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  1. clammboy

    Yamamoto Isoroku campaign - Finished

    Congrats that’s a long campaign but he’s worth it .
  2. With all due respect you guys complain when its to easy for noobs to go right up the line and then complain when its to hard . I'm not sure what you are saying here Col_Nasty .
  3. clammboy

    Idea - Full points for top of the table loss

    I don't see this usually in blow outs people play bad right from the get go they die fast and easy . What I do see is people coming out of hiding at the end of the game and farming good damage against lots of low health ships . Lots of times they end number 1 or in the top 3 and they didn't come out from behind the island or from the boarder till there was 5 min left in the game with lots of red ships to farm damage against . Why should they get anything ?
  4. clammboy


    No but you might be the only one to call it a MASSIVE buff to there accuracy . Yes they got a buff to there accuracy but it's far a from a MASSIVE buff . I know your trying to prove a point but that's a bit of a stretch .
  5. clammboy

    Steamroll Hypothesis

    This is probable true that the game has a lot of bad players but if they keep playing maybe they will get better . There is turnover in every walk of life sports , work , and gaming . Good players leave new players take there place there not up to snuff it takes a while Wows is not an easy game to play . This is both good and bad there's a high learning curve good players that have been here for 5 years there not all leaving because it's so bad even though some are . There leaving because they have 20,000 games played there bored time to move on . They just cant be replaced so easily so the game suffers hopefully as new players get better the game will rebound . Every thing is cyclical it's hard to replace great players with new players hopefully if people stick around and figure things out than things will get better but it might take a while . In the mean time we got to suck it up .
  6. clammboy

    My Best score

    Nice job keep it up !!!!
  7. clammboy

    LM/UU #6 Done

    Well that's a good way to go about it I might actually have done that myself . If you see your really close to something you want then go for it that's good but just grinding I cant do it .
  8. clammboy

    LM/UU #6 Done

    Good work Admiral I just cant find it in me to grind I just play if I get anything for free I'm happy .
  9. clammboy

    Thunderer and Yoshino

    Oh yea don't get me wrong I love the Thunderer I get more citadels in her than any of my other BBs so accurate even with only 8 guns . I love her she is squishy though but she has that fast heal like the Massachusetts so it's pretty good .
  10. clammboy

    Thunderer and Yoshino

    You may be squishy In a Conqueror but it has incredible heal you can let your health go down to next to nothing and get almost all of it back . The Thunderer is just as squishy but doesn't have that heal the heal is good but nowhere near as good as the Conqueror .
  11. clammboy

    Shells falling 1k short

    It doesn't happen all the time but I did notice shells coming up way short of where I thought I was aiming last night . Thought it was my bad aim and few glasses of wine that caused it will watch again tonight .