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  1. Tildeb

    Armada: Kearsarge, a Hybrid Ship

    How is it unreasonable to want my premium CV with BB guns to be able to travel underwater and fire homing torpedoes? I'm almost sure the dev team is already on this upcoming 'improvement' project.
  2. Tildeb

    WG's Improved Communication vs Player Agency

    The only feedback that matters, as far as I can tell over the past 6 years I've been playing, is... well... nothing. If LWM could be treated this way, no other player/contributor matters a tinker's damn. So my level of enjoyment from a surface naval combat game to this monstrosity has steadily declined, especially since the game-crushing CV rework turned my game into just a floating reservoir of potential damage for CVs to collect. That has not changed. I've tried returning a few times now in the forlorn hope that perhaps CV popularity has declined enough to allow some good games but... meh. No CVs is usually a rout from so much poor play. And that's the obvious result from losing long term and capable players and contributors which seems to be the overall goal of the development team. Mission accomplished. Meanwhile, they are busy busy busy busy trying to attract the video game kids with childish sparkle and shine and make believe. That's not me so... I know, I know... don't let the door hit me on the way out.
  3. Tildeb

    Exclusive Offer for Visa Card Users

    Maybe it only for new players who haven't used VISA already. My viewing was also denied.
  4. A free reset in the fall? Oh. Okay. Good to know. So with the nerfs and tweaks in the meantime and a financial hit if I want to change captain skills after these drop and get adjusted, I'll wait 'til the fall before playing again. I wish I could give someone else all that wasted premium time but, hey. Wargaming knows best: sell coveted premium stuff at year's end with a sale and then change the game in January! Almost a Win Win... except for that second win if it's the customer. Maybe I should wait until next January and see what new and improved game will emerge? Hey, now THAT'S a plan!
  5. Make the game primarily about surface naval combat rather than CV farming damage and I would return in a heartbeat. Been 4 months now since my last battle. Not seeing any improvement. Just the opposite.
  6. Tildeb

    There was a time I was anti CV.

    If there's no meaningful CV counter play, you could do what I do: stop playing. Maybe if more people did that, we'd see the imbalance corrected.
  7. Well, certainly THIS average BB player has left the game (but I continue to visit the forum and a bunch of video sites in some mad hope that if I just wish hard enough and the stars align, maybe something might change in the right direction). I, too, did not enjoy the radar game much (or getting outgunned by hidden DDs) so I, too, tended to play mostly middle tier games. The CV change was terribly done and just brutal on game play and it took many, many months to start fixing the arbitrarily imposed loss of playability and fun lack to some semblance of the BB being more than damage waiting to be collected by some CV console player. But this latest 'skills' change - and all the work yet again arbitrarily imposed on captains to not lose money later - and the significant change in dumbed down strategy that ensued, forced me out. It just wasn't any fun losing all my 19 pt captains while the cost of the most important skills were set arbitrarily one level higher. In my opinion as a long time player, the game has lost its charm because it has lost the fair and balanced (relatively speaking) approach of the surface naval combat game it once was using a rough historical modeling of so many famous and infamous ships set in an interactive game with fantastic graphics. I don't know what kind of video gaming freak show it is now; when I saw the machine gunning the Austin could do in a video by He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken it sealed the deal. WoW is like the long-dead marriage that has no heart left in it but people going through the motions for the sake of the kids pretending new counter tops and a pet lama is going to reignite the passions. A perfect example of what's gone so wrong came in the form of a questionnaire that asked me if I could donate about 10 minutes of my time. I agreed. The first question asked of me was if I would recommend the game to another. I answered No. That turned out to be not just the first or last but only question. That I had answered Yes to this same question for over 5 years didn't matter. And of no concern whatsoever was why I would change my mind to such a radical degree. That opportunity to find out why didn't matter to WoW because the answer indicated meant I no longer mattered. Yup, I can take a hint! That is is the problem with WoW; players don't matter. Only numbers. Investments don't matter. Only money. Longevity doesn't matter. Only daily totals. Playability doesn't matter. Only class numbers in queues. And so on. The quality of product - like so much manufactured dollar-store crap - is assumed to be synonymous to trend lines, subject to artificially tweaking whatever to 'force' these lines to change in the desired direction, to move 'forward', whatever that means. 'Forward' means 'away from' as far as I can tell. So, I don't play my 1-15 matches a day anymore. I don't buy premium account but let my 400+ days tick-tick-tick away unused. I don't purchase monthly amounts of doubloons anymore. I don't play to save up XP to purchase those intriguing ships. I don't buy stages in drydock anymore. In fact, I don't buy ships. I don't buy mega and super containers any more. I don't splurge during events. My stoppage of playing and shutting of my wallet matters not at all to those who are directing WoW. Only if I'm a potential player who might play and pay do I have any value at all. But a long time, money-spending, fan of WoW who has stopped? Yeah. Not a bit. So... back to hoping...
  8. It is close to if not over a thousand dollars I have spent on WoW. Now I have stopped playing entirely but still care enough to keep abreast of what's going on and hold a small amount of hope that perhaps someday the game will have the option of being played as a surface naval combat game I fell in love with many years ago. Why this withdrawal of playing time and lack of money spent doesn't seem to matter to WoW a tinker's damn is pretty good evidence that something is badly wrong with the way the game is administered and changes implemented. And for me, the decrease in fun has been DIRECTLY related to this bizarre coddling of the CV class. I refuse to pay any more for this privilege of being part of a test market and spend my time sailing a ship around as damage waiting to be collected for those who play CVs. These are the only actions I can take that might have the slightest effect on those whose sticky fingers are behind altering this game repeatedly for the benefit of others who are not even engaged with a surface naval combat game but a video console flying game. But this is what happens when we purchase a digital online game others control and not a hard copy to own.
  9. This right here from Ensign_Cthulhu is a good example of the level of contempt aimed at players like BlackCav who raise a legitimate criticism about DDs out-ranging CAs. If the goal is to 'improve' game play, then such players as BlackCav who care enough to make the effort, take the time, and post on the forum should be thanked for raising this legitimate concern by players like Ensign_Cthulhu and not insulted for not clarifying to Ensign_Cthulhu's satisfaction phrased as 'facts' that MOST DDs out-range even the 'buffed' ranges of certain CAs.
  10. Tildeb

    so i checked the EU forums...

    I would dearly love to be absolutely wrong here, but after watching that video in its entirely, it seems to me that the only meaningful way to affect the spreadsheets used by WoW developers - beyond obvious balancing results - that are designed to be used to measure a 'successful' upgrade is - at the end of the day - to either play or stop playing. I've read in many places it's to stop paying but this seems to be mitigated by new players investing. After viewing the video and seeing how the spreadsheets are designed and then interpreted, it seems to me disaffected players best demonstrate their disaffect by not logging in and not playing any battles of any kind. Those falling numbers truly matter because they affect every spreadsheet regarding the game in its entirety. The level of contempt and disregard for players who criticize and complain but keep on playing is plain (we complain because change alone and not the negative impact on game play is always considered bad by us minions, seems to be the reasoning), as is the use of the live servers to subject players to the whims of those who wish to alter the spreadsheets. (Disparity of win rates, for example, is assumed to be a mechanics element requiring nerfing rather than any integral recognition of player experience, ability, and strategy that play a vital role in establishing those rates. So to have any voice at all that cannot be misinterpreted as anything but meaningful displeasure is to stop playing... or to wait until some nerf or new corrective update comes out, is tried, and either accepted or rejected in its entirety simply by playing or not playing.
  11. I haven't played any battles since the drop. And I won't. I learned from the CV drop that making changes to my ship builds and captains to adjust then trying to and play a gorked update translated into a halved my win rate in Random, had me waste every flag and camo I used when planes suddenly and without any meaningful consequences killed me at their leisure, and angered me to the point of leaving the game for about 4-5 months. When I returned later in the summer, many, many nerfs had been made and I found the game had come full circle to somewhat resembling the enjoyable surface naval warfare game I had first enjoyed. I have reset all my captain points and am quite willing to now hibernate. The game developers will now rinse and repeat. In several months I suspect we'll have enough changes to somewhat un-gork this unholy mess. As a BB main who likes to advance and tank and cap, this unrequested gong show of a sniping version seems dedicated to punishing players like I am so, hey, my response is: No say, no pay, no play. All I can do is hope things will change for the better. We'll see...
  12. I buy yearly premium, mega containers, ships, doubloons, and have for many years. That is now correctly written only in the past tense. WoW, this is what you have done. Not me. You. After the CV drop, I converted every captain into being able to defend in some small way the feeling I had going into every game that my ship represented only floating damage waiting to be collected by the latest and delighted CV player. I posted on the forums that the CV rebork made the game far, far, far less fun and even annoying. For many weeks. So, tired of being sunk by fiat, I stopped playing... for four months. When I returned in the summer, the vast number of nerfs to the entire CV rebork allowed to me to feel like I had a fighting chance in my favourite class, the BB. So I started playing again. In fact (and by all means check my account over the past 5 years and see how much I have spent on WoW) I purchased another year of premium, another batch of mega containers, a few more ships, and of course more doubloons. So I want the developers who dropped this .10 update on us to understand I am EXACTLY the kind of player who spends a significant amount of time money on this game... when it's fun, when it's enjoyable to play. I have not touched the game - close to completing the dockyard, ready to finish the campaigns that require it - since the latest update happened. I have read every comment on the forums about the update to find out everything I can before making any changes. I have watched not just the latest stream but videos that players have already made in response to it. One thing is very, very clear: the players I respect who have invested similar if not more time than I playing this game are not happy. And their reasons are many. Those reasons are justified. My take is that the changes change the game. Not just a little but a lot. In fact, they change just about everything. This is not the same game subjected to tweaking or one thing updated in this way or that; this is a game that has been fundamentally changed. Sure, it's the skillset for Captains but the effects are across the entire game in every aspect. The captains, the ships, the ship's capabilities and playability, and the strategy needed to play them in a vivid and fluid situation has been fundamentally changed. What was is no longer. And by all accounts this change is to the detriment of how the game plays in its entirety. And so it is to the detriment of players like I am. In fact, WoW insists I make all these changes to my ships, my captains, my strategies, all to suit their update: this infuriating approach is exactly backwards. And because WoW expects players to fall into line and do this in order to continue to play a game that I have invested in but has now become a different game in fundamental ways, regardless of their significant and legitimate grievances, this tells me this game, my ongoing time and effort and money, doesn't deserve me as a player. Obviously, WoW developers don't care or they would not have imposed their new and improved game on me this way. So I will revisit this gong show in half a year or so and see how things have gone. What I will not is purchase premium, purchase mega containers, purchase ships, or purchase doubloons because fool me once shame on you, fool me twice... well, I am ashamed I was gullible enough to think anything had changed. So the reason I will not spend money I otherwise would be spending on a regular basis is because WoW has now demonstrated twice that they will do what they want when they want how they want, and THEN impose what they alone determine is good for them on me - a paying customer. Disrespect me repeatedly as a paying customer by demanding my obedience, and you disrespect our business arrangement. Give me no say, I'll give you no pay. See you in a post Covid-19 world.
  13. Tildeb

    Commander Skills Update

    Maybe it's just me, but it seems the people most critical of this reset update are long time players who have invested the most time and effort and, I suspect, have probably spent the most money on it so their disappointment in understanding the negative consequences not just for themselves and their inventory but the quality of the gameplay is the keenest.
  14. Tildeb

    Commander Skills Update

    Not a contract/tax lawyer. Not interested in all the minutia and detail. And I can only deal with one pandemic at a time. Not interested in spending hours and hours figuring out first what all the changes mean for me... for how all the combinations affect my captains, and all the ships I have, all the strategies I use, and then being forced - assuming I still want to 'gitgud' - into spending hours and hours implementing smart changes for what will supposedly cost me the least. Good grief. Nope, the easiest, cheapest, and least emotionally fraught route for me is to Just. Stop. Playing. Let's see how the game is, say, after Covid. Maybe by then medical researchers can figure out and find a cure for what has infected the WoW development team. The CV rework was the canary. This update is the cave-in for me. I want a good surface naval combat game I can play. Not a lifestyle change.