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  1. Great post and comments guys. I to vote (election year hehe) for tier 4 carriers to have fighters. It is a very important aspect of carrier play.
  2. HansMohr_or_less

    High Alert or Jack of All Trades ?

    Preventative Maintenance and High Alert match up pretty nicely, which works well with BB’s and some heavy cruisers/battle cruisers. Some CC’s, like Notser, prefer that combo instead of BoS. That way you could assign another 3-point skill like BFT or Vigilance.
  3. HansMohr_or_less

    Ohio Build for Co-op?

    My respected WoWs player, you are not a noob (you obtained an OHIO) and should journey in the world of random - despite its occasional caustic flare ups. In random tank build period: PT, EM & AR, SUP & VIG (could take BFT), CE & FP. If you just want to play co-op, which is cool, secondary all the way like previous stated. Your 457mm will over-pen A LOT on cruisers. She is a BB killer/tanker. Good luck and congratulations 🍾
  4. HansMohr_or_less

    Have a WILD suggestion

    Where were you 3 years ago when I brought the Yubari. A “cute” ship but pretty much useless for missions. Hans is a jack&$$. Sidebar, the light cruiser has one turret as a secondary with a range of 2.4 km. Look out Tirpitz
  5. HansMohr_or_less

    Don't forget about the Italian cruisers

    Hey it takes time to understand and succeed in this line. Is it for everyone, probably not, but if you stick with it, it gets better. Btw the tier 4, 6, and 8 (have not played the 9 and 10) seem to be good ships. Although, I need to play the 8 more, damn Brit heavy cruisers taking my time.
  6. HansMohr_or_less

    Don't forget about the Italian cruisers

    It is a learning curve with Italian cruisers; however, once you master patience, grasshopper, SAP can become something to behold. Just ask any DD captain about their one shot ability.
  7. HansMohr_or_less

    First Kraken Unleashed !!

    Awesome. Congratulations. Massachusetts is a great ship but does get focused a lot. Especially by my Mogam
  8. With the possibility of the 6x gun 510mm Yashima IJN battleship on the horizon, why not expand the the FDG and GK to further H-class battleships. First make the FDG have its choice of the same 406mm (H-39) and 420mm (H-41), but make the GK either just 12x 420mm (H-42) or have a choice at 8x 480mm guns (H-43). Then you can add another battleship with 8x 508mm guns (H-44). Now on making them “ExP”, “coal”, or “steel” ships is anyone’s guess. Could even do a dockyard build. Thoughts?
  9. HansMohr_or_less

    Yoshino vs Puerto Rico

    Yoshino is a good ship, if played to its strengths, as with most vessels in WoWs. I have heard people say to put IFHE on her, but I believe that would be very wasteful. She is a mega-Zao, and with double rudder, a PITA to hit at range. The Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 is also a very good ship, IMHO. Look at Notser’s review, her guns are good, and played to her strengths (mobility) can be powerful. I just think people are down on her as previously stated. Personally, Yoshino is my choice, but try to be open to the PR.
  10. HansMohr_or_less

    North Carloina Build

    Going from the Colorado to the NC might make you feel that the ship is on hydrofoils. Seriously, she is one of the best tier 8 ships in the game. I would stay in the 12 to 15 km range to get the most out of her, and try not to show too much side, the NC can be a little squishy if you do. Like previously stated, tank build/concealment is the best. If memory serves, she is already pretty good with AA. Good luck 🍀
  11. HansMohr_or_less

    ok so...I bought a Carrier

    A side bar, having 10x 203mm as secondaries on the Kaga was always intriguing trying to enhance it; do not do it btw. She ain’t the Graf Zeppelin. Back to point, her torp bombers are very good and she is a pretty good ship to play once you get comfortable with CV play. I would give it another try.
  12. HansMohr_or_less

    When is AR not the better skill? A build question.

    Nice topic, for me AR can be useful however I usually take EM first on my BB’s unless the turret traverse is 36 or less. High alert with preventative maintenance seems to work well together to improve “tankiness”, so I generally take this first and save AR much later. Very rarely I take AR on cruisers unless they are IJN. For most cruisers, especially USN, I take Jack of all Trades to help with recycling through my consumables faster. Currently the most important 4 level skill, and probably most important overall, is Concealment Expert due to the current high spamming HE meta. The longer they do not see you, the longer you stay in the game 😎
  13. HansMohr_or_less

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Post 8.0 has made carriers more playable for the average WoW player. I do think lower tier cv’s are at a certain disadvantage against higher tier AA, although cv game play is better.
  14. HansMohr_or_less

    Suggestions for the first German T9/T10 Premium BB

    Probably up gunned FDR and GK would be my thought. The caliber would be either set 420mm or possible larger, 445mm (17.5 inch) or even 457mm (18 inch). Could also do one secondary spec/less accurate main guns or tanks/more accurate main guns. No sure how different you can be unless you break WoW rule and give them 20 inch guns which I believe they were thinking about.
  15. HansMohr_or_less

    Advice please on cruisers

    Das Reich! See what I did there with a play on words...English/German...for That’s Right...crickets