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  1. I love when I'm hanging outside with my friends and I run into a giant cloud of gnats. It's a fun experience that adds to my enjoyment every time.
  2. Once CVs are moved to Co-op only because to CVs we are all bots anyways, but give them full rewards. I think that we can all see it as complete then
  3. DrThickFinger

    Torpedo beat is awesome! Post screenshots!

    For extra fun, put on the Ramming flag, Survival Expert, and the 20% extra heal flag and become the torpedo. I've successfully rammed 3 ships in one game so far.
  4. DrThickFinger

    Are disturbing playernames allowed?

    I see no problem with offensive names. I barely even look at the list of names in battle to begin with. Let people have what they want, it's not that big of a deal.
  5. DrThickFinger

    Space Battle Appreciation

    Space battles have really shown me how good some of these ships are when you don't have your spec your captain with any AA at all.
  6. DrThickFinger

    Improve chat and karma

    No one likes the guy who is ordering everyone around in chat and the karma system is trying to tell you that with the timeouts. The fact that you're noticing means that it is working in this instance. Just pay attention to your game and leave when you're dead if you're not responsible enough with the chat.
  7. DrThickFinger

    We need to speak out against pointless CV nerfs!

    I think that all the CV mains should boycott to show everyone in the community what the game would be like without them
  8. DrThickFinger

    Time to shelve my beloved Asashio

    Don't worry, Russian BB's are coming.
  9. DrThickFinger

    No triangle indicators on Hakuryu torpedoes

    I have been hit by several "unarmed" torps from the Hakuryu. It only ever happened when they were coming from the rear and we're chasing me and the indicator would always show up for the others as they passed by me. It felt like the torp was arming below my ship and going off even though traditionally the torpedo would disappear if it made contact with a ship while unarmed. This has only happened to me while in a GK.