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  1. I will tell what Skpstr when I was 30 I wouldn't be caught dead sitting in the house playing games . I was working all day and then going right to the bar to try and find woman . I spent more time in my apartment this week than the whole year I was 30 just a different time no better no worse just different .
  2. clammboy

    Bismarck to soft for tier 10?

    I really like the JB but like you said its always in tier10 and I'm not good enough yet to play there regularly . But she is a fun ship wish she was in another tier .
  3. But after a life time of drinking , smoking , 7 kids , x wife and just turning 62 . I cant remember why I went in the kitchen .
  4. clammboy

    Favorite Premium

    I love JB although I got beat up in her the 10 games I played . I'm not good enough yet to be in tier 10 games all the time which she usually is .
  5. clammboy

    Favorite Premium

    If you love the Jean Bart you will love the Massachusetts but you must have the secondary builds and captain . Also it says don't use IFHE but I played 800 battles in her and the secondiers work much better with the IFHE . I know all the reasons it should not work but believe me it does work . Maybe when the free specs come out switch the captain and play the Mass until the last day u can change it back for free and then make up your mind .
  6. clammboy

    Favorite Premium

    I love the Scharnhorst but I think the Massachusetts is my favorite .
  7. clammboy

    Favorite Premium

    With all the negative talk about PEF what ship would be your favorite premium to play ? Doesn't have to be the best ship but the one you enjoy playing the most .
  8. I have to agree a great holiday job by WG !!!! Got lots of free ships , flags , and cameo's thanks again .
  9. clammboy


    Thanks Ghost_ Raven75 I'm going to look it up on line right now .
  10. clammboy


    Hey that's great I also see you are a Navy vet and live in VA my daughter is a freshman at James Madison . I am going down to visit next month I would like to see some ships or bases can you recommend any were and thanks for your service .
  11. clammboy


    I understand and it is a very hard grind as a matter of fact I don't think I'm going to get it done . I really didn't try I just played my games but I don't think I'm close . I have to say though that some premiums I got for money were great like Massachusetts , Scharnhorst and the Musashi for free XP were excellent premiums . I don't know about PEF everyone's opinion is different .
  12. clammboy


    But the Op said he's happy he didn't waste money on it so he's not a so called wallet warrior he didn't buy it . He seemed upset he spent so much time grinding for it . Seems like a tough grind to get her for free .
  13. clammboy

    Cruiser help

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed and excellent piece on the German CA line . Greatly appreciated as are all of the posts about CA help.
  14. clammboy

    Cruiser help

    I have played BB almost exclusively 6000 battles . My overall stats are not good but in my last 1000 games or so I have a 50% win rate and average 53,000 damage 950 WTR mostly in the Massachusetts . I would like to learn CA play and was looking for advice on what CAs are good to learn on and at what tier I should start . Love the brawling BBs like Bismarck , Tirpitz and Massachusetts tend to die too early over extend , I'm just trying to give you my play style and preference . Thanks in advance for any of your help or advice .
  15. Nothing not a good game not a karma point nothing why is it that players have nothing to say when u play good but are all over you when you play bad . I have never not giving a karma point for someone who got a Kracken in a game its just respect I actually sunk 6 ships in 2 of those games nothing not a good game nothing . Its depressing especially when your not really good and no one well acknowledge a good game but will Pm u in private to threaten you when u play bad .