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  1. I haven't finished the grind to have to decide keep or not as I actually just started it with Nurnberg. LOL I had it researched, but not purchased for a very long time. Got sidetracked with other Cruiser lines and then got into BB's heavily so just never got around to buying it. Yesterday I decided it was time and picked it up. One of my all time favorite ships in the game is the Konigsberg. I just do really well in it. Have kept it all this time and play it regularly. Maybe that is why I didn't hurry to get Nurnberg as it is just a slightly less maneuverable, with better ROF, Konigsberg at T6? Felt like it would be the same ship with worse MM. Have to say I was right about it being Konigsberg's big brother but I wish now I had bought it a long time ago when I 1st researched it. Man is it fun just like it's little bro the K. 1st game in it had none of that learning curve for a new ship. 82K and 5 kills. Really a fun ship. It is fragile like Konigsberg but I am used to that so it is no particular concern. I didn't think I would be keeping it tbh. I mean why keep it and see T8 when the Konigsberg is the same basic ship and only sees T7? Because it is FUN! I may just end up keeping it after all.
  2. Yup, some games no matter what you do it can't be saved. Nice try and game.
  3. Atlanta (just to be different)
  4. Really don't know why. Maybe it is the 19 base defenses in the Konigsberg game vs just 5 in the Algerie one then?
  5. Holy crap. Did you kill all 8 enemy ships??? LOL Well done!
  6. Shortly after posting the above game with the Konigsberg I did something that has been many, many, months coming. I bought the T6 Nurnberg. Have had it researched forever but just bought it today. Konigsberg is one of my favorites and the Nurnberg is pretty much a T6 version of it so I expected to do well. 1st game felt like I was "home". LOL. One of those where most of the team dies really early and you end up one of a couple having to come back. Was a good one. This is how you break a new ship in.
  7. Yeah I don't get that either??? Maybe because I was the only T7 with 1 T6 and then 6 T5 whereas in the Konigsberg match it was a mix of T5 (3) and T4 (5) so closer tier spread and thus harder??? Also, no BB in the Algerie match and there was in the Konigsberg one. Don't Cruisers and Destroyers get more XP for damage on BB's than on other Cruisers and destroyers the way BB's get more for damaging them vs another BB?
  8. Just had this one. Not a huge game damage wise but for T4-T5 and considering the situation it was a good one. Been playing old reliable (KM T5 CL Konigsberg) a lot lately as T4-T6 seems to be the only tiers I can get a match in with all or mostly humans. Seems to be a lack of players in Co-op lately at all tiers for some reason but especially higher ones. It has been very frustrating with so many bot teams AND also due to totally useless human players causing totally needless losses. So,I have been playing ships at tiers where I can get mostly human teams AND that I know I can carry in if needed. So as said hauled out old reliable. This match was on Strait and was Domination. 3 of us spawned at C and the other 5 at A. Was me, a bot T4 USN CL Phoenix, and a T5 IJN BB Kongo. When the game started the bot and I moved up and then I noticed the Kongo turning and running along the back border for the large team group over at A. Chatted what's up and got some lame thing about need safety in numbers or some such ridiculous thing. From a BB no less who had 2 Cruisers for support right with him???? Just then 5 enemy ships appear on horizon and I sad Kongo I need you here - please stay. He said no bots cheat and ran. This was him = I have to say, If he is afraid of T5 bots he may as well quit because he will wet his pants at higher tiers. (yes I am quite salty over it - sorry) So the bot Phoenix and I took them on. The 2 bot Phoenix's took each other out with torps even though I tried to keep our bot alive leaving me vs a BB, 2 CL, and a DD. Old reliable didn't disappoint. I took all 4 out to seal the win while that Kongo and the rest of the team (5 ships) all ganged up to take out the other 3 ships (losing 2) then sailed in circles in the A cap while I was in C fighting the 4. Yup, old reliable is a great little ship. Hey, the Kongo got crap for rewards by wasting all that time running away and I got a good haul for a T5 Co-op match so it's all good. Just get so sick of people who are afraid to fight in this game. Why play if that is the case??? The most hilarious part is the bot Phoenix that fought with me and died in a suicide torp charge came in 4th ahead of the Kongo and 1/2 the team. LOL
  9. The temptation to get close vanished after the 1st game when I pushed right up as I usually do, got targeted by multiple ships, and instadeleted. LOL
  10. No idea what you mean above but Kaiser is not even close to being as good as Konig.
  11. Starting to get a handle on the ship. Liking it a lot just as I did Fiji. Looking forward to Neptune and Minotaur.
  12. Didn't you know the primary reason there is Free XP is so you can skip Izumo and go right to Yamato from Amagi? LOL
  13. Starting to get the hang of the Graf Spee. 82K+, 1st place, and 3 kills. I WILL break 100K with it LOL. I might have to change my mind about it if I keep improving??? Still squishy as all get out but learning to play so I am not focused so fast and often and then it performs pretty good.
  14. Never played Warsprite and no desire now. LOL
  15. Yeah it is really bad. Slow as snot (feels slower than NY, NM, and Colorado even though it is slightly faster) and the turret rotation is ridiculously bad. Start turning them in your 1st game of the day if you want them turned by the last game. Man. Also, the guns just flat stink (for me). I would rather play IJN BB's than play the QE and that is something coming from me as I am not a big IJN BB fan outside Fuso and Yamato.