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  1. Vladivostok is still a very strong ship it's my favorite tier 8 tech BB . Uptiers pretty well except in the range department but it still hits hard and can take a beating if you stay angled .
  2. clammboy

    Baked in cammo bonus

    What difference does it really make ? Almost every ship you played against had at least a camo with 4% dispersion even the cheapest camo had that . Barley ever do I see a naked ship so it seems like a non issue . Its gone for everyone I dont see a problem at all with that .
  3. clammboy

    It's simply not your place to say..........

    Thats a good one .
  4. clammboy

    It's simply not your place to say..........

    Yea this is the worst thing you can post just play the game the way you want and enjoy yourself . If they start to get to you take a break some of the people here live and die with the game . Losing and losing streaks are hard on all of us you just have to realize people are just venting most of the time .
  5. I dont know about the ships but my game play needs a serious buff .
  6. clammboy

    FAQ about the Economic Rework

    Thank you Mini that helped me understand a bit better . +1 for your good work .
  7. clammboy

    Ranked "Qualifying" Scam

    Yes I just keep playing bronze and collecting the rewards and steel . It’s fine it works well for me .
  8. clammboy

    CV upgrades needed

    Sounds good to me except the part about defending your own planes .
  9. clammboy

    Overview of the Economic Rework

    Thanks I have a lot of special signals just wondering if there worth more then regular signals . I will not sell them I will just leave them till they convert .
  10. clammboy

    The Karma Debate

    I dont think you can have minus karma mines at zero the way I like it . This way I dont know when I get a negative karma .
  11. clammboy

    Overview of the Economic Rework

    Sorry another question are special signals worth more then the regular signals when they covert ?
  12. clammboy

    Overview of the Economic Rework

    Thank you sir ! So to get the permanent bonuses for a ship you will have buy with doubloons also right . Sorry having trouble understanding everything .
  13. clammboy

    To Slava or Ohio that is the question.

    I have the Ohio and I love her good ship fun to play I'm very very happy with her . I feel like you cant go wrong with that ship . I am probably going to get the Slava next so I cant comment on her yet .
  14. clammboy

    Overview of the Economic Rework

    Thanks Mini so when the patch drops I am selling all my signals and special signals and then using that money to bye permanent economic bonuses or expendable bonuses . Will I get enough money from selling my special signals some camos and regular signals to bye the new economic bonuses ? Or will I have to go into my pocket to have my ships covered like I do now .