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  1. https://youtu.be/ikGyZh0VbPQ
  2. When none of them seem to know the the difference between a Letter Vs a Flag in the caps...
  3. Sounds like bot collusion to me...
  4. Not really, again...You understand the system well enough to give a clear concise statement on your position...knowing it so well you still take the shot...[cough][cough]
  5. Not really, one knows the rules, adjust accordingly.
  6. Seems to me a Team damage System allows an orderly, transparent system to a permaban for those that have a problem following ROE...
  7. Lol....perhaps a different set of notions or values...My view is you just can't compete with players like Flamu and Catonboard...so tier one is your niche and notoriety...I guess someone has to start somewhere..Maybe i'm wrong about profit...I was rooting for you there. I club my seals in Coop...a recent epiphany...us 2 digit IQers don't have those that often .lol
  8. Did read your first post. and title "Seal Clubbing. Lol....you are seal clubbing at tier 1. There has to be a motive for you to keep posting in a thread were you are taking so much abuse yet you keep on posting to...I'm hoping it's profit, if not seek help.. But I guess one can catch some fish trolling...you probably got some views
  9. Admit your just advertising.....I doubt there is much market for tier one tactics in this forum...Don't like CVs, get a Cleveland and have a blast...but don't accuse/criticize others of a practice the you clearly enjoy participating in...that practice would be "hypocrisy".
  10. Whats a potato?....lmbo....Didn't know what silver was till a week ago.. There was a comedic listing of different types of Key Board Warriors on the net years back...It was a illustration of a boulder with a face pounding on a keyboard with the description of human attributes what one would attribute to a rock...Lived that meme
  11. I had over 2000 battles before I started reading this forum... wishing I had done it day one. Was just focused on reaching tier ten ships and tooling around in them...now I have a miserable history to overcome...it is what is..for me it was not the number of battles but an awareness issue. That said I really like the game.
  12. Caveat, I'm a casual player and relatively new but don't mind spending some money on a game that is kept fresh. One would need to see WGs balance sheet for WOW to make accurate predictions. That being said I spent years playing two stale Naval Games over and over. Granted they did eventually did get mind numbing after awhile but I always went back to them. Maybe the nerfs and buffs are a strategy to keep the game fresh and evolving not necessarily better? The CC's criticisms and rants, good business practice to keep their stations fresh? Don't know, but its still just a game for some of us.....My prediction though is it will out outlast me.... PS They were GNBA and Harpoon.
  13. Hmmm....more research needed for me...
  14. Good stuff there I didn't know about the 10-15 second immunity, though, probably should have.