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  1. Xtrythis_1

    Best ship for resources right now?

    You guys are definitely making me lean towards Thunderer especially if it may be gettint taken out soon! 😎👍
  2. Xtrythis_1

    Best ship for resources right now?

    Thanks for the input guys! Maybe I should look more into Georgia or Thunderer..
  3. Xtrythis_1

    Best ship for resources right now?

    Hmmmm. Any time frame when this german bb is happening?? I do like the sound of that...
  4. So I've finally got enough coal to get a ship from the armory... I missed the boat on the Smol among others. Currently nothing really grabs my attention. I usually play bb's and occasionally ca's, no dd's for me. Would y'all wait for something new to come along or just meh buy a Yoshino or Thunderer and live with it? Thanks for your input!
  5. Matchmaking knows you prefer these players on your team...🤣
  6. Xtrythis_1

    Anchors Away Tour 2020 - Master Thread

    Do the cancellations include the USS Lexington too? Post says up to the Lexi.
  7. Xtrythis_1

    German CV Directives - Progress

    I've played the Rehin and thought it was enjoyable against bots. Need more practice before making a bunch of people mad in randoms. lol