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  1. Did this operation with some clanmates and we stalled until the last ship was dead then killed rasputin. 31 kills for the team with 30 secs left on the clock.
  2. I've been double dipped a few times in my Gearing for sure but I was totally asking for it mostly like charging BB's and taking it in the nose but what do expect at that range and trajectory when a few 16" shells that weigh more than a small car travel thru your ship. My Khabarovsk gets penned regularly due to its armor but I can also ricochet AP easier and shatter more HE it's all give and take I suppose. I've never really felt that I took too much damage from BB's in my DD's I usually figure it's my bad for not watching out for it or good on them for landing shots I thought they wouldn't make.
  3. I play DD's almost exclusively and do not find BB's particularly dangerous most of the time regardless of the ammo their firing mostly because of their low rate of fire and time it takes shells to reach target. I think the BB should be rewarded handsomely damage wise for actually scoring a good salvo on a DD because they are so hard to hit at range. It's more my job as a DD to spot, smoke, cap, survive and direct ship traffic with my torps and presence to maximize my teammates damage maybe kite if the situation is right rather than to chase BB's around. After all isn't the purpose of a DD to be a support vessel for larger ships.
  4. smolderingsteel

    Pirate Crew Kill Rewards!

    I had alot of fun with the hunt and got 3 capts and 7 crew but I have yet to receive the 7 pirate crew kill rewards. I started a ticket with screenshots which got put on hold with a msg to be patient. That was 4 days ago. I'm not too optimistic at this point. Oh well guess I'll skip it next time.
  5. smolderingsteel

    Rewards for killing Pirate

    I got rewards for the two captains I sank but not the 7 crew. Are they dropping the rewards in chunks I wonder? 9/6 UPDATE: Thanks to Gneisenau013 and KamiSamurai for getting my rewards to me you are awesome.
  6. smolderingsteel

    Musings of a pirate

    Wish I had been picked as a pirate but I did plenty of hunting and sank me 2 captains and 7 pirates. The pirates did a pretty good job of hitting the waves although it would have been nice to see a few more capt led divisions I think I only saw 3 or 4. 9/6 UPDATE: Thanks to Gneisenau013 and KamiSamurai for getting my rewards to me you are awesome.