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  1. Berzrk

    anshan and fushun VS Gnevny 's GUN ?!

    Thinking about spending coal I saved to get an Anshan; already have a Gnevny and I had a Fushun so it's hard to tell if it's worth it for Clan Battles. Also I wish these forums had an emote for rating if the info in a post is now outdated and worthless, or something like that. *shrugs*
  2. Berzrk

    I miss that one Operations Map

    They couldn't be arsed to just fix it? Hahah that's crazy. I don't recall ever having an issue with it.
  3. It was at night and there were these flares that would illuminate your ship, or maybe the enemy ship; it's been too long. I do remember it being fun though. Does anybody know what I'm talking about or why they removed it?
  4. I like to hit F11 and tell my teammates well done but when I aim at a friendly aircraft squadron it doesn't work. Unacceptable.
  5. In the past even if I didn't want them rental X's would appear in my dock. Now when I finally do so I can play with my clan nothing appears. Apparently others in my group said theirs were just there but I guess as usual I'm the exception and not the rule.
  6. Was grinding up to get a Shinonome, made it halfway before realizing just how unfun this game is and that I hate it. Half through the London Grind and nearly done with my Azur Lane collection as well but I just don't give a crapanymore; even if I got the ships from them it wouldn't change how awful this game is. I quit.
  7. Berzrk

    Defense of Naval Station Newport Carry

    I just can't deal with the way they jack knife strait at us; impossible to land a good hit on them.
  8. Berzrk

    Defense of Naval Station Newport Carry

    Had a team that 1 starred it... at that point I just wish they would have just let the op fail completely so my ship I was training could try again with the bonus.
  9. Berzrk

    Cleveland Help

    I'm finally at the seattle which is pretty much worse. I never did learn how to really make the Cleveland work in all that time. Sure it has an impressive rate of fire but the shells are just too damn floaty so all I could ever make it do decently was piss off battleships and spook a few DD with radar that I myself would never be able to hit.
  10. Berzrk

    Trento - Not sure how to play this ship

    Anyone have tips for making this thing work in Narai? I always feel like i'm a huge liability to the team in it even more than when I use the Fubuki. So far all I found I can do to not die early game is use my spotting plane and pretend i'm the world's tiniest battleship and try to outrange guns.
  11. Berzrk

    Worst ship in the game

    My Mikasa feels surprisingly squishy; I can't recall another ship that i've gotten so many dreadnought awards in. Still like the ship though since I got it pretty much with nothing but free doubloons and I wanted one since I have good memories of visiting the real Mikasa.
  12. Gonna miss Narai. Especially since I sort of wanted to finish grinding the Nagato's remaining 30k exp to the Amagi on it. Also it's sort of hard to read that yellow font on a white background; at least needs bordering on the letters for contrast.
  13. Berzrk

    Seattle — American Tier IX cruiser.

    Yeah sorry I'm not too keen on just grinding it by 1k each battle with all my flags because I lose nearly every time I use it. Some people will never be able to improve that much and talented players just can't relate to this. If i'm going to waste my time on this game it should be at least somewhat a rewarding experience. Honestly i'm just about through with this game. Only reason I started playing high tier at all is that I want a captain with colored tracer rounds. If i could have that at T6 or lower I would never bother to play with tryhards.
  14. Berzrk

    Seattle — American Tier IX cruiser.

    Tbh, I don't think really good players have any frame of reference of what it's like to be mediocre and struggle with a ship. This thing is so hard to use I'm just going to grind it a little more then free exp past it.
  15. Berzrk

    Seattle — American Tier IX cruiser.

    How the hell am I supposed to use this thing?