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  1. Add me to this list. Two matches with disconnects and non participation penalties. Seems OK now but I'm not risking anything serious until I see an answer from WoW. Edit; I'm also noticing A LOT of other players with pink labels. This does look more widespread than just the reports here.
  2. I believe you have to exit the sim and reload. Every time I claimed a Prime award I had to do it. But it did work for me.
  3. How can it be the reverse? I Got the one with the black camo in the container along with the mission. The mission requires the standard one, no camo. In order to complete the mission I have to buy the STANDARD one. If I do that then I have two identical ships. One with a black camo that I got for free and one with no camo that I paid for.
  4. If their intention is to motivate us to buy the regular ship, that has to be the dumbest marketing ploy ever. Why in the world would I buy a duplicate to a ship I already have and doesn't even have the permanent camo the B version comes with? The rewards for completing the mission don't come close to covering the cost of the second ship.
  5. NormanScott

    0.9.10 PTS Bug Reports

    Similar problem to others I see. Sound issues in Key Battles. Laggy, choppy sound. Problem begins during a battle, usually after several battles and persists after battle end and is still choppy in harbor. Fixed by exiting game client but reentering does not prevent the problem from happening again.
  6. NormanScott

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.8

    When you select Asymmetric Battles your token total appears just above your ships in harbor.