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  1. Uhh deleting the folders individually is not how you uninstall large programs like wows. You need to go to the game launcher and uninstall it that way if you havent corrupted it to oblivion doing random file deleting or go to control panel -> uninstall a program -> world of warships. But either way touching files could make probably break it entirely. Then once fully uninstalled or if you were unsuccessful go to the "create a new instance" or something simillar, pick what region / wows version you want and install it according to the proper drive
  2. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    Why is this not a match???

    Idk, its been needing an update for 6 years that screen.
  3. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    Why is this not a match???

    Essentially how MM works is there is a hard cap (with one slight restriction) to how long you have to wait. Its either 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes before all the spots are filled with bots. However the one exception is that there must be at least 1 person with the same class and tier of ship on the enemy team, the "players in your queue" may show x amount of people able to play with you but in this case doesnt really help understand fully
  4. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    Rather Quiet on the Dev Blog Front

    Generally dev blogs dont go ahead of the next patch besides theres not much to announce this patch everything has already been announced other than telling when operations and puerto rico comes. All the balance changes came at the start of the month leaving a couple weeks of a gap ehich does happen quite often actually.
  5. There is quite a lot of growth. Server population numbers prove it. You can claim doom and gloom all day but that doesn't mean its true.
  6. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    French tech tree streamlining, ala Germany?

    not gonna happen lol. Patrie is already slated as MN BB Super ship so there would be no point in replacing republique at the current moment
  7. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    Where can I find ships' win rate by week or month?

    Wows numbers na, look up your name and click the detailed information under the recent / 7 day / 14 day etc
  8. Im proud to say im one of the three potato people that selected gibraltar as my favourite rb ship
  9. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    I think WG forgot something with the Regolo

    that description was also made when there was like what? only American heavy and Japanese heavy cruisers available. back then yes, DM had some good armor
  10. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    What is with the TV Dish

    It is radar, just because the ship in game doesnt have radar doesnt mean it cant be modeled in. If we went by the models almost 90% of the ships in this game would have radar and hydro
  11. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    Are PT boats really next?

    your confusing a speculation or joke from an actually somewhat solid rumor that has been leaked.
  12. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    What's the use of Free XP?

    1. Free xp can be used to research modules or ships without the full amount or even no ship xp needed. This can be used to "skip" certain ships or even complete an entire line immediately. 2. Fxp can be used to promote commands to another level (not recommended) 3. Fxp ships come occasionally. A lot have been removed (nelson 350k, Musashi 750k, Missouri 750k, Alaska 1m, Kronsdalt 750k, Friesland 1m, Smaland 2m) However there is still some ships available: Hayate 2m, Azuma 1m, Agir 1m, Gronigen 1m.
  13. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    DevBlog 323 - Changes in Clan Battles and Brawls

  14. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    DevBlog 323 - Changes in Clan Battles and Brawls

    Ranting about maps being completely ignored when faroe islands is about to be released along with an additional new map
  15. Trash_Taste_In_Waifus

    New Survey, I closed it after first question.........

    Still want to know the relevancy to why WG needs to know about insurance though.... very very very bizzare