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  1. Redneck_Alcatraz

    Azur Lane Captain Specializations

    Actually, I just realized that I was misreading part of it. I thought that the specialization was actually the personalization special. now I feel really dumb.
  2. Redneck_Alcatraz

    Azur Lane Captain Specializations

    So I would have to buy the captains all over again to get the specializations? That kinda sucks for those of us who bought them the first time. And there isn't an option to buy individual commanders either, its all or none.
  3. In the Premium Shop it says that the Azur Lane Captains each get a specialization that is specific to their ship. However I have the captains from the First Wave and there is no such specialization listed. I put Cleveland on the Cleveland and nothing showed up or was listed, same with Nelson. Is the ship specific specialization only for the newer captains released now and not the old ones? (or am I missing something obvious?)