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  1. Well said , lots of snipping going on by all ships it just looks worse when the big BB is doing it . .
  2. Why do you BBs always want to ram??

    Now that was very funny . I use to love those commercials they were the best .
  3. iChase was on my team last night tried extra hard not to play one of my potato games . Everyone one was chatting him up I think he was reviewing a new ship can't remember the name maybe the Boise .
  4. WG please support BBs who push

    That's a good idea !!!! +1
  5. Good work thanks that was very clever . +1
  6. Your right what I meant was it kind of takes the fun out of playing those ships . But I guess that happens at all levels like u said .
  7. Except when u play tier 8 Bismarck , Tirpitz or any brawler and u are constantly bottom tiered then its not psychological . Because your boat is a brawler and your playing against tier 9 and 10 players who refuse to brawl . So u have to play very cautious which really isn't why u got the ship . I understand that they are great ships and can hold there own against tier 10 players . If it happens to much it takes the fun out playing them and it happens a lot .
  8. Running aground

    You usually pay the price for running aground anyway as every ship and there mother focus fires on u . Sometimes you get lucky and nobody hits you but not a lot .
  9. Barley anyone is averaging a 100k a game in tier 10 out of the 12 players on each team .
  10. But the question is why does he have to have the skills to carry the team against good players when almost none of them do .
  11. So everyone in tier X should be averaging 100k or u don't belong that's tough !!
  12. Buffalo

    Winning isn't every thing but u have to play to win not for your damage or your missions just my opinion .