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  1. 3 in Random and 7 in Co-op (someday I WILL get all 8 bots lol)
  2. Rather than another Yamamoto just come up with a Japanese version of these other ones that were easier to get. Maybe a dog Brother to the Cat Capt and give him some skills. Capt's like Yamamoto and the soon to come out Halsey probably shouldn't be sold. Too hard to get them and it would really cheapen them for those who earned them. The others are not hard to get so not a big deal. If they did sell a Yamamoto Capt it would probably be $100+ Got to admit I wouldn't mind a Capt with EM skills for Yamato and Musashi.
  3. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    This is actually a very good point. Now that I think about it the costs seem to go up and up every time a ship hits the shop. Pixel iinflation!!!
  4. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    Last post honest - this came after my one ^^^ and want to address 2 things quick... 1 - go read the threads about Abruzzi where people flat out state they won't buy it because of the reviews. LWM's thread where she does her Abruzzi review is full of people saying I was going to or wanted to but not now. She and the others absolutely do influence sales. Not attacking her or anyone else just stating what I see. Is it a huge # of lost sales? I don't know but is it at least some lost sales? Yup. If you take what people have posted as true anyway. 2 - LWM has on more than one occasion stated that Abruzzi is not good at all and it is put forth as indisputable not just a personal opinion she has. She has stated it to me specifically at least twice that I can recall. Not as her personal opinion but as a fact I can't counter. That goes beyond laying out stats, giving her thoughts, and letting us decide. THAT is my only criticism of her in this. I think she went too far because she personally really hates the ship. Just how it comes across to me. That's enough. This is starting to make me look like a LWM basher and that is not the case and it needs to stop.... If anyone else wants to debate the topic/Abruzzi with me please use PM. Thanks.
  5. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    1 - I do well with it in Co-op comparing it to all the other T7 Cruisers that people say are good in Randoms that I also play. I actually do better with Abruzzi playing Co-op than I do a lot of the other ones people keep saying Abruzzi is no <insert name here> about. That counts for something. 2 - I would get wrecked in PVP with Abruzzi. I would get wrecked with any T7 Cruiser in PVP because I don't have the experience in Randoms the other players would. That would be me though not the ship. I lost interest in Randoms early on and seldom play it anymore (last game was a win FWIW - came in 2nd). Who knows if I hadn't stopped but I did so it is what it is at this point. I have played there though up to T6 and with Cruisers and I have played all the T7 Cruisers in the game except Flint in Co-op so I have at least some experience to back up my comments. I have 2945 Cruiser games up to and including T10 in WOWS including 123 through T6 in Random. I am not a total noob. 3 - PVP is not some vastly different game where everything is unique to the mode. People need to get over that. You play a harder mode not a different one (other than human opponent). It is harder because humans are less predictable than bots and are harder to hit as they WASD more (usually - seen many a human worse than bots). But, bots at those tiers are better shots than a lot of humans which counts for something too and they are much more likely to get big hits, start fires, etc... I have had T7-T9 bots shoot at me in Abruzzi so I have a good idea of how it handles being hit and focus fired (bots will single mindedly target 1 ship and god help you if they say tag your it LOL). And the damage it deals in return is the same as it would be in Random for a same type hit (just wouldn't land hits as much). It is the exact same ships, again, regardless of mode. One being harder than the other does not change that. 4 - Abruzzi actually has some good stats and good points. Weaknesses too. Like all T7 Cruisers. It is not a "bad" ship that is "no good at all" as was said. That is my only point besides saying reviews like LWM's have contributed to poor sales of the ship as people take those reviews as some kind of gospel for some reason vs thinking for themselves and trying stuff. LWM (or Flamu or Flambass [he actually liked Abruzzi FWIW in the video I saw] or Notser - whomever you want pick a name) says a ship is bad so it must be bad right? WRONG! They might not like it and it may not work for them but that doesn't mean they are right with that opinion for everyone. Look at how Musashi and Republique were trashed by these "experts" and how they actually are pretty good. Especially Republique. If I had listened to these 'experts" I would have passed on these ships and missed out on 2 really good ones (Co-op or PVP!). I am not saying Abruzzi is great or OP or even above average, It is average at best, but that isn't garbage or no good at all (Co-op or Random). 5 - I have tried to be respectful of LWM here and in other threads even if I disagree with her. Hard to disagree though without actually stating why. You sort of have to say LWM I think you are wrong and here is why. That is not disrespect or anything. Not taking what someone such as LWM says on faith and without question is wrong? If I have chided her it is for putting her opinion forth as indisputable fact and for possibly overstating her negative feelings on Abruzzi. Nothing more. I disagree with a lot of what she says about Abruzzi (and have on some other ships too). But that is my opinion which isn't indisputable fact either. Opinion is opinion period; not fact. Everyone has one, everyone is entitled to one, no one's opinion is always right. I don't want to keep on with this with you, LWM, or anyone else. I responded to the OP's post wanting to know why Premium sales are down and he specifically mentioned Abruzzi. I gave my honest answer. I am not out to get LWM or anyone else. As she has told me herself she is a big girl and can stand up for herself. She doesn't need your help LOL.. Let's drop this and move on. I'm out of this one.
  6. Yeah that is tough. Another member made a comment that they only have Edinburgh for T8 ships. I guess you can swap in SBM2 on Kutuzov which would get your secondary range out to 6.3km. If you can put a Capt on it with AFT that would push them out to 7.6km. They have a fairly fast reload of 4 sec and if you can throw BFT in there that gets them down to 3.6 sec reload. You have 6 p/ side (3X2) so you could charge caps and just let your secondary guns fire on DD's and also sit in smoke and let stuff get close and then stop shooting main guns once they get to in smoke firing detection range (pretty much secondary range) and just let the secondary's fire so you don't go detected. Also, if you kite away and keep the enemy within your secondary range you have 8 guns (4X2) that can fire rearward. Best I ever did with it is 20 secondary hits but no SBM2 or BFT/AFT and I never tried to get them. You might actually be able to do 40-50 in a game??? Consider it a challenge LOL. Are you even close to a T8 BB? Maybe use some FXP to get there. Bismarck or Richelieu would do it with ease and they have excellent range (10km+) in full secondary build w/ Capt specs. Amagi actually has decent secondary guns too but not the range (would be exact same as Kutuzov at 7.6 if fully spec'd w/ Capt). Ever want to buy Tirpitz? Now is a good time LOL. NC in full secondary build w/ Capt gets out to 7.2km. Monarrch would be a complete waste. You are kind of in a spot like I am when a mission task calls for DD's. I don't DD (have a bunch just don't play them). Good luck with it bud.
  7. How do I turn off the taunt screen?

    There is no in game function to disable the patches showing when you are sunk. However, if you download and install the WG approved Aslains mod pack there is a mod in there to disable them. It is the dog tags one. This is an officially approved mod pack from WG so no worries about it being illegal or anything. The only sucky part is you have to reinstall the mod with each game update. But it only takes a few minutes and is easy... http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/2020-0741-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview/ Open the link above Click on one of the download links (tip - click on the direct part not the other part) Save the mod pack to your computer With the WOWS game OFF open the mod pack installer and follow the steps to install it (note it must be installed to the game directory/folder which for me is C:\Games\World_of_Warships_NA but select wherever it is on your system) TIP - check the box to show preview so you can see what the mod does in the little window on the side Scroll down through the list of mods available and select any you want. To remove the patches pick the dog tags one (closer to bottom of list as I recall) Once you have the ones you want picked install. When it finishes completely start WOWS and enjoy. Hope this helps.
  8. Missouri Gone

    Yup, I get into the 500-550K range in Co-op with it all the time and have even broken 600K with it a few times. Member @Vader_Sama posted in the Best Co-op games thread where he broke 800K credits with it in a Co-op game. Now he had flags and Gamescon camo but still 800K+ in Co-op!!!!! With a really great game and flags/camo (credit boosting kind) I think MO could break 1 Million in Co-op.
  9. Missouri Gone

    Yeah, unfortunately you missed the announcement. WG announced Missouri was being removed late last year (early Dec as I recall). They were good enough to let people know exactly when as well (update 0.7.2) so those who really wanted it had a month or so to scramble for the FXP needed. Missouri was replaced by the T9 Japanese BB Musashi as a FXP ship mid January 2018. It is 750K FXP like Missouri as well. The 900K+ rumor was wrong (might have been their original intent but people went nuts and it ended up being the same 750k). I see people all the time saying they think Missouri will come back. And while you can never say never with WG I am truly doubtful it ever will again. They pulled it because they screwed up and made it earn too well (Musashi earns well but not at the level of Missouri). As WG does not nerf Premium ships I think if we ever see a T9 Premium US BB again it wouldn't be Missouri coming back but rather another BB from the Iowa class; New Jersey or Wisconsin. They could basically gives us back Missouri (ie radar) with a different name and reduced earnings. Sorry you missed it man. It is a great ship IRL and ITG. It even prints credits like crazy in Co-op. Glad I was able to get it before it went away. If you have the XP and want a T9 Premium Bb Musashi is very good too. Doesn't earn as well as Mighty MO (still earns good!) and it's AA is truly awful but it has those lolpen guns and is a Yamato that can see T7. I have it too and like it a lot. Kronstadt is a new WIP T9 Russian Premium Cruiser that is coming soon TM and many feel it will be a FXP ship. No official word however if that is true or how much FXP if it is.
  10. 1 managed to do the mission and finish on the 1st day. Part 1 - this went fast for me. I used Kutuzov, Molotov, and Omaha. Only took 3 games as I was lucky and a lot of people were out in US and Russian ships. Lots of US BB's were out so I got my 50K US in 1 game between a DD kill and fires on a BB (maybe some torps hits too - can't remember?). Had to do 3 in total to get the Russian damage as everyone was targeting the few in game and they went down fast. Still was fairly quick and was easy enough. Part 2 - actually took 2 games in Scharnhorst. 1st game I was 4th It went really fast as it was DD heavy and they all charged ahead and killed each other so I wasn't able to do enough to get into top 3. 2nd game was 1st and done. Part 3 - I thought this would be the 2nd easiest behind #2 but it turned into a chore. Decided to go for the fires 1st so took Conqueror out. Got 10+ in that 1st game and also a citadel. After that I took out ships I usually wrack citadels up in like Fiji, Minotaur, Hindenburg, Missouri, Montana, Yamato, Musashi, Alsace, Republique, and on and on... RNG trolled me hard. I would get excellent shot groupings and target area hits but no cits. Just big pen damage. OR shots would fly everywhere from ships with normally good dispersion. It was horrible. I got to 9 in about 8 games and then went 10 games without 1??? I finally said a prayer to RNGesus in chat while sitting in spawn ("Oh Mighty RNGesus I humbly kneel before you and ask for just ONE freaking citadel") and got 4 that game in Musashi LOL. The Credits were more than earned by the time I finally got that last darn citadel. This took 4 games in total. 3 games using GK and Republique for the secondary hits. I got 30 something modules during those games as well. So to finish it I grabbed Conqueror again. Using HE I finished the 50 modules in 1 game doing 97 of them! All in all a good, reasonable, fun campaign.
  11. Was no Plane kill portion. It shows 50 planes down & 50 modules destroyed on the main website but what it actually ended up being was 500 secondary hits and 50 modules destroyed. So either they changed it at the last minute or that was an error.
  12. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    No offense taken and I agree partially with your point which is why I said... "Comes down to individual likes and dislikes, playstyle, and even game mode you play in". Co-op is easier and I never said otherwise. If you only play Co-op like me you will have an easier time with Abruzzi than in PVP which is what I meant by ^^^ but that applies to any ship so it shouldn't be used against Abruzzi. People seem to think/act like PVP is a different game than Co-op when they are actually the exact same thing other than opponent faced. The objectives and such as well as the ships and how they work (ie; guns, armor, AA, torps, etc...) do not change based on mode you play in. Co-op and PVP is still the same exact game just in one you face human opponents which makes it harder (shooting and less predictable). However, as said, the ship is still the same ship and it functions 100% the same be it in Co-op or PVP. The Abruzzi I play in Co-op is the same Abruzzi people play in PVP and the ships I face with it are the same too. And frankly, bots are better shots than a lot of humans. So, regardless of where you play the ship itself will perform exactly the same "mechanically". As always it is the Capt/player driving it (and those you face) that makes the most difference not where it is played. A bad player in an OP ship will get wrecked by a great player in a bad ship in PVP so IMO saying a ship is only good for Co-op isn't a fair statement. You will probably do better in a ship in Co-op than PVP but it doesn't make the ship itself different. Were I to play PVP with Abruzzi it wouldn't be pretty (nor would it with any T7 Cruiser - even Fiji). But, that wouldn't be the ship(s) dragging me down it would be me LOL. I have played pretty much every T7 Cruiser there is (only one I haven't is Flint) and while I have done so in Co-op I certainly can compare them against each other plus I have played Cruisers and BB's to T6 at least in PVP so I know something about Randoms as well. Abruzzi isn't garbage and it is better than quite a few of the T7 Cruisers for me anyway. Doesn't mean everyone will like it but can we not say that about any ship? Let me ask you something. Is Neptune at least considered a decent or good ship overall? I think it is safe to answer for you and say Yes. It has some weaknesses and requires a certain playstyle but is the ship "bad" or "garbage" or "not good at all" as we have seen Abruzzi called? Again I think it is safe to say No. Does the fact you did poorly with it (at least at 1st) in PVP but did well in Co-op with it mean Neptune is only good in Co-op and is bad in PVP? No, of course not. BUT this is exactly the situation here with Abruzzi. You actually made my argument for me. Also, I don't recommend ships for anyone. I give my opinion of them now and then when a thread comes up but I always tell people YMMV and to think for yourself. And I am not telling people to go buy Abruzzi that it is a great ship or anything (it is just average/ok). I am saying I like it well enough and find it kind of fun. It is not as bad as we have been told, IMO, by those so many look to for ship advice.
  13. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    This sums it up so the rest I snipped... That is your opinion Ma'am and you are entitled to it. I am not on some forums crusade to bring you and other reviewers down or anything over this. I have no issues with you at all just so we are clear. Unfortunately, because it is you, the famous LWM, saying Abruzzi is bad tons of people pass on the ship (their own words in this very forum) and think it must be garbage or not good at all as you said in another post. I am sorry but that is just not a fact as some seem to think. It is your opinion. I bought it, played it, and find the ship to be ok for a T7 Cruiser. I read your review and have to say it made me wonder what ship you tested for your review? Abruzzi is not some over powered amazing beast of ship don't misunderstand. It is hardly the garbage scow you made it out to be either. Comes down to individual likes and dislikes, playstyle, and even game mode you play in. For you Abruzzi doesn't work but that does not make it bad. You continue to say it is not a good ship yet that is just an opinion. Maybe add in my opinion it is not a good ship? Whatever. Who am I to disagree with the LWM.
  14. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Thank you and yes I will.
  15. Roma: Who or what to trust?

    I have it. my opinion FWIW is that it is not a bad ship but has it's issues. AA is poor, secondary's are average at best, and the guns are very trollish. Accuracy can be hit or miss literally (some salvos are nice and tight but most fly all over the place) and you get a ton of overpens with it vs Cruisers. Very disappointing to have a dead to rights Cruiser broadside at say 6-7KM and you nail it for like 5 OP's and minimal damage. It does have good speed, maneuverability, and concealment. It will also bow tank like a champ. Get the angle right and you can even bow on Yamato as long as it doesn't get a perfect hit on you to pen you through the bow. I have chased bot GK's Montanas, Conq's, etc... around and had salvo after salvo just bounce with no damage. The sides are super squishy though and it is easily citadeled so you have to be careful. It is probably my least favorite T8 Premium BB and it is near the bottom for all T8 BB's (have them all other than Bama ST) on my "like it scale" BUT it isn't horrid. I just have others I like better. I play it now and then. It is a Premium so once Italian BB's come out it will be a good trainer and if you can stomach the Kobayashi camo for it the ship earns very well even in Co-op. For some reason I always seem to wind up vs T10's with it even in Co-op. Much more common in Co-op with a T8 to be TT but not in Roma. Can guarantee I will see T9 and T10. You have hidden your info on your profile page so I can't see if you do much with BB's or not. I have most of them in the game and it is mainly what I play. Roma is not an easy BB to play vs say Alabama or Tirpitz for Premiums or North Carolina, Amagi, or Bismarck for the tech tree ones. You need a little BB skill IMO to play it well as it isn't very forgiving of mistakes and the guns won't make up for the ones you do make. If you know how to BB give it a shot. Again, it isn't a bad ship. It just has it's quirks and weaknesses and I like other T8 BB's better. EDIT - just went and played it again for 1st time in a long time after posting the above. Had 25 hits on 2 broadside Cleveland's and a Shchors (yes I actually saw something other than T10 in it). Of the 25 hits 17 were overpens. Not 1 cit. The frustration with Roma's guns continues.