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  1. Equus_Pallidus

    Please Make Clan Battles go later

    0930? Assuming that means your in ANZAC or East Asia and playing the US server. I'm not quite as sympathetic since you could pick a different server or have your clan pick a different slot. But still, I'd support a MUCH wider window. I'm just focused on an incremental request that WG might actually consider.
  2. Equus_Pallidus

    Please Make Clan Battles go later

    But the flip side of this is, you don't HAVE to play CB when it's open. It's absolutely your choice to skip it. However, if someone has to say, work 8-6pm, come home cook or eat dinner, then get kids to bed by 9pm. Spend some time with the Mrs., then gets on at 10pm CST, you're SOL to play with your buddies. You might have a nice 2-3 hour window play,. But yes, Saturday is generally a tough night since this game's player base tends to skew older (especially outside of summer) and, at least in my clan, half the guys are 4 beers deep at their local sports bar when CB starts on Saturday.
  3. There's a lot of changes I'd like to see to the game, but none more than this. Please make clan battles 6 hours or maybe shift an hour. For folks in MST or PST that have families or jobs (i.e. people who are generally responsible players), it's often impossible to get online during the current times. I know the overall levels are higher around 6 or 7 PST, but I think there are a lot of guys that are able to get online after dinner, kids put to bed, wife nods off (sorry, stereotyping here). Clan Battles are the best format by a long ways. Mostly because I can control the #1 variable (my team). Also no CVs. But it's just inaccessible to anyone that has responsibilities unless you are on the East Coast. Also for folks in that situation, they'll often spend money on the game since it's one of their few hobbies. Time is a more valuable commodity than cash to them often, but they can't get the time with that schedule, so why spend the cash?
  4. Equus_Pallidus

    DD Strategy at Start of Game

    Anyone have anything amazing. I've taken to turning in circles if there is a CV presence. DDs have zero way to defend themselves against a 1/3 health attack unless they smoke up short of cap, which gives away position, and then you can't use smoke to cap or shield team. Rocket planes are the worst part of the game. Any idiot can hit dds with them. With old cvs, it took talent and planning to hit dds.
  5. Equus_Pallidus

    IFHE kufurst can work out pretty well

    IFHE on Kurf and Rep is a great trick. I absolutely love it to death. Glad to see others having success too.
  6. Equus_Pallidus

    Moskva Garbage

    Sasquatch: I ran into the same issues. I had monster games with Chapy and Donskoi: I actually average more damage with Donskoi (90k) than I do Moskva (80k). You just need to know Moskva plays different than the entire line. It excels bow tanking at long range and pushing dds/weak citadel cruisers, but it can absolutely not go broadside to any BBs inside 15k . I don't like it and think it's a fairly one-dimensional ship. It excels best in ranked or clan battles when getting flanked is not as much of a risk. I know its tempting to move forward with the awesome radar, but I really would only push with it inside 13/14k to enemy bbs if I know my flanks were protected. Hope this helps you. Warship Tier Nation Battles Win rate PR Average Damage Avg. frags Avg. planes destroyed Dmitri Donskoi 9 U.S.S.R. 93 60.22% 2 397 90 776 1.2 1.52 Details 2 Chapayev 8 U.S.S.R. 58 60.34% 2 160 67 007 1.22 0.59 Details Moskva 10 U.S.S.R. 57 61.4% 1 562 83 485 0.77 2.42 Details
  7. Equus_Pallidus

    IRL Tirpitz vs Post War Jean Bart

    It was mentioned tangentially above, but I also think you'd have to gauge the quality of the crew at a given time. At no point in World War II did the French Navy really demonstrate an iota of competence (to be fair, handcuffed by politicians), but one has note that if the crew of Tirpitz performed at the level of the Bismarck (granted that was under a terrific captain in Lindemann), I think that's a significant advantage. Despite the lack of gunnery hits in the final battle, all accounts were that Bismarck's crew performed admirably at damage control and the gunnery control at Denmark Straits was...good.
  8. Equus_Pallidus

    USS West Virginia 1941?

    I would buy the boat if the horn played the opening notes of Country Roads. Like General Lee and Dixie.
  9. Equus_Pallidus

    You must save the star

    Top 3 maybe could save stars to balance that, but given ranked rewards, they might not want to make it that easy. It is a crazy grind. The issue I have with start-save mechanic is there are too many bbs incented to bow tank at 15k where no one will kill them until the end. In that scenario, they often get overeager players exposing themselves and can rack up easy damage. Alternatively, you could boost the impact of potential, spotting, and objectives in ranked. Same effect with dds in smoke and farming bbs rather than attacking strategically more important dds. And as you can guess, this is why is so many ranked games have 1 or 0 cruisers in them.
  10. Equus_Pallidus

    Overall Activity Dropping

    I think this is a smart take. Version starts with a "0" for a reason.
  11. Equus_Pallidus

    Overall Activity Dropping

    But at what tier? This video seems little Pravda-y, but if long-term players are cycling out with new players coming in from heavier marketing or bundled deals, that's still not healthy. Steam was as high as 8k players recently, but now closer to 5k.
  12. Equus_Pallidus

    Overall Activity Dropping

    I run a 50 person clan and we are normally at like 8 or 9 online a 6pm cst and last few days we've had 3-4. I can't find any numbers outside of Steam, but players online seems to dropping like a stone NA-wide too. I really love the history of the game and strategy (well within CB and pre-cvs) - please fix this game. It was great fun in 2018 and I am concerned the recent changes are going to make it unprofitable and consequently shut down. It's infuriating to play recently and depressing when it comes to mind.
  13. Equus_Pallidus

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    So if I was hoping for the Missouri to come back someday, am I safe blowing my precious freexp now knowing Big Mo is a year from return or should I sit on this. It sees MUCH more interesting than Musashi
  14. Equus_Pallidus

    [ALL] Dseehafer skin for Tirpitz.

    Would definitely pay for this - maybe funds go to a memorial? Admittedly not a poster here despite 6000 games, but came on here to look up the meaning of dseehafer mission. My clan (Great Lakes Fleet - mostly upper Midwest guys) would definitely appreciate this. I grew up in Duluth and my grandfather sailed the Blough, Callaway, Anderson, et al as an USS engineer dozens of times. Can't believe I missed all of his great writing over the years on a topic I grew up fascinated with. What a shame.