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  1. Kiwirat

    Weekly Combat Missions: April Fools' Day

    WG is a joke.. its april 1 oh wait.. WG is a joke full time
  2. Kiwirat

    Marco Polo in the Armory and Premium Shop

    I would suggest that your solution is to dig deep in your pocket for your coin.. is this not the plan from WG ?
  3. Kiwirat

    The heat WG is getting isn't deserved

    Right here Drax. This is the B S from you that I am talking about. For someone so new to the game this Op poster has the temerity is labeling everyone who complains about the behavior of WG a "a spoiled gaming audience" Take it from someone who has played this game for a long time and has invested a considerable amount of real $$ supporting the game, the behavior of WG in the last few years has displayed absolute greed and almost zero respect for their player base. You tubers like Flamu and others are now calling out this behavior and rightly so. I have regularly contributed to WOWs surveys.. and the last several I have rated them absolutely LOW when asked if I would recommend this game to new players. The reason? because of the blatant greed and lack of respect. If you take a hard look at every aspect of this game you will see it designed to remove the player base of their money.
  4. Really Hapa..? You expect us to support this recruitment campaign when our veteran friends are abandoning the game because of WG's blatant greed and ignoring it's current player base. I have struggled to just convince my friends to come back to the game for an odd battle. When WG hierarchy start being honest, show allegiance and respect to the current player base then you may have some success. I for one will not bother to recruit nor spent any more real money until there is tangible change.
  5. Kiwirat

    Dry Dock: Kléber

    What I take from this video..... "listen chaps.. we have run out of real ships to make money off so we are making some up now..it looks good what.."
  6. I am seriously over this money grabbing game... everywhere you look now, Armory.. News items.. marketing! marketing! marketing!.. then they tweak the game.. and every single tweak is oriented toward more doubloons and more marketing.. there is even the blatant re-modding of premium ships the player base has purchased. Hood case in point. Really? Then we get to the commander skills rework.. every single ship I have purchased or worked my butt off and faithfully spec'd the commander skills to suit my play style and the ship.. then POOF ! All back to square one.. and again oriented toward spending on doubloons if you look carefully at that rework.. Not only that - I just want to sit down and have a battle..but NO... I have to waste a bucket load of my time to sit through re-specking my 100 + ships.wth !! I am sure that the hallways of War Gaming Central are over-run with bean counters and financial analysts who care jot about the player base and are solely focused on their pay bonus for fleecing more and more from said player base. WARNING HAPA and Co.. of my clan mates that one year ago were playing this game.. 80% have now left.. all with a bitter taste in their mouths at the greed this company is blatantly displaying. Rant Over..
  7. Kiwirat

    Mission: Happy Waitangi Day!

    I want the black kiwi symbol on the funnel of all my ships thank you Happa. If you google an image of say HMNZS Waikato a NZ frigate active in the 70's you will see that black kiwi on the funnel. It was on all the NZ Navy ships I served on in the day.
  8. To answer the OP's question.. The problem lies with Alternative Interface mode being either Full or Adaptive. For some reason either of those modes disables the Ctrl + mouse click option for secondaries target select. Disable Alternative Interface in settings and you are good to go.
  9. Kiwirat

    Very High Win Rate Question

    Hey thanks for all your valued and constructive input folks. Much appreciated and I will take on board much of it. Cheers
  10. Kiwirat

    Very High Win Rate Question

    Thanks for the positive feedback.. and @Salvo_Creative appreciate you comments and. look forward to meeting you in game again. Cheers
  11. I am curious as to how some players manage such high win rates in excess of 65%. As an example I just came across a player who had a win rate of 93.33% over 30 battles in a Puerto Rico. Can someone please explain to me how this is possible when you are randomly placed in teams and the law of averages tells you that there is at least a 50% chance you will be in a team that may lose. That same player has many other ships win win rates in excess of 80% over many battles. I have to say I class myself as a recreation player with over 8000 battles and struggle to reach 49%. Often it does not matter how well you play and even though you may end in the top 3, the team still loses. You sometimes just get a run of those battles and that is the luck of RNG player selection. I know this may spark a series of git-gud comments, but it is a simple question that a number of average players struggle with. Positive advice welcome.
  12. Kiwirat


    Well Happa if you want the submarine testing to be worthwhile you need to make it accessible and reasonable: 1) the times are totally unreasonable for those of us in the southern hemisphere. My time is UTC +13 or to play the test: 0200-0900 or 1400-1700. As a working person this is a waste of time and unreasonable. 2) Ping and rubber-banding. Where is your TST server based? I play normally on the NA server or SEA server where my ping is normally 95-110. Today I am trying play the TST server and I have pings 300-700 and literally unplayable. 3) With what little playing time I can access I find I need to earn 12000 base XP before I can access a submarine. What the H*** use is this. I enjoyed playing the 1st round of testing. This is just totally useless and frustrating. Your comments welcome.
  13. Kiwirat

    Carrier Clash! The Battle of Santa Cruz

    Lol now WG are peddling someones book sales.. Really?
  14. Kiwirat

    Submarine Testing

    "Prime Times: 13:00 to 20:00 UTC and 01:00 to 04:00 UTC The server will be available during the Prime Time only. This way, we can get the maximum number of real players together at one time, so as to reduce the number of bots in battles" Well that is just great for the northern hemisphere players but is totally unrealistic for those of us in Aus/NZ. I will probably uninstall the test now. Just hopeless.
  15. Kiwirat

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    Research Bureau. Interesting terminology..... "Research" = the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. "Bureau" = an office or department for transacting particular business. Or in other words:"The systematic Investigation into and study of materials and sources by WG in order to transact particular business. That being finding ways of parting the player base with more of their money"