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  1. Jan_Baert

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    Credit where credit is due. I was vocal in the forums about how WOWS had lost all credibility. I vowed (and maintain) not to spend money on the game. Today the response to the torp bug(s) was prompt, proactive and done without scapegoating. . I remain skeptical. Will they follow through with their promises and keep us informed, on this issue and whatever the next issue may be? Time will tell, but it is a new and better path. BTW The wallet remains closed for now.
  2. Jan_Baert

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    "Not allowing CCs to show off up and coming ships" My first recollection of WG outrages came around the time of the WOT Sir Foch fiasco. At the same time WG completely changed some new ships, don't ask me which ones. This was done a few days before their release. The CC's had tested and reviewed the ships and posted videos on how they would perform. Then WG nerfed them and put them on sale. The CC's blew up and WG revoked the CC benefit of preview and publishing videos on new premiums before going on sale. I could be wrong but I think this was the cause of ichase's leaving the CC program. Anybody have a better recollection?
  3. "Based on your feedback, we’re going to add an alternative way of obtaining Missouri in 0.10.7." Devblog So you can try the gamble boxes for a while and then go for the campaign. Simple win-win for WG
  4. Jan_Baert

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I'm devastated. To see such creative and hard working souls forced to come to such conclusions. To express my disrespect for WarGaming I have followed the suggestions in the thread in the last day. Unsubscribe the World of Warships You Tube. Check. Down check sub octivian initial post on this thread. Check. Contribute to AprilLittleWhiteMouse on Patreon. Check. Close the wallet (already done) Now some thoughts on WarGaming shortsightness. There has been a lot of talk about long term players don't matter since WG relies on new players. When I was a new player I tuned to the Community Contributors on Twitch and You Tube to learn the tips and tricks. I am sure the new players still do. They are being exposed to WarGaming perfidy and arrogance on a daily basis. Maybe the new players will decide to avoid such a toxic game. Finally, and this is not legal advice, but it seems that the discord disaster will leak. Given the hostile and abusive behavior and defamatory accusations and lack of remorse, WarGaming could well be looking at significant legal and financial liability.
  5. Jan_Baert

    Missouri Bonus

    So, they are a) lazy, b) sloppy, c) or c) greedy. My vote is all three.
  6. Jan_Baert

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    It seems like this thread is winding down, so I would like to repost LWM's list of unresolved issues. The Huron fiasco is only the surface (most recent) problem. WG has applied a band aid as usual. They have not responded to the issues listed above. This tread (or some other method) needs to continue to focus on the necessary fundamental changes to make amends and to progress forward. WG needs to address these issues and report back to the community. Talk is cheap. We cannot forget. My wallet remains closed.
  7. Jan_Baert

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    It seems pretty clear that this forum thread supports Chobi and Mouse for their dedication and activism for the game. The Captain(s) idea is a tribute to them. BUT we cannot tell them what to do. If WhiteMouse and/or Chobi don't want or don't feel comfortable with this idea, that is great! If they want a Historic Canadian Captain instead that's great too. If one or both want to have a Captain named after them that's great too. This forum thread (currently almost 1200 posts) makes it clear that they have the choice in how to respond to WG. Whatever they decide to do, I will support them 100%
  8. Jan_Baert

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Chobittsu Thank you for being you. I think the two of you as commanders would be delightful. Voice actors are available. You could write the scripts (a la Jingles.) It wouldn't cost WG more that a couple of hours of Santa Crates time to fund it.
  9. Jan_Baert

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I have spent the last hour catching up on the forum comments over the last 24 hours. Here is what I see: 1. My compliments to Sub-Octivian for his efforts at transparency and involvement in the discussion. I appreciate the willingness to "own" the problem. I also accept the attempts to make amends (repairing the problem so it will not happen again.) 2. My respect for the career contributions that LittleWhiteMouse and Chobittsu have made to the community and the game has never been greater. Their courage and resilience and love of the game is truly inspiring. 3. The camos and promise of a cooperative/informed ship design are good steps. I think we need to advance Ensign_Cthulhu's proposal to have a LittleWhiteMouse commander added to the the game. I close with a comment from Sub_Octavian
  10. Jan_Baert

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I'm sorry Chobittsu, it seems that while you were out enjoying yourself, the pot has boiled over. The crowd is sharpening their torches and lighting their pitchforks. Time out folks.
  11. Jan_Baert

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Do you mean like revealing long term plans for where WG intends to take the game? You are right, revealing such information would represent "bad faith." This is WG double dealing to gain tactical advantage in the negotiations. Slippery little guys.
  12. Jan_Baert

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    WG: How can we display our commitment to the player base and these two valiant contributors? Of course, we will build their ship, right after every bar napkin ship we have laying around our office. They will have left the game by then. We only have to put up with this irritating rabble for another week. WGNA: Great idea boss.
  13. Jan_Baert

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I have a slightly different take on this fiasco. Adding a LWM approved and Chobi created camo would be great, but not enough to get me to open my wallet. WG has responded by saying "oopsie" - bad communication -- "we are looking on it and we will fix it." Just like they have done many times before. Show me the improvements. Or at least have six months without another PR disaster. Then I will open the wallet.
  14. Jan_Baert

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Going back in time, (and yes, I am that old) this was the assessment of NATO defense planners of the "Command and Control" military doctrine of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact armed forces in the 1970's. And we know how that worked out when it was exported to the Middle East. I guess the old Soviet Union is alive and well.
  15. Jan_Baert

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I have been following this disaster since it hit the fan. I have been a mundane player of this game for several years. I have watched these dumpster fires bloom and fade with distressing regularity. Now we have WGNA presenting a willingness to discuss this matter. What authority does WGNA have to make these promises/proposals? Where is WG/ St. Petersburg's apology? Where is any evidence that they are willing to acknowledge their role in this and willingness to come and sit at the table --- face to face --with the people they have wronged? Until then, this whale is not swimming in their pool.