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  1. Best defense against subs is to only play Tiers I-IV.
  2. JAPridemore

    Ship at the wrong tier

    Should Emerald be Tier I?
  3. JAPridemore

    Don't Forget To Sell Your Moose Caca today.

    Should we sell Kirov as well?
  4. JAPridemore

    The Des Moines should no longer be Tier X

    While WG is at it, Albany and Katori are both WAY overpowered for their Tiers and should be moved up to Tier X.
  5. JAPridemore

    12,500 Doubloons for $36

    Nope, no money for WeeGee from me.
  6. JAPridemore

    Rank Season Have Begin

    The woman is wild A she-cat tamed by the purr of a Jaguar
  7. JAPridemore

    Rank Season Have Begin

    So many have paid to see What you think you're getting for free
  8. JAPridemore

    Rank Season Have Begin

    Watching and waiting She's sitting with you but her eyes are on the door.
  9. JAPridemore

    Rank Season Have Begin

    The lean and hungry type Nothing is new, I've seen her here before.
  10. JAPridemore

    Rank Season Have Begin

    She only comes out at night.
  11. Give me a few minutes and there will be a Wikipedia article proving the historical veracity of the Soviets commissioning a Yamato at the end of the war. If it is on the interwebs, it must be true.
  12. True Tovarish, but there is always room for a historical victorious Soviet BB made with real Stalinium.
  13. There is always room at Tier IX for another of the many historical Russian/Soviet BBs.
  14. Reported for pessimism and reported for optimism.