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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    Same here. People need to stop crying about Radar and just play the game.
  2. Is it worth it (special upgrade)?

    I am not talking about giving up speed boost. What I got was a special upgrade (you get them in Super Containers or the Arsenal now) that would go in upgrade slot 2 for the ship. It isn't the actual speed boost consumable. What I am talking about would enhance it but at the expense of Propulsion Mod 1 in slot 2. You can read more about the special upgrades here.... http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Upgrades#Special_Upgrades
  3. Is it worth it (special upgrade)?

    Thanks all. Appreciate it. Yes, I only play PVE so I know it is a bit different for me than those who play PVP. I actually just played a game on Ocean in Fletcher where every damn bot chased me all game. It is very common for that in Co-op as the bots constantly charge ahead and they go after DD's like fleas after a dog. Being able to go fast and get undetected is very important in Co-op too. It would have helped a lot being able to have speed boost active longer in my game on Ocean for sure. Then again bots are super accurate and I lost my engine a lot even with PM1. Would going faster have got me undetected quicker yes but without PM1 would I have lost my engine more and thus not gone as fast? Arrghhh LOL. Maybe the thing to do is mount it and see how it goes. I actually have Republique and Henri IV so I am done with both lines. Don't really use speed boost a lot on them. Now and then but not sure I would want to give up DCSM1 on either with how often the bots set fires.
  4. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    WOW!!! Just played my 1st DD game on Ocean. Holy crap was that hard. I spawned down by C with a Hindenburg and we both started towards it but next thing I knew he had veered off to go with everyone else to A so I was alone. I was almost to the cap so kept going cautiously when all of a sudden red ships started popping up everywhere. Now the old AdmiralT would have smoked up and started pew-pew'ing but the new smarter AdmiralT said "Nope - not happening" and did a U turn and got the heck out of there. I sent a full spread of torps on wide into the cap at all the ships as a farwell present LOL (1 even hit ). I got a ways off and thought I was ok to smoke so popped it and started shooting and finished off the Cleveland but suddenly everything was gone as the team lost detection of them for me. I was like NOOOO! I wasn't sure if it was safe to go or not but smoke was running out so hit speed boost and prayed. The second I cleared smoke I was targeted by 5 as they were all around me. The bots sure do love to kill DD's, I then just WASD'd like crazy and headed away hoping to get undetected. I took a lot of hits (dodge a lot more - over 400K potential damage) but finally got undetected and was like PHEW! LOL.. For the 1st time I started really playing like a DD player. I stayed far enough off so I wasn't detected but kept them spotted (man I wanted to shoot so bad LOL) and I kept sending "stealth" torps their way as I reloaded. Eventually I got the Richelieu chasing me. Usually I am really aggressive in all ships but with ZERO cover on the map I had to play like that. Got to a point where it was safe to smoke again and finished off a damaged Baltimore with guns and helped on the NC left for the win. Not a ton of damage but man I had to play my big fat white butt off to live LOL. Even got another karma point out of it. How guys do this all the time is beyond me though. I am so stressed LOL . My hats off to the true DD players who do well at it.
  5. Is it worth it (special upgrade)?

    So just got a SC with the engine boost special upgrade. Probably the 6th or 7th one of that upgrade I have got since I started WOWS. All the others have been sold off as I never had a use for them. Just started DD's though and am at Fletcher. Is it worth losing Propulsion Mod 1 to get 50% longer time of the consumable? It seems like DD's lose their engine so easy even with PM1 that taking it away seems like a bad idea. I do have LS on the Capt if that matters. My inclination is to sell it for the 625K credits but figured I would see what others think.
  6. - IAMCOMMANDER - Time to VOTE

    But that isn't all he gripes about. He gripes about everything and CONSTANTLY complains about his teams. Gets old. Not everyone will be as good as he is but he acts like everyone should be Unicums. It's unrealistic.
  7. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    So just had the game I will post shots of below in Minotaur. Not huge damage but a good game. Was just me and 2 Yamato's and the rest were bots. I sort of got chased off early on towards the edge and wasn't able to give AA cover like I wanted and tried to do (got set where I hoped to cut off the red bot's planes as they came in but then too many bots charged me down and had to run ). BY the time I took care of the bots chasing me and tried to head back to cover them they were too far. In the end I made the CV pay after it sunk both of them. While I came in 1st I sort of felt bad and felt like I let them down BUT I got a couple plays well compliments after the game so... I hadn't looked in a while at what my Karma was and then I remembered your post Hampton. I went and took a look and it just so happens those 2 gave me a milestone too.
  8. - IAMCOMMANDER - Time to VOTE

    Very well said
  9. - IAMCOMMANDER - Time to VOTE

    Actually the problem is he forgets how much better he is at this game (because he plays it all the time as his life) than the average player and he expects too much out of them. The game comes easy and natural to him and he forgets or just doesn't get it that for most others it is harder. he has no patience and is frankly a jerk in most of his videos.
  10. - IAMCOMMANDER - Time to VOTE

    No question or pause, Jingles got my vote. The guy is the best. His videos and hilarious personality are what got me to try the game and stick with it after a friend on another forum started talking about the game. I went and watched Jingles videos and was hooked. The guy is just fantastic. I like the fact he is just an average player too and not some Unicum with an ego as big as his WR%. Makes him more relatable. And while he does swear at times and call people out for foolish play he doesn't swear constantly with every other word being an F bomb like some do. Call me a snowflake if that makes you feel better but there is no need for that stuff. Some mild and occasional swearing like Jingles does is fine but the constant swearing of some like Flamu just is a huge turn off. Also,when he does get on a player he does it in a light hearted manner not the vicious and nasty way some of the others do. That is another big turn off for me. So Jingles was the clear choice for me although I also had a dark horse in this which was @Vulgarr. He is another class act like Jingles and I would have no problem with him winning and having him be a Capt on one of my ships in the game. His videos are great too. Flambass is another one I wouldn't mind but he swears too much and at times gets too insulting about other players similar to Flamu so it was iffy. The rest don't do it for me even though some are good people and do good videos and such. Have to say I am really disappointed that WG has rigged this contest so the clear favorite of the masses has almost no chance to actually win. And that makes no sense really. Hey players vote for who you like best but we are heavily handicapping that person so he can't win. I mean really? Typical way they seem to do things. I just hope it isn't Flamu. The guy's ego is already big enough now without this swelling his head even more. I can just imagine his Capt phrases too … "F'ing potato team", "What the F", "I can't carry any F'ing harder you losers", etc...
  11. New resources inbound dev blog

    Wow! Well said Sir (or is it Ma'am? LOL).
  12. You can get 1500 steel in a Super Container too.
  13. Just looked (1st time since we got our lump sums when Arsenal was introduced) and have 142,600 coal. Nothing I want so sort of ignoring it. Not really a big fan of coal, steel, and the arsenal tbh. Now they are adding other resources to it. OY. Credits, XP, Capt XP, FXP, and Doubloons was enough. This is just overkill.
  14. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Good games. Well done.