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  1. Thanks! I'll give it a shot- has anyone else tried this and it has had any problems?
  2. G sync 165hz
  3. I have the system to handle and running a Dell g force monitor, 2k with 165 fps cap. 1080 card, I7700k with 32 gigs of Ram. Why is it hard capped at 76fps. Would really like to see this game in the 150fps range.
  4. why? I like his videos and perspective.
  5. Thank you. I thought it was clever....and the board needed a laugh
  6. Since it got deleted from the other thread....
  7. Definitely get the harekaze...very fun. I run it with TRB.. I can have a great game or I get wiped off the map instantly by radar. very fun ship
  8. Well- I'm glad I clarified it. As a father of 2 girls, I respect women and wasn't going down that road.
  9. Not trying to be creepy... She is the face of Warships. Which by the way is a good one. I just thought with the new changes to commander skills- it would be awesome if she'd be one of them.
  10. Go full speed angled non stop firing the HE hell.... If you want to ruin a flanking Khabs day go to outside edge of A or C and just wait for them... then charge them an dchase them down and sink them........It crushes Khabs
  11. Cant really say that in an open forum.... Seriously...something appropriate...I think she could spruce up the game a bit....
  12. It hasn't even gotten good yet....
  13. Yes I'm aware she speaks Russian and there's a translator...I'd prefer her voice...not sure if she speaks any English- I'm hoping she speaks broken English with a thick Russian accent! I'm thinking the enemy who just got sunk by her would get her voice saying something...wonderful...it certainly would bring less Salt to the game....
  14. Is there any way Dasha could become a new commander? She could speak in Russian but broken English would be great :} We could have a contest or vote on her special skills.......thoughts?