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  1. AdmiralThunder

    11.5 Personal Challenges Part 1 & Part 2 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    *****END PART 1***** / *****START PART 2***** All the 300 bars for Part 2 done. What a pain. Still dealing with the after/lingering effects of Covid and this was painful just based on the # of them to do never mind feeling like crap. Wanted it out of the way though. Whatever gets done for the 600+ ones gets done and what doesn't doesn't. I am so tired of this type of BXP event. Just don't care.
  2. AdmiralThunder

    Match forming needs to have some tweaks

    Yeah ok whatever. Clearly you have your mind set in stone and won't even consider things others says. You are locked into it has been discussed and dismissed in the past as not effective (how the hell do you decide that if it has never been tried). Not going to debate it with you and continue to be told I have no influence on the battle and git gud (which is EXACTLY what you are doing). Lets agree to disagree and move on.
  3. AdmiralThunder

    Match forming needs to have some tweaks

    LOL that is me. I am either 40% for weeks or 70% for weeks. No real steady middle ground. I don't think random MM needs to be ditched to help with the issues MM causes (I disagree MM is not a major reason for roflstomps and extended losing streaks - it plays a huge part). But tweaks to MM certainly could be made to level the field a bit that would help. As I said how about stopping Fail Divisions completely (just make it so everyone has to use same tier in the Div), give +1 MM a try for a bit and see how it goes, and while this does play into addressing Random in MM it is needed - don't give one side more radar ships. So nothing wrong with leaving it random overall but there needs to be a few things tried to help with the issues MM absolutely does cause in the game.
  4. AdmiralThunder

    Match forming needs to have some tweaks

    I never said it was their problem. I said MM is a problem, for a variety of reasons, and it contributes to losses. As it is their game however, it is incumbent on them to have all aspects fair and balanced. So while they are not responsible for my personal WR they are responsible to provide a fair MM system for me to compete in; which it really isn't at present. And I never said to use, nor did I even bring up, skill based MM. I discussed things to improve the MM like removing the possibility of a Fail Division. That is easily done and solves 1 real issue with MM. I suggested trying +1 MM for a short period to see if it helps. 2 things they could do right there and neither is skill based or difficult to do. They could also balance radar ships per side as another example. Nothing worse than the reds having 2-3+ radar ships and the greens have NONE! That too is another easy fix. MM is a difficult thing to get right and I get that. But they need to do more to try and do that. MM is borked frankly. Just simple truth. It leads to a lot of losses that are beyond a player's individual control. We need a more level playing field in MM is all I am saying and I do not now, nor did I previously, include skill based MM in that. MY comments about "bad players" was mentioned only as a compounding issue when they are put on the team in large numbers and they have weaker ships than their red counterparts. It was not about nor asking to make MM skill based. You made a very wrong assumption there. And lastly if your answer is to "Git Gud" well, quite frankly, that is exactly what I have worked at and done over the last 10 months. Doesn't make a hill of beans difference to the issues MM causes I have discussed however.
  5. AdmiralThunder

    Match forming needs to have some tweaks

    Like you OP I do not use MMM (I could care less about others stats) but I can look at the 2 lineups and have a good guess just based on the ships on each side which team will have a better chance to win. It isn't hard to predict with a pretty good correct guess % how it will go. DD's especially can be a huge advantage just based on which ones each side has. CV vs CV is another one that can make a huge difference. As you said, I still do my best and try. My personal contribution is almost never an issue as I am usually top 5 and I never give up or quit. But that doesn't mean I can't see the writing on the wall and know I have an uphill battle before it even starts. I mean it is one thing if lets say one team gets an OP ship like Kamikaze R and the other gets a POS like Siroco but other areas of the teams balance out. That is fine. Unfortunately, in far too many games you can go down the lineups and just go red...red...red...red...green...red...red...red...etc... They aren't even close. When that happens far more often than not it leads to blowouts. This issue has hit me hard the last 2-3 weeks or so. I have worked really hard to improve at Randoms and in less than a year raised my WR% from an abysmal 41.5% to almost 56% (was at 55.95% when the most recent extended losing streak started). I swear I can't buy a win no matter what I do (2 games this AM both loses yet I was 1st and had monster games in both while ending up alone vs a pack of reds - just can't carry when the team melts inside 3 minutes and you have to kill 7+ reds while alone to win).I am now under 55% WR because I can not win as said. I mean it's ok as WR is what it is and is not the only factor in determining how a person does. BUT loss after loss after loss no matter what you do and it just gets old to see that WR% plummet. I am not sure what WG can do to fix these mismatched teams and so many roflstomps but I sure wish there was something that could be done. Part of it is just bad players (oh lord the stuff I see people do ). Some people will never be good at the game (thought that was me for a long time and now I am at least above average +/-) and that is ok. They have the right to play just like any of us. But when you take a bad player and stick them on a team full of bad players, and then give them inferior ships to the ones on the red side (obviously they picked the ship - I mean WG teamed them up for the game), it just isn't going to go well. Again, I don't know what WG really can do to the MM to make games more even but something needs to be done. Fail Divisions would be a good start. STOP those as they greatly influence Random games when it happens (they can do this very easy - can only div in same tier ships - solved). Maybe try a month of +1 MM vs +2. See how that goes. Something, anything, please WG. Losing sucks no matter what. A hard fought loss is acceptable and you tip your hat to the reds. Roflstomps are never good even if you are on the winning side. There are WAY more stomps than hard fought matches. That speaks directly to a MM issue.
  6. AdmiralThunder

    Kill 'em all

    I got 8 when there were only 8 in Co-op. I have never got 9. I have got 7 a surprising # of times both when Co-op only had 8 and now when it has 9.
  7. AdmiralThunder

    What to see in 2023?

    Subs relegated to their own mode if they must be added or have WG see they can't be balanced to fit the game properly so they are cancelled (wishful thinking I know but just answering OP) The return of full access to the Captain Reserve where ALL Captains can be accessed in one place easily (like the old Personal File before the skill rework) Have a Ship Reserve added to Port similar to the Captain Reserve so ships you don't use can be mothballed and taken out of the carousel until such time as you want to add them back (this would make it so much easier for people with 400-500+ ships like me) CV's limited to 1 p/ game at ALL tiers (I am not anti CV but 2 CV's in a game and especially at T4 where ships have little or even no AA is not fun - 1 CV is ok) Restore actual AA builds (let players invest in Capt Skills and Upgrades that actually do something like we used to be able to do = increase range and damage) Add a set of Co-op Achievements (only mode in game without them - it is time WG just do it)
  8. AdmiralThunder

    Port Screen freeze

    @freggo The delay between changing ships is new to the update (0.11.5). No real response from WG. I have a thread here on the forums and there are a couple on Reddit. No relief in sight.
  9. AdmiralThunder

    What is Your “Go To” Ship?

    Whatever I feel like. I don't specifically play a ship for daily missions.
  10. You could see the torpedo wakes/trails IRL coming towards the ship with time to avoid them (at least during the day - obviously much harder at night). Ships had lookouts specifically watching for torpedoes. Subs had no way to see DC's dropping on them. Fail argument on your part. Approx 1/2 way through this short video you can see the torp wake heading for the surfaced sub.
  11. AdmiralThunder

    Arms Race in Co-op Observation

    That is what humans do too.
  12. AdmiralThunder

    Arms Race in Co-op Observation

    What I have noticed in AR is they seem to follow the same pre scripted paths they do as if it were domination. They definitely don't go for the drop zones as a priority. If they get a drop it seems to be by accident. I always plot my course out of spawn to intercept them where I would if there were caps (having so many Co-op games played I know their routes by heart now LOL). This is a horrible addition to Co-op. The buffs are useless in a 4 min game. I have not seen the center cap appear 1 time yet either as the games all end too soon. I don't like it in Randoms either but at least there with the 10 min+ avg game it makes some sense. At least AR doesn't appear often (unless you need caps or d-caps for a task of course then it "coincidentally" appears at an increased rate like standard does ). I personally liked Epicenter (Co-op and Randoms). I hope WG adjusts mission tasks for capping to include boosts. Nothing more annoying then needing caps or d-caps and get standard...standard...arms race...standard...arms race...arms race...etc...
  13. AdmiralThunder

    Need Citadels? (PVE Thread)

    Molotov is "ok" for citadel tasks but not as good as Budyonny. The only edge Molotov has is bigger guns and honestly 180MM vs 152MM where the ships play tier wise doesn't make much difference outside of a little extra damage. Neither one has overmatch ability vs the other Cruisers they see. Molotov's 180MM can overpen 10MM of armor which Budyonny's 152MM can't but that is only on DD's and they don't have citadels. Budyonny has more range and a MUCH faster reload (8 sec vs 12.5 sec and that makes a big difference with how fast ships die in Co-op). Accuracy wise it is about the same as both have 2.0 sigma and both have fast shells (slight edge Budyonny) meaning the shells go where you put them and arrive fast. One other small edge Budyonny has is for some reason it has trolly armor while Molotov is squashy as hell. Can't really explain it as Budyonny's citadel is just as big and also sits way up high. But for some reason that ship is much tankier than Molotov which comes into play for these tasks where you want to close in for the best shots. The biggest edge to Budyonny though is a 4.5 sec edge in reload.