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    Having a laugh and some fun with like minded people as life is too short to get caught up in all the bullshit.

    Also play EVE Online and iRacing.

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  1. Not going to empty quote. In a nutshell these couple posts plus a bunch more both here and in the locked topic pretty much sum up how I feel about the situation and game.
  2. Feral_Erroll

    What is the attraction to Co-op?

    For myself my play style is almost way too aggressive for randoms as I like to get in there for some fast paced toe to toe brawling, quick matches and turnaround, and a co-op game is just a more enjoyable environment so that equals more fun. Will do the odd random match to try to finish a mission or something if I want the rewards, but typically I just smash out a few games for some containers etc, then might jump over to iracing or eve for a bit depending.
  3. Feral_Erroll

    PSA: Opt-in for 1-day Saipan and Kaga rental!!!

    Cheers, opted in as CV is one ship class haven't tried yet so might use it to give them a go albeit where I can't ruin someone else's game. Bonus points for a couple free 6 pt captains.
  4. Feral_Erroll

    Game Crashing Today, Possible Cause

    Reinstalling the game might have fixed the issue for myself, so far so good no crashes.
  5. Feral_Erroll

    Game Crashing Today, Possible Cause

    Thought I'd try the restart every half dozen games and didn't look around in game just chose ship and went to match, however 3rd game in and dropped. Have vanilla install, done the check and repair, mucked with graphics etc got me stumped. Other games and applications fine as well so thinking last resort to try fresh install to see if it might sort it out.
  6. Feral_Erroll

    Game Crashing Today, Possible Cause

    Nvidia card here and yet to update driver, started getting a crash each game played as well all of a sudden. WorldOfWarships64-2019-11-06_12-19-58.crash
  7. Feral_Erroll

    Genova from free token bundles...how many?

    Sitting in the same spot waiting for part 4 to start. On the bright side least I got a bunch of flags and whatnot so that's a bonus.
  8. Feral_Erroll

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Bit of a weird game with some freaky AI moves, but decent game overall.
  9. Started late 2016 for about 6 months then stopped, only came back about a month ago so could say I'm right in the middle area as well for grinding and converting xp. The highest tier ship I have is the Cleveland (from the split) and have a couple premium ships (texas/sims/blys/murmansk from crates) but apart from that have a grand total of 42 ships and yeah the grind is real, but, I wouldn't call the game pay to win like others I would call it pay to proceed (a bit quicker). Factor in premium time, grab some doubloons and possibly some premium ships and for sure I would progress faster, but definitely couldn't say sweet I'm winning I'd still be an absolute spud and go steaming in and explode gloriously. The people who have been playing for years obviously have the knowledge and skills to clean up and I have no issue with that. Might buy a couple ships if the price is right or might not, don't really like the whole rng loot box thing so generally steer clear of the crates, but in the meantime will keep plodding along, as in a perverse way the grind is a bit of an achievement in itself especially when I realize I have enough xp to go up a tier. Just some thoughts from myself about.
  10. Yeah got this a couple days ago as well
  11. Feral_Erroll

    PSA: Friendly Reminder

    This got me yesterday. Was in the Kongo with no flags/camo/repair 2 etc as was thinking it would be co-op, yeah nah loaded straight into New Dawn Domination. Decided to try to make the most of it considering I'm an absolute shocker in randoms so far, so thought I'd try to use the tank and push towards A as noticed a few cruisers following. Landed a few hits, got torched, landed a few more, got really torched, tried to swing around to heal a bit but exploded. Was fun and didn't come last so bonus \o/, and lesson learnt.