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  1. davehenrie

    The new 8.0 CV !

    What does a Cruiser Captain do? Mount all the AA upgrades? Rework the Capt skills? Then what do you do next month when the CV rush slows? I'll be stuck in boats that get hammered long before they reach firing range!
  2. davehenrie

    reviewing completed Combat Missions

    ahh that was it....I was crossing the collection with mission.s. Thanks
  3. Is there any way to view a history of completed combat missions and the rewards that were issued? I 'thought' I completed a British mission requiring 25 Brit wins. The combat mission is no longer displayed, but I don't think I received the final reward. Permanent Cammo for HMS Lightning. Perhaps I was not reading it correctly. I did get some extra coal and signals, but no cammo.
  4. davehenrie

    Constant game crashes

    yup, yup, yup. I agree with several posts. Except mine happens even BEFORE i choose to load a battle. within 5 seconds I'm faced with a black screen. Eventually task manager will work, but only after alt-tabbing to it. Otherwise the non-responding WoWs window prevents task manager from properly shutting down programs. Task Manger can be loaded with ctrl-alt-delete, it just won't do anything til i've alt-tabbed one or more times to get back to the task manager screen. That long box of crash info often appears, I read somewhere a way to copy that without using a cell phone, but I can't seem to find that information now. Anyhow...defintely unplayable at this time.
  5. davehenrie

    Game crashes almost as soon as ship appears in port

    sigh...things were working again, for just about a month it seems, then after the 7.9.1 update, the black screens re-appeared. The game would crash to a black screen in about 5 seconds. It took several attempts, but I did get into the settings and managed to change from dx11 to dx9, but the black screen crashing continues. I did the integrity check, the load in safe mode, the reset everything to default load and all result in the black screen.
  6. davehenrie

    Critical Error Occured

    well, I'm not sure what I did, but I have managed a full evening of Battles without a single crash. I repeated some of the steps above and double checked my graphic options once I got on long enough to click twice to the settings. At this point, problem solved. I wish I knew more...two nights wasted...at least I go on in time to get 5 Bretagne missions completed for the raffle.
  7. davehenrie

    Game crashes almost as soon as ship appears in port

    I did an integrity check, that looked ok. and I have the WG report. I'll get on sending it all in soon. I did have some mods, but they were not active since the previous update...7.6 I think. I wiped all those out just to be sure. No change.
  8. I had a large windows update a day or two ago, this appears to be a re-install of the April Creator's updated. I had serious issues last spring with USB ports not being recognized. But now, the only game that is not working is WoWs. I managed only one battle in the last 2 days by clicking the Battle button before the ship had loaded. During that fight, I also locked up 2 times and had to rejoin the battle by reloading Wows from the launcher.. As soon as the Battle completed, the screen went black again, although I could still hear music and sfx. Including the chirpy sound that accompanies a ship returning to the port found the CRASH report and it looks like this is a shader issue.. Application C:/Games/World_of_Warships/WorldOfWarships.exe crashed 09.06.2017 at 21:48:20 Message: ManagedEffect::createEffect: Error creating effect for 'shaders/std_effects/lightonly_alpha_flat.fx' (reason = The data is invalid. ) System info: OS Name: Windows 8.1 or later OS Version: 6.6 OS Architecture: x86_64 Memory info: Virtual memory: 1988800Kb/4194176Kb (48%) Working set (process physical memory): 1374468Kb/4194176Kb (32%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 1471648Kb/4194176Kb (35%) Global physical memory: 5855872Kb/16735920Kb (34%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 9420988Kb/19226288Kb (50%) System info: COMPUTERNAME = BOXOFPARTS-PC APPLICATION = "C:\\Games\\World_of_Warships\\WorldOfWarships.exe" 8 PROCESSOR(S) = 0 - 6 5e03 DISPLAYDEVICE 0 = \\.\DISPLAY1, Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&SUBSYS_34131462&REV_C7 DISPLAYDEVICE 1 = \\.\DISPLAY2, Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&SUBSYS_34131462&REV_C7 DISPLAYDEVICE 2 = \\.\DISPLAY3, Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&SUBSYS_34131462&REV_C7 DISPLAYDEVICE 3 = \\.\DISPLAY4, Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&SUBSYS_34131462&REV_C7 DISPLAYDEVICE 4 = \\.\DISPLAY5, Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&SUBSYS_34131462&REV_C7 DISPLAYDEVICE 5 = \\.\DISPLAY6, Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&SUBSYS_34131462&REV_C7 Extended info: Current thread #10784 native trace: (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01026372 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01025936 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x013912EB (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01391BA0 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x013766E0 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01376BAA (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01395370 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01395A2E (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x013862BA (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x013876FA (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x0138AC71 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01360F9F (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01361104 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01361F76 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01361E34 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01456EC8 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01457121 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01436B46 (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x00C8C5EB (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x0102B4AB (0) : WorldOfWarships.exe!0x010314FB (0) : ucrtbase.dll!0x7486E87F (0) : KERNEL32.DLL!0x77498744