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  1. clammboy

    Who is this Russian Guy ????

    It's MacGyver for sure !
  2. clammboy

    Best Secondary Ship?

    Yes for me the Massachusetts works better and I never complain about being in a tier 10 game unless I lose and then it becomes a problem . All kidding aside the Massachusetts just works for me better and still think it has better and more accurate secondaries than Bismarck or Tirpitz . Again that's just my humble opinion .
  3. clammboy

    AA to strong for CV play?

    I seem to regularly get deleted in any ship I'm in by a competent CV player who wants me sunk .
  4. clammboy

    Best Secondary Ship?

    Too bad its tier 10 and everyone is behind an island or smoke so you cant get close enough to brawl with anyone .
  5. clammboy

    OpEd: I Like This Game!

    Nice to read something constructive for once instead of the same whining posts day after day . Very well written +1 to you OP
  6. clammboy

    Best Secondary Ship?

    Love the Mass in my humble opinion it has better secondaries that are more accurate and do more damage than my Bismarck or Tirpitz . Yesterday I had a game were I sunk 6 ships my most ever and three of the ships I sunk I never saw . I was fighting other ships and my secondaries sunk the ships while I was targeting other ships . That's crazy my win rate in every ship I have is lower than 50% in the Mass 300 plus games its 53% with 10,000 more average damage it fits my game I love it .
  7. Ok so I should use concealment and be at an effective range and only come in when its with an advantage . I want you to know I will take Mucho chat room abuse for this technique .The game will be 3 min old when I get accused of being a coward , another BB that wont fight , a boarder hugger .
  8. I don't have manual secondaries just the IFHE because the Massachusetts secondaries seem to be much more accurate than the German version and seems to do more damage with the IFHE . Do u feel its useless for a below average player like myself to use this setup . This ship and setup are the only ones were I have over 300 battels and over a 50 % win rate my other 4000 battels are sub 50% like 47% . Should I be working on something else to get better ? I love brawling with BB my other favorite ship was the Scharnhorst . I would love your advice .
  9. I just use it with the Massachusetts only for secondaries never main guns . Seems to make my secondaries a lot more dangerous DDs and Cruisers don't like to get too close . Secondary build seems to help me out by spotting DD early and since I'm not really good like Dolphin Princess this is useful not to mention they are fun . So they are not utterly useless maybe they are not optimal for the great players but for some of us they are useful.
  10. clammboy

    Finaly Had Enough

    Sphincter I love it that's funny .
  11. clammboy

    How I give Karma - Good Karm

    Yes Bad game never , only when people are spamming or when people use racial slurs .
  12. clammboy

    How I give Karma - Good Karm

    Because personally I like when I get complemented don't care about the Karma I just like too see it after the game . Doesn't happen often very often but feels good when it does .
  13. clammboy

    How I give Karma - Good Karm

    I give good Karma too anyone on either team over 2K base or 4 ships sunk .
  14. Thanks for your time and help good luck and fair seas .
  15. OK thanks here is my setup 19 point capt PT , PM , EM , BFT , IFHE , AFT , and CE . I lose the IFHE 4 point lose either Pt or Pm and pick up AD and Vigilance what do u think ?