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  1. Hmmm....more research needed for me...
  2. Good stuff there I didn't know about the 10-15 second immunity, though, probably should have.
  3. If you are a fire starter...they will find you.. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome! easier said than done...
  4. Were your secondaries active?
  5. Ive been lurking around when I get a chance and done some grinding in fact have come to appreciate the folks that suffered through the Izumo to get the Yamato....I must admit after researching the Izumo my frustration level with that ship was epic..to the point of finishing buying out with XP from lower tier ships...I was losing my mind...
  6. Always wanted to go to Australia...but Uncle Sam never saw fit to take my wishes into consideration...Thanks.
  7. Thanks
  8. Yes...a fiery bite if one gets close....
  9. Gilamonster here... I don't have any questions because I'm not smart enough to ask the right ones and I always strive to do things the hard way...painful and slow.. To my allies "sorry for the dents...surely one knows a painless dent repair shop in port." To my opponents stop taking me "to school"...just stop it... Fair Winds and Following Seas Gilamonster