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    Building a time machine to steal the California
  1. Titanicman2012

    American Battlecruiser Split

    Samoa needs a 24 - 26 second reload 4 x 2 356-mm instead of the 4 x 3 305-mm or else gun calibers would be jumping all over the place
  2. Titanicman2012

    Just Another Proposal: KMS Kronprinz

    very interesting, definitely better than what I've thought of in the past, the only thing that I'd see needing to be changed is for it to be upgunned to 4 x 2 480-mm with a 32-second reload
  3. underwater torpedo tubes aren't a thing (yet) unfortunately
  4. the latter idea would only work for RN ships since they are the only ones with single launch torpedoes
  5. I just want to know how to access the 3d models of ships (i have seen other people use the models of the ships for stuff) so i can convert them to a minecraft schematic.