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  1. How easy is getting the Cossack in coop?

    This 1st set of missions seems easy enough to do in Co-op. I did the 1st 2 parts of it yesterday and am now doing the 2nd 2 parts today. If the others follow suit it shouldn't be difficult. You will still need to buy some guineas though even if you earn all 48 possible as you need 50.
  2. Really a NEW T-10 French Battleship?

    No they did a test ship for the reload booster using the Henri IV
  3. Really a NEW T-10 French Battleship?

    Reload is basically Republique levels and from what I saw of the dispersion it looks improved over pre nerf Alsace. I would say it is 1.9 for a sigma on the new T10? They need to do something as Flambass mentions to compensate for it having the smallest guns by far and the lowest HP pool by a LOT. Don't care thou8gh I still want it. LOL
  4. Yeah sucks to see it go but made good use of it while here. Up to 1.1 Million FXP now.
  5. Really a NEW T-10 French Battleship?

    Hopefully not. Hoping for coal like Salem. Steel just blocks out too many players. It's a bad idea (ie; steel not your post).
  6. New T10 French BB WIP

    He mentions in the video comments (on youtube page not in video) that he had some meh games with it before that one as his positioning wasn't great. It's basically T7/T8 level guns on a T10 but they can hurt big time if you have a good shot just as with Alsace. What I like is it seems to be a buffed Alsace. Alsace was one of my favorites before the unneeded and ill-advised nerf recently so this intrigues me LOL. Everyone kept saying they buffed Alsace because of Jean Bart needing to be better. I wonder if maybe it wasn't because of this one?
  7. New T10 French BB WIP

    And the 1st Troll arrives...
  8. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    It was never in the shop. 750K FXP ship through the tech tree only. No, again, to nerfing the earning potential.
  9. I didn't spend doubloons on it. I used sovereigns from the RN crates. I have used doubloons on other perma camo's however. I get them for any T6+ I plan to keep and I gladly buy alternate camo's for ships I play a lot. I have no issue spending on the game as it is one of my few forms of entertainment these days.
  10. Just a reminder that these 2 specials are over. If you set your ships up with flags, camo, and/or premium consumables enabled during the period they were on to maximize things be sure and readjust your ships now that those specials are over.
  11. Yeah there are a couple very minor differences in a splotch here and there but basically it is the same thing. Very lazy on their part truthfully.
  12. New T10 French BB WIP

    Looks like a souped up Alsace and man do I want it!!!!! Oh why oh why did I spend my coal on Salem??? I knew I should have held onto it. LOL At least I have about 70K+ still. IF they make this a steel ship I am going to blow up WG HQ!!!!! WARNING - Flambass gets a tad excited over the ship in this one. Lots of loud noises LOL
  13. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    They removed it due to that credit earning advantage. It's why it is gone. But their policy is not to nerf Premiums. I don't believe it will ever be back. A Wisconsin or NJ with normal credit earnings though is a possibility. You would pay a LOT more than $60.00 if Missouri was sold in the shop. T8 BB's go for that or slightly more. Missouri would be $100+ easy just for the ship without any extras in a bundle deal.
  14. I wasn't upset about it or anything. Just found it laughable that the alternate camo was the same exact thing with a different color green. I mean that is taking lazy to new heights LOL. Kind of defeats the purpose of an alternate camo when there is no additional or different bonus applied AND the only visual difference is light green vs dark green.
  15. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    But you actually did have a chance to get Missouri like everyone else did. You just had to be here and playing while it was available. You weren't, you missed it, oh well. I wish I had an Arkansas Beta but I wasn't around during Beta testing. It is what it is. I missed my chance at it. Ships come and go in this game and right now Missouri is gone. Removing it's earning potential is a massive nerf to the ship and those of us who put the time in to earn it shouldn't be negatively impacted like that just so other people who didn't can get it. IF it is ever brought back (and I support it coming back btw) it needs to come back with it's current earning potential so existing owners aren't penalized. I do agree that ships in the game should be available to all. They shouldn't be exclusive rewards or locked behind special resources and game modes only the best players or a limited players base can realistically earn it with/through. But Missouri wasn't like that. Any player could earn the ship by simple time played in any game mode. You had a chance at it just as I did but you had quit the game. Now it is gone. Existing owners were here and got it you and some others from this thread weren't and didn't. No conspiracy or unfairness there.