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  1. clammboy

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    This ^^^^ is sooo true +1
  2. clammboy

    Is it time to seek another game?

    I never played a video game for more than 3 months . I am now going on years 4 of WOWS I don’t play it as much as I used to you but I still love it . I still spend money on it and anything I have spent on the game I got back in the enjoyment and relaxation the game brings to me . Even when frustrated by the game it still takes my mind off the daily grind that is life . So I feel my money was well spent and if I quit tomorrow I would have no regrets about the money I put into the game . Sometimes though you need to take a break the long losing streaks or the bad MM can get to you . I hope the OP just takes a little break and then comes back .
  3. clammboy

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    Joyous_Vibes my friend who helped me out with advice when I was lost . Forget about it don't try and do every thing they throw at you it will make you crazy . Go at your own pace and enjoy the game if you can .There a big company there trying to make money you cant blame them . I know your smart enough not to get sucked into it all. Just buy what you want grind what you want and ignore every thing else . Hope I see you out there soon.
  4. Please no !!! Want nothing to do with the RB and the 5 tier 10 ship lines it takes to get . If I want to play tier 10 I play tier 8 ships .
  5. clammboy

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    You actually listen to your car mechanic ???
  6. clammboy

    California is worth it!

    Thanks doesn't sound very good .
  7. clammboy

    California is worth it!

    I don't have the California but I have a Musashi and in the hands of a good player she's a beast . Unfortunately I'm not a good player do you have California is it really bad ?
  8. clammboy

    California is worth it!

    Almost all the tier 7 ships struggle against a Musashi as well as lots of tier 8 no ?
  9. clammboy


    Yea but the good news is you can grab a beer make yourself a cheeseburger and be back in time to fire again.
  10. clammboy

    July 4th Mass ...A Do NOT miss match!!!!

    Nice game my favorite ship . Perhaps I will try your captain build next time there is a free respec . Thanks for the video .
  11. clammboy

    is Hapa_Fodder over worked ?

    Hapa is the best always around when you need help . He’s doing a great job I hope the company takes care of him he deserves it .
  12. clammboy

    The Politest Day of The Year

    I miss this big Canadian .
  13. clammboy

    Happy Birthday to me

    Happy Birthday !!!
  14. clammboy

    Slow Down, WG!!!

    This ^^^^^ +1