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  1. Fat_Bob_1


  2. Fat_Bob_1

    What a bunch of Idiots!

    New idea for me but then again...I'm an old fart. LOL
  3. Fat_Bob_1

    What a bunch of Idiots!

    So what you are saying is just keep spotting them and don't attack. Interesting idea.
  4. Fat_Bob_1

    New things to see with the upgraded graphics

    I saw the chutes the other day too. I also noticed in a sundown battle light came on outside the houses on the shoreline.
  5. Fat_Bob_1

    19 1/2 Hours ... 7 1/2 MPH

    Yeah I know. I have a nephew in Houston and like he said. "Texans can't drive in rain let alone snow and ice. The entire state is a mess right now".
  6. Fat_Bob_1

    19 1/2 Hours ... 7 1/2 MPH

    Geez Doc, and to think it was only -21 here last night. I know it's a bit of a shock to you down there but this to will pass.
  7. And here I thought they were just counter weights.
  8. Thanks for the well wishes Wee-Gee! Happy New Year to all you pirates too.
  9. Fat_Bob_1

    Santa Crates

    Thanks to all for saving me the $500 I was getting ready to spend...NOT today! I do hope you've all had Happy Holidays though!!!
  10. Fat_Bob_1

    Update 0.9.11 - Bug Reports

    Advent Calendar won't load. 502 Bad Gateway openresty
  11. Fat_Bob_1

    Strange game stuff fixed?

    @Gneisenau013 Sorry but as of last night the torpedoes freezing was still there on the PT server. So is constantly being kicked back to port while in battle. The ONLY ships it was happening to me in was my DD's.
  12. Fat_Bob_1

    Critical Error

    What are you running for a graphics card H.B.? Getting ready to buy a new PC and don't need the headaches.
  13. Fat_Bob_1

    0.9.9 PTS Bug Reports

    Just came back up...
  14. Fat_Bob_1

    0.9.9 PTS Bug Reports

    Same thing here. Never have been able to get in this time.
  15. Fat_Bob_1

    Bots storming the forums?

    All they have to do is check the I.P. If it's the same with all the names you block it.