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  1. D3MoNiC317

    Help me choose: Massachusetts, or Georgia?

    have you consider getting the Alabama? it works better if you are looking for a premium to help train your captain. You can get the Georgia for free with coal later and you will a premium to train your captains if we get a alternative secondary bb line.
  2. D3MoNiC317

    Mid-tier premium coal ship

    I only play ranked and PVE. .lol
  3. D3MoNiC317

    Mid-tier premium coal ship

    thx for the info... i will have to check out my dragon boats
  4. D3MoNiC317

    Mid-tier premium coal ship

    but i thought the dragons dont get the bonuses of a regular premium ship?
  5. D3MoNiC317

    Mid-tier premium coal ship

    i would like to see shinonome for coal
  6. D3MoNiC317

    Test Drive Premium ships

    the times i bought ships just because they look beautiful and i was drunk. .... they will lose sale for sure. lol
  7. D3MoNiC317

    Seldom seen premium ships?

    i haven't seen many admiral makarov around
  8. D3MoNiC317

    Italian premium crate heads up

    i bought 30 and i am still missing the tier 8......
  9. i like the molotove or degrasse for operations
  10. D3MoNiC317

    Viribus Unitus

    when haunghe first came out, it was the first ship i got from the crates.
  11. D3MoNiC317

    Viribus Unitus

    so buy it now or get it from Christmas crates later
  12. D3MoNiC317

    Premium Destroyer Division Six

    i would buy one if come out with something like the HSF Harekaze
  13. D3MoNiC317

    Rogue Wave captains and camo

    i thought the rouge wave camos were for tier X ships like gearing?
  14. with italian cruiser line coming, its the perfect time to make a operation for axis vs allies
  15. i opened mine all at once so i dont have to deal with the disappointment more than once