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  1. JB_24

    Alaska second turret rotation bug

    IIRC, he game should automatically save replays of the last 20 matches you were in. :)
  2. JB_24

    Radar and sonar spotting.

    If you are within radar range of ship and they use radar, regardless of what is in between you and the ship you will be spotted.
  3. There was a port mod I used to use all the time that set the Naval Base Port to day, ever since the new lighting system came into place I haven't found a updated mod for this yet. I'm wondering if an modder can do this, or teach me how this can be done. Thanks!
  4. JB_24

    No Damage?

    You might had hit the guns. They delt damage in the gun mount but not the hull.
  5. JB_24

    Tier V to Tier VI

    Yes, as the Dallas is also a "module" to the Omaha.
  6. Update 0.9.0, the first update of 2020. :)
  7. That bundle isn't for the Alaska herself, it is an add-on pack to it. (Commander, Alaska's flag, etc) You can only buy her from the shop or get lucky with Black Friday boxes.
  8. JB_24

    [ALL] MM653's Musings

    That flight for the Lexington deck looks real nice! Thank you for sharing your work!
  9. JB_24


    Which comoflagues? There are so many, paid and free. You can get a lot for free without even noticing, if you are a newer player you'll need to unlock them. You can buy basic commo for all ships by spending credits. Every premium ship comes with its own permanent camo that can be taken off but not sold.
  10. JB_24

    It's still a pretty game

    Using a replay file, on a map that already has updated lighting: Ctrl+G to hide the UI Shift + Ctrl + Backspace to free camera from ship. Numpad keys to control camera angles. Page up and down to control replay speeds, IIRC Print Sceen key to take the photographs
  11. JB_24

    It's still a pretty game

    I fully agree that this game is only looking better and better:
  12. JB_24

    This is why I get fed up....

    HE shells (and all shells in this game) will do 33% damage upon penning a ship. This only gets lower especially with Destroyers as damage saturation kicks in. You can only do full listed damage if you hit a citadel.
  13. JB_24

    What ship is this

    I always thought it was the French tier X cruiser.
  14. JB_24

    [ALL] US Blast Bag Mod

    Found a way to get the USS Benham's forward 5 inch guns' blast bags to be black. This requires the base mod or it will not work. WG done some weird things with Benham's gun texture mapping. AGS036_5in38_Mk30_Mod0_MS1_a.dds Place in the fallowing: (Your WoWs install location)\res_mods\(current version)\content\gameplay\usa\gun\secondary\textures
  15. JB_24

    excuse my ignorance

    A flag mod needs to be updated to the current version, most likely.