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  1. She will make it...have faith. I am going to try to attend this event....can you buy tix at the gate for this?...or is it preorder only? I have seen her 4 times, the last being my greatest memory of all, because I took a 90 year old sailor down to see her on her 100th birthday. He had served aboard the USS Cushing (DD-376)...until she was sank out from underneath him & about 325 other sailors...but when I paid his tix, & he stood up on the deck of the TX...you could actually see his mind going back 70-80 years in time. Its a memory I will take to my grave. I have seen her, the USS Alabama, the USS Batfish ( a sub in Muskogee Oklahoma), & the Sexi Lexi (USS Lexington) down in Corpus. I love the WW2 era ships, cause when they quit making them, they really quit making them. PLUS...my grandfather & my father both served in the navy during WW2...Just like John McCains dad & grandad did.
  2. Im going to try it out cause it sounds fun...especially with some of the missions not depending on if you win...you can lose & still gain something...pretty kewl...but hey
  3. James_PNut_B

    Chill With Us at Naval Gaming Day

    I know that its probably virtually impossible to travel to ALL the ship museums around this great nation...but are there any plans for the USS Lexington down in Corpus Christi, Texas? That one is close enough for me. Well, Technically, the Texas is closer, but I have family land down near Corpus...so when you ever decide to do an event on the "Sexy Lexi" (yes, for those of you who don't know, that IS one of her real nicknames...its painted on a bulkhead inside the ship, if I remember correctly...& that is, if the PC SJW club hasn't made the curators paint over it), please give more than a one week (yes, Im poking at your USS Mass event that you only gave 1 week to) notice so I can take leave from my job & have time to get down there. Sorry to say, but Texas to Mass takes more than a weeks prep...would loved to have seen the USS Mass.
  4. well....according to that numbers graph somebody posted in this chain earlier...it looks like around 5 or 6 K players HAVE GONE to play checkers & chess... so heres the REAL question: When does WOWs/WG STOP tweaking what they have that works? I mean BEFORE this tweak that messed up the CVs? I loved the CVs...now Im straight cruiser man.
  5. no...no sarcasm...I was truly being genuine. and as far as others mentioning this....maybe the have. I do not come to the forums too often, as a matter of fact, I have been in here two days in a row now, because I wanted to see the "true feelings" of the new CV play. I see a ton of people don't like it...& I have to include myself in that bunch...although I used to LOVE CV play. and really for only one reason: my grandfather was a CV man during the war. He taught pilots how to take off & land on them...that was all he did for 4 years during the war...never left the states. I myself have grinded all the way up to the Ranger, but MY biggest turnoff is the costly repairs...yes, I know its the same for the other ships as well, the higher you go, the more "dry dock" is gonna cost you. It just seems more costlier on the CVs. So I have made a home for myself in the Cruiser tree. Namely the French & British cruiser trees, although I do have every one of the Tier one cruisers...for gaining coin to fix my bigger ships, of course... no, please do not call me a "seal clubber...I don't stay down there on T1...I play 1 game apiece on each ship...then start up the teirs… T2, T3, so on & so forth...but no....I wasn't being sarcastic towards your comment.
  6. I think that has to be the best solution to date since the new fix...have a "opt out of CV matches" option....have you tried selling that to WOWs or WG yet, instead of us posters?...I think they might buy it.
  7. As Oogway said when talking to the panda in KFP 1: Noodle, don't noodle, blah blah blah. Well: CV, don't CV. What does it matter? You don't like the "new" CV gameplay...sell all your Carriers back to WOWs, & invest in other ships. I personally am going that route...( actually already have)...but to say the Gameplay is different now, I cant say either/or, because I have no CVs. But I am going ALL CRUISERS, on the British & French Tech trees. One person said in here forum that CVs are a strategy ship, placed in a Tactical game, & that person wants them gone completely. Yes, I will agree with him (her?), they ARE strategic ships being played in a tactical game....but let me ask this: when has ANYONE played strategically OR Tactically on here? When the whistle blows & the ships are off & running to meet the enemy head on...Tactics & strategies are thrown out the window...along with TEAMPLAY...which is MY biggest gripe. And as far as getting rid of CVs to appease one person...( or a couple thousand), well, that would be the one thing that sends ME to the showers for good, because I love the historical accuracy in this game. That is, as far as the ships go. Now as far as Germans fighting Germans, Americans fighting Americans...well, I guess that part cant be helped, but we do know that English ships NEVER fired on English ships ( unless accidently, of course) & so on & so forth for all the other nations. But I guess we do have to play that way, because if you could "pick teams", everyone is going to want to be on the winning side...& no one would play the Germans, Japs, or Italians.
  8. James_PNut_B

    So I wonder on a few things

    Actually...I have said that... "oh look, an extra CV has joined our battle, how lucky are we"...after this latest update. Got into a battle that had TWO CVs, & didn't know that 2 CVs was part of the latest "new deal". THEN, I came to my senses & figured very quickly that if the Green Navy had 2 CVs, then the Red Navy was equipped as such as well... and you know what? To me, it actually sucks...cause now you have to dodge a GAWDALMIGHTY number of incoming aircraft...& if they are not going to update the AA on ALL ships...then the air war WILL prevail...which is exactly what happens in real life... "He who has the air...wins."
  9. James_PNut_B

    So I wonder on a few things

    Ok...yes...& Touché. You got me on that one...the armor belts did NOT go the full length of the ship, I had forgot that lil tidbit of historical info, even though I have been on several ships that are now museums. BBs being food for SS?...Yes, totally agree, because after playing through several updates & changes on this game, I only play the workhorses anymore. I have played BBs, CVs, DD, & the cruisers, of all the nations that have cruisers. I now use the Teir 1 cruisers for points to fix my bigger ships, & now I only use the UK cruisers. Seemed to have found a home on them...LOL. I love the way they keep torps on the higher Tiered CAs in the UK...the US cruisers stop using torps around the Dallas level, I believe it is. But my greatest nemesis is NOT the CVs with their planes, nor the DDs with their torps...but the BBs with their big guns. I went down about 3 weeks ago when a BB tiered higher than the cruiser I was aboard ( don't remember which one, the Danea, I believe it was)...I got citadeled from just ONE blast...down I went. The BB got a "One Shot, One Kill" off of me...so yeah...would LOVE to see SSs come in & even out the game play. enjoy the rest of your day....I need to get on with mine now...until then... smooth sailing & fair winds, Captain.
  10. James_PNut_B

    So I wonder on a few things

    you would need the DDs WITH a top down rework, for to keep the submariners at bay, because the way I described to DrHolmes the way I would play subs...(wolfpacking)...every other swinging manhood would jump on the sub band wagon to play that way...& we would have no one playing surface ships...( hey wait...now THAT would be kewl...8 subs on the green AND red team...hmmmm...are you listening WOWs/WG?) Oh, & one other thing...they would have to improve the "blisters" on the port & starboard sides of the BBs...( & other ships)...to give the BBs a little better fighting chance against sub torps. I really don't care for the style of blisters they have now, because CV torps do a bang up job of putting them down in Davy Jones locker. you should see the blisters on the Real Life USS TEXAS, down in San Jacinto. There's a reason that old girl survived not one but TWO world wars, & still floats today down here in Texas, even over 100 years old. So basically, I guess what I'm saying is that if you add subs, then rework the DDs...the whole game is going to have to have a major rework.
  11. James_PNut_B

    So I wonder on a few things

    True that...Im no coder either...just a salty ol' gamer...LOL
  12. James_PNut_B

    So I wonder on a few things

    Why would they NOT go forward with subs? Look at all the time & expense they put in that Halloween story line with the subs. I'm thinking by years end & beginning of 2020... subs WILL be on the ship "Family Trees". As a "red headed step child" or "favored son" who knows, until we get to start getting/buying them, & then putting them to sea. I personally enjoyed playing the subs in the Halloween story, but don't know yet I would stick with them, unless they make the subs like the real life subs...and that is..."Silent killers of the deep", & we will be able to "Wolf Pack" subs on teams like the actual WW1 & WW2 naval battles. EVERY sailor in the world, no matter their nationality ALWAYS dreads the words "Submarine off the port (starboard) bow!"
  13. James_PNut_B

    The abuse and misuse of karma point

    I try to help my WOWs shipmates out by heaping good Karma on them when we have had an excellent battle. Similarly, I also heap bad karma on those who want to ride coattails...then @ the end scream YAY WE won! No... WE won...you just floated about the seas like a lost goose...only firing when you thought somebody might be watching your guns, ACTING like you were shooting a red. I also pass out the … I will call them "thumbs down" (plays Poorly) for players who insist in killing teammates who are what I call "pinked", or have "teamkiller" status. I am saying this because just last week, I was pinked for 4 games because a storm blew through here (where I'm at, that is) & I lost my net for a couple hours until the electrical guys could get this whole side of town back up...well, anyways, needless to say, when I logged back on...obviously I got "pinked" for leaving a game. I think this is something WOWs should look into, & think about changing. I know why they do it though...too many players have left games ( nothing wrong with net, they just didn't like their teammates) & left others holding the bag to win the game with like 7 or less players. ANYWAYS...getting back to my story...I had a TM SINK me because I was pinked. I hung around just long enough before I went onto my next ship/battle to ask him why he sank me....he said...& I quote "I hate teamkillers!" Needless to say, he became pink as soon as my ship blew up & sank, but it was like he didn't give a damn...Can WOWs do something about their players that have that kind of an attitude? Cause That's a pretty pisspoor attitude to be having towards people you don't even know in real life, much less on a game. Instead of turning them pink, or me giving them negative "plays poorly" karma...how about WOWs start banning them for about a half dozen games or so...until they get the message that sinking mates is not acceptable behavior?
  14. James_PNut_B

    Black Swan - Changed AP to HE

    Well, you hit the jackpot saying she was a seal clubbers dream. I loved the AP on her. (I mean, not that I was a seal clubber. I used her to get points to make repairs to my higher tier ships w/o losing much coin. but yes, some will still call me a seal clubber, although I am only a mediocre player on here. I am so mediocre, I stay out of random battles & only play COOP, I'm THAT bad.) Then didn't play her for a very long time as I moved up the tiers, & then, just like everyone else, I came back to her one day, to do the "just for fun" thing, only to find her, well, to put it like this.... "Everyone who participates gets a trophy". Another player said that when she was AP, he got 18 citadels. I probably racked up just as many, not sure...wish they had a running count on that as well, but wouldn't matter now, since she has been nerfed. But I am still getting cits with HE, because I use my scope, find the "sweet spot" on a red, and then just hit, hit, hit...if you are close enuff, HEs will pierce armor, & score you some Cit points. but regardless of how I have had to adjust my Black Swan play strategy, I still miss the OLD Black Swan with her AP. Oh, & one last point I almost forgot about....if the ORIGINAL REAL LIFE Black Swan had AP on her, & this gaming site is SUPPOSED to be HISTORICALLY ACCURATE....WHY change the shells from AP to HE?...I mean...other than the obvious that we all already know about...to level the advantage...I mean...with HE...isn't the Swan just a fantasy ship now....Hell...yall wanna change stuff up...lets start arming the T10 ships with tactical nukes...because I have gone through the entire catalogue of all the countries T10 ships....and a lot of what yall have listed for gameplay was built AFTER WW2, & during the cold war...Jus keepin it real, war brothers & sisters. Oh, & one last thing (Thanks, Columbo...LOL)….speaking of arming tactical nukes on ships, when is WOW or Wargaming ever going to come out with a "Cold War" edition...& I mean, not just as an extension to THIS game...I mean a totally stand alone on its own Cold war naval strategy. That would be a good one. The only road block I see is we wouldn't be able to have the most recent ships as T10's, due to security info that has not been released to the public, & probably wont be until about 40 years from now when todays fleets are finally aged.