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  1. Improving the Game

    If you had quit like you said you would, this wouldn't be an issue for you.
  2. yesterday...it sucked..but hey free flags.
  3. T9 KGM FXP Ship?

    Yes please USS Laffey Tier 9 FXP ship would fit nicely here.
  4. Ah. the life of a DD...

    You, my good sir have just been inducted into the DD Mafia with that speech.
  5. Please tell me what to do

    Also, I skipped AR for Vigilance...cap contester, and you just cant afford a shima torp hit PM,LS,SE,BFT,TA,Vigilance and CE
  6. Please tell me what to do

    I'd switch SI for BFT, make it extra beastly...
  7. Funny.....if those are her skills, she'd make a great captain on my YY.
  8. Ships you don't want to play

    nice I like it ty
  9. Ships you don't want to play

    I have Halsey too on her, trying to utilize his special skills... I have EL, EM,AR, BFT, DE, IFHE and CE...thinking Halsey will be my Atlanta/Helena-Flint{when I earn her} Capt. just wish I could put AFT on her as it seems there's more CVs in the tiering. Why SI on her? extra hydro/DF/fighter doesn't seem to do much in my opinion.
  10. Ships you don't want to play

    curious..whats your setup on the Helena?
  11. Ships you don't want to play

    you can't because that ship is too much fun...