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  1. JB_24

    excuse my ignorance

    A flag mod needs to be updated to the current version, most likely.
  2. JB_24

    Monaghan was nerfed 2 guns with 9.2km torps

    Ah, the sentence "If onlyLittlewhitemouse wasn’t ill, then she could keep posting reviews on these newer ships" seemed to had implied that she never made a review on the Monghan, sorry! Still, it might still be good to link if the OP reads it anyway.
  3. JB_24

    Monaghan was nerfed 2 guns with 9.2km torps

    she had already done a review on this ship:
  4. JB_24

    Monaghan was nerfed 2 guns with 9.2km torps

    You don't have to have the 2 gun build though, she always had 2 hull options. A 4 gunned hull with shorter torps, similar to the tech tree C hulls. A 2 gunned long torp version with slightly better AA. She was never nefed lol. She's one if my favorite destroyers because of that choice.
  5. ah, maybe it's just a hard limit they placed in the game. the game works fine..and most of the details are just bump mapping anyway, so it's not that intense on GPUs even if it would use all of its resources. Maybe they allow the application to allocate more if they do a full graphical rework like they did with WoT. About the choice, last I checked, IIRC from the patch notes, if your computer has less than 6 Gigs of RAM it'll default to 32 bit, any more and it'll default to 64 bit.
  6. How much computer memory does your computer have? Also, make sure you are running 64 bit version of WoWs. Im not sure if WoWPs has a 64 bit version so it won't use more than 4 GBs.
  7. JB_24

    Port interface bug

    There's two types of premium times. Warships Premium Wargaming Premium WoWs stopped rewarding free WG Prem Time when WoWs Prem was introduced a few months back Here's my current count of the two prem times The days listed here is for WoWs Prem time Days listed here is for WG Prem time. I wish WG made it more clear... it should be fixed/cleared up. But it seems to be the Select Port UI was never updated.
  8. you just tell windows to use WorldOfWarships.exe or, you can drag and drop the replay on top of the game's .exe too
  9. JB_24

    0 damage pens need to go

    They tried to fix it, but it ended up being reverted during testing IIRC.
  10. Exeter - Should come as a standalone ship after a while. It's a ok and a (currently) unique ship. (only British CA in the game) Belfast - most likely never to be sold again. so.... Irian - I bet this ship will come to the shop after a while. I don't know if it's OP or not, never cared for it. Graf Zeppelin - Should be a standalone by next patch at the earliest (8.0.3+), after these loot boxes goes away. I'm sure WG don't want to skip on the money they'll make from the reintroduction of standalone prem CVs.
  11. ^ Yea, what he said. Images can only loose pixels and maintain quality, but not gain them. The source image is just too small.
  12. JB_24

    Aslains trojan issue

    I seen it, I went ahead and dismissed it. False positive. Pretty sure the "join the discord" and "donate" checkmarks at the end are triggering it, or the fact it reaches out to a sever to download the files after the programs been installed. (That's what real Trojans do) Not sure, Windows defender is sensitive at times. Pretty sure a new security patch is triggering it. One time it said that the install file for WoWs was a Trojan one time. So that's Windows defender for you :p
  13. JB_24

    which BBs have sonar or radar ?

    Tech tree Germans from Bismarck and up got hydro/sonar. Only Missouri has radar, but it won't help detect torps. (Radar never did) Russian BBs have special radar that detects only BBs and CVs. Still a WIP.
  14. JB_24

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    Indianapolis ( 321 battles), first paid, learned a lot about CA play from playing her. I was determined to get good at using her. New premium ships, tech tree grinds, and recent events puts her on the back burner a lot, might take her out for a few rounds tonight.
  15. Upgrade the hull, she's one of the few ships (if not the only ship) that have different camo depending on her hull.