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  1. Ranked Play Complete

    Impressive, congrats!
  2. This one...”the ship that wouldn’t die”. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Laffey_(DD-724) Moored in Charleston SC. Museum ship
  3. How’s the AA capability with no BFT and AFT?
  4. RC thanks for the breakdown- based on your math. I’ll take SE and forgo SI. I value Vigilance for my self and screening torps for the team.
  5. I’m like 63% in randoms- interesting you don’t Run BFT or torp reload- gets down to 81 seconds before AR takes effect.
  6. Agree with everything you just said, haven’t tried the IFHE though...I’m setting up Kidd for ranked with the free capt re training going on I’ll have to try IFHE. indont run with SI in randoms but I might for ranked...well because you just can’t die...and the extra heal will be valuable. I value Vigilance a lot though and feel that’s a must..taking torp hits is not good..especially in ranked where you have to stay alive. Plus I’m an aggressive capper and torps are always coming and it’s nice to screen them for the team as well. Will IFHE penatrate Tier 8 cruisers and BBs?
  7. Longer AA and torp reload...81 second reload is sick
  8. What do you run on the HazeKare? I have the C hull USN guns- which I don’t use often because there are only 3 of them. I have it all torp reload, booster, no smoke , AR and 10 percent Reload on on toros. Thinking of switching to the B Hull for ranked...Her detect is sick
  9. I’ve been asking for this forever!!
  10. DD Incentives

    I've found playing the HareKaze or any other DD without smoke is a great way to become a better DD player, Reliance on smoke for safety is a death wish, especially at high tiers where radar/hydro is prevalent. Also, play DDs in ranked too will help you get better. Because in ranked your number one goal is not to die, and especially not to die early.
  11. I'm the first to cap every time early in game. Usually radar ships aren't in range yet for their radar, If entire enemy team is there i do what i can but I'll bug out if it gets to hairy...and obviously if i get lit up by radar/hydro, ill bob and weave and come back later to contest cap. It works for me. Like I said I'm an aggressive dd player.
  12. I’m talking early game cap contesting, yes I tell the team to be ready to eliminate the DD sitting in smoke. And once I go radio silent I’ll circle back and cap. Late game is a different story.