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  1. You_Only_Pink_Twice

    Ibuki — Japanese Tier IX cruiser.

    Many believe that the IJN Ibuki has been overshadowed by other ships, especially premium ones; in other words, power creep. A buff, IMHO is needed. Its damage per second is one of the worst, poor torp angles, and limited gun arcs. The Atago is a better ship at tier VIII, Seattle, Buffalo, Neptune, and even the Roon, not mentioning Russian cruisers (which I do not play), are generally considered superior to the Ibuki. Time for a buff (e.g. 12 k torps, faster reload)
  2. You_Only_Pink_Twice

    Izumo's buffs

    Izumo is a strange duck, but she can be a deadly one. Good speed and accurate guns and nice harassing secondaries, can give opposing players a bad day. Sure she has weakness (e.g. slow and clumsy), but every tier IX does. Patience is important with her along with good supportive play. A stealth/secondary build (no manual sec cap skill) and hit and run tactics can be successful IMHO
  3. You_Only_Pink_Twice

    What can I do with Yamato

    Excellent job guys about summarizing Yamato's strengths and weaknesses. It is a tough ship to master and I feel your pain. It's turret traverse, no matter how you improve it, is the Achilles heal. Flanking like a French BB is just not an option; must choose a side and support, much easier said than done (especially in my case).