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  1. Viva_Palestine

    Pushing still works and end damage result

    That was some fine seal clubbing.
  2. I hear you saying that your first game in a new ship went really well ...
  3. I never stopped. Can't stand sitting in the back. No DE for me.
  4. Viva_Palestine

    reality check #1

    That is your affair, but I'll hazard a guess that your umbrage has not yielded dividends for your trouble.
  5. Viva_Palestine

    reality check #1

    I assume its typed on a smartphone.
  6. Viva_Palestine

    reality check #1

    Halo would like a word...
  7. Viva_Palestine

    Lepanto: Or My First Thoughts On Italian BBs

    Just FYI: Lepanto has 24, 90mm HE with 15mm pen. And 18 152mm HE with 25mm pen.
  8. Viva_Palestine

    Rigged battles

  9. Viva_Palestine

    What to do with Roma?

    A Roma was kicking my Lepanto's [edited]one v one today.
  10. Viva_Palestine

    Rigged battles

    I'm guessing that wasn't the reason.
  11. Completely the opposite of how my Viribus performs. Hammering guns with great grouping.
  12. Viva_Palestine

    What it took to sink Yamato

    Eh... well I watched the film and Kurosawa it is not. It is a credible visual effort on short budget. Dramatically it falls well short, largely because they are tasked with trying to cast a veneer of heroic pathos over the tragic and meaningless sacrifice of young men; in not only a lost cause, but a morally and spiritually bankrupted and destructive one as well.
  13. Viva_Palestine

    How are italian BBs?

    You kill them with your main guns. Main battery SAP can easily be a delete. 10% of a shite load is still a shite load. Agree that the main is too slow loading.
  14. Viva_Palestine

    How are italian BBs?

    Time it right and the Lepanto also becomes a DD hunter. If you know the DD has fired its torps you can activate your smoke to approach and surprise it with a SAP hammer, or let the secondaries do their thing. Its sort of a Swiss Army Heavy Cruiser.
  15. Viva_Palestine

    Agincourt coming to WoWS!

    Oops, I was wrong: Viribus has only 4 AA guns!