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  1. Listen to Sab- he's right...good players evaluate all that and more b4 match starts, then depending on where you spawn and what kind of players/ships on your team- then you start your plan For example- why did I floor it in a ranked game in a Colbert to C? Ez they had 2 dds 1 z52 and 1 shima that I'm as fast as and will crush quickly and then can cap/hide by terrain. whatever hopefully you get my point, Map-Ship-Player-situation all comes into play and you have to make quick decisions based on it.
  2. Agree, if your looking for the "best" RB ship Ohio is the choice.
  3. Ducky whats your build full gun boat with Fearless brawler?
  4. Thanks for the clarity on this- Had game in Vampire using puff puff smoke and speed throttle, going in and out of vision, was able to wreck 2 dds as i went from visible for 2-3 seconds to being smoke clouded and back out again etc etc... They couldn't hit me because "dazzle" was, well Dazzling. Sorry I couldn't help myself.
  5. Perth is great, its an offensive dynamo, you can pretty much use special modules in all slots, the extended range while using spotter is a must.
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    Looks like I need to dust off the Asashio
  7. shoy07

    Somers or Marcue DD?

    Prophet- really? after 25k Battles? I'm all for DD playing safe, doing DD things early game, but eventually you do have to spot, cap, engage the other destroyer...So going into it you know the smalland has advantage with it's 7.5k radar. DD's cant be considered stupid by doing the things that contribute to win the game.
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    Here's why this rework sufferin sucks

    And Costa Rican phrases..
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    Here's why this rework sufferin sucks

    I luv the Sweetsie guy, soo full vile and comtempt
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    Random is terrible

    lol soo true
  11. If between 2 ships choose the tier 10 as it gives you more options for competitive.
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    Done with the forums

    split the difference and call it 1 1/2 minutes?
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    more like a sliver of light
  14. shoy07

    Done with the forums

    I wasted 1 minute of my life reading this, that I'll never have back.