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  1. hey, I have that ship...its an atago!
  2. Khabarovsk in Ranked

    Your team probably gets salty because you probably never cap. Capping wins in ranked.
  3. Fed Up With Ranked

    You’ve got to carry on your own sometimes. The cream rises to the top. It’s hard and frustrating but if you set a goal then go for it. My advice is watch good players when you die. The ones with the purlple clan tags. I learned a lot while I’m dead. Especially watch in ranked- when you have CatonBoard and other purple players follow them, learn from them, see what they do. And finally learn to handle direction and criticism from other players. In the 1-5 bracket there are some really really good players. ZR clan guy told me yesterday that I was messing up 2 games in a row I got radered way to early. (DD main) I lived through both engagements but got damaged. He pointed it out in chat. He was right. I said”point noted”. I wasn’t mad at him, I took it as a learning experience. Now I don’t go to those spots anymore depending on the enemy team lineup. Anyways ranked is challenging but really fun. It makes one such a better player in my opinion.
  4. Very nice! Enjoy your Bama!
  5. Gadja Madha camo has my name written all over it.
  6. Ha! Fair enough! Hopefully I’ll see you on the high seas in my Yeuyang. Cheers enjoy your boat.
  7. Agree-some of my most fun/ demanding/challenging/ rewarding/ learning experience games have been losses. The point is and I am a DD main who luvs the Pan Asians, is this- the DDs that go to the end line and don’t help the team and only look to farm damage and toro snipe is a detriment to the 13 other players who are trying to have fun and win with their unselfish play style. There is no I in team.
  8. And you lost. Winning is fun
  9. This is the point...did you win the game? So what you got 2 hits on a conquer from 18k away. Did you cap, support your other DDs in a fire fight? Did you spot for your team? Did you smoke your radar cruisers? Or do you just sail to end line and “torp snipe” from 18k away?
  10. I just got the radar Module in a SC. Now I have two, which i’ll outfit my Des Moines with. They are super rare and very handy. Perfect timing for ranked. Why would you sell it?
  11. I can explain with one word..... RNGesus
  12. Ranked Trio P2W

    LOL- you should :}
  13. Ranked Trio P2W

    If you think newer players will buy this and they will be OP or have an a increased skill level and get to the lower ranks your wrong. I don't have a problem with Premiums or WG trying to make a buck- they have to. I have lots of Premiums and most are not OP. What it will do is cause inexperienced players being a detriment to their team as they don't have the skill set, knowledge and experience to compete in ranked. Just because you have a Bama doesn't mean you will win.
  14. Ranked season = tier X! yay!

    I see Henry being viable option especially going to go cap the uncontested cap 3-4 min in game/or late in game to cap, due to its speed it will be a factor.
  15. Ranked season = tier X! yay!

    Don’t Forget Yueyang, as a DD main, she is a beast- on the cruiser side- there will be a ton of DM’s. For BB’s I see a lot of tank build Conquerers with their ridiculous heal.