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  1. ah thank you for your answer! I was worried I was cut off from it :P
  2. Based off the official site it sounded like I only needed to collect normal containers to collect the parts of the collection, and I had collected them from the normal containers, but for the last 3 containers they stopped showing up. I made sure I had the collection enabled, but do I really need to buy the HSF ships to even make more progress on the collection? "Once you join, the first mission is available until Update 0.7.5. Random character portraits will start appearing in regular Containers (except Supercontainers) after the first portrait is collected. This only applies to Containers obtained after the first portrait is unlocked. You earn portraits faster by taking on certain missions with certain ships, and getting special High School Fleet Containers."
  3. sounds like really BAD RNG, try playing it again later. :)
  4. use the unpacker tool in the modding section, and look for the Camouflage.xml file, you'll need notepad ++ for easier editing
  5. can u please give us all the values you used in the .xml? I'll love to see this more then the bright green blue coloring
  6. Yikes, is that one player? Even with recent stats? That will always confuse me, players that don't improve and not even near average, I would had thought the basic thinking process of "that didn't go well, I can execute/ditch/improve X next time" would get a player to at least below average... That's what happened to me anyway.
  7. Seems like a good battleship captain to me. Any word on how this unique commander will be acquired or is that TBD?

    I know, but the way I play games is if I die I siwtch over to another ship and battle again almost immediately and often times due to the fact if I died I kinda can't play any other ship of that type or nation without a handicapped captain so I tend not to brother with switching captains for a while. I kinda need to start training more captains

    I just played my first couple battle in the DoY, and I had fun in it. It plays like any other battleship IMO, don't really care if it's better or worse then what is "supposed" to be. She can still get good hits dmg with only AP . She's a keeper to me, she may not be used a lot (cuz I like the Hood better and only have one British BB captain :P), but I'll enjoy playing her. :) If WG wants to make adjustments by playing it safe first then slowly buffing her, then I see it as a much better route to go then to make an un-nerfable, OP ship on the first go.
  10. Looks to me it passed the gap where the hull is too shallow to hit, just before the rudder ( WG don't seem to include propellers as hitboxes) Or a random glitch, hopefully its not a new bug
  11. If you keep grinding the FXP you got, you can spend it on the HMS Nelson, or upgrade stock ships. Keep the grind going!
  12. This is what I done to finish that mission, it easy if you know how to aim and where to hit. I farmed quite a few high calibers playing ranked ( and still lost the majority of my battles, so I stopped playing that mode)
  13. I would like it if all your secondaries fire, but the perk is only applied to the target that had been picked out by the player. It'll work the same way that Ctrl+Click does without the perk. I don't see how that'll be overpowered given how wonky the gunners are when there's no Manual Control perk. But as it stands now, as long as one don't put himself in such position to be rushed on both sides its fine. If a situation like a DD appearing out of no where happen, just use the perk on the DD until he's scared away / dead. That's all you can do now :p
  14. Aw, I gotta say [redacted] is one of my favorite ships :p
  15. 1. Gernan BB Bismarck and Tripitz had received a nerf to their secondaries fire chance, but they revived longer range in return. The max range now is around 11k 2. Well, there's only destroyers atm, they have good guns, and Deep water torps (can hit anything but DD's, higher dmg, and much lower detection), higher tiers can trade smoke for radar. 3. No ideal about that, I don't own it :P Also smoke firing is now hard to do in a battleship and heavy cruisers (you will be spotted if you fire in smoke, barely effect light cruisers, and destroyers) Your air detection range is equal to your maximum AA range (if detection is less then your max AA range), Your detection by sea is equal to your max range, and ALL premium ship camo now has a -10% service cost modification. Fires on Cruisers and destroyers had been reduced to 30 seconds. that's all I think of at the moment.