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  1. And you don't have to deal with all the salt and toxicity in Co-op that you do in PVP so even though you play more games for the same rewards there is less aggravation involved. THAT for me is huge. Reduced rewards in Co-op sure haven't limited me in the game.
  2. AdmiralThunder

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Same for me. Wasn't so much complaining as going ah shucks there will be less Steel. As a Co-op only player getting Steel is very hard and so far limited to this and last year's Christmas. So when it looks to be less it is disappointing is all. But as you said, and I do above, I will gladly and gratefully take any they give us (Free is Free and Free is GOOD!). AND we don't know for a fact that we won't see some Steel in the Santa crates this year (doubtful but possible I guess).
  3. AdmiralThunder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Best Thunderer game so far. At one point late in the match I looked at my damage done and what was left on each team and envisioned at least 300K and who knows how much more. Then the bots started Ramming each other and at least 200k potential damage on the reds for me was wiped out. Ah well it was still a good game...
  4. NO changes to the bots were made for live server (announced). The bots have not been buffed. It does appear though that many of the humans have been nerfed.
  5. AdmiralThunder

    Co-op meta changing?

    Just more PVP folks dropping in for a mission or task that play it like they do PVP. Co-op meta itself has not changed.
  6. AdmiralThunder

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    It's an Atlanta with smoke and better torps at the expense of one turret per side (near rear). Hydro instead of Radar as well. I average 10K more in Flint p/ game than Atlanta. High games are both in the 160K range (Co-op of course). I don't generally concern myself with the whole is it the same thing as another ship outside of do I like that playstyle or not? Atlanta, Flint, and Smolensk are similar but not exactly the same. Same playstyle overall but Smolensk has tons of range and is better played far away and Atlanta/Flint have little range and have to be played close using islands and such (Flint can fall back on smoke). Never even entered my mind to say I have Atlanta so I don't need Flint or I have Flint so don't need Smolensk. Also, keep in mind how useful having diverse ships are for missions, training Capt's and getting that 1st win of the day bonus on multiple ships, and for events like snowflakes. JMHO but you can't have enough ships in WOWS. Atlanta, Flint, and Smolensk are all good ships and am glad I have all 3.
  7. AdmiralThunder

    PT, Balance Changes

    That is the best news of the group. Will be nice to shoot with KM BB's and have the shells stay on the map, in the game, I am currently playing vs flying off to some other map and game. I also like the change allowing the Hydro Mod to go on the KM BB's. The Midway torp buff is another big one. It was needed.
  8. Quite a bit of torp damage but also a lot of AP damage from citadels. The AP is brutal on broadside Cruisers. SAP can give big salvos too when things go right. I had a 22K+ salvo with Venezia SAP vs a Montana in one game. Lots of 11-15K salvos in T8-T10 using SAP. But also just as many ZERO salvoes too due to it being so poor vs angled ships. In the 248K Venezia game... 417 SAP shells fired 220 Hits 152,198 Damage Basically 692 Damage p/shell
  9. AdmiralThunder

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    My wallet just wet itself in fear and started crying LOL
  10. AdmiralThunder

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Yup. And while I would like it to be the T10 reward too as it was last year, and am disappointed it isn't, I am also glad and grateful that we can at least get SOME outside of the special modes that awards it as I refuse to play those. So I might say I am disappointed and would prefer it otherwise but I am also very happy and content to take what we can get. Any Steel I get where I don't have to play PVP is a bonus and gratefully received.
  11. AdmiralThunder

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    That could be too. Good point. Damage would be easier than credits for me.
  12. AdmiralThunder

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Thank you for posting. I too would have preferred Steel for the T10 BUT we don't know for sure the Santa Boxes won't drop Steel at times this year so...? I doubt they will but maybe. Has anyone looked at the pictures of the various screen shots of building Puerto Rico and looked at the #'s show for progression... 2nd pic shows 5,000,881 3rd pic shows 14,533,166 So is this credits, XP, what? I don't expect a free T10 to be easy or anything but those are some bigass numbers and I am curious what they mean. I can only assume it is credits. Good lord can you imagine if it were XP or something else.
  13. Pretty much the same for me BUT I skipped a lot of T9 Cruisers and only went back to them long after getting the T10's so some of the T9 Cruisers for me are fairly new. I certainly am more experienced now than I was for a lot of the Cruisers shown below but I still play them all now (other than US ones re-tiered of course). As much as I detest the reload on these new ITL Cruisers (it is too long on all of them and needs a buff), and think SAP is poorly implemented (the slightest angle by a red renders it useless), I also have to concede I have kicked some bot tuckuss with the T8-T10 CA's. Despite those insane reload times and the generally underwhelming SAP (unless full flat broadside and then it shines) I still am putting up good-great numbers. I think the T8-T10 are better than most of us give them credit for. And as I said in the Op, the T8 is where the line starts to get decent and T9 and T10 are pretty good. I too would never take them to a Random, or any PVP, game. But then again that applies to any ship you want to mention. My comments in the OP of this thread, and the point behind me making it, was how they do in Co-op not PVP. FWIW my stats to date with the T8-T10. The T8 is slightly below average but still ok and the T9 and T10 basically sit at the top for me already. Note - I did not include stats for Alaska or Kronshtadt as they are not regular T9 Cruisers.
  14. AdmiralThunder

    The man, the myth, the legend....

    He does a lot of WOWS and other game replays where he comments on them. He is a riot. He is probably the most popular WOWS personage of this type. He used to be a CC but stopped doing it. He is the reason I got into WOWS. I saw one of his replay videos and was hooked. He won the Ring contest to become the special Capt. https://themightyjingles.fandom.com/wiki/Paul_Charlton https://www.youtube.com/user/BohemianEagle
  15. Had a lot of IRL stuff to do the last 2 days so it took me longer than expected to land the Jingles Capt. Had some time this afternoon though so finished it up. Very happy WG added him as a Capt. I can not wait to hit something and hear "That's a paddlin!" LOL. Sure I would have preferred some special skills and more than just 3 pts but it's JINGLES! Appropriately I finished the mission up in Fiji. Had to be an RN ship. Now he is in Reserves where I will add pts to him now and then as I get him ready for the RN CA's and his eventual assignment to Goliath. Long live the Jingles!!!