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  1. AdmiralThunder

    Who have you seen in game

    Just had a game with @HamptonRoads. Good game sir.
  2. IF a ton of players go up the slot (especially if some are DD's) the bots charge it. If people fan out you get a couple max to go into the slot. Has always been that way but people don't pay attention.
  3. With all respect the bots turning and running away does not make them better or the games harder. The hard charging, never stop coming at you, bots are much harder to play against because they never stop coming at you. Bots that run away let you heal up and survive when low health whereas the hard chargers will find you and kill you. IT also let you chase them away to help with a point win when you have a rare game where you get down vs the bots. It is WAY harder to pull that kind of situation out when all the reds left rush you vs running away. Harder and better you say???? We actually had the run away chicken bots on live before (update 7. something) and it was awful. In no way, shape, nor form, did they improve the mode nor were they better/harder to play against because of their PVP like tendencies to turn and run/hide. They had other traits that actually did make them better, and we asked WG to keep those and just remove the run and hide part, but sadly they took it all away. When 2 human players can go to a cap and run into 4-5 bots, who turn and run away when they shooting starts, that is not better nor harder; it is actually easier vs those 4-5 bots with their RNG blessed shooting continue on and charge you. When the game is winding down and you have that last 1 or 2 bots to kill but all they do is run away and try and hide that is not better nor harder; it is actually just longer with no change to the outcome of the game other than adding 5 minutes to it for the same results and rewards. What makes the bots tough (well hope you know what I mean) is how aggressive they are. They come at you non stop, they shoot better than most humans, they get unbelievable RNG with big hits and fires, they can ninja dodge any torp spread, they have better handling than the same ship piloted by a human, they always know where you are even when undetected, they can bow tank while chasing you like a champ, etc... These attributes help them when they are aggressive and hard charging; take them lightly and they will get you. BUT, none of that helps if they turn and run away when they are shot at. IF anything it makes them easier to kill. So, again, with all due respect from someone who has 18.5K+ Co-op games - NO the improved bots from a previous patch which seems to be what are used on PTS are not better and they are not harder. They just drag games out longer and that is not better and it is not harder; it is just longer.
  4. Same old bots from what I see but as said somewhere above = a lot of bad play from humans making the gams harder due to mission task yolo's.
  5. AdmiralThunder

    2 Million FXP for the Hayate and Smalland?

    Reddit - picture posted of tech tree showing 2 Million FXP (PTS?)
  6. AdmiralThunder

    So ugh...California?

    We need Nevada. It used some of Arizona's guns from turret 2 (as I recall - one of them anyway) they salvaged and repaired. Nevada fired those guns at the Japanese during the battles of Okinawa and Iwo Jima. That is a part of the whole Pearl Harbor/Arizona history not everyone knows and is a reason to add Nevada just for that history alone.
  7. AdmiralThunder

    Sometimes RNG really makes you laugh in this game (PVE Thread)

    Just the arm; needed the leg. Probably it.
  8. AdmiralThunder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Doing a little work on advancing some ships LM/UU progress. This game finished off Part 3 for Hindenburg (15K FXP). Camo + Flags + decent game = good return. I was a little nervous about losing credits not using the perma but turned out I did ok. Even without T10 perma I made over 300K (don't try this at home kids ).
  9. Is Kirov really a good ship for beginners? That thing is a citadel and 1 shot magnet. It takes some skill to do well in it. Might be an easy way to get a T5 Premium sure but not so sure it is a good beginner ship?
  10. AdmiralThunder

    Sometimes RNG really makes you laugh in this game (PVE Thread)

    RNG and I have a serious love hate relationship and today it hates me. No idea what I did wrong either to tick it off? It's like a wife being mad at you; you are wrong even when right...
  11. AdmiralThunder

    Sometimes RNG really makes you laugh in this game (PVE Thread)

    Well after Conqueror and Thunderer failed (these are my go to ships for fires and module damage) I wanted to try lower tier where sometimes it is easier without the built in fire protection higher tier ships have. Then when I went back after Omaha failed too I thought for sure Harugumo would do well but nope. So I grabbed a ship I usually do crappy in and viola 10 to finish.
  12. So just completed the Defender of the Fatherland mission. Part 1 = 15 citadels (easy-peasy Budyonny (2) + Kirov (1) = 3 games total - honestly Budyonny has become my go to ship for citadels) Part 2 = Sink 10 ships (did it in 4 games = Kamikaze, Fujin, Hill, Nicholas) And then we have Part 3 Part 3 = 20 fires No problem, I will haul out ol' fire reliable Conqueror = 2, then 2 again, WHAT??? Ok, let's drag out Thunderer with it's 63% fire chance = 2! Ok, lets drop down to low tier with fast ROF CL's. Omaha = 2. Ok you asked for it bots here comes Harugumo = 2. Really? So 5 games with good HE ships and only 10 fires. Screw it, let's try another. Dallas = 10! I mean come on RNG LOL. You have to laugh at the RNG in this game because otherwise you would get mad or cry.
  13. AdmiralThunder

    Co op verses Random

    I was speaking to Co-op per the OP's post Co-op vs Random. Don't play Scenarios so don't know about bots there other than WG programs them different.
  14. AdmiralThunder

    Co op verses Random

    The bots come at you from the very beginning and don't stop until they are dead or close enough to ram. In Randoms people tend to stay as far away from each other as they can for as long as they can. Less lead is needed when ships are close and MBH% goes way up when you are close and can more easily hit. When I do play Randoms (rare) the ONE thing I struggle with is shooting. That is because the shots are much further on average and people WASD more (sometimes). I am used to closer shots. Not that I don't know how to shoot, I think I have a decent eye for shooting, but I am just not used to the ranges and speed changes (bots pretty much go full ham all the time). IMO it's the shooting that makes PVP harder.
  15. AdmiralThunder

    What Ship Is This?

    Sorry no.