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  1. Also- if you can kill 2 DDs all the time I hope I'm on your team!
  2. I do have RPF and I do all the things you mentioned....however...I only fire my guns in self defense or when its a 1 on 1 situation.... blazing away with your guns is a sure way to get crushed in a DD...
  3. totally agree!
  4. Yes I remember you too...its a lot of fun and there are no bad players to take advantage in ranks 2-5. I have 11 stars to go! Good Luck!
  5. problem is after using all my smokes on BB's and cruisers...when we lose the battle I'm 2nd behind the BB whom I smoked the entire match. Painful.
  6. Anshan
  7. Been there and done that....it was relatively easy to get to 5- but then up and down of ranks 2-5 is very challenging. Everything slows down, I will say communication does go up as does the salty salt.
  8. Well come hell or high water I'm gonna get to 1. Might get divorced to do it, but getting that stupid pirate flag means so much... and I don't know why. 2-5 bracket is a lot of fun Lots of good/great players and matching up every game against same players is a challenge. I've learned a lot and has definitely made me a better player. I try not to let the salt get to me too much. Most of all its a lot fun!
  9. It is the dd's responsibility to spot and cap. However it is the Cl and BB's responsibility to be in a position to shoot whatever the dd spots. I've found especially in 1-5 ranks that usually they are always hiding behind an island sniping. So when the dd spots no firepower is being applied to the enemy because all the big guns cannot fire thru the island. It is really leaving the dd in an bad position because eventually I'll get spotted and I'll be the only ship visible to the enemy team. Last night I begged my team to finally move "out" of there safe zone and help. After 12 min into the match. We won. It does 2 things allows BB's to soak damage and draw fire. But also- when I do get spotted maybe the enemy team has just fired their shots at our BB' and are reloading instead of all guns firing at the only visible ship...i.e. Mine. The position our team was in looked like a flotilla. Need to spread out, create angles, soak some damage and support the DD's. I hope this helps because what's the point of smoking your team and spotting if there is no artillery being able to shoot down range. Thoughts?
  10. Anshan for me
  11. I just upgraded and its overkill for WOW...but I hope to have this for 10 yrs. Pegged at 76 fps {max} and in 2k 1440. Paired with a gysnc 24 in Dell and a GTX 1080. Needless to say I am happy with the PC and the game looks and runs awesomely.
  12. ​I've got an 18 point capt in her now...used the Loyang capt. I'm enjoying her....I have the Warspite too.. actually all BBs except Dunkurque. the AZ and warspite are just so slow. ive enjoyed the Hood and don't mind her guns at all but ive heard Warspite has higher sigma so I should give it a shot as well. I bought the Belfast last ranked and to be honest I didn't play her well. I'm gonna be more serious this ranked and go for #1. plus I feel ive become a much better player during the last 2k battles.
  13. ​Anshan is great...similar to the Gremy tier 5. I started playing her to get ready for ranked tier 6. Plus has a special camo 100% free xp bonus.