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  1. So, two weeks ago, I finished the French cruiser grind and got the supercontainer for it. This is what I got: I was a bit disappointed... But that disappointment was quickly alleviated by the RU DD grind, which was only going to require half the base XP and guaranteed another supercontainer. I was certain that this time, I was due for a big prize. I opened 25 TYL's along the way, all losses, and finally just got the supercontainer for this grind. So, what was it?
  2. It generally seems like people who think win rate doesn't reflect on individual play tend to have low win rates, and people who think win rate is the most important measure of individual play tend to have high win rates. I think something I read here recently hit the nail on the head. For an average player, there are roughly 40% of games that you would have won no matter what you did, 40% you would have lost no matter what you did, and 20% of games where you're the deciding factor. So where you stand between 40% and 60% WR is a strong barometer of how well you do, and your ability to push those close games into your favor or not. Of course, the 40/40/20 "rule of thumb" is a sliding scale that can shift one way or the other based on you. If you are an exceptionally poor player, then over a long period of time, those 40% of games your team would have won without you will include some losses because of you. Conversely, if you are an exceptionally good player, then over a long period of time, those 40% of games your team would have lost no matter what you did will include some wins because of you. But 40/40/20 is a good way to think about why win rates balance out to meet a player's skill level over time, and why they do matter IRT a player's individual skill. Of course, WR can be manipulated a bit- playing with a division of 3 good players on the same page clearly increases your chances of winning over a team of 12 strangers of varying skill. And finding one boat that you do really well in and never deviating from it will give you a better win rate than someone who plays a bunch of different boats, some of which he'll be crap in. It looks like you tend to play a bunch of different boats.
  3. Everyone has an opportunity to always be the high tier in every single match. It just takes a while to get ships to tier 10. I consider no more -2 matches to be one of the incentives to reach it. My general logic over the past 6 months has been: 1) Man, it sucks being tier 4 going against tier 5 ships. I can't wait til tier 5 2) This isn't right. Now I'm tier 5 and all I see are tier 6 and 7 ships. I can't wait til tier 6 3) How is it even possible that my tier 6 cruiser belongs in the same game as a Shokaku? I can't wait til tier 7 4) Wow, Missouri is a beautiful ship. Not that I got to look at her for long, since she just deleted me while bow-on with one salvo. Wait til I get to tier 8, you're going down 5) Now I understand why everyone loves Yamato. I can't even get close in my tier 8 destroyer. Just wait... I've stalled at tier 8 because there have been neater incentives with these french cruisers/russian DD's/ranked season and what-not, but eventually, I'm going to reach the point where I lose the "but I was low tier" excuse and have to face the reality that maybe I'm just not that good. Until then, I'm keeping my club out to make myself feel better
  4. Finding a good position of concealment where you can arc your shells over an island without being detected isn't boring, it's smart and tactical. Rushing right on in and brawling at 3km like a bunch of tier I ships is less tactically sound for a naval battle than maintaining distance and cover. That's simplistic gameplay. Having to reposition your ship in order to get an angle on a well-concealed cruiser requires patience and sound navigation- much more sound tactics than flying in and exchanging 2 volleys of AP into each other's broadsides and killing each other like bots do. Digital data links have been used for fire control since the late '50's. NTDS allows ships to fire at targets they don't see. There isn't anything "non-historical" about relaying positional target data to other ships of a fleet. I was a missile system supervisor and routinely handed link tracks over to other weapon systems for firing evolutions- including to GFCS for NSFS. If you removed the capability for ships to relay target data to one another, you'd have a bunch of people doing their own thing and getting into 1v1 fights- the precise opposite intention of this team game. Nothing has to be done. People have complained about some variation of camping in every game I've ever played, but it's usually right after they got repeatedly worked over by the campers and they're simply frustrated that their opponents routinely used sound strategy to beat them. If you want to flush out a camping cruiser, play a carrier or destroyer and scout him. If a ship is sitting still and firing from smoke, play a carrier and manual drop him. If you want to flush out a camping battleship, play destroyers and torp delete him. Also, if a battleship is bow-on tanking, isn't he doing exactly what you say you want ships to do, which is to be aggressive and push the fight? Why should he be forced to show his broadside or make unnecessary maneuvers when he's providing a vital service to his teammates by drawing fire? Are you just mad at campers or are you mad at everything?
  5. How'd you guys do on the containers? It seemed like all 3 were TYL, which I have none of, so I got 12 signals and the million credits for completing the final stage.
  6. The opening screen that shows updates and news looks like it went back in time a week. The Yamamoto campaign news and stuff are gone. Weird. "Staff Q&A 0.6.9" is the newest headline on mine right now.
  7. It was supposed to be in September, but it's been pushed back to November tentatively. There's no fixed date yet. My guess is her sea trials had a bit of a hiccup, and there could always be more to push the date back further. Tickets to the commissioning are free, but you have to register for them in advance (you also have to register every individual separately, so, say, if you wanted your dad and son to come with, you would need to register each of them individually). I would recommend holding off until a firm date is set. If you're interested, the commissioning committee has a newsletter you can sign up for at http://usslittlerocklcs9.org/.
  8. That's neat. I didn't know she was the last Cleveland. The park is a great way to spend an afternoon. There's also a Gato-class sub, the USS Croaker, but she's pretty difficult to traverse- very tight quarters, I'm 5'9 and I spent the entire time hunched over. All the tour guides are, obviously, prior service- all great folks, too. All three ships are in terrific shape and well-maintained. Definitely recommend it if you get the chance. Also cool that you were an FC. I was a CIWS tech from '08 to '15. Served on DDG-56 and DDG-61. If it flies, it dies.
  9. Just a little nugget to any salty dogs who like naval history.. LCS-9 is undergoing sea trials right now, but currently, she is scheduled to be commissioned sometime in November. This is significant because she will become the first U.S. Navy ship to be commissioned alongside a predecessor of the same name. USS Little Rock (CL-92) was a Cleveland-class light cruiser which served immediately following World War II, and until her decommissioning in 1976. She came to Buffalo, New York, in 1979, and has been a museum ship since (in addition to Little Rock, the Buffalo Naval Park also includes the Fletcher-class destroyer USS The Sullivans (DD-537)). In addition to being the first ship commissioned alongside her predecessor, she will be the first ship commissioned in Buffalo, New York.
  10. You're getting all the supercontainers I'm not getting. YW.
  11. I'm in essentially the same spot with my cleveland, except I chose Preventative Maintenance over PT. It depends how you want to play, but with BFT/AFT, your secondaries can become beastly if you add MFC (4 points). You have 7.2KM range on them already since you chose the FT route. I'd say finish the job with MFC/2's first. With the superior HE spam capabilities of a Cleveland, I'd also suggest adding Demo Expert (3 points). What you end up with is a ship with 7.2KM secondaries that are 15% more accurate and set fires more frequently. You'd be a true DD hunting king at tier 6 with the added bonus of burning down BB's and being 100% untouchable vs. enemy aircraft. This would leave you with 2 more points to spend, but nothing else really fits in with this plan, so it'd just be an aside perk. Maybe add direction center and PM, though your AA doesn't need any more help.
  12. It wouldn't be right to make the objectives easier to achieve in co-op. That said, people who think grinding XP tasks in co-op is "easy" haven't ever tried it. You can play a tier 7 random battle, cause 5k damage and get 0 kills, and lose, and you'd get more credits and XP than if you had taken the same tier 7 ship into co-op, racked up 150k damage, got 6 kills, had a 50% daily XP bonus, and won. I like how the previous campaigns were set up. The XP grind and some other cumulative tasks are open to co-op and random battles, which suits me as I play both. I never take a stock ship below tier 7 into random battles, for three reasons- first, and most obvious, is that it's at a natural and often significant disadvantage against its tier; second, if I own a stock ship, I probably have a retraining captain, which means playing DD's without LS and etc., a total nightmare IMO; and third, if I own a stock ship, it means I don't know how to play it yet. So I use co-op to get acquainted with a ship, retrain my captains, and buy the mods before taking it into a fight against humans. This means I spend half my time in-game in co-op, and half in random/ranked battles. It would be nice if I could chip away at those XP grind tasks while getting acquainted with a ship. That all said, many of the tasks are tier 8 and above, right? (I'm still installing the new update.) Anyone who plays tier 8 and above ships in co-op is nuts- if it's a tech tree ship, you're going to lose credits every game you play. Even with a premium ship on a premium account, I don't think you will earn more credits than you pay.
  13. My router cuts out every 4 hours of operation with impressive consistency. I always have to reset it before I start playing, get my games in within the 4-hour window, and hope I don't lose track of time and hit the 4-hour mark while in-game. At this point, I think it's safe to say there's a genuine hardware problem, and nothing to do with my ISP, but I'm too cheap to get it replaced until the window shrinks.
  14. Someone else may have mentioned this, but you can put Admiral Yamamoto on any IJN ship. I'm the epitome of an average player, but I earn Kraken's on average once every 40 games, and they haven't all been near the end of the match with the verdict ensured- some of them come with 3-4 enemy ships left. In fact, I tallied 6 kills in Izyaslav a couple days ago and there were still 3 red ships left when I died, and my team barely eked out the win. I think this is perfect when you've initiated your carry pants and the rest of your team is flailing. Repairing up to 48% of your ship's HP is probably more important than the reload boosts unless you throw him in a CV. It gives you exactly what its name is- a second wind, a chance to finish what you've started. We've all had plenty of games with 4-5 kills in a losing effort- this decreases the chances of that. Get to 5 kills and it's like you're back to full HP with lightning fast reload and a much better shot at carrying your team to victory. As for the colored shell tracers and fireworks, that's just a cool cosmetic thing.. No different than putting airfields on icebergs or villages with impenetrable houses and moving cars on a tiny island in the middle of nowheresville.
  15. because.. of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.