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  1. I agree ……. But what's wrong with that the idea after all is for the company to make money . Its a fine line between everything for free and the company being able to stay profitable . Sorry but everyone is not going to be happy it costs lots of money to run a free game .
  2. Top Ten

    This was my ship leaving port on my first tour . I took a spear to the thigh to this day I still walk with a limp.
  3. Help

    Thanks again I so worried I would have to start over feel better now
  4. Help

    Thanks guys
  5. Help

    I have to do a reset of my computer to factory specs . Will I lose all my account info or does WG have it will I lose my ships , money , doubloons , and captains . I don't think I can start all over again .
  6. karma and winning

    Maybe just get rid if of negative karma all together . If u want to complement some one for a great game fine otherwise keep it to yourself and leave language and AFK there like u said. .
  7. Fix T8 MM

  8. My favorite Cruiser is the Scharnhorst Oh wait that's BB never mind .
  9. Signals?

    Sierra Mike , Mike Yankee Soxisix are the two I use most for my German BBs .
  10. Teammates! I need your help!

    I I tried but I ended up watching the whole thing for the 20th time . I would settle for someone who looks like Dana Wynter .
  11. Eagles no longer invite

    I got an invite every game and I stink !!
  12. Not Really a Free Game

    That's the truth all u have to do is look at my stats to know that . I still love working hard and spending a few dollars on a game that gives me a break from the daily grind a little money well spent .
  13. The New WGC Launcher

    Whatever 2 !
  14. Not Really a Free Game

    I love to work hard all day and treat my self to some premium toys at night . But no one put a gun to my head to do it or mislead me in any way got no clue were your coming from . Love the premium shop!!!