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  1. Considering i ever played 4 RU DD's thats not a conparison worth making, again it was my trainer for RU DD's
  2. Also of you check my new events tab you will see for RU DD's it went from khaba - 28.02.2018 Tashkent - 08.01.2018 leningrad - 02.01.2018 kiev - 02.01.2018 okhotnik - 22.12.2017 gremyaschy - 22.12.2017 Izy - 16.07.2017 gremyashcy and izy where in a way where my first RU DD's therefore a trainer for my later on RU DD's. Also when i was playing gremy (which i should do again) i was using 10p commander not my current 19p khaba commander
  3. You clearly didn't look up my stats properly since gremyaschy is one of my best boats for pr/wtr. I think its in the 30's for wtr and 20's for pr. and yeh, you have to have the playstyle for any boat, i mean if you're going to play a nikolai like a kamikaze then its not going to be OP.
  4. Nope i disagree. If you are a true russian gunbote soul then you will still ruin peoples lives
  5. Port Queen = Defective product

    What? Its the second best premium tier 8 battleship... i guess you just dont understand how to brawl i guess
  6. Yeh cv's werent added but i bought with gold. Also i agree it was my second christmas crates (but my first i joined 2 weeks before and didnt even have tier 3) so i missed out, however this year i didnt and spent nearly 1.5k into it and went out with 500 of each flag, bunch of ships, about ~150,000k gold, 2 years premium, 5,000 frost fir (yep 5k.....)
  7. Ships available from x-mas crates last year Nikolai, giuilo cesare, mutsu, alabama, kii?, tirpitz, scharnhorst, October?, warspite, hood, arizona?, texas?, dunkerque kamikaze, gremyashcy, okhotnik, anshan, gallant, sims, kidd, lo yang, Leningrad de grasse, duca aosta, perth, huang he, molotov, kutuzov, belfast, prinz eugen, atago, indiana, Atlanta?, graf spee, ships with ? Are im not certain about. Got a lot of ships in christmas boxes but also bought a lot too from the gold i got (nearly 100 ships total) so little hard to remember my pull: emden, smith, albany, mikasa, tachibana, diana, oleg, aurora, yubari, kransy krym, murmansk, marblehead, gremyashcy, okhotnik, kamikaze, de grasse, dunkerque, duca, perth, molotov, makarov, nikolai, kaga, atago, kii, mutsu, warspite, hood, campbeltown, gallant, indiana, saipan, enterprise, arizona, texas, alabama, leningrad, graf spee, tirpitz, scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen, anshan, lo yang, huang he, +number of tech tree ships
  8. It will beat bb engagements long range... what? Are you actually high? No without any skill points this thing will get out ranged from every single cruiser battleship and some dd's. Even with AFT your still going to get hurt by ships such as karlshure, pheonix, sveitlana, dugay, izy, clemson, and literally every BB at tier 4/5. Atlanta has short range and poor dpm without a 14p commander with aft and ifhe. And no....... wyoming is basically the slowest BB at her tier (pretty sure kaiser is faster) and since wyoming would only get probably 3-4knts speed boost saying BB's wont be able to turn tail and out run her is nonsense. ESPECIALLY when you have to be about 1.5-2km from your max range to a target when its sailing away from you at max speed (reference to colorado with similar speeds) and if you're directly head on your only getting 4-6 of those DP 5"/38's to face that BB. Which is going to have a terrible DPM against a few 12" guns
  9. No More Clear Sky?

    Yup, midway, grosser x3, yamato, montana x2, zao, hindenburg x3.... thats over 30 planes (not counting captain perks or premium mods or SI) hell with SI, premium and catapult skill i think grosser can have like 9 or 10 planes.....
  10. Hmmm not entirely. The 5"/38's have a terra bad fire chance 5%, and the only way your going to be setting fires is via spamming the hell out of everything. And theres what only 10 guns on the boat? Not a whole lot for a battleship. And when you think that this would be going up against other wyoming/arkansas/myogi/ Ishzuchi/orion/nikolai/courbet her guns wont do hardly anything to those bb's before shes toast. also no the hit point pool would be greatly nerfed due to how Wargaming usually goes by Displacement/weight = HP and since her turrets and armor got thrown out heh... there goes that... Also acceleration would only increase by a few seconds... nothing much its still a battleship with a huge hull. Still going to have a lot of drag edit: you mentioned this thing will be better starting fire then st louis? St louis will most likely out RPM this thing and still has higher fire chance...
  11. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 18th, 2018

    Russian DD's... just love spraying and praying like a **bleep** other than that german cruisers. HE is great and just excellent at kiting
  12. Sure god aa at tier 4 can be rough but doesnt have anything else going for her.
  13. No More Clear Sky?

    Well something need to happen.... was in my hakaryu yestersay and shot down **wait for it** 86 planes still didnt get clear sky.....
  14. Im 95% sure the entire team and enemy team can hear you yelling at each other.... last KOTS game we played against a clan that used in game comms and we could hear them yelling their strats and we just instantly countered with ease
  15. Not sure how removing all the heavy artillery and putting on several lighter artillery and stripping most of her armor would mean she should be uptiered to tier 5 but ok......