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  1. ir_killer


    if you cant even come up with dd vs ss gameplay then u dont deserve to add them Wargaming chasing circles is not a fukin game
  2. ir_killer

    add back tier 5 cv's

    we dont need 2 different branches.... just 1 is enuff
  3. ir_killer

    add back tier 5 cv's

    its not like tier 5 will affect the game tier 5 is too low, people have to grind way too much with an underpowered ship to jump from 4 to 6
  4. ir_killer

    add back tier 5 cv's

    play tier 4 with much relief because there wont be a flood of CV's there anymore
  5. ir_killer

    add back tier 5 cv's

    u got all of these cvs in tier 4 because they have to grind forever to reach ryujo 70k xp and u only get 400 xp per game with these cvs, crap. add back tier 5 and then tier 4 could be relieved of these horrid haryujo's