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  1. I haven’t played one game . I have to try when I get home from work don’t like playing against divisions though because I’m always solo .
  2. Is anyone else sick of the totally obvious Russian bias? No? Just me huh? No Yes
  3. That was great thanks for the video really well done . I enjoyed that +1 .
  4. clammboy

    Brawl is awful. Don't waste your time.

    Thanks I fixed that lol .
  5. clammboy

    The number of DDs in a match

    I just want to come home from work crack open a cold beer and play the game . I don’t care how many DDs , CVS , BBs or CA there are in the game . I don’t care what tier I’m in I don’t care what rewards I get . I just want to win have fun and forget about the real world for an hour or two .
  6. clammboy

    5 Days of Premium Ship Giveaways

    I don’t use have any of those platforms so I can’t get in and could care less . There’s plenty of free stuff to earn .
  7. clammboy

    What is Brawl even for anymore?

    I think it’s there just so people have have something new to complain about .
  8. clammboy

    Getting uptiered every match

    I have to say I was saying to my self that every game tonight I was up tiered . Doesn’t usually happen but tonight it did . So I have to agree with the OP lots of up tier tonight . The rest Of the stuff don’t know about .
  9. clammboy

    Brawl is awful. Don't waste your time.

    Okay thanks Burnsy I might wait to see what comes down the research pipeline as far as ships go .
  10. clammboy

    Brawl is awful. Don't waste your time.

    Quick question do you like the Slava I have 64k research points already have the Ohio . I'm not a good long range sniper just a below average player so I cant get the Colbert it's above my pay grade . I don't think I would like the Slava playstyle I like to get closer but maybe I'm wrong do you enjoy her ?
  11. clammboy

    So I log into this

    I gifted you 90 days premium keep playing and make some BB videos for me even though you are a DD main . Love your stuff have a great day .
  12. clammboy

    Something is wrong with this game

    Sh*t happens !
  13. This has been going on for a year now nothing new you could barley ever get those signals before . I like being able to just bye them use your 50% coupons to get those two they are most expensive ones . You get coupons once a month two 50% and two 25% off . Yes you are correct that they are taking away rewards so you have to work around it .