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  1. I only play with 19 point capt in all my ships....Well, because I can.
  2. WG got there wish.....The YY numbers went way down.
  3. Confirmed, super fun on both GK & Mass full secondary build. It’s the only build I use in randoms.
  4. What are you looking for? anime boys? Sicko
  5. shoy07


    Need to convert some XP to FXP...can I borrow 2 million dubloons?
  6. shoy07

    Bring Back League of Wolves for Upcoming Ranked

    No one plays it...
  7. WG knows everything... there like the KGB
  8. I've learned just to deal with it...sometimes you get the unicum cv and sometimes you get the cv with a lifetime win rate 33% on a 56k dial up half hemisphere away. Look at it as a challenge and a different dynamic of gameplay. Ranked sprint was fun, played every tier 6 ship I had and pretty much and knocked off all of the snowflakes in Tier 6. Lots of fun ships in 6, Leander is a beast.
  9. After the nerf hammer to the YY- YY isn’t played much anymore in randoms or clan battles. I’d like to get the #’s for the weekly average played games before and after the nerf. I’d bet $ games played by the YY are way down. To answer your question- gearing is a better choice now- since the YY nerf. Unfortunately.
  10. shoy07

    XP for Tier 10 Ships

    Commanders XP is a derivative of XP. Boosting base XP nets more Commander XP.
  11. Tier 7 Gadja DD, solid camo, solid bote
  12. shoy07

    New arsenal cuopon

    the grabbing hands, grabs all it can.
  13. shoy07

    Imperator Nikolai

    It will be in the shop “soon”.
  14. shoy07

    Flint and the CV rework

    Whatever happens, Ill always have this...