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  1. I gotten the Bismark after the campaign, it's a great ship. I see nothing wrong with it. But I noticed that the catapult launcher on the ship is missing a plane. At first I thought because of some kind of techinal issue, but then I noticed that the ship of the same class, the Tirpitz has a plane on the lauchers Proof Just wanted to bring this to light if no one else had, have a good day : )
  2. I just love the Dry Dock
  3. This is the PREFECT birthday gift for me! Thanks for letting us know over here in WOWs
  4. Hey, look I'm back NC waiting in port for the call of battle... sure like to get up close and personal too look at those modern secondaries shot all at the same time, got some good disciplined gunners across all 10 guns, impressive This is however, too close for a brawl, even battleships have a personal space bubble who knew. Ship spotting here And planes, planes are important if only they knew how to get off the ship in the first place.
  5. I don't know, it seems like a good ideal on paper... But for people like me I'm all over the place. Some battles i do great, While other battles I completely flop stats isn't a great indicator of who's more skilled in every battle... It may not work in practice...but I'm on the fence. by being with more skilled players, you can watch and see how they kill you and try not to repeat what made you so easy to kill the next battle. For some, this kind of MM might hinder their ability to watch and learn. Just my unorganized thoughts However, I would like to see a mode for Nation v. Nation MM
  6. I would say the best way to do it, is to open the ships textures and try to recreate the looks that the Camo has.Other then that, there's no way to do it, unfortunately. I seen some really good skins I'll like to have as Camo to add to this mod... Edit: I decided to try to make my own Camo for the Russian DD Isyaslav...maybe if I have the motivation I might continue adding more missing camos.
  7. Thanks for keeping this updated, Aurelion!
  8. Well, after this awesome sinking. (which is why trying to do a one on one with destroyers is a terrible ideal, especially if all your allies die before you) I finally gotten enough EXP points to get the NC! :3 Bye dreadnoughts, hello modern battleships. Got some pretty impressive looking guns too. :3 so not used to it at all getting very poor results out of these things (0 dmg to 5,000 dmg)...going to take me weeks before I can start dealing lots of damage again. unrelated but nice fleet picture here with random strangers! ^^ This game is magical at times,..at times XD
  9. Those torpedoes where just a milliseconds off haha xD Nice job! ^^
  10. One thing, the download is protected by a password. Just letting you know
  11. Well it's only the (what used to be) hull A, putting a late tier ship based in WWI with a bunch of advanced WWII up to tier 9 ships is...for lack of better words, dumb to me. Good thing it was fixed, but I still had to suffer though that grind. Too little too late. : P Oh well, good thing I got my coins and points back. The ship's fun once it's out of stock! ^^
  12. There's a good quid on here about custom flag .dds mapping using an atlas file I'm interested in doing a complete collection of alt. world flags, and improvements to custom flags but meh, I'm not interested in the work at the moment : ) good luck http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/118285-flag-mod-tutorialhow-the-flagsatlas-file-works-together-with-the-flagsdds-file/
  13. Good to see you back! ^^ I got a few more pictures : P Stuffing blowing up is fun to watch ( from a distance) Still on the Colorado, half way there. Just gotta save up the free EXP to speed up the research by a little.
  14. Well, I'm shooting in the dark but this is what I would had done: You got the texture files, and the skin appears in game right? If so, then find the full path to the files only. (Example for the USS Iowa: (starting from wherever the game is at)\Res_Mods\\content\gameplay\usa\ship\battleship\textures\ASB018_Iowa_1949_a.dds) Copy the files, and make sure you make news folders inside of news folders starting from res_mods Once you done that, you can put the file path into a .zip or .rar file the upload on a 3rd party file sharing site (Google Drive, Mediafire etc) and post link here (note: Don't forget any .xml files or any other modified files if there is any. If so, copy the same process) Hope I was clear enough, don't think I was so feel free to ask for some more clearer explanations, keep in mind I never modded this game. Just going off technical knowledge and what I seen in other mods