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  1. Step 6.. Division with Ranger, Tirpitz and a Kidd. we had no chance
  2. Spot on...This is my view on playing DD's. There have been times though when I see a BB battle cruising and wishing I had my Fletcher torps though. Tradeoff is that it shreds planes. Worth it. Just wish I could put Vigilance on her. I have an AA build.
  3. My Fletcher capt just has BFT- because AFT didn’t really feel like it was worth it at 7.2, the long range AA isn’t that good. Now if the planes get within 5k and medium AA range guns start firing it shreds planes.
  4. Ageee- currently I have BFT and AFT no manual AA. Vigilance is huge for dds on capping and playing aggressive. It is very satisfying shredding planes 7.2km out. One can expect 20-30 plane kills no matter what tier CV- if the cv keeps his planes around you. I may switch to just having BFT to get vigilance. I’m on the fence.
  5. I was hoping tier 8 for rank 8. Sims and Belfast here we go...
  6. What would be cool is during the loading screen before the game is have the the crew sailing from the port all lined up on the perimeter of the ship. Having family members waving goodbye from the docks.
  7. Lol looks like the torps all missed...I'd be angry. Not sure how I feel about these..
  8. Update- finally got a CV game.. Kidd does shred planes..I Kidd you not...1st ten games I'm 7-3
  9. Flamu's build...he doesn't have Vigilance...I feel that is a must!! I'm struggling in the Kidd so far 3 games so far though
  10. Z52- I use PM, AR, LS, Vigilance, torp reload, RPF, and Concealment im a experienced DD player, I find RPF useful on DDs that have fast reloads useful because I can send torps in that general direction and early hoping to hit or at least slow down others dds coming to cap. By the time I’m spotted, torps will be ready to fire again.
  11. Map, Cap, and enemy awareness negates this in my opinion. I’d rather use the points on something else. My 2 cents
  12. Shhhh. I’m a DD main...don’t need more guns aimed at me!
  13. Yep- don’t use it, if your detected I assume everyone is targeting you. I don’t need more stress showing 7 ships targeting.
  14. Fletcher got 24 from a Kaga- just have BFT on her.
  15. 7k worth of battles had Never gotten any until last week, then this week I got another one for a total of 2. Last one to get is clear sky.