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  1. OMG this continues after years of the captcha system you use at login being terrible. Just spent like an hour trying to log on to the main WOWS site this morning. The captcha system you use is too hard to read and honestly it returns failures even when you do it right at times. For the love of god come up with one we can read and that works properly.
  2. AdmiralThunder

    Mission chain task not updating/advancing

    Yeah mine just updated and added the BB icon. Thanks.
  3. I don't use the forums anymore outside of clan business but wanted to add this here so it can be investigated. The new mission from Look Through Time US BB's is not working for me. Mission is unlocked The mission shows it is active I am using an appropriate ship (any US T8+), in a compatible game mode (Co-op, Randoms, Scenarios, Ranked, Brawls), according to the details (I used Cleveland in Co-op) Scored 234 MBH out of the needed 300 but got 0/300 for progress Logged out/in to see if it would update but nope
  4. Any chance I can get into your clan? I only play Co-op and operations. I play everyday and play until I've gotten all my crates and my daily battle pass missions are done. I've never joined a clan. Even though I've been playing since beta.

  5. AdmiralThunder

    Farewell my friends (PVE Thread)

    Just stopping by to say farewell and I wish all my fellow PVE friends the best of luck moving forward. Not going to make a big speech about why and turn it into a big drama (not my style). I just wanted to say goodbye and will leave it at that. My intentions are not to return but maybe someday down the road I might drop in? I will keep my account active here for clan use but otherwise I will not participate in the forums. I did my best to be a good member of the forums and help out and such over my 6 years here. I made some good friends along the way and mostly enjoyed my time here. I am not quitting the game just the forums. Good luck and fair seas! AT
  6. AdmiralThunder

    Rio De Janeiro White Swan Camo Mission (PVE Thread)

    You asked me... Isn't this ship basically the historical version of the Pan America dock yard ship more or less. The answer to that is no. The T8 dockyard ship (Atlantico) is WG fiction. The T5 Rio De Janeiro is the same ship (in game and IRL) as the T5 British Agincourt other than one has improved secondary gun performance (Agincourt) and the other has better main gun performance (Rio De Janeiro). As the dockyard ship (Atlantico) is a T8 and Rio De Janeiro/Agincourt are T5 I don't think there is any in game comparison and why buy X if I have Y doesn't apply.
  7. AdmiralThunder

    Rio De Janeiro White Swan Camo Mission (PVE Thread)

    Rio De Janeiro is the original ship that became HMS Agincourt (T5 Premium British BB in game). Was originally ordered by Brazil but they had $$$ issues so it was sold to the Ottoman Empire. British seized it when WW1 broke out instead of delivering it. Info here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Agincourt_(1913) https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Rio_de_Janeiro https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Agincourt Agincourt has improved secondary guns while Rio De Janeiro has better main guns and lesser (effectiveness) secondary guns. Neither ship has any AA.
  8. I had forgot that the mission for the alt perma camo for Rio De Janeiro started today as I was focused on the dockyard. I knew a bunch of other things were getting done with so many popups after a game but never thought to actually check and see what. As I was done the PR missions I did a check of the various combat missions a little bit ago to see what was left of the other stuff and saw this mission. Was almost done with it so a few games finished it off. Haven't played the ship yet but here is the standard and White Swan camos for anyone interested.
  9. AdmiralThunder

    Puerto Rico Dockyard(2) Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Week 5 done. Despite the holiday and having to work at it in spurts vs non stop got it done. Was actually an easy and fun week for a dockyard. 27 Spotted Top 5 9X 120,000 XP 1,900,000 Damage Caused 78 Floods/Fires (Cruiser) 58 Fires/Citadels (BB) Puts me at 33/40 stages as I got both starter packs. Now to finish off the special camo mission for Rio De Janeiro
  10. AdmiralThunder

    Game taking extra boosts each time they are used

    Seems to have stopped finally.
  11. Something seemed off this AM when using boosts. Seemed like extras were vanishing. I had like 400 Level 3 XP Boosts and was using them for the dockyard task. I have played approx 12 games so far today and my Level 3 XP Boosts are now down to just 314. I actually checked before playing the last one and took screenshots. 316 before the game and 314 after so it took 2 instead of 1. All games complete, none still going, or anything. Something is not right. I am going to continue to monitor and take screenshots. The 1st one doesn't show the time as I had to go to the screenshot folder for it - forgot to save it when I took it which is when it shows time like the 2nd one - not trying to be underhanded.
  12. AdmiralThunder

    Easiest Heroic Achievement to earn

    Actually it's Honorary ( US/English spelling) as used by WG and it is an appropriate word (Honorable would be as well but they used Honorary). https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/honorary https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Achievements#Random.2FRanked_Battle_Achievements
  13. AdmiralThunder

    What happened to Renown's secondaries?

    The problem with your "sell it for real $$$" claim is they told us, literally in the info from the DevBlog you posted, that it will be available 100% for free just by playing through the missions for it (whatever they are). So I don't buy it that this is a money grab. It will be a free ship (probably a Christmas dockyard building phase reward like Repulse was for Marlborough and Huron is here in the current Puerto Rico dockyard).
  14. AdmiralThunder

    Puerto Rico Dockyard(2) Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I use Indomitable for CV tasks like ribbons, early stages of NB, and general tasks that call for fires. The planes are fast, cycle quick, and set a lot of fires. But damage wise it is meh. It's a great task specific ship but otherwise pretty awful.