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  1. Fat_Bob_1

    Fire @San Francisco Pier 45 this AM..Of note:

    Updated info with video... SF Fire
  2. Fat_Bob_1

    Public Test - 0.9.5 Part 1 - Feedback

    You have to complete a few missions first. Once I did it showed up with several others and captains. Cha-ching!
  3. Fat_Bob_1

    wargammer denied my PTS rewards

    @ panamaz28 Did you try the link Mack posted? I always forget about checking and just got a haul of flags and containers.
  4. Just got in the game after first update failed and had to start over. Took the Montana out and was going K then steering issues hit. Didn't want to respond to rudder commands then throttle. It ran me aground last 5 minutes of battle then kicked me to the login screen. By the time I got back everyone was pissed at me for just setting there. Nice job on the update W.G.
  5. Fat_Bob_1

    New NA Community Manager :)

    We won't hold your fondness for "blow boats" against you Mademoisail but give me an old "stink pot" with 12-406's any day. Welcome to the funny farm!
  6. Fat_Bob_1

    Results of Submarines event on Public test

    Agreed! I had a blast in my DD's hunting the little worms down and dropping charges on them.
  7. Fat_Bob_1

    Site just go down?

    Was in a game and was bounced out to the login screen. Seems to be stuck on waiting for authorization ...
  8. Fat_Bob_1

    Ping penalty

    Naval Battle in three days Nutnnice. What are you going to do?
  9. Fat_Bob_1

    Server down?

    Able to get in about an hour ago but...The lag is crazy bad. Come out of a battle and the screen freezes then straight back to port. Does not go to the after battle report. Try to go back and look at it and there's nothing there for the last 30 or so minutes...It's broke.
  10. Fat_Bob_1

    Update 0.9.1 - Feedback

    After this mornings update I seem to have a new bug. Just finished a battle in my N. Carolina and returned to port to find it says that ship is still in battle. Ya broke it guys.
  11. Fat_Bob_1

    Server temporary unavailable.

    Cool! Now if the server would come back up. lol
  12. Fat_Bob_1

    Server temporary unavailable.

    I still got bit by it about 0900 mountain time yesterday and logged off. I just might be pink the rest of my life.
  13. Fat_Bob_1

    Server temporary unavailable.

    Maybe they're fixing the "critical error" everyone has been experiencing.
  14. Fat_Bob_1

    Newer Player Mistake. Please don't repeat!

    You can, but only once!