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  1. AdmiralThunder

    Odin Dockyard Event: My Thoughts

    I bought it out the 1st morning (29K Doubloons) and then played through and completed each stage to get the Steel. Ended up with 4500 +450 Clan Bonus = 4950! The event itself was as close to perfect as I have ever seen from WG. From fairness and reasonable tasks to rewards and compensation they did a fantastic job. I truly hope this is the standard moving forward in all things.
  2. AdmiralThunder

    German CV Directives - Progress

    No that isn't it. As said the front ones always work fine. The rear seem to work on a whim or when they feel like it only.
  3. AdmiralThunder

    German CV Directives - Progress

    3.4 I had a game where I was surrounded in Weser and as I recall they seemed to work but as you say might be a glitch and it might come and go?
  4. AdmiralThunder

    German CV Directives - Progress

    I just went back in to training room and tried again. At 1st even when fully broadside to a red only the front worked. I was about to exit when suddenly 1 of the rear started shooting. Then eventually it was 2. The middle turret at the rear sat there forever before suddenly swiveling and shooting (and I was stationary not moving to mess up angles). After that when I would switch targets (had 3 ships I was in line with) all 6 of the secondary turrets would swing and shoot. Strangest damn thing I have ever seen. Think they need some WD40.
  5. AdmiralThunder

    German CV Directives - Progress

    Don't know but it is bloody irritating as I spec'd the ship and Cap for secondary's and 1/2 don't work.
  6. AdmiralThunder

    German CV Directives - Progress

    I have and they just don't seem to shoot on mine???
  7. AdmiralThunder

    German CV Directives - Progress

    Congrat's Pay attention if you would when playing AVP and see if the 3 secondary guns near the rear actually ever shoot for you? Mine do not seem to no matter the angle nor at things behind me. Only the front 3 ever seem to shoot.
  8. more likely credits
  9. AdmiralThunder

    Iron Cross Camo Requirements

    Crap. I just looked and it doesn't give enough. The missions for the T4/T6/T8 early access CV camo's also give tokens. So 4 total missions that give 150 tokens each for the 600 (this is how I got the 600 extra ones). Sorry for the mis info. My bad. It's in the link below under German Carriers. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-096/#german-carriers
  10. AdmiralThunder

    Iron Cross Camo Requirements

    You can earn enough to get a camo by playing but as I recall you need the GZ or GZB to finish it out. I bought 2 armory bundles and got one for GK and the T10 CV when it comes out. By just playing after that I got enough to get Hindenburg's. I now have 0 tokens and don;t see a way to get more so 600 seems the limit (again if you have GZ or GZB which I do). WG definitely tied these tokens to having CV's already to get anything, or spend doubloons, as even the missions for the T4/T6/T8 new CV camos required already having the CV to complete the mission. I got all 3 from crates (only took 8) and thus was able to get those camo's too but without the CV's in port = nope.
  11. AdmiralThunder

    Dockyard 2.0 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Probably got run into by someone or I bumped them. Everyone behind me came through my smoke so there was some paint chips.
  12. AdmiralThunder

    Iron Cross Camo Requirements

    I agree with you re: standard perma camos. Pretty sure WG has seen the last "standard" perma camo $$$ from me. However, camos like Iron Cross are alternate perma camos and bought for looks really. That would be the only reason you bought it instead of or in addition to the standard one which is cheaper. So, if say GK has the Moskva treatment applied I will still be ticked off but only because of the standard perma turning into a free one that I paid real $$$ for. The Iron Cross one won't bother me at all as I got it for looks and I will still have it. IMO there is a difference between standard and alternate permas from a why get it perspective... Standard = you buy it for economic reasons to use on a TECH TREE ship (especially T10's) Alternate = you buy it for the looks (even if it is the only one you buy for the ship) If WHEN WG does this again (ie; Moskva camo debacle) no one is going to get a free Iron Cross, Space, etc... camo for the ship. They will just get a standard perma. IF all you have is the alt camo you will actually gain a camo in a Moskva like scenario. So people who bought an alt camo won't get royally bent over and the way people who bought the standard perma did with Moskva.
  13. AdmiralThunder

    So...when does the nerf begin?

    Gee a squishy CL sailing straight with no "dodge" (Co-op bots dodge more) at about 75% or less HP gets taken out with one "salvo". Man we NEVER see that from other ships types. The CV player (was it Op?) made the play and the Cruiser didn't. Don't see the big deal? Also, that drop was RNG blessed and not the norm. 1-2 cits is far more the norm.
  14. AdmiralThunder

    Dockyard 2.0 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I did BB and Cruisers plus 5 others.