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  1. Da_Eigers

    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    A BB with Deadeye is going to be detected right away, remain detected while ships are in range, and can be fired upon. CVs are impossible to retaliate against.(except by other CVs, which is very rare) I know it's silly, my suggestion of plane damage causing ship damage too, that's the point. CVs do not belong. They're stupid. What next? Land bases launching nukes? How stupid can they make it?
  2. Da_Eigers

    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    CVs don't belong in game. Imagine a BB that could sit in one corner of the map and fire TV guided missiles across the map without being detected, or shot at by other ships. This is the CV. A CV is an invisible base that launches TV missiles across the map with no danger of taking damage. A more fair thing would be if the CV's hit points took a hit as their planes were damaged.
  3. Da_Eigers

    0.9.6 new interface and Equipment

    I agree. The new equipment interface is cold and modern. We play a game that features historical ships. Things of the past and present. This futuristic interface doesn't belong. Make it an option. Let us have the classic look back.