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  2. Kurfurst secondary build.

    Ew no. If your gonna build secondary on german BB's gotta do this. kufurst: - Preventive Maintenance. - Expert Marksman - Demolition Expert - Advanced Firing Training - Manual Seconarys - Inertia Fuse High Explosive Upgrades: - Auxiliary modifications 1. - damage control modifcation mod 1. - Secondary modifcation 2. - Damage control mod 2 (if you dont like fire >:D) - Target Accuistion mod - Secondary Mod 3
  3. What's your solo WR

    Yeh same here. Considering this isnt a redo account first 2k battles i didnt know how to play since i didnt have any friends and then 2k battles have just been a massive spike in my efficiency
  4. What's your solo WR

    51% overall, 66% recent (30days)
  5. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 20, 2018

    @Pigeon_of_War if you ever update the game engine it would totally kick*** if carriers would launch player controlled planes and do like a massive map of leyte gulf or midway/coreal sea. That would be cool
  6. RN - No skill needed?

    Lol love my emreald, its actually really rare for me to hate it. Its just... clicks for me. Hell i broke my record in her yesterday nearly got 3k base xp that game
  7. The Toxicity recently?

    Close, Ontario. belive or not thats highway 401 wow that was a bad blizzard :/
  8. RN - No skill needed?

    Sorry LWM but you made mistake. RN CL's gets heals at tier 4 i belive then smoke at tier 5 :)
  9. USN Cruiser Split Question

    Since WG is releasing a line every quarter i will say may/june/july sounds about right
  10. Could we see this as the first USN premium that gets Hydro/Defensive/Damage con for conaumables :D
  11. Yes, keep going. Youre only making yourself look more like a idiot. And please, keep downvoting me on every thing i write you fcking troll
  12. No you attacked me, i merely said i love threads luke these and that they are funny. Oh wait you think thas attacking? Ok go back to your hole you little troll
  13. Hmm? I attacked no one? Also nor did i spam? I merely nade a statement which in my country is allowed
  14. No i do know whats going on since i was bored and read the chat, people getting too emotional to BB's saying they wish they are still in service and other people saying that they should be in service to still provide artillery blah,blah,blah. thats what cracks me up
  15. The Toxicity recently?

    It was the car of the future :P edit: flux capacitor stand issue