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  1. 24 Premium Ships: ARP Haguro ARP Haruna ARP Hiei ARP Kirishima ARP Kongo ARP Myoko Atlanta Blyskawica Boise De Grasse Graf Spee Indianapolis Ishizuchi Katori Konig Albert Marblehead Mikasa Missouri Molotov Okhotnik Prinz Eugen Scharnhorst Texas Vampire
  2. USN Split, Part 2

    I'm ready for Dallas. I have saved up over 40k XP on Omaha so I can buy Dallas on Day 1 of 0.7.6 dropping. I'll grind for Helena and then Seattle and Worchester. Should be fun.
  3. Argentina Confirmed!

    Pan American? Sigh. I would rather see the Austro-Hungarians or even the Ottoman ships. Still, any new line is great, bring on the Sud Americanos.
  4. Two Captains, same name

    When I updated to 0.7.5 I received a new captain for my new Tier VI Pensacola in my reserve. Thank you very much Wargaming. Unfortunately, the name assigned to my new Captain is a duplicate to an existing Captain. Not a big deal but I could see it leading to a little confusion in the future. I know we cannot rename our Captains (looking at you John Doe ) but does anyone know if Wargaming could fix this if I contact support?
  5. second US BB line "IDEAS"

    I like the idea of a second USN BB line. Maybe USN/RN and DKM BC lines? I am for adding a lot of new ships to the game. I still want a RN CL trainer and a whole RN CA line. Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and Sud Americano BB lines.
  6. So many Clevelands that there are actually Tier VIII games where Cleveland is top tier. As the wave passes Cleveland will get hammered by Tier IX and Xs.
  7. Create a new account.
  8. New US CA/CL firing ranges

    Gonna be tough to drive the CAs with such myopic ranges. Lots of island hugging in the future.
  9. I would rather they spent dev time on a customizable UI.
  10. I have zero dedicated skippers for my premium ships.
  11. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    Konig Albert
  12. Also, I tried to get a Tier V+ in each country and ship type. Mission requirements are frequently restricted to Tier V+ and occasionally by nationality and type. Getting a Tier V is quick and relatively inexpensive in silver and/or Free XP.
  13. I haven't meshed well with the BB play style. The slow reload time, glacial turret traverse and lack of maneuverability are off putting for me. I love the active play style of cruisers. Fast reloads and quick traversing turrets. Maneuverable as well. Can't take a hit but I love the play style. DDs are too squishy. CA/Cl seems to be the sweet spot for me.
  14. Met my first Worchester.

    I'll just call the Worchester the "Lee & Perrins".