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  1. The current NY perma camo is sorta, somewhat, similar to that skull one.
  2. AdmiralThunder

    Why do you play Ranked?

    Don't play it so checked 1
  3. AdmiralThunder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Ok it's official. I have lost what little of my mind old age hasn't robbed me of yet. Despite wisely skipping it with FXP a year or so ago I went back and bought the dang Izumo. I skipped it for reasons! I mean just look at the Capt portrait below. Even the pixel Capt is like ugh. I grabbed this one out of the reserves and look at that face. It's like he is saying... "Really? I have been waiting in your reserves all this time and you finally assign me to a ship and it is the Izumo?"...LOL 1st game was "ok". I just am not a big fan of all guns forward ships but I made it work well enough I guess. But man, this thing is painted in gas based paint or some other flammable stuff. I think I spent all of 5 seconds of the game NOT on fire and the turrets turn as slow as Yamato's. What have I done...
  4. AdmiralThunder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I go through stretches were I am like WTH happened to me as well. It will pass and you will be back to your old self terrorizing the bots as you sail the pixel seas.
  5. AdmiralThunder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    That is about 193,000 more damage than I usually do with Kronshtadt.
  6. AdmiralThunder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Congrat's. Breaking 1K BXP in a T7 in Co-op is quite the game. It was the planes and then all the damage to same tier or higher ships and all the Cruiser and DD damage too. Just very well done. My best in Atlanta is like 895
  7. AdmiralThunder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Nice games guys. Yeah that 1K BXP final task is a real SOB. Took me almost 300 games to get it. If you think those games hurt it could be worse. Even though it was after I did the 1k BXP task (literally 1st game after) I had a 998 BXP game (pretty sure posted about it above somewhere). Man I would have gone right off the deep end if that happened before I finished it.
  8. AdmiralThunder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Hey nice to see you posting again. We all have missed you. However, I must say... ANOTHER avatar??? LOL Very nice FDG game. 160K+ damage to 5 of the 8 reds and what 40+ planes down is doing something!!!! You know, it gets a lot of hate but I actually like FDG and do ok in it. I prefer it to Bismarck by a wide margin. And, even with a secondary build that includes SBM2 instead of ASM1 I really don't have issues with the guns. Sometimes they act up but they aren't that bad (for me anyway). Actually, I do better than ok in FDG. Stat wise it is one of my best T9 BB's and I have, or have played, them all (except Izumo which I skipped with FXP - contemplating buying it and playing it but then I think about the HORROR it is supposed to be and I chicken out LOL). Of the T9 BB's excluding Izumo, for me, FDG is... Avg XP p/ game: 2nd @ 793 (w/ Premium time - not Base XP) Avg damage p/ game: 2nd @ 96,845 Avg ships sunk p/ game: 1st @ 1.80 Avg planes shot down p/ game: 3rd @ 8.44 Avg main battery hit rate %: 2nd @ 40% Highest XP in a game: 2nd @ 1589 (w/ Premium time - not Base XP - FDG one of 9 I have broken 1000 BXP w/ @ 1059) Highest damage in a game: 2nd @ 227,866 Highest ships sunk in a game: T-2nd @ 5 Highest planes shot down in a game: 4th @ 49 So for some reason FDG just seems to work for me. It begs the question though as to why I don't play it more???? I have more games in Jean Bart now and I got FDG a LONG time ago. Need to dust it off more I guess now that I can play what I want without having to worry about grinds and missions and such. Just had this FDG game which is why I came to the thread and saw yours...
  9. Maybe you should be giving us advice if that is your money boat and you do well in it...
  10. AdmiralThunder

    Should I skip the Monarch?

  11. AdmiralThunder

    Should I skip the Monarch?

    Yeah I think they go too far at times with this stuff too.
  12. AdmiralThunder

    Should I skip the Monarch?

    The 419's. It will actually go through them like a hot knife through butter. Edinburgh/Neptune/Minotaur are the most common but have done it to every T8-10 CL except Donskoi. Have got some cit's on CA's too. But for shear blow your mind WOW fire at a broadside Neptune or Mino with Conqueror 419 HE at medium or short range just as you would with AP and watch the ship evaporate under multiple citadels. I will "try" and remember the next time it happens to make a clip of it for you. Try that is. Some days I barely remember to put on pants so...
  13. AdmiralThunder

    Should I skip the Monarch?

    Been there (ie; having to sell ships to get port slots and credits to keep moving up). I am glad to be at the point I don't have that issue. I am done grinds at least until new nations hit. I am actually at the point of slowly buying back ships now just because I can LOL. The camo came from the 2nd Anv collection. It's called Congratulatory - Monarch. NO way I would have bought camo for that thing LOL.
  14. AdmiralThunder

    Should I skip the Monarch?

    Conqueror's AP is decent for sure but I use a LOT of HE from it because it is so powerful all the time and as I said above I just hate BB's using HE. I really dislike what WG did to the entire BB meta by making BRN BB's be HE Spammers like Cruisers. Now people think every BB should sling nothing but HE. Worst thing, or one of the worst, WG introduced to this game. I wish all the BRN BB's had good AP and it was the main load as with other nations. Just a horrible gimmick. As to HE cit's. I have nuked 100% health T8-T10 CL's using Conqueror HE with multiple citadels. Despite having done it quite a few times It always catches me off guard when I shoot a light Cruiser with it's HE and the ship just goes POOF with a bunch of cit's. LOL.
  15. AdmiralThunder

    Should I skip the Monarch?

    I really like the KGV. It has good speed for a T7 BB, good maneuverability, the guns reload fast for a BB and are fairly accurate, good concealment, I find it quite tough, AA is ok, etc... Monarch for me is just god awful. It's on the slow end speed wise for T8 BB's, it has awful gun range, it has horrible accuracy (I think the gunnery officer is Stevie Wonder), It struggles to do damage even with bigger guns than KGV and despite a quick reload like KGV, it is not tanky at all, etc... It's one good feature is great stealth. There are only 3 tech tree BRN BB's in my port. KGV, Monarch (have a special perma camo I won for it so may as well keep it), and Conqueror. For me KGV is probably the best BRN BB tier for tier or at least tied with Conqueror (it's sort of a Fiji/Minotaur thing). The AP is situational because of the low caliber but when things are right to use it they return good results. The HE does ok starting fires but actually has good raw damage. When I am facing T9 BB's with KGV I use almost all HE (and I HATE BB's using HE) because it just does more damage. IT is a T7 BB that can at least give a good showing of itself as bottom tier. Monarch doesn't even show well when Top Tier. Of course YMMV. That is what is great about the ship diversity in this game. Some work for some players and some work for others.