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  1. Falcor93

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    Sure as if I didn't do that the moment I watched the break down and the community go nuts!! I honestly hadn't even looked at the directives... I logged in bought the booster and instantly felt stupid... which I am. But I digress. 5 days waiting and STILL no response to the refund.
  2. Falcor93

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    I have spent a few hundred on this game over the years. No longer will that happen. They have pulled this stunt time and time again. NoZoup was right. There are many things to be upset about... but this is the straw on the camel's back. I want my 6000 doubloons back and you can keep the puerto rico and her stupidly ridiculous dockyard costs to boot. The dockyard is amazing as a concept. (If a dev who worked on it reads this THANK YOU!!!) To the one who decided the pricing... [edited] YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!!!! That stated people will not back down and I for one do not forgive unless MAJOR reparations are made!!! *****NEVER FORGET THE PUERTO RICO!!!******
  3. I'm going to leave this here as other people have stated, but 24,000 dubloons is INSANITY WG!! This is a literal outrage if people still have to grind to get it! Sure 2-3000 per segment and work for it... fair enough. But 6000?!?! Cmon!! Blatant RIP off! People have lives and holidays to enjoy!! Its the season of GIVING, not the season of rip money out of people's pockets, time from their family, and efforts wasted! Second point of order. Even more chances to waste money on a failed gambling system? The odds of hitting anything in those chests are horrid. Knowing that from previous years experiments with Notser, nozoup, and others it isn't worth the money anymore. Lastly I'd like to point out that some people aren't into clan wars or ranked. Ranked is an entire other problem of it's own since the changes, but I digress. 100 steel was acceptable but still a minuscule reward. There's nothing "pleasing" about this event in the least. Members are speaking up that this is a problem, and it's about time you listened to the player base and consider their feedback more closely. As in this case it will benefit you more to do so than to inhibit them. From a monetary standpoint you'd do well to entice flies with honey, and not vinegar. Many other games such as warframe, minecraft, and viral successes use lower price points to seduce buyers. Making your items ludacrisly expensive kills your goal of making people want to play. Yes high tier ships should be more expensive, but $100 and I STILL won't finish Puerto rico?? Yeah... consider my previous transaction the final one. As I refuse to support a developer who acts like they've changed their tune to swindle money. Not to mention purposely changing ships stat values once they're no longer a hot seller. Like October revolution, smolensk (once the armor changes take place), kutuzov (stealth nerf) and many other vessels to receive this kind of treatment. In conclusion, my point is simply this. Stop price gouging and be fair. Make events fun to play again. Reward players adequately for their effort around major holidays, not punish them. Listen to the player base on issues such as this. Finally, make the ship better if it has a flaw and do NOT cripple if it people favor it, as I know things need adjustment. TL;DR prices expensive, WG doesnt listen, Nerfs good things for stupid reasons (stop doing that), make Christmas and other holidays fun again. Edit: this image used on the OP is a blatant lie as it is from the test server and will not reflect the ACTUAL in game process. Which is false advertising.
  4. I see UD on that section of the beast.
  5. sure it may have been solved but I dont see where, hence my question... Where's the link or code?
  6. any links to start this on NA Server? Cause I've been trying to read over this and all I see is Asia and EU talked about and linked.
  7. Falcor93

    Invite codes

    It is. and I'll swap for that too if you like.
  8. Falcor93

    Invite codes

    I have a couple invite codes from loot boy for tanks and ships. M22 locust -Tanks Tetrarch -Tanks Albany and 2m Credits -Ships If anyone has a marblehead code I'll swap em ^_^
  9. and yet you still DIDNT MULTIPLY... geez dude... learn order of ops. If you cant see that then please by all means... continue to point out how stupid I am.
  10. Except you forgot one little bit of ORDER OF OPERATION.... x+5x=y in your case.... 10 + 5(10)=60 x=10 5x=5*10 therefore it's easy to see where YOU make mistakes ^_^ have a nice day!
  11. You are right. We stated we didnt save screenshots from the last week. However I run the same route in my atlanta EVERY match. 13 kills consistently. I run the support ship cove. Every time. for the shark among shrimps achievement. WITH a minimum of 200k damage and at least 3 DD kills. The XP has changed in some way as I have seen a lesser payout. While yes ship performance can change silently as we never actually know what changes get made behind the scenes for EVERY little thing for balancing purposes, this on the other hand is a MAJOR component to the game. We have had a lot of people join our OPS running group BECAUSE of how much XP we get from running this. Not that its exorbitant amounts, but because it's more consistent than randoms. It helps us run up a tad faster and in some people's case for ships they dont like, it makes it easier. AGAIN we only want to see if others are experiencing the same problem. IF ANYONE has a screenshot from when patch 7.7 dropped with Narai, until 1 week ago today... and would include a Screenshot from last week til now, Then that would go a long way. Provided they are close as can be expected. We are going based on EXPERIENCE not based on Screenshots and hardcore evidence. That means that it IS GUT INSTINCT. HOWEVER, experience goes a long way in determining the outcome and make it consisent.
  12. Griphos if you choose to use psychology, then you also know those who claim others are the problem, typically are the ones with a problem themselves. Lets move away from throwing accusations and focus on the problem. The problem as has been stated originally is that we noticed FIRST that FXP has dropped in payouts. The reason we KNOW for a fact is has is because we run this DAILY. CONSISTENTLY. With the same modifiers at least 10-20 runs as a group. Day in, Day out. For the last 10-12 months. We know Narai got nerfed once. We think they might have done it again. With patch 7.2 I personally had a match with spring skies, ourobouros, papa papa, equal speed charlie london, hydra, and premium boosts running on narai where I pulled 48k FXP not the highest I had ever seen someone get, But still pretty high. This patch with the same boosts I got 16k. Now, with the boosts stated weve run this daily, and our FXP is very closely monitored. As the point is to get as much as we can. But when a normal Narai match was paying out 1200 and drops to below 700 without premium time, but still running the majority of the boosts, excluding dragon flags.... There's definately a problem somewhere as stormie stated. X+Y= FXP. X has to have changed. originally we thought something had affected Y which would be boosts, ships we killed, or things of that nature. But after running it SEVERAL more times. the results gradually went lower and lower. while this may not seem definative to you. We aren't just blindly (key word here) sticking to our guns. We HAVE run this many more times since this thread was started and taken everyone's ideas and considerations into account and tried to change the variables to see if there is a difference. and the answer is a resounding NO. So that leads us to the final statement. X has changed. Which in this case X is the base XP an OP will payout. Not the ships' XP, Not XP for achievements, Just the OP itself is paying out less lately. Which in turn affects the FXP gain with or without boosts. According to the scientific method or in any debate. The burden of proof does not lie with the person making the claim. That is why in science or debate others attempt to debunk them. So far I have seen no one post older screenshots with the boosts we stated we ran. I have seen no one attempt to run a quality control test recently either. Stormie and I are the only ones testing things on this thread. So instead of degrading us, slandering us, or putting us down. Do your own work, and come back to us when you have put in as much time and effort as we have! THAT is the point of testing something. NOT to demean others. The point of this thread is to show that something has gone horribly wrong. If you disagree or wish to be rude and toxic, take your crapsomewhere else.
  13. Look what we noticed was a free xp drop. What weve been trying to point out is that XP gains are seeming to be lower across all fields. NOT just ops now. We've run ops, randoms, and co-ops. You can cut out the attitude. What were saying is the game is not giving out as much XP as it USED TO (which the only way we can tell is from old screenshots and memory). Which in turn is affecting our free xp gained. This is the first time we've noticed it. We wanted to point it out to others so they could keep an eye on it. I ran a match a few days ago with a few more xp earned than 23000. I had every single modifier for free xp spring sky the whole bit. I only got 18k I ran the math, it shouldve been 24k after running the math. So all I've been trying to say is that SOMETHING is not making sense along the line. It's not just 1-2 people. We had an entire division of 7 people all make the same comment... and then you get Devilfish who feels the same way. There must be others. My suggestion Gambit... Unless you want to help... Please take your negativity elsewhere. We've explain our stance. Knock off the [edited].
  14. There may not be but thats not the point of this post. What we are stating is that Free XP gains are lower than normal. Were not disputing the math. Were disputing the XP gain.
  15. WE already knew this. THAT IS NOT WHAT WERE POINTING OUT. What we are pointing out is that XP and free XP are related.... Hence the Free XP on narai and now confirmed on other ops IS LOW. We've been trying to say that as Daily players the XP earned with the standard permacam, clan bonus, and papa papa is VERY VERY LOW in comparison to the last few days. The only info we have is what were posting as it just occured. You wanna run the math great! Then dont be a smartass, but actually listen to the complaint and figure out why the payout is below the typical 1k+ we're used to seeing. We're not crazy and don't appreciate being treated as [edited]newbs. We play OPs DAILY as an expert group. This isn't your average run of the mill pubby group. So understand being a [edited] solves nothing, looking at the rest of the info... this makes no sense on why the free XP is low.