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  1. I attribute the game's decline to the shift in wargaming's monetization strategy in about 2017, because the decline of WoT mirrors WoWS. WG used to be very good about making sure that premium vehicles were strictly worse than their tech tree counterparts, but when the playerbase stopped growing, they decided that they could no longer count on that for revenue growth, and had to squeeze more out of the players they already had - by introducing powerful premium vehicles and vehicles locked behind an obscene grind like with the research bureau. That same pattern of aggressive, alienating monetization has played itself out in other MMOs like EVE Online, and is beginning to take root in W T as well.
  2. I don't believe it is, if you look at the entire game, the core mechanics have changed little since the beginning of CBT, with the exception of the CV rework. All the important things were ironed out behind closed doors in CAT. I believe the 2018 event was probably the first and last time the general playerbase had a chance to influence WG's decision on how subs should be implemented.
  3. TheSeventhSeeker

    Downloading game client for Sub testing

    I believe you can also install by ID and use WOWS.TST.WGIE@https://wgus-wgie.wargaming.net
  4. TheSeventhSeeker

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Of course they won't add anything meaningful to randoms, but they won't keep subs permanently limited to operations because there's no money in it, nobody will want them if they can't be used in randoms/ranked/clan battles. CVs don't really work in randoms either, people told them in CBT that it would have been better to remove them before the wipe while they still could, than to try to balance them after release.
  5. TheSeventhSeeker

    A friendly reminder that...

    It is the year TWO THOUSAND and NINETEEN of our lord and unified free xp and gold are still officially postponed because of "technical problems".
  6. TheSeventhSeeker

    so this happened

    And there are matches with this many cruisers and this many battleships, what's the point?
  7. TheSeventhSeeker

    WGC update removed trollish acpects.

    And introduced other trollish aspects.
  8. TheSeventhSeeker

    Premium CV Refund

    The only way WG can regain my trust is to unify gold and free XP, as was promised before and up to OBT started.
  9. TheSeventhSeeker

    All personal record for killed ships past 5

    9 in the Marblehead followed by 8 in Hiryu. In CBT my highest was 8 but I have no clue what ship it was in because it doesn't show CBT stats per ship anymore.
  10. Someone should have told Gerald Bull that.
  11. TheSeventhSeeker

    Possible Solution to Radar

    It was actually pretty uncommon.
  12. TheSeventhSeeker

    Possible Solution to Radar

    A DD would not have to be permaspotted to suffer, 40 seconds is enough to outright kill a destroyer. Even if spotted and not damaged, DDs can suffer - IJN DDs for example work well if nobody knows where you are, if you've been spotted just once and everyone knows what general area you're in, they will be more vigilant, launch their scout plane, turn on hydro, etc. and your chance of scoring a hit will go down. It's one thing if you get spotted because of a misplay, it's another if you get spotted through 2 islands by a cruiser that you don't know is there. It's precisely because they're not really easy to play that WG gave them heals, DFAA, hydro, and radar. That was a mistake.
  13. TheSeventhSeeker

    Possible Solution to Radar

    It doesn't happen often because there are too many things that counter DDs and torpedoes in general, hydro, radar, planes hovering over DDs, planes spotting torpedoes, torpedoes being spotted permanently, etc.
  14. TheSeventhSeeker

    Possible Solution to Radar

    This is the central question, and the answer is because if they do, then they're bad. It's really that simple, if DDs can't maneuver around other ships without being spotted, they're not useful. Destroyers can work around radar, sure, but then you have to play more passively and more risk-averse, and that leads to lower performance in general. At this point, I'm beginning to think high tier cruisers are just "I win" buttons, because they already have 3 hardcounter consumables - DFAA, hydro, radar - plus heals, and some people still think they aren't good enough.
  15. TheSeventhSeeker

    Possible Solution to Radar

    t. baBBy who believes he should never have to be hit by a torpedo in his life give me a break