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  1. Does this mean WG may allow more than 100 containers in the port again? The only reason why they removed that feature was because of a exploit ichase found with how the loot table is designed for santa crates. However if it has been reworked like you said the cap for containers is pointless now and is just annoying when opening a large sum of containers
  2. CHAT_Work_In_Progress

    ....and in other news iEarlGrey gives the weather report

    I feel the same way about gray
  3. well it looks like you got one of the BB's coming. the Tier 7 design just announced as a t8 premium named the "atlantico"
  4. CHAT_Work_In_Progress

    Commentary on CO-OP versus PVP Players

    Im willing to bet my account, computer 1st, 2cnd and third unborn childs and my mothers grave that the majority of income for this game does not come from coop mains
  5. CHAT_Work_In_Progress

    Commentary on CO-OP versus PVP Players

    Bro my brain in this thread is fried
  6. CHAT_Work_In_Progress

    Suggestion: new Port: HIGH SEAS

    Would be cool but it wouldnt work. Even if you have 30-40 ships with active animations in that port its gonna run your computer pretty hard... let alone 500 ships.
  7. CHAT_Work_In_Progress

    Game ignores commands

    Could it be ping spikes?
  8. No deletion? Must be feeling cheerful today lol.
  9. Thats only the automated system. If you send direct tickets to WG they tend to implement the ban immediately now.
  10. Thanks for the drama @Boggzytime for you to shine
  11. CHAT_Work_In_Progress

    I believe the new update just bricked my 3090 GPU

    But that requires logic
  12. CHAT_Work_In_Progress

    Join us in today’s stream for a special announcement

    Sadge Friendship with kitakami ended. New best friend is yamagiri
  13. CHAT_Work_In_Progress

    Join us in today’s stream for a special announcement

    Considering that ger bc release fully next patch ot would make sense for it to be a new ship line annoucement. Most likely entering testing next patch and being released may/june ish since PAS CLAA will be released most likely in feb/march My guess is italian DD or possibly commonwealth destroyers?