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  1. When the business model is to constantly remake the game into something it never was, while claiming this strategy is necessary for 'success', then whatever game may be is already a dead man walking (or sinking in this case). Attracting new players with ridiculous video gaming bells and whistles rather than maintaining a faithful player base is the goal! The cost? Well, just look at the decline in the numbers of forum participants per day. Look at the loss of long time players who cared a great deal about the game. Look at the decline of PvP game quality. Look at the decline of clan members. Look at the loss of well respected CC players. WoW insists it's all for the best, donchaknow, so some lip service about being open and responsive is just a delaying tactic of the inevitable: leaving. All of this is what is predetermined to mean 'success'. So, if you don't like it, then how many times and in how many ways can you and your unreasonable caring about the previous game version with, you know, ships and guns, be shown you are the problem? And who wants to be The Problem(TM)? Not this paying customer. Close the wallet, stop playing, and check in once in a while on the forum to see if anything has changed for the better. If it ever does (who wouldn't want a 'Classic Version' option available?) then my large fleet may someday return to same-old, same-old digital maps of World of Warships.
  2. "...subs can basically contest caps for free, and inflict horrific, free damage on DDs who are in the process of trying to win a cap for the team. If you don't understand how broken this is...." All too true. (But there's no 'if'... there's only a very strong sense of 'I don't care because I know better.) Once, not too long ago and for years, I spent triple digit dollars per month and maintained a premium account because I loved the surface naval combat game (with the occasional CV) that was World of Warships. I played a lot and spent many wonderful hours grinding, studying, reading, and learning why some players were really good by not making the kind of mistakes I was making. I got better over time. Then came the CV rework and sub fiasco and now I only play co-op and have not spent one dime on this game in well over a year. And that's what WoW thinks is a good business model to follow. Even LWM - probably the most dedicated player I've ever encountered - has had enough after investing I don't know how many thousands of dedicated hours for the benefit of the player base. That's telling. WoW continues to amputate its base game with fluff, gimmicks, and everything BUT surface naval combat improvements and thinks the weight loss from dedicated players giving up caring is proof of a good business decision. What a shame.
  3. They're the customers WG (should) want (but couldn't care less about). Subs are a good example of what that looks like in policy.
  4. Tildeb

    Lake Mead Report 1JUL2022

    Just to throw some cold water on any optimism, this is going to be the lake's high point from here on in. So it's not a question of reducing use; it's a question of where will all these people get water when the lake is dry and the aquifer gone? Well, it could be worse, I guess: Salt Lake is going dry, too, but creating arsenic dust storms for the locals to enjoy.
  5. It's my experience that CVs and subs use BBs to collect damage. Other classes? Not so much or, if they do, they take on risk. (As a BB main, I really enjoy taking on DDs, for example and usually give as good as I get.) But with CVs and subs, there's simply no counter play for the BB. The BBs are the main source of 'fun' for these players to then use. I've observed that when playing in such games with both CVs and subs, the BB captain is trained by experience to stay as far away as possible. Pushing or supporting by a good BB player paints a bullseye not so much from surface ships (which is a fair fight) but from these types (which is not a fair fight). In fact, there's very little if any fight from the BBs side and so why sail out time after time with a desire to play as part of a team yet regularly encounter foes one cannot see, one cannot target, one cannot shoot, one cannot sink. The role of the BB becomes a source of farmed damage. And thee only counter play to that is to stay as far away as possible. Should this tactical situation change, it takes a very long time for the BB to then advance. My point is that it is by design the game with CVs and subs gives more benefit and duration to the BB to stay at the baseline utilizing the long range guns that are the BB's ONLY weapon that offers any kind of advantage. Anyone who didn't see this coming with speedboat subs and Mach speed rocket biplanes that by intentional and long lasting design are impervious to effective and fair BB counter play (unless the sub captain is REALLY bad) is not a player. Blaming BB captains for this kind of predictable resulting play is unfair to them even if absolutely justified. I also suspect good random BB players are staying away from this iteration of WoWs in droves. Why should I as a BB player want to be farmed game after game after game to these video game players. As Littlewhitemouse has pointed out to no avail, there's simply zero fun and enjoyment in that. This is the result.
  6. Tildeb

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    If one answers the first question of how likely would one be to recommend the game to a friend and answer 5 or below out of 10 REGARDLESS of how many battles or how many years or how much money one has invested in the game, then WG simply doesn't want to know anything else... like why. Survey over. There's your customer feedback bias in action. If one doesn't care to hear why something isn't working as intended today that was working in the past, then one does not get good data; one only gets confirmation bias and will keep heading down the path to gaming death.
  7. My solution to subs at T5 and higher (that sank me in my old BBs a bunch of games in a row) that I can't see, can't shoot, and can't sink, and the double CVs at T4 that likewise I can't see, can't shoot, and can't sink, is to keep my fleet in port. That is the design intention here for subs and CVs, isn't it? If it isn't the intention, well... I'm somewhere between flummoxed and gobsmacked at how anyone could have thought these would make the game better for all.
  8. T1,2 = too long to wait T4= 2CVs and little and no effective AA T5 and up = subs that all too often cannot be spotted, targeted, or damaged but can do all 3 versus a BB. Throw in CVs and combo BB/CVs (never ever have I seen a Bearn skip bomb attack get diverted or not deal significant damage) and the question becomes what's the payoff for me to play my BBs if I regularly become nothing more than floating damage waiting to be harvested by others that I cannot fairly fight (unless they make terrible mistakes)? Sure, I could play CVs and subs but I won't; my interest is to play surface gun ships. That's what attracted me to the game and why I play. Everything WoW does now is a tax on this interest but has now evolved into being a ransom in Randoms. So - as I've done a couple of times now over the past few years - I will spend exactly zero dollars this year and wait as many months as I need until the meta is fixed enough to be able to regain some sense of fairness and enjoyment from playing the game that originally attracted my interest and investments.
  9. Tildeb

    Submarine Gameplay

    You should absolutely feel overly threatened by submarine torpedoes, not just for the incredible damage they do but for forcing a BB player (by taking away the positioning and gun placement set up to engage surface ships) to maneuver to address the constant pinging and machinegun rate of homing torps sent your way. The game devolves immediately when successfully addressing the immediate and long lasting sub threat into being floating damage waiting to be collected by other means... usually as a gift to CV video players immune to counter threat. At best, one simply becomes irrelevant in the mid to late stages as a BB player contributing to the surface game. After being sunk repeatedly this way (4 games in a row at mid tier), I'm not playing Randoms above T3 so that sub drivers and CV video player can have some fun at my expense. I can't compete fairly when the game IS DESIGNED to put me as a BB main at such a gross disadvantage.
  10. LOVE the art department! To me, it makes the game special.
  11. Tildeb

    Getting almost no damage with the USS New York

    I have found the guns to be pretty good and I have a respectable frag and xp per battle rate with the NY. But maybe that's just me and the way I play. In my port, the NY competes - if not outcompetes - with similar T5 BBs (how I hate the GC in these matches... probably because I've never been able to get one!). With the NY spotter up, I can often catch spotted ships traveling in a nice straight line near the beginning of a battle and can deliver enough damage to get them turning away from whatever cap they might have ben heading. This can give our side a competitive edge right off the bat. It also kites well because of its turret angles. Mind you, I have hundreds of battles with it whereas you're are the front end of not just learning this stuff but knowing when to incorporate it... or even when to not shoot, for example. So the dropping of good shells at distance I know can deal good damage (I'm looking at you, Agincourt!). Once back in 'regular' range, I don't aim at the waterline necessarily (about 15K out or so) but where the belt meets the hull and this seems to produce pretty reliable results. Once I am within ~12K, few belts can withstand the NY's shells (presuming the angle is good). I get lots of citadels this way... but the reverse is also true!). I can often delete cruisers with a single salvo if they give me broadside and so overall and at this tier the NY has served me very well.
  12. Nope. I've not spent my usual <$500 this year. In fact, unlike my previous 6 years, I've spent exactly nothing on WoW. But I do feel I have invested thousands of dollars over the past half dozen years in a game that has then been altered beyond recognition and into something I never paid for and never intended to purchase. And I have no say in the matter. In other words, I feel cheated. And justifiably so. I can play all kinds of video games elsewhere, so by trying to attract video gamers by drastically altering game content and play style to adapt and suit to this point-and-shoot video game genre this gong show has become, WoW has made the decision for me. Even though there are ships now I would liked to have had before and sailed them into a surface naval battle, what's the point in me purchasing and then sailing them if the video gamers flying and stalking these ships from hidden locations with ridiculous weaponry can basically sink me with impunity if they so choose... in a game that used to be about surface naval combat? It certainly ain't that anymore. WoW presumes - well, hopes anyway - that I should at least keep playing and even spend even more money to be what amounts to a floating target for the video gamers to enjoy sinking. Umm.. no thanks. And can I have all my money back now? Didn't think so. So, yeah... not a cent. Fool me once, shame on me for investing in something that can and is regularly altered by the short sighted idiocy of others. Fool me twice? Ain't gunna happen.
  13. Tildeb

    Armada: Kearsarge, a Hybrid Ship

    How is it unreasonable to want my premium CV with BB guns to be able to travel underwater and fire homing torpedoes? I'm almost sure the dev team is already on this upcoming 'improvement' project.
  14. Tildeb

    WG's Improved Communication vs Player Agency

    The only feedback that matters, as far as I can tell over the past 6 years I've been playing, is... well... nothing. If LWM could be treated this way, no other player/contributor matters a tinker's damn. So my level of enjoyment from a surface naval combat game to this monstrosity has steadily declined, especially since the game-crushing CV rework turned my game into just a floating reservoir of potential damage for CVs to collect. That has not changed. I've tried returning a few times now in the forlorn hope that perhaps CV popularity has declined enough to allow some good games but... meh. No CVs is usually a rout from so much poor play. And that's the obvious result from losing long term and capable players and contributors which seems to be the overall goal of the development team. Mission accomplished. Meanwhile, they are busy busy busy busy trying to attract the video game kids with childish sparkle and shine and make believe. That's not me so... I know, I know... don't let the door hit me on the way out.