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  1. In what world. Does a DM run hydro, defaa, radar/spotter/fighter and repair. none. dm gets the same slots as hindenburg does except hindy isnt able to mount radar with its 2cnd slot. also lol conparing a hindy with dm... nice. Hindy and dm are completely different styles of cruisers
  2. >midway is terrible for as. >hakaryu still has 3 fighters on strike layout the layouts dont really matter unless its stock.
  3. I mean it depends in what you face. Also hakaryu is very easy to get lots of plane kills due to its massive fighter config. I think my max was about 70ish in it. 80 is taiho, 70ish in kaga, 70ish in lexington. All in all it comes down to wiether or not the cv is just a muti-million dollar glorified potato the enemy team build in the non existant shipyards. Edit tier 10 carriers are also typically easier to get king of the skys due to the larger hangers
  4. 38 ships... 8 BB's 3 costal BB's several cruisers and destroyers. gold was supposed to be the cost of the fleet, payroll, resupply cost, etc. also gold in 1905 $20ish dollars per ounce. gold in 2018 $1,00ish dollars per ounce. Also 100b euros isnt the right number. Thats just a over estimate of it
  5. New skins for Haida ??

    No not match makings fault. Yours. You div failed. Also no. There will never be a nations ship that will be a new camo and flag. Since haida never severed with new zealand and Australia it would be very unsettling to see that flag on her. However there is mods that i imagine you can add that flag and also a ship rename mod that is able to list it (client side) as something else for you. But no. Haida is and always was canadian. Will obv never make a reskin (camo) for 1 nation ship for another. It just doesnt work that way.
  6. New skins for Haida ??

    What. Prob not. We already have two tribals so NZ and Australia prob wont get one.
  7. 1-black swan. The glass cannon. 2- lonigjiang /tacibana 3- nassau / K.A 4- orion pre nerf bat / hoso / yuubari 5- furutaka / gremyaschy 6- nurnberg / perth 7- maass / kaga 8- akiducky (obv.) / prinz eugen 9- fletcher / kronsdalt 10- worcester

    No cleveland worcester helena are all amazing. Cleveland just straight up demolishes t6. Helena is gr8. Worcester is prob my #1 fav ship
  9. Code within

    evening morning....... when do they end or start when you just constantly lay in bed wishing for things to be normal
  10. Code within

    I could look... but im in bed laying down looking at my ceilin wishing to just fall in a hole... typical 10am morning
  11. Code within

    No ideawhat it was but thanks
  12. Wrong Answers Only: 01

    and theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
  13. Wrong Answers Only: 01

  14. Wrong Answers Only: 01

    nah all yall are mistaken. its the sixth alien space ship form the movie batttleship. except this one had highly increased number of those werid spiky ball flying things