control the height our planes enter to attack. Or make the AA less accurate so we will have a chance to hit a ship. 3. When your different attack groups take off your supposed to push either 1, 2, or 3 twice to confirm take off, but sometimes at the beginning of the game you only have to push the number once. 4. The torps and bombs appear to not be the strength they were before the CV rework, before I could easily walk away with 30K and above. Now I can barely get 3k. If this is the case that the points we get for getting hits on the ships are that low, its not worth playing CVs anymore. 5. Now with the Torps distance apart from each other is so big after launch even if waiting till last minute, a semi truck or my Hindenburg can avoid the torps. So is there a way to close the spread of the torps? I appreciate the work that Wargaming has put into the CV rework, but there is still work to do to make it better. Also attention player, I understand many of you don't like the rework but that is not my concern, so please stop being salty at the ones that are trying to make this work.If your not happy, play another game or just play your other ships.
  2. The event is enjoyable but the special missions that we have to complete are not completely visible. I miss them popping up most of the time and the one I did complete, I did it by sure luck. I had no idea it had popped up. So maybe post it at the beginning of the match where you know someone will be sure to see it. I have lost out on a lot and wish I could have completed them.
  3. Can I get some advice on how to set up my 19 point captain for my CB Hindinburg

    Clan Battles and Hindiburg

    Good evening Captains, I just got my second 19 point captain and this captain is going to be set-up for Clan Battles. So please advise how to set my captain up for clan battles.

    Remove self-reporting options for players

    I understand reporting players about chat, but reporting players for playing bad should have its limits. I listen to players (via Team Speak) report players for playing bad but that is because of not playing up to their standards. So is it really fair judging players in that manner since we are all at different playing levels?