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  1. HansMohr_or_less

    Yueyang radar

    Do not have tier 10 dd's, but know a lot of people who do, and 100% agree (as previously stated above) that the Yueyang nerfs essentially "killed"the ship, and based upon my play, I rarely see it played. What about keeping smoke and have radar as well, or improve her reload slightly.
  2. HansMohr_or_less

    Gneisenau is giving me fits.....

    A wise player once told me every ship is a tool, it has specific uses. Gneisenau is a perfect example of that. Low number of guns, fairly inaccurate, but her torps, armor, speed, and quasi-secondaries allow the Gneis to pick her fights. In addition, maybe start "farming" captains for alternative game play. The Gneisenau has a good AA suite; start a captain that is tanky/aa spec. Some CC's, lIke Noster, promotes FP/MAA over CE due to the numbers of CV's. Do not get discouraged, she is a fine ship if uses correctly. Great post btw
  3. HansMohr_or_less

    Are german BBs even somewhat viable in a time like this?

    All German BB's can have their moments, as you well know, although those situations are becoming rarer due to the current meta (CV increased appearance, HE camping, spamming CA, etc.). The needs expressed about improving main gun accuracy is the best "buff" that WG could do. Possibly something similar to Russian BB's, once within 12km, for example IMHO.
  4. HansMohr_or_less

    Sonar for the Scharnhorst?

    Horchstelle or passive sonar room? Give certain ships, like the Scharnhorst, a built in "vigilance"?
  5. HansMohr_or_less

    Sonar for the Scharnhorst?

    Thought 105mm had the German benefit. Interesting post, though, German BB line needs a little more love. As an after thought, IFHE while possibly fascinating, too may CV's mean FP or MAA a better choice.
  6. HansMohr_or_less

    Being a Better DD?

    I do not play dd's often and the people who do, have given you great advice for the most part. If I may, captain skills were not mentioned, the most important skill is the tier 2 skill last stand. All dd's captains need this or when your engine gets knocked out, you are literally dead in the water. Good luck and do not get discouraged. DD play can be very rewarding.
  7. HansMohr_or_less

    Which Battleship line should I choose

    Everything stated in this patch was well done, but the Japanese line I believe gets slightly overlooked. The goal of the IJN line is to grind to the most powerful BB in the game - Yamato. Its 460mm main battery is the best in the game and can over match anything and everything. The line itself is fairly good, specializing in accurate gun fire and being somewhat "tanky" if position well. The tier V Kongo is a speedy battlecruiser, tier VI Fuso has 12x 356mm guns that makes it a great shotgun, tier VII Nagato and VIII Amagi have good to excellent 410mm sniper guns, the odd duck Izumo has all front firing guns and can be spec for secondary, and we get to the prize as mentioned above. Ultimately your choice, but that is my suggestion.
  8. HansMohr_or_less

    Some ships I would like to see.

    I heard through the CC grapevine that the Italians are coming THIS year
  9. HansMohr_or_less

    HMS Thunderer, premium or tech tree ship?

    It looks like I might be in the minority, but I am looking forward to the Thunderer. The 457mm in the Conqueror, as everyone knows, cannot compare to the 419mm, and it would be cool to see an alternate that works. I hope it is a different tech-tree.
  10. HansMohr_or_less

    Concealment even worth it anymore?

    I understand why people think CE is still very viable (e.g. Kami excellent response), although for most BBs, especially brawler, CE should probably not be taken. For American BBs CE could be ok however with CVs turning up in most games MAA & FP are better choices IMHO. Cruisers probably should still take it as its first tier IV skill unless you have IFHE spec ships like the Henri.
  11. HansMohr_or_less

    Von Der Tann Battlecruiser proposal

    It would be awesome to have a devoted line to battlecruisers, especially RN & KM. I have to say the Von der Tann has always been one of my favorites and would be great to have in the game. Also the emblem is pretty cool.
  12. Oh my, why did you have to mention the IJN Tone - that ship has been my most "I wish we had this" since I started playing two years ago. Although, with all these battlecruisers being available, maybe it might be time to break off from the BB tech tree? Also, can we please do something with Prinz Eitel Frederick, mercy killing?
  13. HansMohr_or_less

    USS IOWA - Captain/Module/ builds.

    Very good post on a ship that is under-rated. I really cannot add anything else however, due to our current carrier heavy environment, not sure if CE as a captain skill is a must take anymore, making FP or MAA a better one. Noster has been promoting this recently, and while initially I thought it was an oversight, he was right. He usually is.
  14. HansMohr_or_less

    Rage Against the CV

    Now that is a very good specific idea, which I tried to imply in my initial post. Also, could limit low tier (4 or 6) to two a game or less and have only one tier 8 or 10 per game. Three per game as discussed above is "rage" inducing.
  15. HansMohr_or_less

    Rage Against the CV

    I just watched iChase video about his frustration playing against a capable carrier player, and I felt very conflicted after. I know going against carriers can be a challenge, but the "rage" directed towards them might need to be tempered. In his video, iChase was continually harassed by the CV, probably due to being a respected content contributer. His commentary was generally valid (along with his anger), however I wished he explored more direct "solutions". I understand he generally does not want to post a fifty minute video, but in all due respect, I am getting fatigued with the "do something about the CV's or I am going to quit" comments. 8.4 is on the horizon and maybe its changes will assist in improving the experience of most players, but we as a player base need to be a little more patient. I am an extremely average player who enjoys CC videos, especially iChase. We all need to chill. I include myself in that statement.