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  1. JAPridemore

    The iChase Case

    Perma spotted by CVs sucks. When a CV spots you it should show you on the mini-map but not make you targetable by the surface units.
  2. JAPridemore

    Your very first Premium was?

    I started playing 26 Nov 2016 and received my first premium on 7 Dec 2016. I got Mikasa from a SC. Then I scored the ARP ships around 31 Dec. My first purchased premium was Konig Albert on 12 Jan 2017.
  3. Boise is a Brooklyn class CL so perhaps they could do a Tier VI premium version and name her Brooklyn as a down tiered Boise?
  4. JAPridemore

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    Last night one of my best games was in an Emerald. We lost but I almost pulled off a win for the team.
  5. Strange, in NHL 19 I don't get the chance to have Admiral Halsey on the ice..why do I get a Russian hockey player on the bridge of my ships in WoWs?
  6. JAPridemore

    I am curious how many premium ships do you own?

    24 Premium Ships: ARP Haguro ARP Haruna ARP Hiei ARP Kirishima ARP Kongo ARP Myoko Atlanta Blyskawica Boise De Grasse Graf Spee Indianapolis Ishizuchi Katori Konig Albert Marblehead Mikasa Missouri Molotov Okhotnik Prinz Eugen Scharnhorst Texas Vampire
  7. Morning crzyhawk. I noticed your Low-M patch. Were you IMINT? I was a 98C SIGINT Analyst from 91-99.

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    2. crzyhawk


      Nice we were at Korea at the same time.  Those white planes with red racing stripes were us.

      Were you with 751st?  At Bliss, were you with 204th MI?  After I got out, I did some training for them on ARL.

    3. JAPridemore


      In Korea I was with my reserve unit, 138th MI CO (AE) flying in the crazyhorse platform. At Bliss I was working for the MIAD (Military Intelligence Augmentation Detachment) just to fill positions (Arabic and Farsi linguist when they needed Spansih linguists :)). I was a 98C not a 98G though.

    4. crzyhawk


      Ah that's cool.  You probably just missed me in Korea.  I seem to recall there was a detachment there to help with the transition from Mohawks to ARL, but they were gone when I arrived in mid 97.  I left Korea in late 98 (extended to get my wings permanently) and went to MRSOC in San Antonio.  As a contractor, I did some training to support 204th at Bliss to train their ARL guys.