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  1. Darkroad

    Armada: Tone

    HELP, cant find where to put my answer ???
  2. Darkroad

    Armada: Tone

    I realize that the answer is the bow BUT, where is it that I put my answer ??????
  3. Darkroad

    The Star for Division play

    Does the battle type make a difference. I was in Big Hunt last night with 2 clannies and NO stars ??????
  4. Darkroad

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I now have 250 ships which I am very pleased to have and the emblem is great to have but, I also find that I am really enjoying history of the ships and what they did in all of the world conflicts over many years. I greatly enjoy the difference in the ships from the extremely fast firing of the Smolensk to the slower than mud firing Battle Ships. Thank you WOW for creating such a enjoyable and informational game. :-)
  5. Darkroad

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.8

    Date of 9.8 being put in game ???
  6. Darkroad

    Clan Brawl 11

    It is very hard for me to think that the producers of this fine game intentionally have done what I feel is an extremely moronic scheduling SNAFU. Yes we are all human and we are not perfect but, comeon this was one heck of foolish bit of scheduling. I hope that this type of foolishness never happens again. Darkroad, MSGT USAF Retired
  7. Darkroad

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    More fun and should again be challenging.