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  1. It wasn't very fun on the test server, and it isn't fun at all on the live server. 3/10, will build a time machine and go back to the days of playing Operation Dunkirk before I play Hermes again.
  2. Is the buff 78%? Because that's how high it would have to be before he wasn't 1st place on his team in base XP. I don't think it's 78%. It would also have to be 117% for his game to have been inferior to the first name he blacked out, and 215% for his game to have been inferior to the second name he blacked out, whom I presume to be the guys who harassed him. I also don't think it's 117% or 215%.
  3. Yes, I thoroughly enjoy farming this operation in particular, but it has created an odd paradox; I now get upset when I have good players on my team (ESP. when I get stuck with a good player in an Atlanta) and overjoyed when I have "meh" teammates show up to the party with cans of Pepsi Cola.. I played one last night where another Atlanta was moving in perfect sync with me. He used his radar immediately after mine expired, he staggered his dAA with mine, we created a torp wall together on Mighty Mo, he was firing AP when I fired HE and HE when I fired AP. He constantly positioned his ship well next to mine and we rained fire and brimstone on our enemies. It was like I was playing with a copy of myself. I was pissed the entire game.
  4. Fix Training rooms/ Clan Flags

    Lol, I thought I was the only one who was annoyed that the training rooms featured deadbotes. You can't really train a thing against a deadbote. Can't simulate any kind of battle situation or what not. Say, for example, I want to work on kiting in a cruiser; or I want to work on hitting the citadel of a cruiser at 10KM while making a HST; or maybe I just want to work on torp dodging in a BB. Maybe I wanted to work on staggering air attacks around my enemy's dAA, trying to keep an internal clock for when they turn it on and how long I have. None of this utility comes with a training room of deadbotes. So I tried it anyways. Twice. Dealt 700k damage or something like that manual dropping on immobile BB's, then was sufficiently bored that I decided to work on my ramming technique.. Of course, even that "training" was useless lol.
  5. The state of coop play

    They've already added a couple tier 7 operations, The Ultimate Frontier and Narai. So I would guess you'll see tier 8 ops in the near future. Don't think they'd put the energy into a tier 5 operation though; the gameplay gets too simple below tier 6 IMO, unless they create entirely new ships solely for the op, like the Halloween ships. IDK, I usually average 1700 XP and something like 120k profits on credits every game without using camo or signals. Add in the daily win bonus and it's a very nice stress:reward ratio.
  6. No more Ranked Battles

    Someone who earns 800 base XP on the winning team deserves a star more than a player who earns 900 base XP on the losing team. You play to win the game, not to manipulate the XP system. I haven't played this season, but I distinctly remember last season that there was a post a day complaining about people on losing teams doing nothing "productive," i.e. conducive to winning, and focusing instead on farming XP to ensure they didn't lose a star. Saw a lot of that chatter in the chat during games as well, and people reporting others solely for XP farming. This system would simply multiply that effect by 7, while also eliminating the entire purpose of a war game- which, again, is to win. 50% more XP and credits is insignificant incentive for most players..
  7. Frustration in Ranked

    It took me something like 30 battles to get to rank 10 last season, and almost 100 battles from there to get to rank 9. While that's more a sign of my own mediocrity than anything anyone else was doing, I reached the point of diminishing returns so fast that it just got unbelievably annoying and I've kinda lost my taste for the gameplay.. Still, I'll probably open a bottle of bourbon tomorrow and give a whirl...
  8. People in ranked are abominable

    I think the overwhelmingly vast majority of this player base is comprised of people I would gladly drink a beer and talk shop with. Fellow vets, older and more mature players. But out of the approximate 100 or so players I might play with every day, there's bound to be at least one or two turds. The best thing to do is to presume they're actually 13 years old and act how you would if a 13 year old you didn't know started throwing a tantrum in public.
  9. Several premium ships are discounted. I got Atlanta, 4000 doubloons, and 4mil credits for $53. The 4000 doubloons is enough to buy a second premium ship from the tech tree right now, such as Sims. I haven't pulled the trigger yet because this is the first time I've spent money on the game and I'm wary of throwing away the shiny brass I just got, but that basically means I got Atlanta ($64), Sims ($25), 500 doubloons ($3) and 4mil credits for $53. Alternatively, I could put the doubloons to low-tier ships. 4000 is enough to buy Oleg, Katori, and Ishizuchi, with 600 to spare, which would mean 4 premium ships, 600 doubloons, and 4mil credits for $53. The regular price for this package, minus the 4mil credits, is $108. Not saying this as an answer to your request or to discount it, but that's a pretty solid deal IMO. Granted, I've been waiting for months to be able to buy Atlanta, so..
  10. Then is it really a game to you? Sounds like you consider it more like work than recreation. The point of a game is to be fun to play. If you don't find a particular mode within a game fun to play in itself, then incentivizing you to play that mode with rewards doesn't solve your problem; again, it just gives you an extrinsic motivation to play it. If they stopped running events and missions of every kind, would you still play the game because you intrinsically enjoy it, or would you stop playing altogether because there's no end goal? Playing a game solely to achieve end goals doesn't seem to make much sense. If it isn't inherently enjoyable to you, why not spend your time doing something that is?
  11. Replay value generally shouldn't be contingent upon the awards you receive for replaying. Either you consider the ops entertaining, which is the replay value in itself, or you don't consider them entertaining, in which case it isn't really increasing your replay value by giving you incentives for completing them- you'd just be replaying them for some extrinsic utility. I play them all the time because they're more engaging than PvE but less frustrating than PvP while providing a good median return on XP and creds. The replay value comes from me finding it an entertaining game mode.
  12. Happy Birthday Marines

    Let's get them a cake, then!
  13. Love the idea of 8v16 co-op, but there don't need to be any additional perks for it. It also doesn't need to really be anything special- keep everything else the same (maps + objectives) but spawn 2 Farragut's for every Farragut and etc. It'd effectively already be roughly double XP and credits per match on the presumption that you'd be dealing twice as much damage, which should be enough of a perk in itself to draw people to it. (As a sidebar, this would be particularly beneficial to people on standard accounts who use tech tree ships above tier VI in co-op to retrain captains or learn the ship- as it is now, you'll more often than not lose credits at tier VII in co-op, and tier VIII and up are a guaranteed loss of credits every match, but with twice the damage to be farmed, this makes those ships more cost-friendly even without added perks.) Seems like a fun way to make PvE less of a guaranteed win at any rate, but the other question that could be raised is whether enough people play PvE to be able to support 8v8 and 8v16 game modes considering many PvE captains already migrated some of their playing time to scenarios.
  14. Huzzah! 5 Stars At Last!

    It took almost the entire two weeks, and well over 100 tries, but I finally 5-starred Sunray! We executed the ole "Ram Rasputin and Gorgon in the filth" plan to perfection. Shoutout to these random homies that locked it down.