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  1. I come up with a goal, like "today, I should improve on my destroyer play" , or "geez, I hadn't played this ship in a while" and I'll just play the ships that fit that description for the day. Now there's the British missions and ill pick the ships that'll be the fastest/ efficient at finishing them.
  2. All game modes count towards the current event. ^
  3. Most likely Friday. Im sure WG would have this huge in-game event popup when its up.
  4. Yep, I was the Texas who can't kill a CA at point blank range
  5. hey, I'm finally on a team screenshot! I really don't know what happened that match, I was truly expecting us to loose that one on capping, our main CL fleet going middle in the first 5 min of the match, and other questionable tactics. But GG anyway, that's a pretty good dmg number for the Indy.
  6. IFHE and Demolition Expert with some fire increasing flags can greatly help with getting the most out of US CLs, the CLs dont have the special AP shells like the British lights and American heavies got. Stick to AP at fully broadside, similarly armored ships, at mid to close range, otherwise spam HE or pick a more beginner friendly line such as the USN and German CAs if you want to stick with criuser play to build up captains (Germans are just easier to get into as they have IFHE as default in their HE shells). (PS: Don't pay money to speed up the grind it'll come in time, and will be more rewarding) Im no good at giving advice, but i hope I helped even a little bit!
  7. US light CLs need IFHE at the very least in order to do damage to bigger targets. Especially in tier 8 battles. They also need to learn how to wiggle and bait battleships to messing up their aim by slowing down (not to a stop!), speeding up turning left and right in open waters, or take advantage of the battleships already busy with other targets, and learning how to shoot over islands due to their lack of armor otherwise. It'll come in time!
  8. WG had changed their policy to where pink can be caused by: Damaging Teammates Outright Killing Teammates and now, if you leave a battle early (or go AFK for more then 40-50% of the match, I think), no matter the reason. It's nothing major, if you keep going pink for a consecutive amount of times you'll get a orange tag and will be locked to Co-op only. Just work off the pink. :)
  9. One of my favorite things to do in World of Warships, is to pull up replays and take screenshots for my desktop background. I haven't posted any pictures on here in a long time, so I decided to post some here.
  10. Looking forwards to the turret mounted catapults on the Texas :D
  11. Hope you enjoy the game so far! Don't shy away from other nations or ship types, the more well rounded you are the better you'll be in your preferred line ^^ Just dropping that here. Happy sailing!
  12. Couple of newb questions

    Same, the F keys will send messages. Press B for the shortcuts in the opening of the battle Yes, turn the ALT interlace (found the in the options ) to get the lead time (using shell flight time) and distance.
  13. Mean and not accurate

    1. If an ally is close to you, and in the possible path of torps...don't launch them, it's all on you if you press the fire button and he runs into them. 2. RNG can clause stray shells to hit the nearby friendlies. Had a case where a stray shell clipped the funnel of a near dead ally and killed him. Still on me because I still fried the guns and hoped that RNG won't send a shell to the ally.
  14. Not Really a Free Game

    Get a 19 point captain... that's the only free way to do it. You can also use Free XP to respec a captain/boost up the captain faster, but that's an extreme waste of time and free xp imo. I didn't start repecs until I gotten a 19 point captain in the Indy. If you have prem ships they can also help captain training (due to repeated play and XP boosts that every prem ship has.), and get even more 19 pointers faster, for free. Anyway, to the OP, this game is free to play. Free to play. You don't have to pay to press the battle button at all. You can keep playing, for free. Everything just takes a bit longer that's all really.