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  1. NovaCenturio

    Halp with German BBs plz

    Greetings, Thank you all very much for posting and giving advice, criticisms, and whatnot! I will be taking all of your guys advices and implement it in my games. Once more, thank you all so much! GHLF Y'all!
  2. NovaCenturio

    Halp with German BBs plz

    Greetings, Even though I have reached to tier 8, I still don't know where to go on maps. People keep saying "You need to go close qaurters combat", and I agree. However, when I try to go close to the enemy, I always get destroyed. I love this game so much though, and want to get better at it. I try my best in Bismarck, its a great ships and I enjoy it (even when I keep dying), but I still don't know where to go on maps and where to position myself. Any tips and tricks with positioning and movement on maps? Thanks for readin this post :D Edit: I wanted to write more
  3. NovaCenturio

    Halp plz

    That sounds like it would work, but I doubt that the experience gained from "starting over" would help me get better with the tier 7 BB Gneisenau (because that ship plays very diffently from its previous counterparts). But I will give it a shot. Thanks for replyin and helpin :D
  4. NovaCenturio

    Halp plz

    I believe that I am bad at positioning my ship and moving it effectively. Back then, I knew where to go and how to eliminate enemies quickly without being overwhelmed, but I am no longer like that...
  5. NovaCenturio

    Halp plz

    Thanks for replyin :D I will return to tier 5 battles for more practice. Though, like I said to Ghostdog1355, I am skeptical that playing in tier 5 battles would help with me using a tier 7 battleship that plays alot more differently than Konig. Bt but I do trust your judgment and will go back to lower tiers, thanks again for replying :D
  6. NovaCenturio

    Halp plz

    I understand your concerns. However, when I was playing my tier 7 BB (before I took that long break), I felt competant enough in uptiered battles. One time (before I left) I was in a game where I was uptiered to a tier 9 battle, and I not only survived, but did pretty well in it. However, I will go back to tier 5 battles (since that makes sense to go back and practice more) and practice from there. Though, I doubt it would be any use if I want to play the tier 7 BB (because the Gneisenau plays very differently than the Konig). But thank you for replying and helpin :D
  7. NovaCenturio

    Halp plz

    no :(
  8. NovaCenturio

    Halp plz

    Thank you all for replying! I will consider all of your advices and follow them. Once again, thank ya'll so much :D
  9. NovaCenturio

    Halp plz

    Basically, I have been taking a break from this for 6 months or so and I just returned. I am now really bad at the game (or maybe I was always this bad). Any tips and tricks? P.S: I am a BB player (got the tier 7 german "BB")