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  1. Definitely look at Helena/Boise as well
  2. Simms with IFHE, you can thank me later...
  3. Lol- I’m expecting a 40-50 point karma drop and a few chat bans along the way to Rank 1. It’s tradition.
  4. shoy07

    Best destroyer hunters in Tiers II-IV?

    not even a little?
  5. I do just fine in DDs.
  6. shoy07

    about diver bomber and dd update

    Please stop CV sniping in a DD.
  7. I think the extra time before takeoff will make DDs life worse. Time will allow DDs to create more separation from the the task force and will get less AA support from it.
  8. Cool, your willing to take some advice... First stop thinking about how much damage you personally do, the KIdd is a support ship, see a cruiser in trouble smoke him then spot, see a Germain BB in dire need of AA, help him with DF etc etc.....Actually after reading your post I started to play the Kidd a bit. Her damage #'s are going to be lower, but I've never worried about damage #'s. Winning is the only thing that matters to me, did I spot for the Wooster to kill the BB? cool, happy for his arsonist medal,did I defend a cap by engaging a DD then coming back and capping after I healed? cool.. Most importantly... did we win?
  9. Sorry, but nothings free....Did you have Premium time and buy FXP boosting flags? that costs $$ Azuma/Alaska for 1 million FXP- Alaska is by far a much better ship.
  10. shoy07

    Alaska, you will just have to wait.

    Im really liking the Kaga, why did you sell?
  11. shoy07

    89 plane kills in a single battle.

    my record is 95 in the flint...pre 8.0
  12. shoy07

    Stupidest thing you've been accused of?

    My 8th grade elementary teacher caught me with my cheat sheet while I was taking the test on the 8 Beatitudes...had to go up in front of the class and recite the rest.. fortunately, my friend Kevin in the front row saved me by mouthing, “the meek shall inherit the earth”, and others to pass the test.
  13. shoy07

    Stupidest thing you've been accused of?

    That’s just crazy. Make sure you double lock the doors at night. wth.