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  1. Darn those Weekend Potatoes

    Lol , nice effort. I had a little chuckle. +1
  2. Had my best game in Indy, stayed around the A-point of map killing then capping the point and somehow still lost, with 2,000+ base xp, runner up with 800 base xp I'll admit I made a few mistakes, such as going after the CV (CV sailed deep into our side, and popped up in front of me in the cyclone, only ship to shoot at) and missing a few shots on DD's in critical moments, but still... can't win them all...(at least I finally gotten a 100k+ game in the Indy! That's my silver lining :) )
  3. [] Unique Camouflage

    Hm.. No? ( I don't own the NC , but I'll look into it the best I can) EDIT: Looks like WG recently gotten around to rename the hull for the NC. Here is the official prem camo lines that I used as reference, noticed while the <name> tag reads Hull C, the <targetship> tag now reads "hull_B" Below is the mod's lines for the special type 5 camo: It's reads Hull_C as the target ship which was correct for a time, until they fixed that. The simplest fix is to go into the .xml and replace the targetship line with "PASB012_North_Carolina_1945_B_Hull_1945" and it should work :3
  4. [] Unique Camouflage

    The NC has two different prem-como for the A and B hulls. Therefore, each hull act differently to normal comos, most likely due to how the files are. Just unlock and buy hull-B and it will look like it's been advertised :)
  5. need help with replays

    You'll want to press "look for a program to open with" , locate the new location , then press "do this every time" (something to that effect) Glad I kinda helped, the simple workaround is simply dragging the replay onto of the .exe ( not the luncher)
  6. Seeing how I been on a "loosing record" for a few weeks now, I learned that you just cannot influence what others do. Loosing is frustrating, but I learned to worry about giving it my all each battle. I have griding goals, and ships are fun to play with. I'm slowly stopping to care about stats.
  7. need help with replays

    Not 100% sure, but sounds like you just moved the game, and the computer registry still list the .exe in the C: drive. You can easily uninstall then reinstall the game formally (save your mods, replays, pictures etc, because it'll wipe it out), or you can right click a replay file and reassign replays to play off of your new location of the .exe file. hopefully I explained it :3
  8. Tried... and failed.

    For me, when ever I pick up a mid-teir DD I'll loose in it. I admit, most of my early USN DD play was when I first stated playing this game. I dropped the grind at Mahan for a while. I picked it up again and did pretty decent in it.( after many trail and error ) now I got the Benson. I got decent numbers on it (33 k avg DMG) but I barely can't seem to win in it (47% win rate) , I know that DMG isn't everything in a DD, but I try to reasonably contest and gain capture points, spot for the team, not staying in smoke to bait torps and for quick retreat and other goals, but I can't seem to win games in my DDs Maybe it'll balance out over time? Don't know, I love the play style of hybrid DDs so I'll play and learn them more. On ships I parked for a while, its the HMS Edinburgh... The shells seem to be low impact, and I just didn't enjoy it overall. Planning on playing her again with a radar build, see if that works our better? Smoke only seems to draw trouble at higher tiers, imo
  9. I done it with a 100k dmg game ( + solo cap, and one cap assist) with the Des Monies after many tries. But, you don't need to have a high damage game to pull it off. I manged to get 1,800 base XP just by taking out of the Benson, and solo cap after defending a point, and getting 60k spotting dmg. A lucky game for me (trying to still learn how to DD), but something I'll just note here: Des Monies Game: Benson Game:
  10. That seems like more a of skin thing, mainly because if you change the masking of the camos you'll get..interesting patterns/colors on the deck of the ships if you run other camos. Thanks for the historical colors tho :)
  11. MS22 Camo mod (I like the basic blue hulls ) Unique Camouflage Mod (the default camos are not appealing to the eyes and are too repetitive across all nations, imo) Chill Camouflage Mod (Found on the EU fourms, I like the single colored "rust free" camos.) A few personal skin/camo works. Historical Appearance/Correction/Flag mods and Female Voices/Portraits (is there a name mod?) No mods for battle UI. I focus on the paint my ships wear, make wearing camo easier for me :)
  12. Bot or Idiot, You Decide

    Someone running into a map corner at full speed I'll say most likely just an AFK mid-battle, don't know the context leading up to this image though lol.
  13. I'll love that lol It'll pull the sharks closer :D
  14. I'm pretty sure that's just filler text, due to the fact they are really tech tree ships (but is not a part of a tech tree in game ATM) . so there's no free camo.