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  1. Welcome aboard and good luck to you Kalvothe .
  2. clammboy

    Italian legendary captain severe bug

    So what stop crying about compensation they will fix it what a big deal my guns don't shoot far enough .
  3. clammboy

    Ruin a War Movie

    Mash Potatoes
  4. clammboy

    Ruin a War Movie

    Kelly's roast beef Heroes .
  5. Nice write up thanks Admiral +1 .
  6. clammboy

    As WoWS goes on, friendliness goes down.

    I only got through half of it .... I was also looking for a point :)
  7. clammboy

    I finally broke 100 Karma....

    That's really good ……. I don't know what mine is because its useless and I have never looked I'm sure its zero because that's the lowest you can go .
  8. clammboy

    Stop Kill Stealing!

    Uh wrong if its not dead I'm not waiting till you kill it .
  9. clammboy

    My Sincere Thank - 25k Sub 30 Ship Giveaway

    Congrats on 25k !!!! clammboy NA server
  10. Every thing was good until you said competitive ultimate frisbee .
  11. Well said +1 and if you remember I sent you that avatar which I love .
  12. I love your name it makes me laugh every time I see it . Love the spelling !!!!
  13. clammboy

    Just a little help

    The game is not closing for me and I remember there was a thread on how to fix this . I cant find it if someone knows where to find it I would greatly appreciated them re posting it . Thanks in advance for your help .