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  1. shoy07

    What is good FPS and MS delay ?

    ping is around 30ms and FPS 130-160 2k on max settings
  2. shoy07

    Tier X meta is very disappointing

    I find it to be most enjoyable...for the most part its got better players and better strengths in ships to punish mistakes. All the long range abilities are known to those that learn it. Its balanced. Its the most challenging Tier in Randoms. I'm a smokeless DD main, so I'm pretty crazy anyway...just my 2 cents
  3. Cant give up stealth in a DD....no go on the legendary mod.
  4. shoy07

    5 days left to Ranked season

    I agree, I enjoy Ranked too.... I guess we are gluttons for punishment. My Gremy….ready to hunt dds in tier 5.
  5. League of Seawolves is already a non factor anyways....there is never anyone in que. . i’d like to know the just how many actual LOS games were played last and this season. They need to revise the rewards in LOS, or make it a coal & oil grab. I’ve ranked out the last 3 seasons in a row and have only played 1 game in LOS- due to not enough players. I’ enjoy competing against the highly skilled players who rank out. The 5-2 bracket and ranking out makes you a better player. It would be fun to play against those skilled players and get some decent rewards in LOS. WG needs to do something different or just stop advertising LOS alltogather.
  6. shoy07

    Helena Looks Great in Her New Camo

    Well, will I got reimbursed the 2000 doubloons then? Ty
  7. shoy07

    Helena Looks Great in Her New Camo

    So I didn't get reimbursed the doubloons.
  8. shoy07

    Helena Looks Great in Her New Camo

    I bought the permacamo for the Helena as well. Are you saying I can get my doubloons back for it?
  9. shoy07

    Game hardware - monitor

    I have the Dell 24 inch 2k Gsync that goes to165fps. I highly recommend. Also have a 1080, plays around 150 fps and is on all the highest settings. I think I bought it for $399 when on sale.
  10. shoy07

    whats the most accurate prem bb?

    I was giving an honest answer to an honest question. He didn't ask what ships he could get now.
  11. shoy07

    whats the most accurate prem bb?

    You could throw $ at me and I could tell you how awesome the Mo is.... :}
  12. shoy07

    whats the most accurate prem bb?

    I'd also say Nicoloi as well
  13. shoy07

    whats the most accurate prem bb?

    mighty Mo, hands down
  14. Possibly- let us dissect your cv play style in 5-2 bracket of ranked. I think there might be a replay video of that somewhere out there. Then we will conduct high level meetings to really dive deep into your Unicum stats as a cv player. Furthermore, we will compare those stats and those of random battles to that particular replay and see if you’d qualify to be in the clan. We appreciate your interest and will get back to you.
  15. shoy07

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    I've won like 20 in a row.. please add the stars to my account...