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  1. Ken220_2016

    Who have you seen in game

    Had a person, NassauMeHome, in a Buffalo playing on my team this afternoon. He finished first, sinking three ships. Decided to look him up under players. According to WG, he has never played a battle. Strange...
  2. The first day crates came out, I bought 20 megas. I got four ships out of that purchase: Ashitaka, Hood, Marblehead, and Atago - combined value of $154.33. Flags, doubloons, etc. totaled 27,700 doubloons using Little White Mouse's conversion factor. Not bad for $75. You can calculate the value of 27,700 doubloons. Waited until the day after Christmas and bought 20 more mega crates. Received five ships in that batch: Mutsu, Prinz Eugen, Duke of York, Boise, and Gremyashchy. The first four had a value of 163.77. I'm not sure what value to put on the Gremy. Flags, camo, etc. totaled 20,625 doubloons value. Again I was pleased. Yesterday I bought five more mega crates on a whim. Got the Duca D'Aosta ($23.56) and supplies totaling a value of 6800 doubloons. For $21.25 for five mega crates, that's a return of $59.51. Maybe I'm just lucky but I have found the crates to be worthwhile. They might not have contained the top ships but I am satisfied that I got my money's worth.
  3. Ken220_2016

    PSA: New Code - Czec Flag & Emblem

    Working at 1022 EST.
  4. Purchased 20 mega crates. 30 Scylla 12,500 coal 5 Spring Sky camo 30 Scylla 30 Red Dragon 30 Dragon 20 New Year Streamer camo 2000 doubloons 12,500 coal 30 Hydra 20 New Year Streamer camo 30 Ouroboros Haida plus 10 point commander 20 New Year Streamer camo 20 New Year Streamer camo 30 Hydra 5 Spring Sky camo Roma plus 10 point commander Le Terrible plus 10 point commander 30 Hydra The three ships alone are worth over $125. I'm pleased.
  5. Ken220_2016

    New Code

    Still working. Got 3 containers at 1409 EST.
  6. I just got my third tier X ship (Minotaur). I also have the Des Moines and the Hindenburg. Is there any reason to keep those tier IX ships, Neptune, Buffalo, and Roon? I enjoy playing the tier VIII ships but rarely play the tier IX. That's 27 million plus credits just sitting there. What are your thoughts?
  7. Ken220_2016

    How many ship missions have you gotten?

    Got 2 missions from premium crates - Acasta and Lightning. One from standard crate - Icarus. Lightning is fun to play.
  8. I finished my Des Moines UU grind a few weeks ago. I was disappointed in it (the UU) and uninstalled it shortly afterwards. Wished I hadn't spent the time on it. It did improve my understanding of how to play the Des Moines. I'm working on my Hindenburg UU grind now - about 50% done.
  9. Ken220_2016

    So I bought 20 of those stupid Royal Navy containers.

    Bought 5 boxes and got the Acasta and the Lightning missions. I was pleased.
  10. Ken220_2016

    Anniversary Tokens

    Hope you speak Russian.
  11. Ken220_2016

    Another free code

    Yep - doesn't work.
  12. Ken220_2016

    19 point captain...help!

    I have a 19 point US captain that I developed to command the Atlanta (premium ship). I move him to other US premium ships without having to retrain him. I have had him in the Kidd (DD), the Alabama (BB), the Massachusetts (BB), and even the Des Moines (CA). He does surprisingly well in all. He is also trained to one of the tech tree cruisers.
  13. Ken220_2016

    I can't stand this.. we need an MMR system

    Perhaps you should have to spend at least one month in each tier before you can purchase a ship in the tier above. Even apply it to premium ships. This way someone who has only been playing for a couple of months can't purchase a tier 8 ship until they have spent a month in tier 7. It may help newbys learn some skills before moving up to the next tier.
  14. Ken220_2016

    Question about John Doe

    Black ops specialist.