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  1. Triggered

    Spent some time in the RA Infantry with draftees....I never saw anything like this .. some time in the TNG, still nothing like this...almost unbelievable..
  2. we will remember

    Reminds me of a "Legendary" ditty The D-Day Dodgers (Nick Name taken by some of the soldiers who fought in the bloody Italian Campaign.) We're the D-Day Dodgers out in Italy Always on the vino, always on the spree. Eighth Army scroungers and their tanks We live in Rome - among the Yanks. We are the D-Day Dodgers, over here in Italy. We landed at Salerno, a holiday with pay, Jerry brought the band down to cheer us on our way Showed us the sights and gave us tea, We all sang songs, the beer was free. We are the D-Day Dodgers, way out in Italy.[2] The Volturno and Cassino were taken in our stride (A Canadian version goes "The Moro and Ortona were taken in our stride.) We didn't have to fight there. We just went for the ride. Anzio and Sangro were all forlorn. We did not do a thing from dusk to dawn.[3] For we are the D-Day Dodgers, over here in Italy. On our way to Florence we had a lovely time. We ran a bus to Rimini right through the Gothic Line. On to Bologna we did go. Then we went bathing in the Po. For we are the D-Day Dodgers, over here in Italy. Once we had a blue light that we were going home Back to dear old Blighty, never more to roam. Then somebody said in France you'll fight. We said never mind, we'll just sit tight, The windy D-Day Dodgers, out in Sunny Italy
  3. we will remember

    "There is an agony in your heart and you almost feel ashamed to look at them. They are just guys from Broadway and Main Street, but you wouldn’t remember them. They are too far away now. They are too tired. Their world can never be known to you, but if you could see them just once, just for an instant, you would know that no matter how hard people work back home they are not keeping pace with these infantrymen....." Ernie Pyle Noli Me Tangere
  4. Taking bets

    CTJ moment..... coming broad side to a low health Torpedo spewing German Battleship that won't die...Please anyone kill it!!
  5. Veteran's day salute.

    Steadfast and Loyal Peace Vets..... “Our son, our brother, a boy, a man. Kept his promise with faith. Met his challenge with courage. His unrealized dreams connected with God so soon.”
  6. BB brawler's anthem..

  7. You Fill In The Blank

    When none of them seem to know the the difference between a Letter Vs a Flag in the caps...
  8. TK by bot - do not allow

    Sounds like bot collusion to me...
  9. Ridiculous TK system

    Not really, again...You understand the system well enough to give a clear concise statement on your position...knowing it so well you still take the shot...[cough][cough]
  10. Ridiculous TK system

    Not really, one knows the rules, adjust accordingly.
  11. Ridiculous TK system

    Seems to me a Team damage System allows an orderly, transparent system to a permaban for those that have a problem following ROE...
  12. Seal Clubbing

    Lol....perhaps a different set of notions or values...My view is you just can't compete with players like Flamu and Catonboard...so tier one is your niche and notoriety...I guess someone has to start somewhere..Maybe i'm wrong about profit...I was rooting for you there. I club my seals in Coop...a recent epiphany...us 2 digit IQers don't have those that often .lol
  13. Seal Clubbing

    Did read your first post. and title "Seal Clubbing. Lol....you are seal clubbing at tier 1. There has to be a motive for you to keep posting in a thread were you are taking so much abuse yet you keep on posting to...I'm hoping it's profit, if not seek help.. But I guess one can catch some fish trolling...you probably got some views