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  1. Pan Asian DD's overpowered?

    Don't be messing with my Yang....
  2. Get, BFT, VG, and torp reload for the remaining 9.
  3. the Yeuyang is not the same as gearin...not as fat, its quicker and more nimble..inbetween a fletcher and a gearing I'd say.
  4. um- no please don't...I give up smoke for radar and the inability to hit DD's with torps.
  5. I keep most all the ships from tier 5 and up.
  6. You had literally had a year to get the MO...........WG gave ample time to get it without spending a nickel...You snooze you lose....I am laughing all the way to the bank on this rant...literally....I have 350 million silver and 721 games in her with a 57% win rate in her. She's awesome you should've got her. I might go make a million silver right now in her to get you more upset. Better yet i think ill put the gamescon camo on her just to make 2 million.
  7. Yes yes yes- take my $$$ “the ship that wouldn’t die” make it have better AA than the Groz.
  8. Feels Good Man

    Didn’t have my credits flags on just tried to maximize Capt Exp- I’ll check I think 3 kills and 150k in damage. 1 cap for sure maybe 2
  9. And one more thing...how can you not get the MO?!? It’s been in 5 wars- WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War 1.0 and it singlehandedly beat the Aliens when they invaded in the movie Battleship.
  10. Yes because of this....Seriously, it’s an awesome ship with power and speed.