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  1. JessieTheKitty

    Everyone's talking about T10 CV cap....

    its honestly not just low tiers. higher tiers are SO broken for destroyers. my recent destroyer play has been so abysmal due to 4 cv games back to back to back.... like you just can't shake them away.
  2. JessieTheKitty

    NNC Clan Recruitment

  3. JessieTheKitty

    NNC Clan Recruitment

  4. JessieTheKitty

    NNC Clan Recruitment

  5. JessieTheKitty

    NNC Clan Recruitment

    [NNC] Norfolk Naval College Clan Recruitment Introduction: We are Norfolk Naval College [NNC], A typhoon level clan for the Haifuri Community which is the home to four other clans (HAIFU, WHS, PRNA, BLUMR). We are the main competitive clan within the community whom regularly divison with people in the clan or others within the community. We also competitively play clan wars and participate in our community's King of the Seas team. Furthermore, we or our fellow clans are here to help with learning how to play, or learning how to improve. Our Requirements: Must have or higher than 1200 Personal Rating (Found on https://na.wows-numbers.com/). Must have two tier 8 non premium ships. Must have a publicly view able profile. Must have and will use discord communications app. Able to demonstrate and have the ability to learn and adapt to the game. Cannot be inactive for more than 21 days without contacting the commander without risk of removal. How to join: Simply join the discord, contact a recruiter / deputy commander / commander to apply for a position in one of our clans. Haifuri's community discord: https://discord.gg/7t6GcQK (Please respond to our staff when you first join) If you have any other questions feel free to message me or any other officer within the Haifuri community and we will do our best to assist you.
  6. JessieTheKitty

    Just get rid of carriers

    you dont need to overmatch if potatos be broadside trying to cross the map.
  7. JessieTheKitty

    Just get rid of carriers

    thats what happens when there is two stalins and a borgonge with Reload boost against a bunch of DM's caught in open water...
  8. @iKami Hello, ive noticed that a lot of people in my clan has played more then 10 battles (we mainly played EU) and yet still havent recieved our 500 steel and 15000 coal. just curious if there is a date or which that we will be getting it. thank you.
  9. JessieTheKitty

    Just get rid of carriers

    it also fundamentally breaks the game in Clan wars. as a caller i do my typical calls turn around in 1 minute into the match the CV has my entire team spotted and 4 people are missing all of their hp. you should never have something spot that fast.
  10. JessieTheKitty

    Just get rid of carriers

    man... does anyone remember when the reworked dropped and there was 3 tier 10 carriers per side.... that was rough
  11. @Radar_X @Pigeon_of_War @TheURLGuy in response to @Captain_Han_Yolo i would like to give more in depth of whats happening. our entire divison is ready up for EU prime time (we are NA) and when we hit battle it either does one of two things. it unready's all of us and resets the division or makes the battle sound and does not do anything. We have yet to actually go into battle so far i apologize about captain_han_yolo's comments. here is some screenshots trying to explain whats happening. http://prntscr.com/mwg11j edit now its working. took several turn it off turn it on swapping battles and all that. took about 50min of this
  12. JessieTheKitty

    Beautiful photo of HMCS Haida

    only just saw this but thanks
  13. JessieTheKitty

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    wow ok. so when i launched the game i noticed my sound settings where changed so i fixed that. (i like to have sound at like 10% because i dont like my ears bleeding) and then out of nowhere for some reason Hakaryu planes and harugumo aa went to 100% game volume (i was getting attacked by planes before that but game volume never changed) and it was WAY to loud. it felt like shoving my ear next to a speaker at a concert. not sure if this is a bug or something but the sound was way out of wack edit: so like the hakaryu planes were going on a strike run right and they sounded kinda like bee's... like thats how low i had the volume so i could barley hear them. then when they finished the attack run and went to climb altitude it sounded like a train horn in my headset it was disgusting
  14. JessieTheKitty

    CVs, Georgia, Monarch and Conqueror. WIP

    i mean yeh myogi sucked but it was somewhat interesting to play
  15. JessieTheKitty

    CVs, Georgia, Monarch and Conqueror. WIP

    if they bring in the USN 18" guns i think it would be interesting to see the tillman lV-2 if not the tillman lV would be a interesting ship. just for the memes. make it have like Nassau dispersion with 4x6 16" turrets