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    If i could Join the USN, i would in a heartbeat. But my health prevents me. So instead im trying to live an Honorable life.

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  1. Clan Wars Loan Ships

    Hello, Now that Clan wars have returned, i now have 3 ''extra'' ships in my roster. I dont want them. I already have the standard Monty and Zao already, so why would i want to have a loan ones? Im just a one man clan, so i have no use of these extra ships. So i dont understand why should i have them force upon me. Could there in the future, be and option to not get these extra ships while clan wars are active? It a dumb request yes, but yea know, never know till you ask.
  2. Something needs to be done about botting.

    Key signs of a bot: No camo, No Flags, Only fires HE, Sails in straight lines, Ignores chat, sails out of smoke when provided, And the most popular one: AFK game loader. I stopped playing ranked this season because i had 4 matches in a row with afk bots on either team. I dont go a day without seeing an AFK bot now. Before when we had the report for bot, there were a lot less of them. But now, they are everywhere. I forget which Jingles video it was, but i remember him talking about someone using a bot account that had 20k+ games with an account that was only 6 months old. The bot in question had been reported several times, but WG refused to do anything about it. WG just flat out doesnt care if you bot anymore, why else would they remove the option to report for botting?
  3. Unnecessary Hate

    Hey, thats my line!
  4. Unnecessary Hate

    indeed, oh how true that is.
  5. Unnecessary Hate

    Amen to that!
  6. Unnecessary Hate

    Heres the part you seemed to miss: I am not going to babysit a BB way in the back when other people actually need help, even if they arnt asking for it.
  7. Unnecessary Hate

    i call out if im re arming or out of planes. i usually follow the side that has the least support, Or Usually that side the red CV will want to target.
  8. Unnecessary Hate

    Oops :P This is why we need a delete button
  9. Unnecessary Hate

    I made those private awhile ago, because of stat shaming. Thats another problem in this game. But this post is not time or place for that discussion.
  10. Unnecessary Hate

    Ive never said i was a great CV player, Im actually a BB main. But i have had some amazing games. ( 180k damage in my Big E ) But those games are few and far between.
  11. Unnecessary Hate

    Indeed. You can be my wingman anytime! I hope to see you ingame some time!
  12. Unnecessary Hate

    Thank You. I was ecstatic when the Big E was introduced into the game. I grew up watching alot of documentaries on her. Shes my favorite USN ship. And i do enjoy playing her on this game. She is what got me to start up the Main CV line. CVs were our backbone back then, its sad to see so many have forgotten that.
  13. Unnecessary Hate

    Indeed. If someone calls out for help, my planes are on the way. Simple as that. But when a BB way in the back, behind everyone else is crying for help, and doesnt need it, im going to spot for the DDs trying to cap first. Also attacking targets that have been requested take priority too.
  14. Unnecessary Hate

    Indeed, thats exactly what im talking about. Feelsbadman
  15. Unnecessary Hate

    Hello, I know CVs are are not in a good place right now. Ever since i started playing its always been the same. CVs suck, blah blah blah. i get why people LOVE to hate on CV players. i get why there are so few in the que. People play this game to have fun, not to get yelled at by both sides because of just being a CV player. So my question to WG is, When will there a be a change, Any change, to where just Queing with a CV wont get you reported. I want to keep grinding out my CVs, but match after match, good or bad, i get reported over and over. Its not fun, and it will only make me stop playing them too. I enjoy playing Big E, but thats all. Im up to the Lex, but from what ive seen as a BB main, and other players, the Lex is the worst CV in the game. So im not really wanting to continue it. Today, i was in a tier 10 match in Big E, i was trying my best, when a Pink Gofer demanded AAA help. i look at the map, hes the farthest ship from combat with no red planes anywhere near him. so i ignore him, and he then reports me. GEE OH BOY. DDs ask me to spot C, i do, call out that its clear for them to cap.Then another player in a Zao then starts saying im a S*** CV player and am getting carried. While yes im not the best CV player, i was trying my best in a worst MM game i could get. I was doing what i could. I got angry and told them to **** and **** off. What more can i do? i kept the 2 red DDs spotted, and tried to attack what i could, without loosing too many planes in the process. We did end up winning. i did 99K Damage, and got told that i got carried. Yea, sure, whatever. I get what i said was wrong, and i understand getting reported for that, but when im flying tier 7 planes in a tier 10 match, what can i do? aluakbar my planes and gg no re? Whats a guy to do except stop playing CVs. I try to be a teamplayer as much as i can, but even so, a CV player cant be everywhere at once. Again like i said, im not a pro CV player, prob never will. what im looking for is the hate towards All CV players to calm down. For me, its been: Fantastic game - no Thanks for the help CV or anything of the sort. average game - reported 1 - 2 times, with no comment from anyone (usually). bad game - reported 3+ times, yelled at in chat for being " S*** CV, uninstall, LTP, Ect"... Youve all seen it. it happens every day. So, My question to WG, When will something be done to stop the hate train to CV players? Even if you have a fantastic game in a CV, there is no love for those players. And every other game its hate hate hate. All that does is make me and others want to stop. With regards to the Main line i have stopped. I still play Big E every now and then, but i always have to ask myself, is it worth it? Is it worth all the hate and reports? To me, its not. I make this post, not to sturr up drama. I make this post because i want things to change. I want to have fun playing CVs.