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  1. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    actually graf zeppelin was given to the russians post war and Novorossiysk could easily probably be a tier ten..... considering how the US was lend leasing a bunch of equipment to the UK and ussr and how apart of that was bouge escort carriers to uk..... i dont see how hard it would be to assume something similar might have happened between russia and usa. so thats what? tier 6,8,10 we could get.
  2. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    i agree, the only battleship or battle cruiser lines that get released will probably be USN BB split (sodak/georgia/ohio line) and large/battlecruiser line (alaska/saratoga/PR type), maybe japanese BB/BC split, RN BB/BC split and thats about it. maybe add russian battlecruisers like kron/stalin etc?
  3. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    i mean.... not really. scharnhorst didn't have the armor of bismarck for a very good reason, treaty of versailles limited their displacement and (sure they could break the displacement which they did) but theres a difference between slightly going over the allowed displacement and going well over it.
  4. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    i would love to see it sold as a steel or NTC ship just for the players that actually bother to really play this game.
  5. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    mmmm true. i mean that goes for a lot of lines too. for example IJN dd's at low to mid tier are pretty meh without CE but when they have it... much better. be interesting thats for sure..
  6. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    depends on the view i suppose. Classification[edit] They were the first class of German ships to be officially classified by the Kriegsmarine as Schlachtschiff (battleship).[8] Previous German battleships were classified as Linienschiffe (ships of the line),[a] and Panzerschiffe (armored ship). Their adversary, the Royal Navy, rated them as battlecruisers[9][10] but after the war reclassified them as battleships.[11] Jane's Fighting Ships 1940 lists both the Scharnhorst and Bismarck classes as "Battleships (Schlachtschiffe)"[12] Another adversary, the United States Navy, rated them as battleships.[13] In English language reference works they are sometimes referred to as battleships and sometimes as battlecruisers.[c]
  7. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    i would love that too. im surprised that it did take this long to get to this point but hey.... to be fair it could be a good thing too. WG is now experienced with their skills to produce maps, textures and new ideas into the game. it could be for the greater good.
  8. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    thats because tbh. everything at tier 9 never existed iirc. maybe z-46. they could add a paper ship easily yes. but it goes far further than that. a lot like how it took so long to get a historical german commander. germany is uhhhh.... highly controversial at times so naturally it kinda shows when it comes to its lack of premiums and commmanders.
  9. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    ummm no. that's where your wrong. you can easily get it if your not lazy. its the SAME CONCEPT as grinding a line. your not going to be at kawachi then log in one day and be like. O M G i have a yamato look at that. no. if you think thats how the game works than you should REALLY reconsidering having this game. and nah. ill say what i want to say cuz i dont care about you or your "iN tHe pOwEr oF 90tH aNd FrIeNdShiP"
  10. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    also Stalingrad is NOT locked behind participation in CB and ranked. you can still get steel other ways. and if your THAT WORRIED ABOUT NOT BEING IN RANKED AND CB'S. then you shouldnt be one to suggest ships into the game. ^THIS.
  11. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    first no. graf spee and scharnhorst are not a battlecruisers or super cruisers. secondly the battlecrusiers in the game are: Myogi, Kongo, Amagi, Ashitaka, Hood, Krondsalt, Stalingrad. thats only 7 battlecruisers in the game Gneis is LIKE a battlecruiser but not classified as a battlecruiser. Alaska, Puerto rico, Yoshino, Azuma are all large/ heavy cruisers and not battlecruisers. perhaps you should research the naval doctrines before assuming everything with little armor that goes fast with big guns is a battlecruiser
  12. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    hmmmm. Not quite. Myogi, Amagi, Kongo are all battle cruisers. And they just gave away the ARP ships of which had 4 battle cruisers in them... sure PEF was a premium but it was a premium that was given away for free with an actual not bad of a grind. Gnies may not have been a battlecruiser irl but the version of it in the game represents the O class design somewhat. Hood is yes a premium. kronsdalt is yes locked behind a wall now due to it being way to cheap what it was. Stalingrad is only what? 28,000 steel. thats not that long of a grind. im not a unicum player and im still able to get all 3 tier ten steel ships plus black. so either your not putting in the effort or you are just looking for a reason to complain about it. Yoshino is for coal. something you can get easily by getting 3 containers a day. EZ. Azuma / alaska is for 1 million free xp. sure thats a lot. but WG isnt going to just gift you a friggin tier 9 ship because you want it. Puerto rico is the ONLY ship here that is locked behind a P2W wall. TLDR: Ships you can get in tech tree that are battlecruiser/ represent Battlecruiser playstyles: Myogi, Kongo, Amagi, Gneis Premium ships: Hood, Ashitaka ships that you can get for a little bit of a grind: Yoshino, Azuma, Alaska, Stalingrad locked ships: Puerto rico, Kronsdalt
  13. JessieTheKitty

    OK WG Its Time For Another BattleCruiser Post

    Sure. but you also have to remember this is a game. Not historical, so ships that did "exist" will have the same impact as those that were being built / designed. and as much as i would like to see battle cruiser lines there is bigger stuff to worry about first. I have been studying naval designs for some time now wondering how WG can develop their tech tree. It takes a lot of work to research everything and not to mention most battle cruiser lines will have a lot of paper ships aswell so people will just complain "OH THERES TOO MUCH PAPER IN THIS GAME!!!" for instance Japanese battle cruisers will most likely need a paper design in tier 6,7,9,10. Germany would need ones at 7,8,9,10. Royal navy would need them at 7,8,9,10 (im no counting hood as a tech tree since its already premium) and thats if the battle cruisers are based off of the battleship matchmaking and start at tier 2 or 3. Defflinger will come. sooner or later. the amount of people that want lower tier premiums is very low and the profit on them is horrible. so WG is not exactly leaping hurdles to get this done immediately.
  14. JessieTheKitty

    NNC Clan Recruitment

    If you are looking for a casual or competitive clan the Haifuri community has it all! We are an active community with 170+ members within our 5 clans we offer: - NNC is our competitive clan. - PRNA is our semi-competitive clan - WHS is our semi-competitive/casual clan -Haifu is our casual clan - LSNB is our training clan for newer members. If you are interested in joining or have any questions feel free to join our discord!