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  1. Found that it was a modpack. I had already run a repair but then I just made a new install without mods so I don't have to keep installing / removing every time I want to watch a replay and that seemed to work. Anyone that is also having this issue, just copy the whole WoWS folder to another part of your hard drive, make a new shortcut on your desktop or wherever you want and use that to drop the replay file on and then remove all mods from that instance / install. Then when you want to play with mods, you can, and when you want to watch replays, you can. Thanks everyone that responded!
  2. I've been trying to view some replays on my computer however when I do, all I can see is the Team Members screen where it shows the score. It launches, it does the count down but when the game starts it just won't let me see the actual action. I've tried hitting the Start Game, I've tried letting it count down all the way to zero and bring me into the game, I've tried using some of the replay key commands and nothing works. I can hear the audio in the background, the score updates on the screen that I can see but I just can't see the actual gameplay. I also can't hit escape to close the window or replay because the score screen is basically overlayed on the window and I have to force quit. I've tried multiple replays and the one I'm trying to view is from today so it's on the same client literally played the game and then wanted to watch the replay and this is what I get. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Amithus

    WoWS x Transformers: Warships in Disguise

    Does anyone else find this statement to be misleading if there isn't anything special about the Transformers commanders other than what they look like and their voiceovers? "The Transformers Commanders are credited with 11 skill points and have unique voiceovers, AS WELL AS SPECIALIZATIONS FOR THE FOLLOWING SHIPS:" Then they list the ships. What are the "specializations" for the ships?
  4. Amithus

    WoWS x Transformers: Warships in Disguise

    I see them say "Commanders have unique specializations for the Montana, etc..." but NO WHERE are these listed. Can anyone point me to where you can see what they actually do that's over a base commander? Other than they come with some levels up front, I can't tell what they do that's different from a run-of-the-mill commander.
  5. Amithus

    Want people to play more? Fix Match making.

    I can't agree with the OP more. I have a bit over 1000 games now however 750ish of those games were like 2 years ago. I have now since I came back played about 250 ish games and wow, it's hard to learn when you get smoked all the time. You know what would fix all this? Instead of taking it against the account, you get skill based match making where the game tracks your ability in each ship. I know it does this because freaking 3rd party apps can tell you what the composition is of the teams, win rate, number of games in each ship, etc... I love to support this company and I find this game VERY fun when the games are matched up nicely. I've had games where I've lost but the game was close or at least somewhat close. Halo2 on Xbox live was wonderful at skill based matchmaking. Your level would go up when you won, your level would go down when you lost, you would play people close to your player level. Same could be done here with the ships. You have won x times in this ship and your average damage is xyz, team them up with others. I would rather wait a minute or two to get a game that I can at least have fun with. I can't even learn what to do because even though I've watched replays of players in the same ships as I've got, I've watched the youtube community and their how to videos, but what you can't teach is the placement and flow of this game. How some people can have a 60%+ win rate or higher. They are doing things that some of the rest of us can't yet. And you know how to make this game irrelevant quick? Make it so the casual players or people that took some time away from the game just get stomped, like every match. I have put in my own money, I've bought ships and I don't mind spending money on a game that's fun, I'll do it for quite a long time, but this game really punishes people that are new/returning/casual. I feel bad sometimes for my team mates because I know I'm not as good. I stopped playing this game a few years ago because of this as well. And before everyone starts the conversation about filthy normies playing their game, get over yourselves. If you make a healthy community then you can have a game that is fun to play and challenging for the top tier players. Many other games have done it. I'm guessing war gaming lets us get stomped because it makes you want to buy a ship or whatever to try and get some edge. And don't get me started about ships that are freaking overpowered but are no longer available, so lets make it so you really get screwed when you step away. I don't know but something has to be done about this.