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  1. Commodore_Casual

    CVs are Getting in Some Play Before the Rework

    I figured it was people grinding as much as possible to rake in the free exp and credits to either use on new CVs or other ships when the patch hits.
  2. Commodore_Casual

    2018 Santa Crates

    The last 2 years there have been sales on Premium Time although last years was inferior to the offer 2 years ago. So far this year, nothing. That tells me everything I need to know about the current leadership making the decisions about what goes and sale or not. It's going to be a hard no or severely nerfed in terms of rewards. I'll place cold hard cash bets on Christmas crates (if we get them) no longer having 6mo - 1 year of premium as a drop plus less of the Tier 7 & 8 premiums ship drops.
  3. I’ll take “+1/-1 MM” for $2000 Alex.
  4. Commodore_Casual

    Xbox WoWS aka Legends Coming SOON!

    I know I'll probably move over permanently just for the +1 matchmaking assuming they don't utterly nerf the game to make it new player friendly.
  5. Commodore_Casual

    Latest Submarines Q&A

    Oh well. At least those making this decision will be able to contact the people responsible for the WoWP fiasco who lost their jobs and get advice with updating their resumes. Only in the game dev field are people rewarded with failure by being handed a new position simply because they have experience failing. WG has utterly failed in every other "World of" franchise at raising the player base numbers outside of Asia/RU and this will be no different.