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  1. Chikashsha_Kamassa

    Clan emblems. Icon collection for mod

    Most excellent mates! Thank you. Good Hunting.
  2. Howdy! I am trying to figure out what these neat and unique player or maybe clan symbols are on the battle screens, next to the team lineups. I WANT ONE!! LOL The pic attached shows what I am talking about. Thank you mate! Jerry aka Chikashsha_Kamassa I posted this originally in the Topic area of the forum, but a moderator suggested I should post it here again too. He though perhaps it's from a Mod that uses these for clans, but after looking at several battles, I'm not sure that it either. So...
  3. Chikashsha_Kamassa

    Almirante Abreu

    Thanks Mate! Got a ways to go then!
  4. Chikashsha_Kamassa

    Almirante Abreu

    This seems to be the right place to post/ask this question. I am a addicted ship collector! I admit it. I'm 65 and this is the ONLY electronic game of any type I play. Anyway...I joined WoWs in 2016, I now have 407 ships. Does anyone know or can we know who has, or at least what is the most number of ships ANY player has??? I am not counting temp/special session or subs either. The screen shot shows 423, but 16 are temp or etc. Thanks, and happy sailing! JJ aka Kamassa
  5. I use WoWs Modstation, loaded from the WoWs site. Lately I have seen some missing elements, like the battle time clock. But most annoying is the missing personal info for my ship in the battle screen data. I am attaching a screenshot showing where my torp loadout is missing, yet all other boats with torps are showing. I have uninstalled the Mods and reinstalled 3 times. It doesn't change. Help? Please.
  6. Mate...I am considering a screen name change. The one I want is free and I know about the 1200 dubs. But several in my clan have said I would "loose my account"? Why? How? And assuming I don't loose anything except a few dubs, then the only other hassles would be relinking my PayPal, VPN and etc...correct? I can continue to use my current login correct? Anything else I would need (should) know 1st sir?

    Many thanks! BasqueJacque

    1. Navalpride33


      Hapa is retired Basque...



      Is there anyway to help the OP on his issue ?

  7. Chikashsha_Kamassa

    The Complete Guide to Graphics Settings

    Sir! I hope you are still receiving notices about this post. I am getting rather desperate to find someone who can help me decipher my Nvidia Control Panel settings coupled with the WoWs game settings. YES! I am a MOBO (I think) or at least not a serious gamer. I am recently disability retired and have done a lot with/to my old PC and etc. I was originally getting about 75fps and 33 ping a year ago. I have since upgraded my CPU, added a basic EVGA GT1030 and maxed my RAM. But since then (and I have watched so many YouTube videos on this...I am more lost) I am getting a frozen 40fps and 32 ping. Are you willing to help an old fart out a little? Or guide me to the right place to learn. My GeForce Experience won't even recognize my game anymore! Thank you sir....BasqueJacque Mediocre player.
  8. NO!! Absolutely not! Discord is too cumbersome and complex and redundant. It's properly named actually...it's creates DISCORD!
  9. Making a simple game play suggestion...can we please create an automatic zigzag in the autopilot please? Like the real navies? BasqueJacque

  10. Chikashsha_Kamassa

    Allocating Personal Resources to Clan?

    Good discussion and information. Thank you all for answering my question and the background.
  11. Okay...searched for an hour...cannot find how to allocate some of my personal resources to my clan. Can that even be done? Thanks all...BasqueJacque
  12. Thanks for posting this. I've never seen myself in a replay. Not much of a techie and don't do Twitch, though I did sign up. Was interesting. Glad I at least got a sink!!
  13. Chikashsha_Kamassa

    Fuel Token Earning full breakdown

    Okay, I have a few fuel tokens, but when I go to redeem them in the armory for containers...the selection shows either doubloons or tokens to be used to make the purchase. But when I click the selection, it only allows me to use doubloons, not the tokens. Is there a secret to how you pend the tokens? Or does my game download have a glitch? Thanks you sirs!
  14. This is driving me crazy! Every Test series I have done, I have a screen compatibility issue. This does not happen in the regular game. My screen acts like a windows screen with the top bar and when my mouse goes too low, the control bar pops up and I loose all game control for several seconds. I generally get killed about then. Someone on the main server told me it has to do with the windows PC full screen setting, but they never explained how to fix it. Obviously, I am no PC whiz here. :-) I run a standard HP machine with Windows 7. Here's a screen shot. Yes, I have two monitors. Ignore the right one. Can anyone please help. I cannot keep doing these tests (though I love them) with this glitch. Help! Jerry aka BasqueJacque

    Screenshot WoWs Test.pdf