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  1. Concealment ?

    I mean, yea it may seem to be very small (it's just a -3% detection change), but when it comes to DDs (when radar isn't part of the equation) every little bit count, besides it looks cool. :D
  2. Monaghan, one of my few DDs with a winrate higher then 50% Knowing that my DD winrates tend to be very low I'm scared to play it again, but she's fun..so I might do it despite my better judgement.
  3. Wrong Answers Only: 05

    it's 100% the Hood. it has to be :D or an oversized tow boat.
  4. in the case of the Monarch, i was actually pushed to use the spotter plane to make up tor the lack of range so that i won't be so close to get destroyed by tier 10 battleships, and still be able to at least contribute to the long range fight in the early stages.Also can help with ships using low cover and smoke to hide. (it takes a bit to get used to aiming tho) overall, you'll need to play cautiously , push as a group mid game and play as defensive as possible if you get shot at by larger ships. late game is easier given that the team wins.
  5. flooding clauses an explosion. flooding don't induce a list while it's happening torps detonate regardless of angling HE damage zone is a cube however, i do have to say, a lot of sinking animations are physically on point!
  6. well, the minimaps important. in the early battle stages, ctrl + click and on the gears to get in the minimap settings to get the best out of it. You don't need a mod to know where the enemy last disappeared to, you can even know what ship might be in the area so you can respond properly. Knowing when and how to pick and choose battles can help you live longer and deal damage more effectively :) Just keep going at it.Experience is the best teacher, given that you learn from it. :)
  7. No one is making you give your ship up. I mean, yea you learn how to play a ship and you get better at it over time, apply the skills you learned to the next level ship. :)
  8. Broken at tier 10, Des Moines. 220 k Runner up at tier 7, Nelson 170 k (I think it was an AP only game too)
  9. End Of Battle Music

    If that's true, submit a ticket. It might be a bug that can be patched when 0.7.7 rolls out
  10. End Of Battle Music

    I just replaced all the music with classical pieces, turning off the music in battle. It seems to work for me.
  11. Beautiful Freakin* Shot

    yes they did, from 2.0 to 1.9 when it gotten a HP pool boost
  12. Beautiful Freakin* Shot

    When I first earned the HMS Nelson, there was a Cleveland that thought he can HE spam me while standing still in smoke. I fired HE back at him and caused a detonation :D
  13. someone yelled at me for fleeing when I was low heath and the game was going to win on points. (also was the last ship alive) :P Very good game tho!
  14. **Help** I must be a noob

    You can also use "ALT" to pull it up, but it's better just to enable it via the menu
  15. Yep, the mercy rule of this game is applied a team failed to push any capture points and/or died so fast that the counter reaches 0. That's the only time the game ends early. Rare enough.