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  1. clammboy

    So tired I accidentally clicked 'try your luck'

    Nice haul . I got100 flags last SC but I will take it its free !!!!!
  2. clammboy

    PSA: Just apologize for friendly fire.

    This is just so well said and so true +1 thanks I hope a lot of people read this .
  3. clammboy

    OKHOTNIK - DOUBTS about your HP

    That's a good one I like it !!! +1
  4. Really I don’t remember that was it every game ?
  5. I don't mind it either but I don't want to play it in every ranked game . Played 4 or 5 games last night in ranked all epicenter and all loses . Rough night lost 9 out of 10 overall Ugg !!!
  6. clammboy

    $9.99 Texas

    Yes I'm glad you agree just having some fun . I need that I just lost 9 out of 10 games tonight .
  7. clammboy

    $9.99 Texas

    I don't think that's part of the 5 for 4 dollar deal .
  8. clammboy

    $9.99 Texas

    I just got a double hamburger , fries , 5 chicken nuggets and a soda for 4 dollars at Wendy’s .
  9. Premium time when on sale at Christmas time is 47 dollars for the year comes out to like 14 cents a day for premium . Earn some flags buy some flags and you won’t be losing any money , nor will you put much of a dent in your wallet .
  10. While I agree with your 40/40/20 assessment when your having a bad night you just notice how many times your being up tiered . It feels like a lot more when things are going bad . I don’t mind being up tiered but I don’t like it when the other side has a 3 man clan a 2 man clan and your side has none . It seems like you lose the majority of those games . Of course every so often both of there clans stink and you win .
  11. clammboy

    Too much bbs...

    OK so lets get rid of BBs and CVs oh and DDs too . So HE spamming CA can just play each other in smoke all game .
  12. clammboy

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    It's the age of the internet same day news live coverage mind your Ps & Qs .
  13. clammboy

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    It's very funny but I do feel for the OP . I Hope he takes it well because it was pretty funny .