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  1. What are your needs besides gaming/wows?
  2. The Colorado is a very good BB. One of my favorites. I am not sure why you are having so much trouble with the guns OP? They are fantastic even out to range (I did not use APRM1 as I went AA spec so max regular range @ 18.8km - gets iffy when you use spotter). Probably the most accurate standard tech tree BB up to and through T7 I played with maybe Konig pre-nerf exceeding it. Just crushes stuff and plenty of citadels for me in it. The guns are what makes it viable IMO. It also has very good AA when spec'd for it and with a Capt that has BFT/AFT. I seem to remember that it took me a while to adjust to it's required lead with the guns when I 1st started playing it ( same goes for NC and Iowa to come ). Just keep working at it because the guns are amazing. Maybe RNG is just messing with you? I agree with you 100% though about the weak armor. It takes big blows very easy and even when angled. Super easy to citadel through bow. It's pathetically low T5 level HP's don't help it either. It supposedly has a super heal but I don't see it plus that doesn't heal much citadel damage which you take a lot of. All you can do is try your best to angle and protect the soft sides and hope you don't take a crippling citadel through your bow. If the stars align just perfectly you can bounce shot but usually you still take a pretty good blow even angled. Showing your broadside to another BB or even high tier CA with strong AP is a risky move. Avoid if possible. It is also slow as cold molasses running uphill in February as a T7. That really hurts it. Takes a long time to engage the enemy and even longer to disengage if needed (if you even can). Try and stay central on the map to start and move to a flank when needed. Forget all this talk of stay with your CL/CA's. You are too slow and most will just leave you behind. What you should be told is to do your best to try and stay in the general area of other ships on your team and not to run off alone. The Colorado is a good ship once you figure it out. I went into it thinking this ship will suck based on all the forum hate but actually found it pretty darn good. You just have to deal with the slow speed (used to it in US BB by then though) and the armor and HP are lacking BIG TIME so you compensate as best you can. The guns are excellent as is the AA though and it is fairly maneuverable so it is easy to dodge torps and such. So good and bad. I really am baffled by your issues with the guns though? For me they are just awesome. To be fair though I have people tell me all the time how great Nagato's guns are and they suck for me. Can't hit a thing and when I do hit I usually get bupkiss for damage. You might be experiencing the same issues with RNG in Colorado? Hang in there as the T8 NC is a HUGE step up (still has squishy armor but not as bad) with good speed, decent maneuverability, amazing AA, and the guns are beasts (takes a long time to get used to the lead though as they float/hang like Cleveland). I really love that BB. Iowa is a NC on roids with better armor, speed, AA, and guns ( also takes a while on the lead) but with poor maneuverability. Both those BB's are great and something for you to look forward to as you grind Colorado out.
  3. I agree. I think the nerf was uncalled for frankly. Konig has small guns at just 305MM for a T5 and has limited range at 16.5km. It already has a handicap in the gun dept and even more so when bottom tier. The extra good accuracy is what made up for that. Making it less accurate has hurt it. Still really good but not as good now. At 1st I didn't notice much difference after the nerf but now with many games I can see it is not as accurate (seems that way and my hit % has dropped). A real shame.
  4. Yup, ^^^ is right. Iowa has 6 upgrade slots so you can do AA and dispersion. Actually, APRM1, which is in slot 2 where the AAGM2 upgrade is, only increases your range (+16%). It does not effect main gun dispersion (it helps secondary gun dispersion but not mains). So IMO taking AAGM2 there is a no brainer. Iowa already has a 23.3km basic range and for me that is more than enough. Slot 3 has APRM2 which gives the -11% to main gun dispersion. You can pick that or AAGM3 to further improve your AA or other aspects of the ship. I just unlocked Iowa myself this morning and went with my original plan mentioned above for slot 2 but I did go with the APRM2 upgrade over AAGM3 in slot 3 to help with dispersion based on comments here. This is how I spec'd mine... Slot 1 - MAM1 Slot 2 - AAGM2 Slot 3 - APRM2 Slot 4 - DCSM1 Slot 5 - SGM2 Slot 6 - CSM1 I debated what to get in slot 6??? TASM1 seemed like a good choice too by I ended up going concealement and for the small help with enemy shell dispersion. What are people's thoughts on slot 6? EDIT - Have played 6 games so far in Iowa. AA build is INCREDIBLE! The AA just obliterates whole squadrons. The AA is awesome on this ship! Main guns are dang good too. This is a great ship. My Iowa...
  5. Yes, the sigma was nerfed a few patches ago from the original 2.0 to 1.8 or 1.9. I referred to it in one of my posts above.
  6. 1st minute of the show had Izumo and Fuso. German and American guns? LOL
  7. The above mentioned AMD was my 1st. Always been an Nvidia guy. LOL
  8. Not a fan of Gneisenau either. Never liked it even though I do okay in it. Nassau was okay for a T3. Really did not care for Kaiser at T4 but it is at least tough. Konig at T5 is awesome. Love Bayern at T6. Gneisenau at T7 not a fan as said. Bismarck at T8 is tough with awesome secondary's but the main guns are pretty inaccurate. When they hit they hit hard but it is rough. Still a good ship. Not sure I will try and move beyond Bismarck in KM BB?
  9. Konig is more fun than Kaiser IMO because it is actually accurate. Kaiser has horrible accuracy. Shooting with Kaiser is like Stevie Wonder throwing rocks at something. Just horrible. Konig is super accurate even with the nerf to the sigma. The guns are laid out better on Konig too. Also just as an FYI Konig is actually faster than Kaiser fully upgraded. Konig is one of my favorite ships in the game period never mind BB. Kaiser is one of my least favorite. Konig is just so much better.
  10. Me too. Actually just replaced my old AMD Radeon with a EVGA running Nvidia chip.
  11. I plan on going AA when I finish the NC and get to Iowa. Have had AA on Colorado and now NC and it is worth it. Accuracy should be fine stock as you say. Has been for me on Colorado and NC and same basic guns on Iowa.
  12. I actually try not to do that. I even did the whole Emerald grind. Only ship I did it with is Myogi because it was just too painful to play. If Izumo wasn't an all guns forward ship I would play it.
  13. Good points Pete. The upgrades and Capt Skills can help make the ship a lot better. I run the following upgrades in mine... Main Armaments Mod 1: Slot 1 Aiming Systems Mod 1: Slot 2 (a MUST HAVE in Bayern) Damage Control Systems Mod 1: Slot 3 Steering Gears Mod 2: Slot 4 I have an 11pt Capt in my Bayern. Expert Marksman for 2pts to help turret traverse is a must. I also use BFT/AFT which does help out with secondary's and AA. All in all Bayern is a good ship. IMO it is in the top couple for T6 BB's and is the best standard tech tree BB @ T6.
  14. I did this and it is a great idea. However, I got the $24.99 one because I could use the Capt. Unfortunately, when I went to assign him to a ship I had to pay 500 Doubloons to train him. That's not right. The rest of it is great. Good on you WG for helping out.
  15. Careful of the $24.99 one "IF" it comes back. That 10 point Capt that comes with it will cost you 500 doubloons to train and put on a ship. Total ripoff. Don't mind helping out and glad the money goes to a good cause but the Capt should be able to be placed on a ship for the 1st time and the points used without having to pay to do so. Really irks me. I see the $24.99 one is gone now too.