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  1. clammboy

    Yeah, everything is JUUUUST Fine!

    I just click participate and play like I always do. If I get something great if I don't who cares, it's not costing me anything I almost always play with the same signals anyway. Who is stupid enough to mount extra signals just for this. Free is free doesn't hurt anybody people always trying to read extra crap into everything they do from why they do it to what they give away.
  2. clammboy

    Is This For Real !!!

    I can understand you have been here a long time played many games did it the hard way and are feeling upset. I guess things are always harder for the folks that have been here longer had to do things old school, pioneers so to say. But you can't really begrudge change too much. Just reading your post on how much time was spent on accessing ships and tech tree lines shows that things can't stay like that. In this era where people want things now, I think there has to be some options to make it easier for players and new players who have the means. Pay options gambling whatever but something to help mitigate the grind that someone like you had endure. I don't love it, but I think you need it to help keep a lot of these players playing the game, IMHO. Take solace in the fact that your long hours of playing and grinding and that of a lot of other players got WG to this point. Don't know if 8 years later these players would do that under those circumstances just for the love of the game.
  3. clammboy

    This is the problem with subs

    You can always tell who likes Subs and who doesn't like subs. Unfortunately, they can never agree so it ends up like a revolving door and nothing gets done.
  4. clammboy

    First Battle with the Mecklenburg

    Congrats on your new ship but please stay away from me with that bad boy!
  5. clammboy

    Subs are ruining the game

    No doubt Grasshopper sometimes it is the way the vent is worded that triggers something in us. Sometimes it's just like enough already with the sub threads. CV players must be happy though they have seemingly been surpassed by Subs as the most complained about class on the forums.
  6. clammboy

    Subs are ruining the game

    I think because Cvs have always been here grasshopper people are used to CVs they still don't like them but there more accepted. Subs however were kind rammed down a lot of people's throats just recently. The fact of the matter is people hate to play against things that they can't see or shoot back at except for a short window of time it's always been like that. For me I can agree with this, but I didn't sign up to spend so much time and effort into countering 2 sub players hell bent on sinking me it's not fun for me . I realize some people love the challenge and a lot of people love playing and countering subs. Thats cool but I am so happy when there are no subs in my game, and I am over the moon when there are no CVs as well. Nothing is going to stop me from playing this game I love so I try not to complain. Other people need to vent, and this is where they come to do it honestly, I can't blame them lol.
  7. Yea it's been buggy, but this is supposedly a new version.
  8. Well last night I won all 5 games I played my teams were awesome. I really didn't do much in most of them it would look pretty silly if I came on here complaining about how the MM stinks even though it did. It was very lopsided in our favor. He has a point, and it wouldn't be such a bad thing if they did start to consider some other ways to balance the games. Sometimes it's the way people complain that brings out the same stock answer from the same people. Not saying you or anybody else but it would be nice to see some people acknowledge that maybe WG needs to or could try and find a better way to balance random games.
  9. Congratulations well done!
  10. clammboy

    Just graduated from college!

    Congratulations good job now the hard part starts lol .
  11. Yea I don’t run to many mods so it was pretty easy to remember . I forgot to tell you to write down what mods your using .
  12. Just uninstall the mod station and reinstall the new version. It’s been fine for over a week many threads on this problem.Don’t know why they don’t change that message and just tell you what to do.
  13. Might be good to be underestimated then again maybe not. Some people won't even help you if they see bad stats, they will just leave you alone lol.
  14. clammboy

    A new low: You have to buy missions

    What's wrong with that seems like good advice, no?