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  1. Viva_Palestine

    Tier 10 is too easy

    Cool. I look forward to seeing the results of your next ten battles in a row. They should all be 250k games in your GK.
  2. Viva_Palestine

    Something has to be done

    Point of order: this game has zero relation to real world ships or warfare. All discussions about balance are about mechanics of an arcade game.
  3. Strictly speaking it could if WG decides it could. There are no rules to abide by. This is an arcade game: these are visual representations of ships that act virtually in no way like their real counterparts. Their abilities reflect only what the devs feel makes for engaging play. I was at first confounded by a sub suddenly dropping off my radar, but I really don't mind. Sort of makes it interesting.
  4. Not sure that was an element of Sharwshank, but I'm not complaining.
  5. Viva_Palestine

    It Begins..........

    In two weeks it will be back to normal. And 'competitive' ? WoWs isn't comparative; it is a scrum between two teams of strangers with wildly disparate skill levels, ages, and motivations for playing. It is a coin toss as to how well your team does. The only real metric is how you judge your own play.
  6. The system could be a nice way of people knowing you are a respected player who performs well, or behave with sportsmanship, in a consistent manner. In order for that to happen the down vote element needs to be eliminated. Down voting has zero value or meaning, and people use it for no good reasons at all. People would only up vote those who they admire.
  7. Viva_Palestine

    Does World of Warships have an identity crisis?

    Its a money making enterprise. And it knows exactly what it is.
  8. Viva_Palestine

    Quick Diagnosis To Aid Your Team - Ideas?

    It is a vain quest.
  9. Viva_Palestine

    1 Game in Turbine, and I can see potential

    Right. At tier four its a good DD. But I think that that is where the fun ends.
  10. Viva_Palestine

    1 Game in Turbine, and I can see potential

    Based on what I can see, there is no reason for this line to exist. The seem to be fragile DDs that cannot spot or cap, and have to work the second line in order to be effective. Of old we called this sort of ship "cruisers". I lost a game recently that had the tier 5 Italian DD. He did well enough, but was behind our BB the entire time. Couldn't figure it out until I looked at the ship parameters later: he literally could not act to screen, spot, or even torp effectively. Imagine the fun when you have 5 of these in your match at tier 9, and they do not advance. If we thought high tier games were camp fests, it looks like we might be in for something worse. I guess it will do what no other ships have done: raise the esteem people have for CVs. As for the Turbine: I put a 19 pnt captain in a tier 4 DD with 8 km torps and extended gun range; of course I will do well.
  11. Viva_Palestine

    Ships you hate to see...on your own team.

    One Sherman may be helpful, but two is indicates the battle will be likely be a loss, and three guarantee it. DDs in general are worrisome, as they usually end up being dead weight you have to make up for.
  12. Viva_Palestine

    Ships you hate to see...on your own team.

    Druid would like a word.
  13. They turn an already flawed game into a flawed game where for minutes you cannot see or do anything. Awesome.
  14. Viva_Palestine

    Could a line of battle be a valid strategy?

    In real life, yes. However this game doesn't model real ship to ship combat. Nor could you organize a random group of strangers with varying skill to accomplish this in-game. So no. Happy thought though. As noted above, the closest you can get is a division using focus fire techniques.