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  1. JB_24

    level 11 and 12 and 13

    ahh, this I can get behind for sure. Makes sense to have dummy tiers for MM to deal with as well. It sounds like it'll be the most cost effective and easy to implement for WG...while not touching anything else. +1 for explanation.
  2. JB_24

    Your very first Premium was?

    I bought the Indianapolis first, because I wanted a USN heavy cruiser premium and I liked how it looks. I gotten used to how the USN cruisers operate, so I felt ready for a premium. I surprisingly don't regret it, she's a good ship to me.
  3. JB_24

    Making the PEF not suck

    When fighting battleships, don't aim for the citadel, the upper belt is always better to get high damage salvos. I'm aiming as if I'm driving a cruiser with big guns. I only played two games in her, but I enjoy her a lot already.
  4. JB_24

    How to counter dds in non radar cruisers?

    Keep your hydro running in high risk DD area and try to bait torps, then charge him. Might work, might not. Depends on the DD.
  5. JB_24

    beginner's frustration

    Only DDs, and the British (and commonwealth) cruisers have access to smoke. There's a few odd exceptions, but that's the general rule. A DD would sometimes drop smoke to aid his team mates as well. PS: if you're playing a destroyer don't ever sit in smoke, that's how you'll blind your team and end up being a easy target to be hit with torpedoes. Welcome to World of Warships! Have fun!
  6. JB_24

    Looking for a Tough Cruiser

    At tier 10, I heard the German and Russian tech tree cruisers are pretty tanky. I don't own them, just parroting what I heard. Most cruisers will just die to battleships even angled. (WG said they are working on that...not sure when or how)
  7. JB_24

    First ever 100k+ damage game! Woooo!

    hoping many more comes to you! GG :)
  8. That's a interesting camo measure she got on in this picture, never knew she carried that paint job. The more you know! Edit: Ahh it's either the Guam or Hawaii, close enough I guess.
  9. Might just be random flashing, maybe. If no one can decode it, it might just be randomly flashing. Maybe it's in a different language, or a inside joke only WG devs would know. Dunno.
  10. JB_24

    Crashing at start

    Same thing happened to me tonight, however I was able to log in on my 2nd try without doing anything. I didn't play any games out of the fear it'll crash durning play. I dont know what might be causing it.
  11. JB_24

    Secondaries rework

    I think that we just drop the captain skill and AI, and just make secondaries fully controlled by the player with poor desperation, limited range or, damage. That'll be the best way to increase the efficiency of secondary guns so that those guns actually can do something, while not making them automatic killing machines.
  12. Now that cit l I manged to hit on a heavily angled cruiser I gotten yesterday makes sense. He was turning into me then suddenly turned away slightly, so my aim was off, thus the shell hit his belt. Instead of bouncing it penetrated. I thought I somehow over matched, and shrugged it off. I always had good results with DoY's AP. Good to know, thanks!
  13. JB_24

    OLD/NEW Player suggestion

    I'm pretty sure you can switch out the flags once you have the ship in port. The Pan-Asian and Commonwealth ships have this option. I'm sure the Pan-American have this option too. Hopefully someone who already owns the 9th of June can confirm for you. I don't own that ship. Source: WoWs Wiki; Ships of Pan-America Edit: Oh, yea as to answer why WoWs don't have the nation flags for these groups show by default. It's mostly possible legal issues with China that mostly triggered this new flag policy.
  14. Well, it's good for planning ahead (like if you know your right hand side is facing the enemy before the first strike, best bet is to reinforce the right sector, and visa versa). Once you are under attack, it's best to keep it balanced on both sides after the planes fly by, hopefully the little extra damage kills the planes fast enough to force the CV to wait or fly with smaller squads. Then reinforce once the attack ends. That's how I think it'll be best used. I think over time it'll become a habit, just like ctrl+click, it just going to takes some time to get used to it.
  15. You need at least 8,782 steel for the Flint (using the coupon). There is no conversion options, steel converts to coal, but coal cannot convert to steel. You can earn steel in Clan/Ranked battles. Or whenever WG decides to give away more steel.