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  1. Just picked up my 1st SC since Dec 6, 2017 ( was birthday LOL). That was 50 Halloween camo. This one was 1000 doubloons. Both TYL.
  2. As always a great job. Love your vid's.
  3. New map "Sleeping Giant"

    Or Epicenter
  4. Musashi comes out tomorrow?

    750,000 Free XP guarantees a minimum number of games already played.
  5. Sorry was going by another thread where they said it was a translation error and 7.2 was it. Checked the actual 7.0 notes on WOWS site and it is pretty clear Musashi tomorrow. Free XP ready bring it on...
  6. Musashi isn't coming until Missouri leaves at 7.2. The patch notes for 7.0 are misleading or badly translated. Don't expect it with 7.0. Not saying I can't be wrong but don't get your hopes up. 7.2 is the expected release. Disregard.
  7. Let me get this straight...

    Musashi will have that same octagonal citadel that is easily penned from the front even when angled that Yamato does. Citadeled plenty of Yamato's at max range with NC, Bismarck, and Amagi. Doubt the T7's will have much trouble with Musashi (citadels is what I mean). At least Colorado and Nagato anyway. Gneiseanu should be ok too, if you can actually hit anything with those 6 wonky guns LOL, as believe it is same guns as Bismarck/Tirpitz. Scharn, Hood, and KGV/DOY will have issues so go HE.
  8. A friendly PSA

    Thanks. I have my moments. I am not a good Random player (not as bad as my WR% shows but I make no claims to be good) and doubt I would put up such numbers there without a LOT of practice which I will zero desire to do based on my past attempts to play there. Just too many whiners and nasty folks for me. Games should be fun and I don't find Random fun. So I avoid it. Not a stats guy but know with time I could get the WR% to a respectable level. Just not playing that many Randoms to do it. Ugh! LOL My defense in PVP is actually quite good but I struggle vs good players who WASD well shooting. If I actually played more than 5-10 games at a stretch, which is what I did for like the last 80-100 of my 170 games in PVP I played, I know my shooting would improve. I usually came in top or near the top on my team as is actually but always wound up on the steamrolled team, alone at the end fighting off 1/2 the reds, and that is beyond my PVP skills. LOL To be fair I did use doubloons to convert a lot of elite and premium XP. You certainly could do it just with earned Free XP. Would just take longer.
  9. Nerfing Low Citadels

    Well said. Hope we aren't going to start seeing a ton of nerf BB AP vs Cruiser threads now like we see from DD players. God that gets so old.
  10. Nerfing Low Citadels

    Yeah, not being a jerk or trying to be offensive but I thought the same thing. A lot of the problems I saw in the video were angle and aim related. On the best shot chance most fall short of the ship into the water. Tense close in fight though so not being a jerk like so many would and kudos for the excellent torpedo beat to the player. A better (less hastily) aimed shot on that best chance would have deleted the red Missouri.
  11. Nerfing Low Citadels

    The ones I have where I am using it shows a +5% dispersion to enemy guns. Montana below as an example...
  12. A friendly PSA

    I got Missouri on Dec 25th. It left me 12K Free XP. I am now over 1 Million Free XP and have been for a couple days and I play Co-op only. Flags, camo, premium time, +50% 1st win of day bonus, and doubloons to convert premium and elite ship XP makes it add up quick even if you play Co-op. My current Free XP reserves... A few random examples to show how fast it can add up even if you play Co-op with bonuses and Premium time/ships. Just 8 Co-op games in a mix of Premium and high tier elite standard ships netted me 45,796 Free XP (counts regular XP converted). And a lot of these games are not the +50% 1st win bonus either as I had already played the ship or the rewards would have been better. So basically 5725 Free XP p/ game average. That is only 131 games to reach 750K Free XP playing Co-op. Took me less than 20 days to get over a Million Free XP as some days I play a ton and others don't at all but it was a 20 day time span. Assuming others can't play a lot like I can let's say it is like 18 to get to 750K. 131 games / 18 days = 7.27... games p/ day. Taking into account lower reward games than shown let's just say for 18 days play 10 games a day. With the bonuses even in Co-op 750K is very doable as long as you will convert XP. IF a straight Free XP earned grind it would be way more.
  13. Worst played class/type of ships?

    I literally was going to post this exact answer. A Bad BB player has the HP and armor to survive longer in the game (or if they edge camp they avoid fighting for 1/2+ the game) thus making their errors more numerous. Plus they might make it to the end where a lot of dead folks are watching and see even more of their bad play. Bad DD or Cruiser play gets you wrecked early on in the game where your bad play is short lived and few see it. IMO there is equally bad play, as well as good, play from all 3 classes. I don't think you can say one class has more bad players. I don't group CV's with the other 3 as they are so different and so much harder to play that wouldn't be fair. Bad CV players and good CV players as well. Oh, one other thing, a "mistake" doesn't make someone a bad player. Everyone makes them; even the unicums.
  14. Belfast

    I didn't say I wanted to get rid of it or anything just that I don't find it OP. Still a decent T4 BB.