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  1. It only replaces how the default camo looks, you can take it off and replace it with anything as if it's normal camo
  2. Greeting, all :) I been messing around with the game's files and decided to post something here. Nothing major, just want to give back to this awesome community. This is just personal preference thing for my first and favorite premium, but no one is left out with the functioning MS22 camo! This skin only alters the wooden decks on the ship and also adds the larger modern numbers based on theses skins. The Indianapolis sitting in port, with her newly painted numbers ready for another battle soon. Sorry for the terrible weathering on the deck, weathering is my weakest point with any texturing work I do. Any tips will be welcomed! If you like don't like unhistorical skins, then you don't have to worry! The MS-22 Camo do NOT require the skin above to work, as is serves as a replacement to the premium Camo that comes with this ship (Thanks to Tanz for making the Indianapolis skin that made this possible , which can be found over here) The Camouflage zips comes with improved files to ensure that more of the ship is covered when you apply any other camouflage on the ship. As seen below, external pieing are no longer ignored by the painters at the dry dock. The new numbers (if you install the larger number files upon extracting them out of the .zips) are also not painted over. How else can the commander learn his ship if he's taught to blend in with the sea? The Camouflage zip also comes with a fresh Camouflage.xml file (current as of update with the MS22 como already installed and ready to go. *If you are running any other camouflage mods. Do not simply extract and overwrite it! You'll loose the other camo mods you might be running at the time. I am not responsible over any harm these files that clauses to your game or computer if it been misused! Downloads: How to install the skin: How to install the Camouflage: If there's any issues, let me know. As I'm not good at spelling or keeping track of everything so the file paths might be off a bit with in the zip files. If my instructions was not clear let me know! :)
  3. oh I see, that's going to need editing with the Camouflage.xml file Even though I am interested in how that'll look. :)
  4. There's a mod that will make every ship have their own camouflage already, it's the best I can say here. it's just not updated to 0.6.12 yet (at the time of writing this), but I'll link it anyway.
  5. That just simply allows you to have more commanders, kinda like how you have ship slots for your ships. Ship slots, I assume? If you play the game long enough, you can earn slots for free. :) That's what I noticed anyway. But you can also buy ship slots if you really need it Time Frame:...no, you can play 10 or even 10,000 battles in before jumping to the next tier/ship. You can spend however long or short you want before unlocking the next ship (given you have the XP for it) Shooting torps: if you are on a ship that is armed with torps, press 3. Then fallow the grey bar, click and release I should note that not all ships stay on the path of the grey bar so use it as a reference point.
  6. I agree... the new effects are great for wallpaper :P
  7. Update All bans should be now lifted, as of now Reshade and other mods like it are now illegal mods
  8. The Stock Hull (Former Hull A) was removed because it was just too weak at tier 7 So now, Hull C is now Hull B :)
  9. Yes, the cone will target and track any ship that is locked. Even targets out of range, unlike gun locks so make sure you tracking the right targets :P
  10. These are cool! :) Thanks for making these!
  11. Someone raged and reported me for not being able to shoot a CV that I can't spot in a cyclone last night :P People will always find some way to let their frustrations out after they gotten outplayed and die, great game tho :D As the post above me says, don't let Karma points brother you. They mean nothing.
  12. Yea, it should be a good choice. British Battleships has to switch ammo type more like cruisers have to. Unless the devs had decided to use the traditional ammo on the Hood. Not too sure
  13. LOL, nice one +1
  14. this happened to me too a few weeks ago. It seemed to had happened when I was playing the game and the daily cycle for the containers resets while I was in battle. It chips into everything, nothing game breaking just funny. You can even see it in the background here XD I think it only effects drydock
  15. Higher level cruisers already have heals. The British CL line has a heal for almost allthe ships in the line....so...I see nothing wrong