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  1. Just because you dont know how to play ships doesnt mean its crap. The koingsberg is great, furutaka is great, myoko is amazing, kongo is great , fuso is great, nagato is great, konig one of the best tier five BB's, bayern is Ok, gneis is good not aure what you mean there. Also 1 tier difference isnt going to happen. Ever. gneis armor is actually really good you just dont know how to play it. roma is never going to be FXP ship gaurentee it. you have to wait a while to see italian tech tree
  2. Kiev players

    i do agree with most parts of your statement. russian dd's should have their concealment lowered a little. 10km detection on a dd is just.... w t f... but there should be a little trade off to that since khab kiev are REALLY fast. but yeh i kinda do agree with you. khab vs IJN dd's are just nasty.... if im not running CE on my khaba kagero can out spot me from 5km and easily torp me... like really wg.. but im not sure im the right person you should be writing this to. i dont really have any power with WG. im just a regular player. however if you mention this to @Pigeon_of_War , @Radar_X, @SuperNikoPower, @Sub_Octavian im sure they will help you
  3. Yamato Nerfed?

    Montana still has a juciy citadel lmbo. Nearly dev stuck a getman grosser from 17km the other day with 3 cits
  4. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    lol RCN wont only get 1 ship in the game. they had the third largest navy by the end of ww2
  5. Kiev players

    Thats when you get your sounboard and play "i dont know who you are or where you are. But one thing is certain. I will find you, and i will kill you"
  6. Kiev players

    Yeh made me feel good when i was the #1 XP earner in the entire game even on a loss
  7. The only ship i dont have on the tree right now is the marblehead :/ sooo badly do i want to conplete that collection
  8. Kiev players

    Yeh thats why i luv her too. Once got 170k dmg high cal, confed, witherer, kraken, 6 kills and still lost
  9. Kiev players

    Yeh thats like when people b*tch to me about how to play kiev and that im an idiot for not contesting caps. A kiev has horrible concealment. B i dont run CE on russian dd's cuz why tf should i. C: kiev is not a close quarter fighter. She is very fragile and a very sluggish turner (lets not even go there on the trashcan)
  10. yes know training rooms take the already limited server resources. but what im saying is that they training rooms are useful in figuring out what you can and cant do. hell i never knew a gearing could cit a mino but z-52 cant.
  11. its not. the purpose of training rooms is to train. figure out what ships are able to pen citadels and what not. the ONLY REASON people found out a mahan and cit a a yamato is because of training room. edit also to test drops for cv's and just overall LULS.
  12. i dont really know i cant tell you the last time i worried about storage lol. i have 3 2TB hard drives, a 526gb SSD, and a 2tb backup. i think its around 20gb i think im not really too sure
  13. If you dont have a cap on your internet you could do the public tests when they comeout. Those offer five of each? But you have to redoenload the game essentially
  14. Bro thats f*cking good. Made me get caught by my teacher for laughing too hard