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  1. Noticed the main site had an update that the winners of the SC's and signed Dasha photos had been chosen. Checked it out and I actually won a SC. Would have been happy with the photo too. No SC in port yet but I am sure it takes a while to send the stuff. IF you watch the video it shows the signed photo winners 1st then the SC winners. Good luck...
  2. Just going to start the grind at t1

    Konigsberg/Nurnberg are 2 of my favorite low/mid tier CL's. Budyonny is similar IMO to Nurnberg. Just better armor and slightly slower rate of fire. Plays about the same. Stay at range and never stop moving unless hidden LOL. Torps are pretty useless though unlike Nurnberg's dual 6km setup. Through T4 the Russian Cruisers are like all the others really more or less. T5 is where they take on their national flavor. Kirov is horribad at T5 it is so fragile. Budyonny is decent at T6. Then back to unbelievably fragile at T7 in Shchors. That is as far as I have got. I just don't care for the line. Out of stubbornness I will finish it someday as I would like to give the Battleship Cruiser Moskva a try.
  3. Helena questions

    No stats yet on Helena that I have seen but the WOWS Dev Blog states the NO will keep the same AA on the B Hull it had at T8. FWIW
  4. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Some teenage bot seal clubbing this time LOL. Pulled old reliable Konig out of moth balls and played it for the 1st time in a while and had this good one. Got down ships and caps/points. Just me (1/2 health +/-) and our badly hurt Normandie vs the red almost full health Normandie and Konig. Managed to cap A and head to B but they came for us. Had our Normandie basically hide in B while I charged the 2 BB's with the intent to take out the Normandie and them ram the Konig. Managed to take out the Normandie but couldn't angle to both as I split them (had to for plan to work) and the Konig had some free shots while I was fighting the other. It left me so low on health I couldn't even see the red in the health meter LOL. Got turned and nose in to the Konig and was able to bounce it's salvo and then the ram for the win. Oh yeah...LOL
  5. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    More low tier baby bot seal clubbing in one of my favorite ships early in my WOWS experience. T3 BRN CL Caledon.
  6. AMEN! BB's should be slinging AP rounds, advancing like the local bully on the block, and wrecking stuff. They should not be spamming HE from the back like a Cruiser. Worst move WG made was making HE the BRN BB gimmick. Bad enough we have a line of BB's who play like Cruisers but it mislead players into thinking ALL BB's should use HE all the time. Nothing drives me more nuts than to see a Kongo, Colorado, GK, Normandie, etc... in a BB brawl firing HE into the hull of the red. Even the BRN BB's should be using AP then. BRN BB's made the BB play meta worse than it already was.
  7. I thought you were done with the game?
  8. What cruiser line plays the most like an aggressive dd?

    Minotaur. 8.9km detection range with full stealth build and 16 -10km torps (8 p/ side). You also get the pew-pew-pew guns every 3 seconds. Monster AA, radar or smoke, hydro, etc... Fast and fairly maneuverable. I would say this is the closest T10 Cruiser to a DD. It also gets a BRN Super Heal.
  9. New player, new beggingings

    As the others have said, welcome aboard 1st and foremost. I have a question for you. You posted this in the Japanese BB forum and not the main BB forum so does this mean your 1st BB is Kawachi? If so I just want to let you know you have picked the hardest BB line to start playing them in because the 1st 2 (T3 Kawachi and T4 Myogi) are pretty bad and hard to play well. The line gets good at T5 with Kongo through T8 Amagi, then stinks again at T9 with Izumo, before reaching the beast that is Yamato. Those 1st 2 are pretty bad though and are not the best for learning BB's IMHO because I think it can discourage you and make you quit.. While all the lines have their stinkers the Japanese start right off with 2. It might be easier for you to start with one from the of US, French, German, or Brit BB trees 1st and get up a ways (T7 or so) and then go back and move up the IJN tree. I am now at T10 in all the BB lines expect Brit and I am at T9 there. I pretty much started the US, IJN, and German lines all at the same time. I got so frustrated with the IJN line I dropped it at Myogi and didn't go back for a long time. I think if I had started with IJN only and not tried the other 2 (only 3 lines when I started) I might have dropped BB entirely as they were that bad LOL. Anyway, just a thought. Good luck with it and feel free to ask. There are some trolls on the site but most are good folks who will try and help. Again welcome aboard.
  10. Tier for Tier The Better BB RN vs Da French

    Based on playing... T5 = Both are good but I guess I would give Bretagne the slight edge over Iron Duke. T6 = Normandie in a LANDSLIDE over Queen Elizabeth. This isn't even a contest as the QE is horribad while Normandie is quite good. T7 = Dead even IMO. Both ships are flat out good and I like them both equally if for different reasons. T8 = In another LANDSLIDE Richelieu roflstomps Monarch and I DETEST all guns forward ships so that lets you know what I think of Monarch. For an AGFS Richelieu is not too bad. Monarch, like QE, just flat sucks however. T9 = In a repeating them Alsace in a LANDSLIDE once more over Lion. Lion is better than QE and Monarch but it still isn't very good. Alsace, once you learn to deal with the poor accuracy, is actually a really good BB. I kept Alsace with no hesitation while I will gladly sell Lion when I get to T10. I have the T10 French BB Republique but do not have the T10 BRN BB Conqueror yet (still working my way through Lion). Republique is one of my favorite T10 BB's and I have them all except Conqueror. Unless Conqueror somehow bucks the BRN trend of "ugh" BRN BB's (KGV and to a lesser degree Iron Duke excluded) I would say Republique would win the T10 comparison in a 4th landslide. I detest the BRN BB line's gimmick of spamming HE from the rear like a Cruiser. Hate it! Also, as a PVE main there aren't enough ships, or time in a Co-op game usually, to farm the kind of damage that lets you earn decent in Co-op with them. Sitting back and setting fires to earn your damage doesn't work in Co-op. You need devestating AP salvos that do lots of damage fast. BRN BB's mostly can't do that. They also aren't "carry" BB's either. Get down and have to take on multiple reds alone and you are screwed in a BRN BB. KGV, and to a lesser extent Iron Duke, buck this trend but T6/T8/T9 are weak IMO. The whole BRN vs MN BB thing is funny to me actually. I am a HUGE British Royal Navy fan of the WW1/WW2 era and when I started this game I was excited to play the BB's involved at Jutland and also the Bismarck battles like Iron Duke, Vanguard, Hood, Prince Of Wales, and KGV. I was saddened to see them not in the game. Hood came out and I got it and love it. But then the regular line came out and YUCK! Very disappointed overall but thankfully KGV and Iron Duke are at least decent. Was a big let down overall though (WG ruined the line with this HE gimmick and even caused harm to BB meta overall as everyone now thinks all BB's should be using HE like the Brit's ). When word came the French BB's were coming I was basically "eh - yawn - who cares it's the French who never did anything but lose IRL ". I saw nothing to get excited about especially since the Dunkerque is an AGFS (yuck) and all the talk of the standard tree ships was around Richelieu another AGFS. Just not my thing. So I wasn't exactly waiting with baited breath for the French BB's. And low and behold they turned out to be everything I wanted the Brit's to be. I love the French BB's and can even stomach Richelieu. I would love to see an overhaul of the entire BRN BB line and have WG fix the abomination they created with this HE thing. They are BB's not HE spamming Cruisers. Make them tough like a BB should be and give them lolpen AP like a BB should have.
  11. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Yeah Bama is fun.
  12. Well they fixed it and stuff will now sell BUT everything I tried to sell while it was busted is gone and no credits for them. All the T9 BB Lion stuff I upgraded for instance; gone and not credited for.
  13. New Cruisers

    Well, in defense of WG the US actually stopped using torps on Cruisers early in WW2. They were considered a risk (ie; get hit and explode) and they shifted doctrine to Cruisers being support ships with big guns. So it isn't so much WG taking them off as much as they never had them IRL, or they were removed (seems to me I remember reading that IRL Pensacola had them at one point but they were removed but might be wrong on that???) on the ships represented in the T6+ range. I wish they had them myself. I think it is a big "IN GAME" handicap for them.
  14. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Uh oh. The kiddies all screwed up and old gramps had to pull their chestnuts out of the fire at the end LOL. Most of these guys are new enough they haven't seen someone alone pull it out vs multiple enemies I guess because the ones who stayed on to watch were going nuts in chat LOL. This can't be the same SC I played a year+ ago...