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  1. Berzrk

    Operations suck for carriers now

    yeah, so great for players that paypig a carrier or just already happen to have one, awesome.
  2. T6 carriers are near unusable in just about any operation now; there will always be T8 players grouped with you, thus bringing in T8-T9 bot ships. My squadrons get shredded.
  3. If you just have gotten a T6 carrier they're impossible to play in Ops; you will always get stuck with T8 players so the ships you face will be up to T9. I can just watch my squads evaporate against all the Kitakazes in Aegis or in Hermes the same will happen. It is a major tier with a long time to work on to just not be able to access Ops and get shut down and cause the team to lose so regularly.
  4. Berzrk

    Having fun in brawls?

    think I'm gonna take a hard pass on brawls
  5. My first brawl game featured my side having no divs, while the enemys had all divs of mostly Reknowns and Repulses who instantly went to the flanks on and crushed us. Map was Ocean. It was my best brawl because it will also be my last one.
  6. Berzrk

    Posts vs Battles

    My posts are even more lacking in quality than my battles. Be glad there's very few of them.
  7. I get dabbed on by just about anyone and everyone in brawl. Even if I have hydro and know they will torp me it doesn't change anything and they still get away with it. Especially pommerns, but also other Agirs, Sejongs, mogadors. They all wait until just the right time to do it and I eat them all. What's the correct answer to someone sitting cap at low to almost no speed, and coming from behind an island to torp you at close distance?
  8. Berzrk

    anshan and fushun VS Gnevny 's GUN ?!

    Thinking about spending coal I saved to get an Anshan; already have a Gnevny and I had a Fushun so it's hard to tell if it's worth it for Clan Battles. Also I wish these forums had an emote for rating if the info in a post is now outdated and worthless, or something like that. *shrugs*
  9. Berzrk

    I miss that one Operations Map

    They couldn't be arsed to just fix it? Hahah that's crazy. I don't recall ever having an issue with it.
  10. It was at night and there were these flares that would illuminate your ship, or maybe the enemy ship; it's been too long. I do remember it being fun though. Does anybody know what I'm talking about or why they removed it?
  11. I like to hit F11 and tell my teammates well done but when I aim at a friendly aircraft squadron it doesn't work. Unacceptable.
  12. In the past even if I didn't want them rental X's would appear in my dock. Now when I finally do so I can play with my clan nothing appears. Apparently others in my group said theirs were just there but I guess as usual I'm the exception and not the rule.
  13. Was grinding up to get a Shinonome, made it halfway before realizing just how unfun this game is and that I hate it. Half through the London Grind and nearly done with my Azur Lane collection as well but I just don't give a crapanymore; even if I got the ships from them it wouldn't change how awful this game is. I quit.
  14. Berzrk

    Defense of Naval Station Newport Carry

    I just can't deal with the way they jack knife strait at us; impossible to land a good hit on them.
  15. Berzrk

    Defense of Naval Station Newport Carry

    Had a team that 1 starred it... at that point I just wish they would have just let the op fail completely so my ship I was training could try again with the bonus.